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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 216 - August 20, 2012

Today's energy felt really different.  Have you ever had one of those days?  It did not feel bad. Not at all! Actually, it felt amazing.  But just different.  The demeanor of YoursTruly was quieter than usual and funny enough, the demeanor of those who labored in this channel's proximity was pretty much the same... law of attraction anyone?

Well, the time has come!!!!  Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, this blog is honored by the presence of a one distinguished guest.  It is my honor to present to you (drum roll please...)  ... MS PERENNA FLEMING!

I know! I know!!! I just knew you were going to love this!!!!  Perenna was so gracious as to give Yours Truly a glimpse of who she is, and so, today, I would like to introduce you to this lovely - and VERY psychic- lady.  But let me say no more and leave you here in her presence. Perenna....

Yours Truly:  Perenna, please tell us a little bit about you. Who is Perenna Fleming?
Born to an English family with a strong psychic and healer strain through some Scottish genes, I inherited powerful gifts.  However, being a "good girl" in aproper English fashion, my family taught me to stuff my feelings down and keep the traditional British "stiff upper lip".  It didn't matter what you felt or what you "knew", you just had to sit on it!
Many years later I moved to the States and married an engineer. As you might surmise, engineers deal primarily in analytical facts. The result for me?  More stuffing down through 25 years of marriage and raising two beautiful daughters. My husband and I subsequently divorced and it was as if the floodgates had opened for me.

Yours Truly:  I understand that you are intuitive and a healer. Can you tell us what this is?
Perenna:  I am a collection of people! Healer, medical intuitive, channel, clairvoyant, medium and an energy shifter. :-)  It is all about energy! We are all energy and being an intuitive means that you can simply read someone's energy.  This can be so helpful for those who are struggling, because awareness precedes change. You can't change what you are not aware of! So bey being an intuitive you can bring up what pattern or what fear, belief, doubt, story, etc., is holding someone stuck, shift the the stuck energy and that person is then fee of whatever has been holding him/her back.  Healing is the same energy. A large percentage of our physical problems come from emotional issues.  When you can get to the emotional cause, it is truly miraculous the physical healing that takes place.

Yours Truly:  Did you always know that you had these gifts or was it something that appeared later in your life? Was it spontaneous or did you "train" for it?
Great question! When I was small, my grandmother (who I adored) told me that if I prayed hard enough I would see God.  After some time I decided that I would pray very hard so that I could see God. I prayed and prayed and eventually I heard a noise and at the same time I saw a flash of light.  I was most excited and the next morning told some adult that I had seen God. I was told not to be stupid, that I probably had heard an owl and saw the headlights of a car. I was about 8.  Needless to say I was crushed.  Whatever gifts I had, I had to suppress.  About 40 years later, after I was divorced, I was at dinner at a restaurant in the North of Scotland. We were talking about North Sea oil (to this day I remember the conversation!), and as I looked over to my right, sitting next tome was my mother, who had been gone for over 30 years.  She showed such caring and warmth and was surrounded by love and light.  This was the opening I was given to bring my gifts through.  After that, I began to hear, feel and see far more than I had ever done before.  
I did train to become a master reiki healer, which helped solidify the healing gifts.

Yours Truly:  I know that a lot of people come to you looking for help. What are the things that you can help people with?
Perenna:  People come to see me for a variety of reasons and from all walks of life.  Mostly it is about clearing their way to their heart's desire, whether that is health, wealth, spiritual growth, better relationships.  I have been fortunate in that I have helped ex-offenders clear their way to new jobs and new lives without the drug use.  My clients include people who want to be the best they can be, ranging from every day folk to CEO's, foreign currency traders, accountants, lightworkers, salespeople, healers, other coaches, anyone who wants to help transform the world starting with themselves first. To reach even more people, my practice has grown beyond private coaching clients to include leading seminars, teaching both workshops and teleclass series.  I have just finished three teleclasses on helping people connect with their guides.  Some of those people are now channeling their guides verbally, some are getting their answers to questions and some are just more secure in the knowledge that their guides exist and they are not alone.

