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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 79 - June 11, 2011

My biological clock is backwards. And by this I don't mean to say that I am getting any younger, what I mean is that I'm more productive and awake when "normal" people are getting ready to go to bed and sleepy when they are waking up and ready to start the day.  I must have been an owl in one of my previous trips to the hologram. And speaking about owls, it's funny to see how things just go hand-in-hand.  A few days ago I saw an interesting paperface of an owl and read the article that came with it. I had never read anything about owls before and found it interesting.  Then that evening Mr. Studious came over and told me a story about owls living near a palace I used to inhabit, and then, just to top it all off, Lord No.1 told me he was going to rename me NightOwl. You connect those dots!

Today was a very interesting day.  Last night I retired to the nest early as this morning I had to be up way before the big ball of fire to start a new adventure, of the gainful ones!  So, as I was playing in the non-physical my communication device began to make noise. It was Mr. Grasshopper who was feeling under the weather at some friend's house. To make a long story short, he ended up going back to the Grinch's house (who initially behaved in honor to his name). I must say I lost my equanimity. For a few moments there I was worried and felt very limited, but as he started feeling better so did I.  Being a progenitor is the darnest thing. You experience empathy at its best.  Needless to say, when it was time to rise and shine, I was deep in non-physical-land and the alarm clock had to listen to my complaints.  The good thing is that I don't hold grudges.  After just a few minutes I was ready to ramble! I did my 4 hours of speaking on the phone and then went back to dreamland. That was short lived as Freckles and Tripod made sure to let me know they needed to stretch their paws outdoors.

I think that alone would've been enough for one day, but it wasn't.  Lord 1 called to invite us to play at his water hole. I promise I would as soon as I came back from running around with LadyLust.  She had invited YoursTruly to enjoy our midday meal together.  Oh, did I enjoy that!  We caught up on gossip and spoke about how grateful we are that we came into this hologram in the same pack.  I believe that all of us must have really, really, wanted to come and play together as we have a very special bond between us. So very fortunate! It was such a nice lunch as we spoke about our appreciation for family. That always lifts the spirit. 

After my return to the palace, I put on my watersuit and off to the Lords' dwelling I went. Aaaahhhh! That was so nice and refreshing!  All we did was float around and talk about the weather.  Then Lord 1 had to leave and me too as Diva would be waiting for me. What a nice break in my day that was.  After that it has been working in front of Old Faithful.  I forgot to tell you!  the Universe is making things happen!  I got another little project last night and must be ready at the start of the week, so I have been burning the letter pad!

As I was traveling around at the helm of the Red Bullet, the Manager called and asked to speak with The Boys.  I would rather not be asked to channel as I am doing something else, especially not as I am focusing on the road ahead, but something compelled me to say yes.  It was such a nice experience! The Boys appreciated the opportunity to guide the vessel and we all had a wonderful time.

I am so thrilled that so many are reading this story! Thank you!  I am always amazed when I peek into the numbers. Each and every time I let out a:  "OMG!" thanks for sticking around!  I know some days are just...days, but I promised I would tell you the way it goes.

By the way, and before I forget, Mr. Grasshopper has been informed of all the amazing and wonderful comments that you have sent about him and feels thrilled!! So, on his behalf:  THANK YOU! You are definitely  contributor to his good feeling state of mind.

Fluffy is calling my name. tomorrow is another red-eye special.  It's been lovely talking to you. Hope your dreams are sweet. Remember to write them down!

