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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 99 – July 2, 2011

Another amazing day in the neighborhood!! I started my day really early with work-related activities and then…. The Spanish teleseminar. It was awesome. We had plenty of people on the call and the questions (and answers from The Boys) were amazing. I remember some of the concepts discussed during the call. A lot was said about letting go and about how everything that happens in our life experience is a reflection of what we are holding in our vibration. Love, health, money… it was just amazing. At the end of the almost 2 hours of channeling I felt energized and full of life. So much so that I got a lot of things accomplished during the day.

The rest of the day was spent preparing for Mr. Grasshopper's celebration of tomorrow. He is so excited it's contagious! Reflecting about his life today, the words of The Boys came back to me. This morning someone asked about children testing their wings, and the Boys said we must trust that our children have their own guiding system. That they are God just like we are and that they are creating in their own reality. I thought of how powerful these words are. How much truth they convey. As a mother, I look at the Grasshopper and want to make sure that I help him avoid mistakes, smooth the way and make everything perfect for him, but then I must remember that he has to live his own experience and that actually, he is much more equipped to do so than what I may think. He is an amazing creator as much or more than me. Very interesting. Many other things were discussed, including why our moon is where it is and how it affects our planet and our bodies. It was amazing. Really amazing.

The Author is excited about her book and her enthusiasm is contagious! I can't help but feel excited about her success!

Today I will give you a break on your reading assignment, hehe. In all honesty, there's not too much to report. Tomorrow I bet I will have tons of information to share with you. It will be a day of family and friends!

I am so grateful for the fact that you decided to travel to the hologram at the same time as me!!! I really am.

Tah-dah (thank you for correcting my spelling!) for now!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 98 – July 1st, 2011

I love fresh starts. I love the start of the day, the start of the month, the start of the year, and I absolutely looove the start of a new relationship. Don't get all excited now, I'm not about to reveal the new love of my life here. Did you ask why? Well, it's simple. I don't have one. But today, being the first day of this month, I was thinking about beginnings. Nothing tops the beginning of a new life, though. There is nothing more precious than a brand new baby. Be it human or another being. But of course Iprefer the human kind of babies. I'm not going out on a tangent (or maybe I am, we'll see). I started thinking about this because this end of the week we will be celebrating Mr. Grasshopper's appearance in the hologram. He's taken almost 15 trips around the sun this time around and we all believe it calls for a celebration. I started thinking about that amazing feeling that I got the day he showed up. A brand new arrival! So full of possibilities. From the getgo we knew he would be a great manifestator. His physical apparatus has caused him some contrast but his zest for life only gets stronger by the second. Wow! I am excited and intrigued to see the amazing creations that he will continue to manifest. Yep! I did go out on a tangent. So sorry!

Today was a blur. I literally spent the whole before-lunch hours on the talking device. Trying to get some things going. And we did. Old Faithful is starting to feel the years in her GigaBytes. Didn't I just sent her to her day spa? Well, now that she knows the trick, she's been hinting she needs to spend a longer period of time there. Watch this thread closely because I can almost bet you that all this pushing and pulling with OldFaithfull is going to climax in an amazing manifestation. I just know it!

Tomorrow we will hold our Spanish Teleconference. We already have many people sign up so it promises to be a lot of fun. I also have to get up at the crack-of-light, so I better make this short.

And speaking about fresh starts, tomorrow is the Author's anniversary of her arrival into the hologram. Such an important day! Again, another beginning. This time around a very important beginning for her, as she will be starting a new cycle (it's a long story). So that is another big reason to appreciate.

Remember this Sunday is our Sunday Morning Call with Gorgeous and the Sunday Morning Gang. You can join us and participate in the call.

Very well, this is where I'll stop tonight. I hope you are enjoying your experience in the hologram. I certainly appreciate you being around at the same time as me.

