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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 162 - October 15, 2011

Well, I am happy to report that I am back at the palace.  It is so nice to be back to my magic grounds (which by the way, have been restored to their magical nature after the weather cooled down just a little bit).

Last night when I got to the palace I was greeted by a pretty ugly-smelling palace.  What happened was that the cooling box decided to take a break.  This is actually a good thing becasue it needed to be examined by a cooling-box physician since a couple of months ago, and now, it will have it's check-up and things will be fine and dandy!  The unfortunate part was that YoursTruly had to spend some time disposing of the nutrition inside, which had already lost it's nutritional value, by the way!

Other than that, life is soooo good.  This morning I stopped sleeping early, meditated and then did my early morning work. After that I stepped into the magical grounds and enjoyed a few moments of pure appreciation with me, with nature, with everything that surrounded me.  I enjoyed listening to the feathery friends who were just starting their day.  One feather friend of the cardinal kind, stood on a branch not too far from me, and sang there for a little bit.  I could tell he was greeting the new day.  Later a couple of butterflies came by to make all of us jealous of their beauty!  That brought memories of Mr. and Mrs. Convert's home away from home and of the gorgeous white butterflies that play in their grounds. Ahhh!  Memories!  Remembering is living it all over again! And as we do, we bring back the feeling of that which we remembered and raise (or lower) our vibration to that place.  I much prefer raising mine.  How about you?

Oh, oh, oh!!!! I almost forgot, Mr. Grasshopper wants to thank all of you for the positive vibrations sent his way.  He was selected to chase the ball with his learning house team and I cannot tell you of a prouder hopper on this hologram! 

Today, I will join the Manager and the Sensible One in packing nutrition for others.  It should be fun.  After that, I will pick up OldFaithful's mother from the cyberdoctor and then off to Miss Bite's for an evening of interaction with her and Grandma Dynamite (a.k.a. LadyLust).

Currently, I am sitting right in front of the clear wall. I am watching Tripod and Freckles chase rodents of the furry tail kind.  You can just feel the fun they are having!

I am so appreciative of my life. I am in one of those moods. I am feeling tons of appreciation for you, for me, for everything that I experience. I am so glad that you and I decided to take this trip into the hologram together!

i hope the celebration of your arrival into the hologram is unique!

Ta-da for now!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 161 - October 12,2011

Yeee-haw Pardner!  Hello from deep in the heart of Texas!  I happen to be visiting this lovely urban location for the purpose of teaching. Yep! Got that right! Teaching!  My group is conformed of beings from countries that I don't speak their spoken words.  It's all good. I am using all my creative resources just to prevent them from falling into the world of z's!

Anyway, travelling over here on the day before this one gave me an opportunity to think a lot and to have conversations with The Boys. I love having the oppotunity to speak to them out loud. When you channel, the answers don't always come straight because your mind is participating in the process, however, the more you practice letting go, the faster those answers come to you.  I just love knowing that BigMe is always there with me, guiding me, shedding light at every step of the way. Many times I do not see the light until later, when I realize that it had always been there.I am very hopeful of the future. I know that all my dreams are flowing towards me, all the time. I am excited and looking forward to greeting them with open arms!

So that's about that. Not much more to report, I'm afraid.  Now I will get some nutrition, write a little bit and confer with the fluffy as the day after this one will be another full day of work!

So nice to read your emails. Thank you!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 160 - October 9, 2011

My idea of a perfect Sunday has been readjusting as this day goes by.  As I'm talking to you, I have finally positioned myself in front of the big clear walls looking at the magical grounds.  Listen to this (or read  it, same difference), on my way to the seating surface, I stopped several times to clean garments and rooms, but I finally got here. I was just going to turn on the moving picture box and crash, but as i sat in front of the clear wall and looked up, I saw this huge hawk come down and stood in a branch right in front of the clear wall.  I froze. I did not want to move because I wanted the moment to last forever.  He kept looking my way and then, as if in cue, I moved my head and he took off. Ahh!  What a moment of greatness that was!  And the day before this one I had another moment of greatness.  I had gotten up really early and did my meditation outside.  as I was sitting there, minding my own business, I felt something fly very close to me.  I was startled, but as I opened my eyes I saw this tiny little friend of the feathery kind drink fluid from our magic fountain.  At first I thought he was a "street kind", but as I paid more attention I realized his colors were special.  He was yellow and brown and he gave me the gift of his song.  Very brief, but a song after all.

Now we have heaven water falling on the grounds. Just like if I had ordered this day from the universe! perfection at its best!

This coming week will be busy. I am so grateful for what the universe is bringing; this morning's call was amazing.  The subjects ranged from wrinkles to drug addictions. It was powerful! And as if that was not enough, after the call I had a conversation with the Shaman who ended up opening up more to the softness of the universe. mmmm! life is good.

Now I will catch up on some z's. You see, last night I agreed to labor a late shift at the nosocomium and this channel is not used to that, so I must confess my eyes are closing as we speak.

Happy day of the sun and happy week!