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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 166 - October 31, 2011

Dear Friend,  yes, I know, I have been MIA for a while, haven't I? I figure you would want me to tell you about the juicy stuff going on, so I waited a little bit in order to gather some juice. hehehe!!! GOTCHA!  I don't have much "juice", but I do have a lot to be grateful for.  For starters, I have been visited by butterflies every single day. And not only one, but many.  Even today, as I was in the middle of a sea of vehicles that would not flow, one came and did some summersaults right in front of me.

Let me just start by saying that last week was a blur.  After my posting of the first day of the week, things just went crazy, some spiraled down, others spiraled up, others left and right but things were a-spiraling all over the place! After Mr. G's and Yours Truly's day under the weather, my energy just kept crawling down.  I received a call from the place of gainful contracting.  The person on the other line, let's just say she was expressing her extreme unhappiness for me not showing up at the lawhouse. That just brought my vibes down a notch (I know, I know, it was my focusing on it, not her doing, but still, didn't feel good at all).

Anyway, I  looked past it and got busy doing other stuff. Like teaching! OMG, this group was a-mazing!  This class was in H-town and the participants (all 18 of them!) were from many different corners of the hologram (which, by the way, is not square, so cannot have corners). Now THAT was a great experience!  There were about 12 different languages spoken in the room. Talk about diversity! It was sooo much fun.  I am happy to say that I made a new friend (I made many new friends actually, but this one in particular is one of those that don't come around that often!).  From now on we shall call her Miss BBC.

What else?  Well, we've got a pretty proud Mr. Grasshopper around here.  He scored a ball-in-the-net and now there is no living with him!  Oh-oh-oh, I have to tell you!  How could I forget!  Well, you see, Mr. G is attending a learning house of the religious kind, so he has had an opportunity to learn about the greatness and the limitations of religion and compare it to what The Boys teach through YoursTruly. Well, today, as we were sitting in traffic we were talking about religious rites in general, when he turns around and says:  the Greeks used to believe there were many gods, right? "Right" I said. And other religions believe there is one god that is everywhere and is also inside of me, right? "Right again," I said.  'So if god is inside me and around me, how can he punish me?'  Said a very pensive hopper. "It doesn't make sense, does it?" I inquired. "There's no wonder why people don't understand their own religions mom, they don't really know how it all works! I think the Greeks were not all that lost, only they did not realize that all of those gods were themselves. The people of the world. How silly!"  I took this opportunity to ask him what he believed was true. And to this, he just calmly said "Well, I believe that I am part of god, because I know for a fact that I have created my own life.  Just look at how I got in the soccer team!"  That was it. That's all it took for me to laugh and say "You know what?  It has taken me a few decades of living and almost 4 years of channeling, to reach the conclusion that you so naturally expressed." aaaahhh!  THAT was delicious!

Today I went to do some labor at the nosocomium where I used to render my services. It is so nice to be among people you care about!  It's funny to think that used to be my life.  I just can't think that way anymore. But I do appreciate tremendously the opportunity to work there every now and then. It is enjoyable!

Today I feel specially good.  I just have this calm and relaxed feeling about me.  I am enjoying it to the fullest! Oh yeah!

Well friend, don't think that i don't want to talk to you, it's just that sometimes I don't have much to say.
Thank you for writing and for reminding me that you DO like to read me!  I so appreciate you. ALL of you!