Good night!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 97 – June 30, 2011

Today has been a really, really good day. What can I say? It just has! It started off with the mandatory argument with the alarm, followed by about 10 60-second intervals of wondering what garments would I choose to decorate my anatomy. Then, as I was running around like a chicken without a head, I hear Mr. Grasshopper announce that Tripod and Freckles had a friend over and would not get back into the palace. Great! I thought, now we were really going to be not punctual! Mr. G was half not awake and clearly described their furry friend as a creature of the barking kind. That posed another set of actions in my mind. So I put my walking garments on and walked out decided to face the barking friend. As it turned out it was not one barking friend, but 3 furry friends of the meowing kind, you know, the same kind as Ms Whiskers!!! It was so funny! The three of them were just standing there, not moving, while Freckles refused to move away. She had them under control. Life could go on safely as she was in charge! When we finally convinced her to let them live and brought her back into the Palace, two of our friends (I had spoken about them in a previous post), decided to entice our dear Tripod and Freckles by walking, v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y right on the other side of the glass wall. Tails up and very proud look on their faces. Needless to say, Freckles was begging to be let out so she could eat them both in one sitting!

Mr. G and I laughed so much wondering why he thought it was one creature of a different kind, and we got to the conclusion that from far away, seeing the three of them together, looked like one big one. After I dropped Mr. G at the learning house I followed the path to the part of this metropolis that makes me a little nervous because I get seriously turned around. I am proud to report that this time around, I did not lose my sense of direction! YAY FOR THE CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!! I arrived to my appointment on time and the session went by flawlessly. After that, I called the Manager, picked her up and enjoyed the midday meal with her. What a rare and amazing privilege it is to sit across from such a fine young human being! The nutrition was delicious and the company superb.

Then it was time to pick up the Grasshopper. We decided to come to the palace for a little break from the not-so-cold temperatures and plan an outing to the viewing house. Everything was fine and dandy. I worked on Old Faithful for a little bit and we both rushed to the car in order to arrive on time for the next show. Right. The second I closed the door I realized that I had left the opening device inside, along with the opening device for the Red Bullet. Great! Diva was at her gainful employment and could not assist us until 60 minutes later, but, since we have already established that the universe adores me, along comes Lord 2, returning from a day of employment. I promise you, I could've kissed his feet! I have never felt happier to see him. Hehehe. Well, that truly prevented us from arriving to the viewing house on time, so we decided to have some ice cream. Yes, you heard right. When everything else fails, I eat ice cream. At least for now. Then we paid a visit to Mrs. Bite, who is extremely happy with her relationship with Zorba.

Now that we are back I am ready to put this brain to rest and recharge. Talk to you tomorrow! ;)

Day 96 - June 29, 2011

Did I tell you how much I love Tripod and Freckles?  They are just amazing beings and they give so much love back.  When I'm around the palace, they follow me everywhere. In my mind, I play a movie in which both of them are my bodyguards.  Yes, I confess, I have a very childish imagination. And I have so much fun with it! Back to the bodyguards, whenever I am working with OldFaithful they both lay down close to me, but the moment I stand up they get up to follow me; seriously, you can almost hear them say: "She's on the move. Cover all angles!" Adorable, unconditional love.

This morning as I was transporting a very red Grasshopper to the learning house he suddenly got very upset about something that he thought he had left back in the palace. He raised his audible vibration and got very, very upset.  I pointed that out and he blamed it on his other progenitor. Being the mother that I am, I took the opportunity to talk about not blaming others.  Ready for his response?  Here it comes:  "I know that.  I know that I am not a victim and that I am the owner of my own vibration and my own destiny. I know all of that.  But sometimes you just need to let the steam out in order to be able to float with your flow, and the Grinch was the perfect excuse for that." Isn't that beautiful? I don't know how many times I have thought about whether he is "getting it", and what YoursTruly doesn't get, is that he gets it better than anyone around here!

Today has also been a day of pleasant surprises.  Many trips around the sun ago I used to work with this one particular business. Then my role changed and I had not spoken to them in 12 years. Well, today I called, not expecting to find the people that I knew back then. The first surprise was that the person who answer the ringing device in that department was the same person I used to work with, and the second one, as I wanted to add drama to my call and said:  "This is a blast from the past,"  he immediately recognized my voice and remembered my name!  Oh, that felt sooo good!  We laughed and  got caught up in our lives, and so, needless to say, he will be sending projects my way. Does the Universe adore me? Yes or yes?

