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Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 26 – April 15, 2011

Hello again! I hope you had a wonderful Friday. Mine was pretty good. I really can't complain. I'm not sure that today will be one of those days that will go down in history, but it was a very good day after all.

After my morning battle with the alarm clock, I spent about 10 minutes in front of my closet. It was almost as if I was waiting for my clothes to talk to me and tell me what I was supposed to wear. It didn't happen of course, and I had to choose my own. Grasshopper was up bright and early. No arguments! He fed our three-legged friend as well as Freckles and was ready to leave even before me! A-mazing! Our conversation this morning was about the Grinch. Grasshopper just can't understand why he would choose to come share this life experience with him, being his very difficult personality. We decided that sometimes the people that bug you the most are those with whom you agreed to play with and bug them into growth. We laughed at this thought! This morning we had our weekly cup of space money coffee and then it was off to school. Miguel Bosé and Eros joined me in song this morning.
After that, I had my class with the Book Seller. Very interesting. This is a class I will soon be teaching so it was very important for me to be there (tomorrow as well). The Book Seller is an amazing instructor. It will be an honor to follow her footsteps! After the class I picked up the Sensible One and we took off to the Grasshopper's future school for a party. We got there late but had time to visit with Grinch for a little bit and have some really good food. Mr. Grasshopper was excited to see the Sensible One there. He really looks up to him.
When I returned to the palace I sat down to meditate for a little bit. Oh! You asked about the journal in my native language? I am in the process of translating it! Stay tuned!
I am looking forward to Sunday and the Sunday Morning gang. If you ever want to participate on these calls, they are free and they are absolutely amazing. Try calling in once even if you just listen. Here's the link: S E R I promise you will fall in love with GorgeousDownUnder and the whole Sunday Morning Gang!
As you can tell, today has been an uneventful day. However it has had a beautiful feeling to it.
Good night my faithful friend. I am so grateful to you for reading me!
Until tomorrow!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 25 – April 14, 2011

Am I tired or what? OMG I think I feel every single muscle in my body. This is a good thing, because for those of us who do not work out regularly, there are some muscles that we forget we had!
Let me tell you about my day. It started a little earlier than usual. Diva and the Manager travelled together to Gambletown today very early, so I got up to see them leave. By the way, I am sooo proud of the Manager. She's doing such an amazing job at taking care of business for me. She's always been one to make sure that I am OK and she does an amazing job at it. We have always been close and have become more friends as she has gotten older. Sometimes she forgets the relationship that we have in THIS life experience, but it's OK. I don't forget it. Hehehe. So anyway, they left early and the Grasshopper and I got busy at getting ready. The ride this morning was fun. We were both in a very good mood.
I spoke to the Ambassador, who is always there willing to listen and help out in any way he can. I am so lucky! Then I called Mr. X to say hello, but he was busy with his new love. Ah! Love! L 'amour!
After I dropped him off I headed south, towards the Poet's home. She had prepared a delicious breakfast. You should know that this lady is one of the best hostesses that I have ever met, and her breakfasts are amazing. She thinks of everything. She had a surprise guest: Musicboy! I had not seen him in a few months, so it was lovely seeing him again. We chatted over breakfast about the meaning of life and our mission here on the hologram. I stated what I've learned, that we are here to have fun. That everything we live is in alignment with us and that as soon as we change our perspective; we realize that we really did come here to have fun. We realize that even those contrasts that we experience are part of the fun. Just like going on a roller coaster. Going down is scary, but fun!
After breakfast we called Shaman on the computer and held a video call with him. As it usually happens with The Boys, at first we encountered a few technical difficulties, but after a couple of tries, it worked "like magic!" There was a purpose for this meeting. When Shaman and I met in Quake Central the year before this one, we spoke about a beautiful project that he has been working on with people who have specific physical difficulties. To make a long story short, we will bring The Boys to speak to this particular group and help them remember who they are in reality so they can live a more fulfilling life. Isn't that amazing? I am super excited. THIS is what I live for. THIS is something that brings huge meaning into my life. Not that everything else doesn't mean something huge, but this is super special. I'm excited about it! Musicboy is intrigued by my book. He said he heard very good things from many different people. I was so humbled to hear this! We all agreed to meet again (besides the project) and have a session with The Boys.
After that I drove back to the palace to continue my packing. I really got into it! Then, Helpinghands came by to give me a hand with packing. We worked together and made a big dent in the packing front. Now THAT feels good! But I am super tired. For the next couple of weeks we will be consuming our meals on disposable plates. That's perfectly fine with me. Fewer things to wash!!! Hooray for plastic wear!
I must break for a little bit. Mr. Grasshopper and I are going out. I'll tell you all about it when I come back!
Yummy, much better! I realized I had not had anything to eat since this morning's amazing breakfast, so greens with a little bit of bird was just what the doctor ordered for me tonight.
OK, are YOU ready? Remember that last night I told you I had something HUGE to share with you? Well, we finally got the call and we are ready to roll. The co-author had so much success with her experience with The Boys that she decided to share her journey to help people in their journey to get where they want to go. On my end, I did what I know how to do best: I called in The Boys! The result? A really beautiful journal! Take a look at The Essence inspired I am Beautiful Journal. Let me know what you think!
Very well, I must stop talking now. I have to attend a class with the Book Dealer tomorrow and I should be as alert as possible! It's been lovely talking to you, as always. Stick around; things are going to get better!
Ta-da for now!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 24 – April 13, 2011