Yours Truly:  Perenna, I know from my personal experience that channeling has changed me profoundly. Has having this gift changed you in any way?
Perenna:  Yes, definitely.  I used to be much more judgmental than I am now.  Knowing that I don't have to struggle, that all can be calm and smooth, is a huge difference in the way I used to be. In addition, I used to be anxious a lot of the time.  Now I know they will take care of me, and if I just let go and trust, all will be well. Also, i simply don't worry about what people think of me anymore. 

Yours Truly:  What does a "normal" day in the life of Perenna Fleming look like?
Perenna:  Well, is there such a thing as "normal"?!?  I imagine that my day is much like everyone else's. A little channeling if I feel like it, a walk in nature, some nice food!!!

There you have it! Didn't I say it was going to be amazing? Perenna is an amazing psychic and this channel is very, very grateful to her for playing with us and visiting our blog!

On to other things, guess what Mr G came up with today?  Well, as I picked up his anatomy from the learning house, in flight to the palace, we stroke up a conversation regarding other beings at the learning house.  He was relating a story about some of those beings not being of the nice kind towards his person and of course, the progenitor in me jumped up and started giving advice and getting my feathers all ruffled up, when a certain yard insect turned around and said:  "You know how you say that we all live our own realities? Well, this is mine.  You can't change it, nor can you create in it. You have your reality, I have mine and then we have one that we both shared in, but this one, this one is mine.  Let me deal with it."  OoooooK!  I hadn't felt that young in a very long time!  I mean, much younger than him. For a second this channel forgot she was talking to her offspring and felt like she was talking to one of her ancestors (forget my progenitor, much older than that!).

My dear, dear friend. Thank you for being there.  I know it. I feel your energy as I spend time talking to you through this blog. You are adored!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 215 - August 19, 2012

This weekend I had the distinct honor of having little Ms Wolverine as a host in the Palace.  Let me tell you something, that little furry friend is a handful! Mr. Grasshopper and Yours Truly had a blast keeping up with her furry self!  Freckles put up with her while Tripod would have nothing to do with her.Me? She kept me on my toes!  Now the Manager and the Sensible One have returned from their travels and our furry guest has returned to her dwelling

What has been going on around here your asked? Well, Mr. G has been delighted back at the learning house. Every day he has had a new story of success and the best thing is that now he realizes that it is all in the energy he puts in.  Lately he has been consulting with The Boys a lot.  I'm not going to lie, I kind of like that because, who better to give a teenhopper advice than the non-physical?  I love it. This morning, a very ceremonious Grasshopper announced:  "You know?  I can tell that it's not you who is speaking when you channel because the advice is not the same. To be honest, I like The Boys' advice much better than yours."  Just like that. What to say?  Nothing!  I just nodded and kept on washing the eating utensils.

A few moons ago I had a wonderful encounter with one of our feathery friends.  It was magical.   I was at the James Bond facility sitting inside the Red Bullet in preparation for my departure.  For some reason, Yours Truly stopped there for a second and started thinking about my progenitor. I sat there for a couple of minutes, remembering a specific conversation that we had about "not giving up", a few drops of eye water rolled down my fascia. Suddenly I felt like someone was watching me, so I looked up to see a gorgeous hawk standing on top of the fence right in front of me and looking directly at Yours Truly.  I had to hold my breathing rhythm for a moment as his presence was unexpected.  So I looked back into his seeing apparatus and was amazed at noticing that he (or she, who knows?) had this "knowing" look in his eyes. Like he knew what I was thinking. I had never felt that before with one of his kind and it felt comforting, reassuring. He flew away and I think I just sat there, staring blankly at the fence! Wow! What an experience!

REMEMBER, the day after this one we will have our very special guest, Ms Perenna Fleming!!! Woo hoo!!!! She will be here to talk to us about .... oh, I won't spoil it.  Don't miss it!!!

Gotta go. The day after this one will start before the star comes out and so this channel must be ready; batteries recharged and all.

Hope to see you here mañana!!!