Ta-da for now!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 78 - June 10, 2011

No, you're not seeing double.  Yesterday I entered day 78, but I had skipped day 77. The error has been corrected.  Thank you so much for letting me know!  If it weren't for you, the whole 365 days would've been wrong! hehe 

Let me tell you about my very ordinary, but wonderful day.  It started with breakfast with the Manager and Mr. Grasshopper. Who could ask for a better reunion, right?  Then it went on to a very busy, but very productive day.  Mr. G was very helpful throughout the morning, until the Grinch came by to pick him up.  After he left I took a few minutes to admire the back grounds and just feel nature around me. Sure enough. It was a date and i had forgotten.  As I sat there, just absorbing everything - under the vigilant eyes of Tripod and Freckles, of course - I again had that sense that I was not alone.  I looked around and saw Mrs. Yellow and Mrs. Black flying around, chasing each other.  But that wasn't it.  I saw a few rodents of the fluffy-tail kind, that wasn't it either.  I looked up on the trees and saw nothing. Oh well, I thought maybe it was just my Inner being talking louder.  At a certain moment something made me look behind me. There they were! On the fence.  Two beautiful hawks. Just chilling.  They have a presence.  It is amazing. You just know they are there.

We bathed the vegetation, cleaned the palace and even had time to sit down for a quick chat.  Mr. Grasshopper is reaching new heights with his self esteem. I tell you, The Boys have done a good job encouraging him to love himself. he is a different person from who he was about 6 months ago. It is wonderful to witness that. Today we briefly talked about the benefits of meditation and he confessed to me that meditation is boring. He was gentle and careful, and I could tell that he was really choosing his words. Bottom line is that Mr. G is in alignment with who he is and already an amazing creator (this brings to mind a conversation with the Boys about being like children). I can only imagine the things he will manifest when he meditates frequently!

Today a new dream was born. We are planning a grand tour during the upcoming trip around the sun. There are some faraway lands surrounded by H2O that we've never seen and today we told the Universe "we are going. You figure our how." Oh, that was so much fun! Picking the ports of call, the means of transportation.  Choosing the different languages we want to be exposed to.... ahhhh! Isn't wishing just amazing?  You know something? Mickey's daddy was on to something when he spoke about wishing upon a star. You will be my witness. I have given the Universe a clear desire and will now let it work its magic and bring it to me. I will stay out the way and allow for this manifestation to come to be.  Let's see how it all comes together. I'll keep you posted.

I'm not sure if I had mentioned this, but lately I have been feeling how my channeling is changing, growing, going deeper into the concepts and ideas.  I don't know how to explain this but I can certainly tell you that i am a different being today than the one I was even a month ago.  I am sensing growth beyond what I can imagine. I am sensing changes at very deep levels.  And I see evidence of this in my understanding of the hologram. I can tell you one thing:  it is getting better and better (this experience in the hologram, I mean).

Remember I said I took an assessment and thought I had failed it?  Well the verdict is out. I passed! And not only did I accomplish the result I was going for, I got a pretty darn good number on the result! hehe  I am soooo abundant!!

You asked when will The Boys hold a live workshop in your neck of the woods.  Well, when the time is right!  I guess we will know when your group is ready.  You will know, for sure. That's another thing that I have been sensing.  The expansion of the message that I channel. INTERESTING!!

Very well, I hope that I did not put you to sleep. As I warned you at the beginning of today's blog, it was a very ordinary day. But wonderful indeed.

Ready to enjoy the end of the working period?  I sure hope you are.

Until soon.

Day 77 - June 9, 2011

As many of my days, this one started with magic.  And I mean MAGIC.  It turns out that my dear Merlin is a master in tarot reading and he did a reading for Yours Truly! So imagine this, you open your eyes to a new day, have your meditation, come to sit in front of the magic square and the first thing you read (fresh out of the press) is what the stars are saying about you. You and I (and Merlin) all know that the Universe is always responding to us, always responding to our vibration, and what amazes me is to see that everything is in perfect harmony. It is like the perfect symphony where all the notes fit in the right place.  Merlin read my vibration and from what I was feeling in that exact moment in time he was able to prospect my future.  Of course I know that I will change things as I change my perspective, but it never ceases to amaze me how we are really and truly one and it is only our physicality that gives us the impression to be separate.  We are one, but we are unique.  Fabulous!!!!  I read Merlin's reading and it felt so accurate! I will read it again to get the full effect of his words. Life is amazing and this boy has a gift!