I'm itching to tell you something, but if the Irish Intuitive does not give me the green light, I'm afraid I won't be able to. OMG this is so big I can hardly sit still on my chair!

Anyway, to make the urge go away, I will talk about something else. The Author has been telling me that Mercury is retrograde and that when this happens, things are forgotten, papers lost, etc. Today I was thinking she may be on to something. I went from feeling on the top of the world to again focusing on things I have no business dealing with. Seriously! Why do I have to go and focus on something that will bring my vibration down when I was doing so awesomely well? You tell me. It HAS to be Mercury retrograde. It MUST! I've never been one to confirm or deny the information provided by Astrologers, but one thing is for certain, we are so amazingly powerful that when we decide to come here into this "hologram" like The Boys like calling this reality, we even make the stars and planets align to our personal purpose. Stop and think this for a second. This is huge! Everybody's astrological chart is different; it doesn't matter if you were born in the same city, on the same day at around the same time. Your chart is different than your own twin's chart. This should tell you just how incredibly powerful you are. Whenever I think of this I remain more and more in awe of the greatness that we are. Anyway, if this is true, then Mercury retrograde or not is also very true. And I tell you, I felt super retrograde myself today. Overwhelmed, distracted, inattentive and worst of all, I felt sad. And sadness comes from a feeling of lack. I personally don't like focusing on lack. I'd much rather focus on my abundance, but today I felt I was lacking. Yuk! I feel for those who are always feeling lack! It is not pretty! But you know what I thought after having a heart-to-heart with Diva? I came up – or rather, WE did – with the realization that these uninvited feelings happen to help us give the Universe a clear and unquestionable command to bring us that piece of the puzzle that we have been wanting so much to come into alignment with. It help us send a very strong FEELING to the Universe saying "this I don't want, but I do want relief from this." In other words, the Universe sends us this contrast that feels exactly the opposite as our desire, so we can add vibrational weight to the manifestation of that desire. So we can feel the relief and it can manifest sooner in our life experience. Whew! That was heavy! I'm glad I shook that sadness off.

Morning with the Grasshopper was light and fluffy. No arguments, lots of smiles and jokes. The conversation was about everything and nothing at all. It was just plain good! I have to report that when I picked the Grasshopper up the mood had dramatically changed. He was again in retrograde! See how you can use Mercury's condition for everything? I kind of like this Astrology stuff! The good thing is that now he likes to exercise when he gets to the palace, so that gets all those crummy vibes out of his system (and his aura!). An hour later he was feeling just peachy.

The day at work went by well. Nothing special to report other than, almost at the end of the day I checked my device and noticed an email from the Irish Intuitive with some pretty amazing news. I hope I can share them with you tomorrow!!!