To top it all off, I went to dinner with the HorseWhisperer, whom I had not seen in over 15 years!  We had a wonderful time reminiscing about old times.  Oh boy! Did we laugh!  We even made plans for me to join her in one of her rides!!! X-CITING!

Oh,oh,oh!!!  Guess who I saw today... guess.  Mr. Hawk!!!! YES! He was very seriously watching my back grounds frome a vantage point up in one of the trees.  What a magestic presence!

Very well, I must go now as tomorrow I have gainful activities. 
Sweet, sweet dreams!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 95 - June 28, 2011

What can I say?  the Universe just adores me!  Yes it does!  I had a wonderful day today. It started off with the house Whisperer and Mrs. Poet. Theyc ame over for morning nutrition. We had such a wonderful interaction.I really and truly did not want them to leave. But they had to, and they did. :(  So I decided to go on with my day... (not that I had any choice, right?).

It is always a great day when I get to spend it with Diva. We chatted, laughed and just had a really good time. Then it was time to pick up Mr. Grasshopper from his learning house.  Let me tell you, that hopper has become your average female magnet! Every day he comes back with a new story!  Gotta keep a watch on that Grasshopping charm! Today he had amazing academic news. Last learning house year he struggled with many subjects, but particularily with one that has to do with numbers.  So the whole clan got together and worked with him to help him out. We even got him extra help outside of the learning house.  Well... IT PAID OFF!  He has been promoted to a higher level!  We were all so excited when he told us and you can imagine that we have a pretty darn proud Grasshopper around here! Me personally? I can't even begin to tell you how proud that makes me feel!

Later in the day, as I was working away, this little popup came up on the viewing surface saying I had a dinner appointment! Yikes!  I had completely forgotten about it!!! So I got dressed and went over there.  The appointment was with Mr. Brilliant, who is one of the most amazing young men that I know. I had a couple of glasses of wine and before I knew it, 4 HOURS had passed. hehehe.  It's great to have fun! He is such a gracious friend.

You know something? Rmember I told you about the new "look" with the locks?  Well, I'm not convinced yet.  The good thing is that it's only locks, so it will grow out!

Time for me to hit the fluffy. I hope you are having an amazing week.  Tomorrow it will be dinner with the HorseWhisperer. Exciting! I haven't seen her in over 14 years.

Ta-da for now!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 94 - June 27, 2011

OMG, if I had you in front of me I would give you a great big hug and a kiss. Seriously!  That's just how happy and grateful I am to the universe!  What happened is that I took OldFaithful to the cyberdoc to see what was ailing her.  I'm not kidding you, that girl was hardly moving at all. The first prognosis was poor.  They pretty much told me they thought I was going to need a new one. I, of course, quickly thought of numbers and decided that was NOT a good-feeling thought, so softly but surely I worked on my vibration about the situation. I got to the palace and hooked up Chuchi, the tiny cousin of OldFaithful and proceeded to continue with my work.  I promise you, reading on her viewing screen is not a walk in the park, but it worked for the purposes that it was needed. 

It was during my lesson with Studious that I received "The" call. cyberDoc was at the horn with a very serious verbal vibration to inform me, in very clear language, that what I had paid was enough and nothing more was needed at this point.  Now you know why I feel like hugging you? Life is beautiful! 

But let's go back to the beginning of this amazing day.  First, trip to the learning house with Mr. G, who was in rare form this morning. Making me laugh and just having a good old time. When I returned from my travels I sat oustide (in front of my brand new fountain, BTW) to meditate. I must have been in meditation for a few minutes when I started feeling the desire to scratch my nose. I bravely thought, not now, I'm really enjoying this, I'm not going to move.  But almost immediately I heard Tripod yelling, using the voice that is appropriate for his kind, and so I instinctively opened the viewing marbles, only to find out that what was bothering my nose was a tiny butterfly. Well, maybe not that tiny, it was a fraction of a second, she felt my eye curtains moving and flew away. The experience was magical. Priceless. Need I say more?