Today I also heard about HIM. Aaahhh! It is always a very good day when I get to hear about HIM.  Nothing special. Just gossip.  hehe I can almost see your face. Big question mark asking the screen "And...why did I need to know that?"  You really didn't but it's part of my story. Bear with me!

Mr. Grasshopper was a joy to have around today. Remember I had told you that his physical apparatus was not working at its best?  Well today we had to visit his MedicineMan.  He loved the new Grasshopper 'look' with hat and all. I'm happy to report that Mr. G is A-OK. Needs a little bit of breathing potion and should be feeling like new in no time. I have to tell you that he has gone through a transformation.  That hopper just looooves the person he has become, and whenever my old self pops up, he says, "Your Boys are always saying that one must love oneself. I'm just going with my flow."  What am I supposed to say after that? Nothing. Let him be!  He is adorable and what a wonderful thing it is to witness when a human being is truly admiring his or her creation!

Something is up. he has been helping all day long! And without any fuss! Amazing.  Not amazing, LOVELY!

I had a moment of negativity surge up today and suddenly the world turned dark and my existence felt limited. I'm in awe of how the feeling changes quickly after we shift our focus.  The reasons why I felt that way are unimportant and binging them up would only enhance them, but if you have ever felt like the rug from under your feet has been pulled, that was exactly the feeling. I lost my center, my balance, I even got very upset at Diva and Mr. G. And all of this because for a few minutes, I forgot the power that is me and focused only on what was lacking in front of my eyes (which, by the way, have a very distorted perception of life! = my brain).  I have to realize that my fuse has been short lately. I tend to become impatient or intolerant very easily.  It goes away as quickly as it came, but it is like a lingering threat.  I blame this to the fact that I have too many pots on the stove and I forget that it is not up to me to make sure they don't burn.  I still try to control situations or try to make things happen, instead of letting them happen.  Human nature is human nature, don't you think.  The good thing is that I am able to find my center pretty quickly.  Three years ago, whenever things like these happened, it would take me days to start feeling better. I even think that I felt that my responsibility was to focus on the problem all day long until I found the answer.  Now my focus is to see how quickly I can let it go so I can enjoy.

I spoke with a couple of people from the old nosocomium.  I was flattered to hear that my name has come up in conversation. Most importantly, that they would like to have me back.  This poses a real mental dilemma and my brain hurts just thinking about it, so I will meditate and let the universe surprise me with the answer.

Tonight the Clan sleeps under the same roof! I am so fortunate to be sharing this trip with my wonderful companions!

To you, my dear Friend, I wish that  you find reasons to appreciate. Every day.  Be happy.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 76 - June 8, 2011

the cursor has been blinking on and off for the past ten minutes. Nothing comes to mind.  My brain has been driving on fumes it seems. Ever since the early hours!  I don't have a reason for having brain exhaustion, but today that's what's for dinner. hehe

I had a meeting with the Book Dealer. Spending time with her is always a pleasure. She is an example to be followed. I tell you! I am so completely lucky. The Universe is bringing to me, at my door, some of the most amazing people. People from whom there's much to be learned. We had a nice visit over a cup of aromatic hot concoction. That was a very nice change of pace!

After that I flew the Red Bullet back to the palace and loaded a not very happy Grasshopper.  These days his health is not performing at an optimal level and so his mood is not at its best most of the time.  His system reacts to triggers in the environment and it is not a happy day around the palace when that happens. We picked up Diva, who had had a wonderful day at her place of gainful employment and, much to Mr. Grasshopper's delight, were invited by Ms. Diva to an eatery of Mr. G's preference for our midday meal.  There I ran into someone I knew from my old employment. We exchanged niceties and it was back to eating! hehehe

When we got back to the palace I came to work with Old Faithful. I found all sorts of messages when I came back. i love it when that happens!