As I was sitting in traffic I caught a glimpse of my butterfly of the day drinking from a jasmine flower. Aaahh! The scent of jasmine this time of the year is to die for! And the beautiful little flowers adorn fences and pots everywhere you look. I wish I had a "green thumb" because I love looking at a nice front yard. But I don't. Must be honest. J

Today was another one of those nights where I drove all over the place. When I finally got home (around 830 pm) I had a nice conversation with Diva, cooked dinner, sent some emails and of course, came here to talk to you. This has become one of my favorite things to do. I feel a connection with you; it doesn't matter if you're all the way in China or right around the corner from me, I sense your presence and appreciate your support.

We are all much loved!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 23 – April 12, 2011

Life is good. Actually, life is very good! No matter what life may bring you, life is very, very good. Just think of the alternative, hehe.

Now, seriously. Let's get on with this blog! First things first. This morning with the Grasshopper was delightful. We had a nice breakfast, left the palace on time and had our lovely morning chat. Mr. Grasshopper was slightly negatively-focused this morning. Thinking about all the things that could possibly go wrong. Moving to a new palace (he may not like the light in his room. And what IF he doesn't like the neighborhood); the end of the school year (what if he doesn't make it to the next grade); a new school in the fall (what if he doesn't make friends); tryouts to chase balls in the field (what if he doesn't make the team), and so on and so forth. His plate is full, you must give him that. We talked for a while about how when you can't control things it's better to let them go. How when you relax and be optimistic (and file your fingernails or eat ice cream) the Universe finds a way to bring everything to you. Just trust, I told him, that the universe is listening to you. After what seemed like a very long pause, he looked at me and said "You know what? That sentence right there is probable the most wise one I've heard in a very long time. Let's play some Elton!" And with that, the conversation was over, the mood was lifted and Elton's voice filled the air! Thank god for teenagers!

Do you want to guess where my butterfly of the day showed up? Guess. It is amazing! I was looking out the window on the 21st FLOOR when they came close to the window by to say hello. There were 3 of them. They were having the time of their lives testing their wings for altitude. I never knew that butterflies flied that high up in the air! I am learning so much from them! My day at work went smoothly (what? Did I say "work"? Wasn't I complaining just a couple of days ago of not having work? Hehehe). I accomplished a lot and spoke to many interesting people. I also had a few texts back and forth with the Author, Mrs. Yum and Mr. Anonymous. I also had a couple of conversations with the Manager. She has the same kind of feeling of expectation that I feel inside. Like something amazing is about to happen. Forget about the move, that of course is a big thing. But there is something else brewing in the Universe that is about to manifest in the physical. I'm just not sure of what it is and how it will manifest. EX-CI-TING!

Then it was off to see Claudius Galenus on the other side of town, not before picking up a very ornery Grasshopper. (Please, if anybody ever wonders why I don't return emails or phone calls, have them read this blog). I'm not going to bore you with the details. You just need to know that the 45 minute drive with Mr. Grasshopper was everything but insightful. It was a different story on the way back. We were both much more relaxed and in a great mood for wonderful conversation. Mr. Grasshopper is learning how to be happy in the now. The idea of happiness being actually a decision that you make sometimes escapes him. But he comes around. And I would say that each time it takes him less and less time to reach that good-feeling place. He may not be able to put a finger on it, but he is starting to learn to read his own emotions and work his way up to a good feeling place. It makes a whole world of difference. Looking at life through pink colored lenses. Then we got on the subject of death and how it really doesn't exist. We talked about how when we fall asleep we actually go through that experience, only not letting go of our physical body. But we retrieve our attention from the physical world and place it in the non-physical world. Death does not exist, I told him, it is just a transition. He seemed to understand. He kept nodding his head. After about 10 minutes (I had already sung a couple of songs) he said: "Speaking about death. I understand what you were saying that it is only a transition. It makes a lot of sense and it doesn't scare me anymore. I still don't want you to die." You just got to LOVE THAT GRASSHOPPER!

Diva has been such a source of joy! You must know something about Diva. She has always been my little magical fairy. She was the one who always believed in magic and always looked for the positive side of things – unless she's in a bad mood! And when she is in a bad mood, you know to get out of her way! I forgot to mention that my clothes-washing device broke again. Yes, it suddenly started smelling like something was burning (Not a very good sign), so Diva went elsewhere with her load of clothes and is tutoring the Grasshopper in the meantime. I came home to pack some boxes. I was doing great until my ADD kicked in full force and I came here to talk to you.