The rest of my day was really uneventful. I had the rare honor of having Diva's company throughout the day.  She is normally so busy! So we really enjoyed the day.   She, of course, asked to speak with The Boys, and as always, it was an amazing experience for all.  Among many other things, she asked them how would they describe her if another human asked them about her; their response was so beautiful and so full of love and admiration that I felt my heart swell up and my eyes water. In a few words they said:  "We would tell that person that Diva is God, manifested in human form; whenever you are in her presence, you are indeed in heaven." I thought to myself "wouldn't it be nice if someone expressed him or herself that way about me?"; but then I thought: "Wait a minute! Hold your horses! The Universe is always saying those wonderful things about me!" And that thought alone made me very, very happy.

Now I must get busy as tomorrow Mrs. Poet, the House Whisperer and who knows who else will come to enjoy the first meal of the day with YoursTruly, so I must tidy up around the Palace.

It is always so nice talking to you! Thank you for your comments!

We'll talk more tomorrow...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Days 92 & 93- June 26, 2011

This has been a magical weekend. One of those that go by like a flash, but when you look back to think about it, you realize that you did so much!  First things first.... you are not going to believe this!  Remember the pond where the enchanted princes live? Well, it got a face lift!  Lord 1 came by yesterday morning and totally revitalized it!  Now it even works as a fountain!  This just adds to the magic of the back grounds.

After that amazing event, I went to a blind encounter of the dating kind.  What happened is that the Hungarian Horse Whisperer arranged for this encounter.  I enjoyed the outing and thanked the universe for once more letting me know that it has been listening.  Later in the evening, Mr. Grasshopper, Diva and YoursTruly traveled to the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Galen.  You must know this, Mr. And Mrs. Galen are not blood relations but behave as such.  They adore Mr. G and wanted to celebrate him for having finished the secondary portion of his education, so they invited us to an eating house to enjoy food from PastaLand.  After that, we joined them at their mansion to witness a match of a very popular sport.  We had a lovely time, lots of laughter and emotions.  I tell you something, by the time we got to the palace the curtains were dropping heavily!

Today has been a very important day for me as a channel. It started with the magic of an amazing meditation.  One of those that feels like electricity runs all through your body and you can actually feel each of your cells being charged with this amazing power. A lot was revealed to me in those few minutes. What happens when things are revealed to me during meditation is not like I suddenly know everything, but rather it is like I know I am receiving important information, but I am not immediately aware of what it is. It usually takes a few days for me to realize what it was, and normally it will come out in the message that I convey. So today I got a chunk of information, so be ready for whenever it starts coming out!

And I actually think it already started.  Today during the Sunday Morning Gang, the call felt very powerful to me (if you were there, would you mind sharing if that was also your experience?). The message was conveyed with new clarity and the feeling that lingered afterwards in my heart was amazing.  After the call ended I took a moment to meditate for a little bit. I had just finished with the call when I received a call from Lord 1 inviting us for morning meal with their friends. We had the best food and the best company.  Then it was time for family meal. We traveled to my blood relations' home.  I'm not sure if I ever told you, but I am geographically-challenged. Well, I sought the advice of the cyber map to find a better way to get there.  I followed the directions "almost to the t", which means that I made the wrong turn and the trip, which should have been about 35 60-second intervals, took us 120 of those!  But the most important thing is that we got there.  Mrs. Yum and the Lizard were already there. Mrs. Yum brought some delicious nutrition and we all had a wonderful time. After eating we all watch a moving picture and then it was time to come back to the Palace and check on Tripod and Freckles. Boy were they happy to see us! They had been alone pretty much all of this day.

I have been trying to finish my projects before taking OldFaithful to the cyberdoc, but I think tomorrow's the day. Otherwise she's going to end up in intensive care!  I will use her smaller cousin to finish the work that I have now.

Oh, oh, oh!  I forgot to tell you that my gorgeous butterfly flew by many times as we were sitting around the bathing pond today.  Gorgeous. Yellow and brown. She was a very large specimen too! She kept flying around like trying to make us all jealous of her unmistakable gorgeous anatomy!

Now it's time to let the curtains fall and get some much deserved rest. I hope this end of the week as as magical for you as it was for me!

Here's a flower from my back grounds for your enjoyment. I hope it makes you smile!