Then in the evening my new learner came over.  We will be spending an average of 20 hours together, speaking another language.

Oh!  Another thing! I took a test tonight. OMG was it difficult!!!  At my years learning slows down big time!  I was certain that with my experience it would be a breeze, HA! Little did I know!  Anyway. No biggie. What I thought was this: if I don't pass, this gainful employment is not the way the Universe is going to bring me what I want. So at the end of the day, everybody is happy and everybody wins.  Am I right or am I right?

I'm sorry to report that today was really not an eventful day at all.  I wanted to bathe the vegetation but the temperatures outdoors were so not-cold that I just stayed inside. I was lazy, and it felt soooo goood!

Dear friend, I am sure tomorrow will be more exciting.  Thank yoiu for sticking around and thank you for your lovely emails!

Ta-da for now!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 75 - June 7, 2011

I am so happy for the Manager and the Sensible One!!!  But I'm even happier now that I can tell you what is going on.  I had been sworn to secrecy and was not able to spill the beans.  But now I have been given permission to speak freely!!! Yeehaw!!!
Well, it so happens that those two just bought themselves an amazing castle. It's a deal!  they just have to put a few stitches here and there, but the castle is completely theirs. This makes them soo happy and brings tremendous joy to my heart.  And talking about the Manager, I don't remember if I have told you who she really, really is. When you meet the Manager you just fall in love with her demeanor and her quiet but classy look.  Don't be fooled by her sweet appearance. She is silent dynamite! She has always been the kind of female being who wants to be in good terms with life and with those who came to play with her. However, she does have an opinion and is not shy about expressing it. I cannot tell you how many times I have whispered to her ear: "Filters, Manager, filters."  If you are lucky enough to be considered one of her loved ones, I can promise you that you have an ally forever. She is loyal to the bone. Sometimes misunderstood because of her outspokenness (is this a word?), but definitely a loyal friend. I just know that when the Manager is around, everything is A-OK.
I don't even know why I started with the Manager, but I did and that's that, don't you think so?  I agree with you that I could very well fit into the "childhopper" category. This life experience is way too much fun.  People sometimes don't know what to make of me, because of the times I've travelled around the big star on this trip to the hologram; some believe I should be more "grounded; maybe even serious," and my looks may even deceive you, but deep inside I am pulling up a prank or telling myself a joke.  The best think that could have ever happened to me was to have The Boys tell me that life was supposed to be an amusement park.  I actually felt relieved when I realized that I didn't have to take myself so seriously.  Don't get me wrong. I can be trustworthy to those around me, but my zest for life has acquired a new meaning. Aaaahhhhh!  That felt soooo gooooood!
I had almost forgotten my arguments with the waking device (how do you like this name?), but this morning I had an opportunity to remember!  My day started with an all too familiar cursing at the waking device.  I had agreed to be at the nosocomium super early to take care of my new BFF.  I was on my way out the front access hole when the ringing box stopped me.  My BFF's condition had changed and they wouldn't need me to help on this day.  Well... what to do?  I was already bright awake, showered, dressed, face mask on, even perfumed...hmmm. When everything else ice-cream! Just kidding, I sat down and had a long and sweet meditation.  Little did I know that I was going to need those effects later in the day. 
I was meditating when Mr. Grasshopper made his appearance. He had spent the night at the Grinch's and had just been dropped off at the palace.  I swear, that Grasshopper grows taller whenever I'm not watching!
Mr. G came in with strong desires to have fun and be entertained. Unfortunately for him, that was not in the cards, and hence my comment about the benefits of my morning meditation. Needless to say Mr. G and YoursTruly bumped our cephalic anatomies all day. He hears me talking so much about abundance that he does not understand why it is that my abundance is not allowing him to enjoy everything he wants.  So we had a long talk about appreciating what you have and knowing that better things are already on their way.  "Yeah," he said, "I understand all of that, but why don't you hurry up and manifest it all so we don't have to worry about pennies?"  I had to laugh.  If he only knew how many times I have sat there in the darkness (of my moods I mean) asking the Universe to hurry up.  So we continued talking and his humor just shone through.  At a point I was telling him that the universe was always listening and guess what his response was?  "The Universe Request Line.  Your call is important to us.  Please hold and someone will be with you as soon as you come into alignment."  OMS (Oh-My-Self), I laughed so hard.  At that moment all the friction of the day dissipated and we couldn't hold our laughter.  I tell you, that Grasshopper cracks me up!