Freckles and Tripod are making progress on the friendship side of things. They are now wagging their tails when they see each other and gravitate together around the palace. At least they like being in the same room!

The Channel is getting pretty tired. It has been lovely talking to you again. See you tomorrow? I sure hope so! Love hearing from you. Thank you for all the comments and emails!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 22 – April 11, 2011

Day 22! How about that? It feels really good to see that we have come this far. Thanks for your support! It certainly has helped me get here!!!

Today is Monday (I know, I know you know that) and if felt like Monday! So I knew from the beginning that it would be a good day to practice the now, the good-feeling thought. As a sign of what was to come, as I stepped out of my palace the first thing I ran into was…. Did I hear correctly? Yes! My butterfly of the day! She was catching the first rays of sunlight. Fluttering around without a care in the world.
To be true to tradition, Mr. Grasshopper and I hopped out of the house late. As I walked towards the red bullet, Mr. Whiskers came out running from under it. I smiled and couldn't help but think of the Sensible One. My conversation with Mr. Grasshopper was very funny this morning. I had said something as we were getting ready to leave, and it came out with a heavy accent. He just didn't roll down on the floor with laughter because we didn't have time, but he found it to be the most amusing thing he had heard in a long time. Besides my story from the guy at the elevator (that's a story for another Monday). Then I realized I had left the device at the Palace, so I came back to get it.
When I got to the nosocomial institution the environment felt eerie. Weird. So I thought I would escape to the chapel and put in my "just in case" meditation quota. As I was trying to wiggle out the door, the Guard stopped me and put me to work. Oh well, I thought, maybe today is not a good day to meditate at work. I knew that at some point I would be able to put in my meditation time, so it really didn't bother me. But somehow the day felt as if I was unprepared for it. Literally. I did talk to my favorite Sassy Asian and he gave me incense. Ah! Now, that's a gift from heaven! It has the best scent I have ever smelled. Seriously. The day was super busy. After a few attempts I was finally able to escape for 10 minutes of pure bliss. Oh, what a difference that made! I came back relaxed, recharged and ready to take on the world! The LadyinCharge had been in a not-so-friendly mood since the morning. My first reaction was to focus on that and respond in kind. But then I remembered that I don't need to punish myself with negative thoughts and started softening my thoughts and perception. Before I knew it I was feeling fabulous and her attitude started changing until she was actually smiling. Oh yeah baby!

When I stopped to eat I ran into a member of the Star Chamber. So we sat together and chatted for a little bit. That was a refreshing break in the day. Another refreshing moment was when I ran into someone very dear to me and who I thought I would probably never see again. Hehehe. The Universe adores me! I know that by now you are probably getting tired of hearing that, but you know something? What happens is that honestly, every day I feel that the Universe adores me a little bit more. Every day a little bit more. I bet you feel the same way.

After all of that I drove to the other side of the city to a meeting only to find out that the meeting place had been changed (to a place about 10 minutes from my palace). Aaghhh!!! I thought, the Universe is playing a good one on me. Traffic was interesting, to say the least and so I tuned the radio into a particular classical station. You won't believe this. OK, let me back track. Last night, I was watching a film with Mr. Grasshopper and a classical violin melody was playing in the movie. I did not know the name of the piece or the author. Well, as I tuned into this station, I was about to change stations when I heard an advertisement of something I've been interested in. Well, right after the advertisement, they played that song! If I had driven to the correct place of the meeting I would've missed listening to this song and learning the name of the piece and the name of the author! Isn't that great?
Well my dear friend, it's time for me to get some shut-eye. I hope your day was full of joy and that you are smiling big!
Until soon!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 21 – April 10, 2011

Hello there! I hope your Sunday was as much fun as mine has been.

