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Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 220 - October 1st., 2012

Wow!  Time just slips through my phalanges!  I've been talking to you in my mind for many many moons, but I just hadn't made it to the board with keys!

How's life for you?  I am super excited because TODAY IS THE DAY when THE ENLIGHTENED ONE is gracing us with his presence in our blog!! Woo-hoo!!!  This interview is so amazing that Yours Truly has decided to post it in two parts.

But before I bring your our inspired and inspiring guest, let me bring you quickly up-to-date on what is going on...

Life around the Palace has been exciting.  things are just happening one after another in such a fast sequence that I think of talking to you about one event when the next one is already happening!  Isn't than just amazing?  When we make the decision to live in the now, the now becomes so much more interesting and exciting!

To begin with, my gainful activities have increased. That in and by itself is huge as yours truly loves what she does, but it not only brings a great feeling of accomplishment, it also brings a huge relief to the Washingtons-holding wallet! So I manifested two very important things at the same time: gainful activities and abundance.  Ha!  And we thought it was going to be so difficult. I can here and now tell you: not at all!  Once you let go of them, they come running back to you. Just like Mr. X, who has decided to make himself very visible as of late.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, (DRUMS PLEASE)   without further due, I bring you Part 1 of 2 of Yours Truly's interview with our dear friend, the ONE AND ONLY 

Hemal, first of all let me say “THANK YOU” for being here with us. For contributing to the magic of this blog.  I have enjoyed knowing you for a few years now and I would like to “share you” with my readers.
Who is Hemal Radia? Would you tell us a little bit about you?
Hello everyone!
Yes, it would be a pleasure, thank you!
I am an author (of "Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law Attraction"), speaker, and something I have been called in recent years, a 'super' coach.  This is a name that my clients came up with after the results that they were getting.  I never really resonated with the term 'coach' as I felt I offered a lot more intuitively, and in inspiring others to their intuition.  I also liked the 'super' part so I kept it.
You and I know from our interactions over the years that I tend to 'tune in' (i.e. "channel!") and a few years ago I was looking for the best way to describe myself and along came "super coach" from what people were calling me and I was happy to keep that at the time.
I have been in the personal development & spirituality field for over 17 years.  Starting out with learning NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and then being fascinated about what I was learning about how our thoughts affect our reality.  I was very fascinated by this in that "how can something on the inside change my reality and something on the outside?"
I came across the term "Manifesting" and studied more on it and later in time came across the term "Law of Attraction".
Over the years I studied everything I could find on these subjects about how our thoughts shape our reality.  I created notes, thousands of pages of notes, including my own application of what I was learning, techniques, working with myself etc.  This was a love and joy and I would spend my spare moments on this.
In the last 5 years I came online, started my blog, had a Facebook presence as well as on Twitter and it has organically grown.  People would hear about me and ask to work with me or for me to work on projects with them  or resonate with my work and want to share it.  For example on Facebook someone wanted to share my work with others and created the “Hemal Radia Appreciation Group” where the admins share my quotes three times a week.  Another example of things organically growing and manifestations occurring was a couple of years ago I was asked to do a live event in Las Vegas at the Trump International hotel, which we did, and we had a great time.
I would say that my story has very much been an example of what you and “The Boys” and I teach about following our flow.

Hemal, I know that you are a gifted man. Can you share with us and tell us what you consider to be your gift and how it has changed your life?
Lol... MY "gift" (Years ago I was the guy that when I would receive testimonials from people loving my work I would say "Really? They're talking about me?" lol).  This is ironic as I spend a lot of my time – and many of my quotes talk about this – mentioning how we ALL have a wonderful and unique gift to offer! 
I had to think about this question.  It was easier for me to think of it in asking myself what others would consider the gift in what I offer and then it might be easier for me to go from there.
I would say that others would say that my gift is I make all this very easy.  I make it very easy for them to understand and apply the Law of Attraction, Manifesting etc and get results in their lives.  I help them get into their flow and things to start happen which weren’t happening before.  It’s reminding me of a story of a 48 year old woman I worked with last year who is in Chicago who within the first conversation started having things happen in her life and she got a bit scared as she was “not used to things going her way in life.”
I am good at interacting with someone in truly knowing where they are at, what is preventing them, helping them be aware of thoughts and beliefs that they may be experiencing that they do not have in their conscious awareness, and helping them with the steps in energetically getting to where they want to be.  Which of course helps them get the physical manifestation of what they are wanting.
I would say that something else that others would say about me would be my gentleness, my kindness and my care with others.  People tend to trust and feel safe with me (and it’s genuine!).
In terms of how it has changed my life, I think it was in changing my life (like I mentioned in my answer to question one) that it led to this gift.  I would say it's more so a case of how I have changed my life and that has led to this "gift" than it being the other way round. 

 YoursTruly knows  that you are one of the most popular guys on Facebook and beyond.  Many, many people come to you for help and advice.  Tell me, what kind of help are you able to provide your clients with?
I am able to give help in all sorts of situations.  Essentially, much like the great work that you do with others, this is all energy, and so it is all malleable.
Everything is constructed with thought and emotion and it is all malleable.  Hence there are opportunities for us to work everywhere.
I work with people in all sorts of ways, whether as one-to-one clients, my Manifesting Excellence group calls, attendees at live events, as well as those that come across my information online.
As well as on the manifestation side of things – which I will talk about in a moment - I have worked with people in dealing with challenges such as clinical depression, coming out of a relationship and moving on, dealing with health related issues, as well as in helping people align more to what they want such as making decisions on a business they’d like to start, attracting jobs, improving finances, attracting the type of relationship they would like to be attracting or helping them with a current situation, etc.
We are all energy, thought and emotion.  There is a structure to everything.  I would say that I am great at identifying the structure of how someone is thinking and helping them easily and gently work with it, soothing them at times, to a better place to more effectively have more of what they want.
Change, transition, evolution, growth do not need to be painful, much like what you teach, I believe that when you are in flow it is much easier and more fun and life is best when it's in that place.  When we are in alignment with who we are and we go forward from that place, it’s as good a way as any.             
How can people contact Hemal Radia?
I would suggest people go to and access the free content there as well as anything else that takes their fancy (email is at
I also have a blog at which is almost 5 years old and has over 300 posts and a lot of resource information!

Didn't I tell you he was amazing?  And just wait until you read Part 2 of this interview!  Wheew!  He's something ELSE!

And just to close with a happy note, I want to thank you for the lovely song. I am honored and blushing even as we speak!

Ta-ta for now!