Other than that, my day was spent catching up with work and bathing the vegetation in my whimsical retreat. Oh!  Remember I had told you we had 4 enchanted princes in the pond? Never mind!  There are 8 of them! All shapes and sizes.
I also started recording a couple of meditations but the system was not cooperating, which tells me now is not the time.

Just a little while ago I got a message from a blast from the past.  Someone I had not seen since I was 20!!! Yeah, THAT long ago!    He shall be remembered as Chopper. Anyway.  Back in the day he used to make my tickler tick. Big time.  It's funny how the universe works, because just a few days ago I remembered a dancing gathering we attended together during the last century. Hehe. To make a long story short, we spoke on the talking device and he will be visiting my city in a couple of weeks on business.  We agreed to meet.  This sounds like a lot of FUN! Watch it, we won't even recognize each other!

Very well my faithful friend.  This is where we stop today. Not without reporting to you that, to make up for lost days, today I had the pleasure of the visit of 4 humongous butterflies. Yellow with black. Adorable!  Tripod and Freckles send their regards.

Until tomorrow!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 74 - June 6, 2011

If I keep on skipping days, this 365-day blog will take 2 years to complete!!  No problem on my end because I thoroughly enjoy talking to you., but it would be nice if we can stick as closely as we can to the one year mark, right?  Let's see what the universe has in store for us. "Let the Universe surprise you", say the voices in my head. hehe

I shall give you the abridged version of yesterday.  Yesterday was another wonderful Sunday. It started with my favourite group of people:  the Sunday Morning Gang.  Those 60-measurements of time spent in interaction with The Boys will bring anybody's vibe up to the roof!  After that it was brunch with a very lively crowd.  Then... off to visit with Ms LadyLust, the Manager and Diva (Grasshopper in two of course!).  That was also a very pleasant event.  LadyLust had a surprise for me. She had framed a few stills taken at the nuptial celebration we all went together.  She's adorable, I tell you.  LadyLust is the kind of human that will go without in order to help you. Now. with my "new beliefs" I know that there is no benefit or glory in sacrifice, but I do know that she comes from a very good place.. and that counts for a few brownie points, don't you think so?

The rest of the day was spent quietly t the Palace.

Today I spent the morning keeping company to a very special individual who is at a nosocomium.  I have to give testimony of this because it is amazing to me the effect that good vibration has on everything.  I had been told tht this particular individual had been very combative, not wanting to take the potions prescribed by Galen's breed. Well, from the moment I walked into his area we hit it off.  We conversed and he made all the sense in the world.  By the time I left he was sitting on a chair, holding hands with his wife of 57 trips around the big star. I think that by being around positive vibration and alignment, he allowed his vibration to come up and be a match to mine. It was beautiful.

Oh, you're going to smile with this one!  As I was walking in the institution this morning a fleeting thought crossed my mind. I hadn't seen butterflies in two days.  The atmosphere has been hitting the triple digits, so you can imagine they are probably staying in the shade.  Well, as I walk into the building I looked up and saw this person holding several balloons in the shape of a butterfly. Excuse me?  the universe what?  Oh!!! You mean the universe is listening!!! YES!!

I must hit the nest soon as I promised I would be back tomorrow very early.  I will keep you posted.