You may wonder what I did that made it so much fun. Well, I packed. Yes, I've spent the day either packing or doing activities that have something to do with packing and it's been fun. I am turning blind to the mess around me because as I start emptying shelves I am making huge messes, but I am finding things that bring back lovely memories. I am also finding things that I need to part with, definitely. Besides that, Eros, Zucchero and Gipsy Kings have been keeping me company all day. Who would ever complain about packing when in such good company??? More and more I realize how important perspective is. Had this been three years ago, I would've been crying and trying to get out of it. This time around I'm not going to lie to you, I have not been jumping up and down with excitement at the thought of packing a full house, but I have soften my thoughts about it and it doesn't feel as bad. It is amazing what our thoughts can achieve. Wait until I get into full packing mode. I'm not there. But I will. I promise! I took small breaks in between boxes and danced a little. Nothing better for the spirit! I think I scared the delivery boy when he was walking towards the house and caught a glimpse of me dancing away in the living room. Oh well. He'll survive. J

The morning call with the Sunday Morning Gang was lovely as always. A great group of people showed up at the call and the questions, as expected, were enlightening for everyone on the call. Aaaahhhhh, we missed our Mountain DaHempster with his harmonious notes! The Boys were as talkative as ever and shared a lot of their lovely energy and wisdom with us. After the call, I was holding a conversation with GorgeousDownUnder when again, I became the medium for The Voice. You must know that The Voice left the physical a little over a year ago and he is the reason why the Sunday Morning Call exists. Anyway, to make a long story short, The Voice spoke a beautiful message of love to Gorgeous. Beautiful. After that, my energy was not high, it was soaring!

My day went by quicker than expected. That's what happens when you're having fun, I suppose. I was busy packing when I got a call from the Author in Florida. Her spirit was super high; she was all excited telling me about her book news. It was contagious. I could hear Gecko in the background. He's always making life fun and interesting around their home. The Author, Gecko and Mr. ArmCandy had a lovely day at the beach. Aaah! The beach! Isn't it wonderful the effect it has on you? One day at the beach and you become a different person. It clears your mind and your spirit, just like that. It's like if the wind mixed with the sand and the smell of the sea cleanse your every worry away. Just lovely.
Throughout the day I had several conversations with Mrs. Yum. She was in a great place today! She had finished reading all 20 entries to this blog and found that a lot of the information here helped her. Yee-haw! I hope it helps you too. Oh, by the way, the Author said that it had helped her in some level too. Me? Are you kidding? This is like therapy! I love it!

You may be wondering about Mr. Grasshopper. Well, wonder no more, he's back in action. And as usual, full of information to share. Sometimes I wish he didn't! He came back from being absolutely spoiled with the Grinch and we held a long conversation about how much he does not want to move into the Palace-to-be. He kept pushing against it and I kept pushing for it, until I remembered what The Boys are always telling us: LET GO. I was pulling so hard on my direction and he was pulling so hard on his, that when I did let go he fell back hard with all his arguments. It was so funny, because when I decided to stop my arguments he suddenly was left without a cause. It only took him a couple of minutes to think about it and then he was all happy making plans about the first few days at our new Palace. Life is soooooooooo good!

Tripod and Freckles are getting more and more used to each other. I believe Tripod is still a little overwhelmed by Freckles' size, and she knows it, so he is still hiding underneath chairs where she can't get to him. Freckles on her side, I am convinced that she believes that she's his mother and wants to bathe and cleanse him, which he completely disagrees on and makes it clear with a loud growl. It's fun to watch them both. You must know that Freckles was used to sleeping on the Grinch's furniture. Here she is not allowed to do so and I do not believe she appreciates it. It takes her a long time to get comfortable on the mat that I've provided for her. The other day he scared Tripod out of his bed and she rolled up like a snake and made herself fit into his tiny bed. LOL. These two are a show!
So you think I was not strong enough with my comment about the red door, uh? And I thought I was being nice and polite! I'll keep it in mind for next time! Who knows, the Universe adores me. It may bring me my red door in a different way. Let's wait and see what happens. This is what is so beautiful about life when you start learning the trick of letting the Universe surprise you. It really does surprise you and brings you what you want in ways that are ingenious and so beautiful. Now, instead of worrying for what I don't have right now, I eagerly await for the universe to bring it to me, because I know that it will come to me in the way that I may least expect it. I am in awe of the Universe. I am in awe of me!
BTW, remember I was worried a few days ago about not having work scheduled? Well I'm scheduled to work tomorrow. One day is better than nothing, right?
Well my dear friend. Again, thank you for being there. Thank you for being HERE, in this cyberspace with me. Thank you for reading me, I love reading you as well.
Ta-da for now!