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Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 196 - February 27, 2012

CowTown came and went. it was a wonderful experience. Seeing old friends, making new ones, teaching, learning, it's all good!

Freckles and Tripod stayed at the Manager's.  Let me tell you, things were busy around that palace between Wolverine girl, Tripod and Freckles.  They are getting used to each other though and are starting to have fun.  Poor Tripod's beating organ goes crazy when in the vicinity of Wolverine! hehehe

Things around the Palace have been just fine and dandy.  I enjoy this magical place so much! Every time I walk in I find myself thinking: "Wow! Red doors!"

Today I just lost it (but don't you worry, I eventually found it!). No, seriously, today I lost my stance. And the Grasshopper ended up paying the price. I made him the excuse for my disconnection. the good thing is that he is such an advanced being that he could see through the haze as clearly as daylight.  I was just flustered at having to do things that I did not want to do. Plain and simple. And then of course, YoursTruly felt the pull of guilt as I knew Mr. G had nothing to do with my lack of joy, so I started apologizing when he said: "You don't need to. You just forgot for a moment how wonderful and loving you are. But see, you just remembered!"  Now, tell me this, what exactly is a woman to do after statements such as this one?  He was absolutely right!  For a moment there my vibrational compass went berserk and I lost track of BigMe.  The amazing thing is that BigMe is always here. I never stop being BigMe and so as soon as I was able to quiet my mind from the frenzie I had let it go into, I found my north again. Whew! What a RELIEF!!!

Earlier this day I spoke with Mrs. Studious. We had not exchanged words for a long time and frankly, I was missing that girl. So I decided to ring her. She is tucked away in her amazing place in the mountains, but will be back next week and we shall be in the presence of each other. That will be fun!

Another amazing thing that happened to me today was a conversation that the Boys had with someone who had been afraid to step out from inside the clothes-hanging room. The words of the Boys were so amazingly powerful when they told her: "You came here to be you. You came here to write a symphony and not to play  a flat note. You, our dear one, are giving everybody around you one of the biggest opportunities in their lives. And that opportunity is to feel what unconditional love feels like. The opportunity to leave all their prejudices behind and love you unconditionally.  Tell them so!  Say: I AM HERE! You can choose to love me or to turn away from me. I am who I am. I am living an amazing reality and I hope that you will allow yourself to feel the love that you have for me, for I cannot, I will not change in order to please you. Love me the way I am the same way as I love you the way you are. Unconditionally."
It's not hard to imagine that when The Boys stepped aside and I was "back" there was complete silence on the line. She was crying. (she allowed me to post this story, by the way). She described to me that a huge weight was lifted from her shoulders. She was free and happy.

I'll leave you with these thoughts. I know they will bring a smile to your face!

Ta-da for now!