Smile big.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 73 - June 4, 2011

Not all days are created equal, would you agree?  Today was a clear example of that. Stop it!  Don't roll your eyes. You're probably thinking "Right, Channel, great discovery. Of course every day is different."  What I meant to say is that some days have a distinct feeling about them. It may be an ordinary day, but the feeling about it may be completely different and thus, the day may feel specially different. If you ask me, I could not put my finger on what made today different. Or maybe it was everything about today that made it feel all special.  We'll see. You be the judge.

It all started when.... hehehe. Gotcha! Well, you saw at what time I hit the nest this morning. Needless to say I got very little Zs as I had to wake up at the crack of  light in order to get to my instruction assignment on time.  the trick was getting Mr. Grasshopper up and running so I could deposit his lovely self at Mrs. Yum's and then on to my commitment. Mr. Grasshopper did not take lightly having his slumber interrupted and was a joy (Not!) to deal with for a while.  Have you ever heard the saying "It was like herding cats"? Well, that would've been a breeze compared to getting my adorable yard creature in the Red Bullet.  Have I told you lately that he's a full-blown teenage grasshopper?  Well, he is. And if you've ever lived with one, or if you were ever one, you catch my drift.  Once we were about halfway to Mrs. Yum's, and after a friendly match of let's-see-who's-right, we got back to center and went back to our lovely relationship.  He is truly a joy to have around, don't get me wrong. But there are moments when he stimulates my expansion into a higher spiritual realm! hehe. I must admit that my human anatomy felt the effects of lack of rest this morning- not to mention not having meditated - and so my fuses were prone to short.  I am so grateful to my Inner Moi for being so present and tangible that it allows me to put things into perspective pretty quickly, before matters get unnecessarily out of hand. Yay for Moi!!!

Even with all this turmoil and fireworks, Mr. Grasshopper managed to let his natural brilliance seep through and lighten the vessel we were traveling in.  We started talking about the travels we want to take (as you may know by now, it is one of our favorite subjects).  I guess my mind was somewhere else. It was being "realistic" and I said something that sounded almost like a disclosure (I am laughing as I type this. I am almost hearing this sound in my mind "Warning! Dreaming of such travels may lead to disappointment!"); out of nowhere, Mr. Grasshopper Lama turned around and said: "Now remember, if we want it enough to dream it, it must manifest." Yep, I thought the same thing.....woooooow! How cool was that? Coming from a teenhopper I think it is pretty darn cool.  And with that, he proceeded to let Elton's magic enhance the moment with his notes.

My instruction sessions went seamlessly.  The participants were interested and enthusiastic.  We had 6 languages represented in the room and everyone left with a big ol' smile on their faces.  Ahhh!  What a great satisfaction that is.

When all was said and done, I rode the Red Bullet back to Mrs. Yum to pick up my precious load and back to the Palace. Not without picking up Diva from her place of gainful employment.  Now Diva, she's another magnificent story.  Not enough can be said about her.  She is a being of light and wisdom. She is wise and free. Actually she is free and then she is wise.  If you know Diva, the first thing that comes to mind is "Freedom." She is one of the free-est (I couldn't figure out how to spell it!) spirits I have encountered. Diva cares almost nothing about the status-quo, let alone the who's who! She is who she is and she has taught me so much in this ride we have decided to share! Whenever I want an honest perception about anything, all I have to do is run it by her and I know that in return, I will get the most honest and profound opinion.

By the way, Mrs. Yum listened to the interview on Universal Energy on Blogtalk Radio and chuckled when she heard you thought she was MR. Yum.

After I got to the Palace Ms. Bite and Mrs.Splashy came over for a visit. We had a lovely time! We missed LadyLust who had to cancel at the very last minute.

And that's my day in a nutshell.  Why was it special?  Well, maybe because I chose it to be! :-)

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. It certainly is around here.

See you tomorrow!