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Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 128 - August 5, 2011

Dear friend, today's story is going to be a very short one since there's really not much to report. It was a lovely and uneventful day: wake up, express ill wishes to the alarm clock, meditate, labor for a few hours, time with offspring, visit to the alopath with Mr. G, back to the palace. Then some work on Old Faithful, short nap and now I am preparing for a conference with nest and fluffy.

ife is good. No, life is really really good. I like it when I have days like this. Very hologram-focused and very light and fluffy. :)

I loved your process with plants and trees!  I should try it out!  What happened to me was spontaneus but I get the feeling that those snippets of wonder will become an every day thing someday.

Enjoy and be happy! More stories to come on the day after this one!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 127 – August 4, 2011

Working in a legal setting with bigwigs and Yourbenchmen can be a pretty limiting experience. There are tons of rules and regulations. To the point that you don't know who you are allowed to address and who you aren't allowed to address. However, today my experience was one of liberation and compassion. This one case was particularly complex. Bigwig and Itsmyfault were not in agreement on one side, and on the other side, Yourbenchman was getting a little annoyed with the situation. Me? Oh, don't worry about me. I was just sitting there, speaking in tongues and fascinated by the display of emotions. For a moment I forgot where I was and could see the divine nature in each one of us acting, playing a role in this room through our amazing anatomies. Well, to make a long story short Itsmyfault fired Bigwig right there and there, and YourBenchman, who initially fired up like dry wood, suddenly calmed down and offered help to Itsmyfault. It's all fine and dandy, you may think, however the most curious thing is that apparently this act of unselfish kindness had never before been witnessed on this Yourbenchman (the same one who was supposed to be mean, remember?). Aaahhhh! The joy of witnessing human kindness is sooo unique!

Today I had an epiphany. As I was sitting outside the Yourbenchmen's building, waiting for Diva to appear at the helm of the Red Bullet, I suddenly realized how TrunkandLeaf beings actually have an awareness that I had not been aware of before (hehehe, pardon the redundancy!). I was sitting on a sitting surface right next to a beautiful Trunkandleaf. Something made me reach out and touch it's rugged surface. I left my upper extremity there for a couple of seconds, just resting, and suddenly I could feel the energy emanating from him (why "him"? I really don't know. Let's just leave it like that!). It was amazing! I could feel we were communicating at some level that my mind does not comprehend right now. No, you can rest assured that I had not ingested, smoked or inhaled anything prior to this experience. I promise! It was an amazingly refreshing experience.

And speaking about refreshments. I finished the above paragraph and drew a blank. The words were just not coming to me. So I picked up the talking device and established communication with Mr. and Mrs. Convert. It is always a good day when I speak with them. We spoke a little bit about everything, but more than anything, about creating and manifestations. I must tell you that they are some of the closest human friends of The Boys. The message that is given through my vocals has really hit fertile soil in their hearts and they now fully enjoy a magical world. Every day. I was excited to hear news about Mrs. Convert acquiring Real Estate. This is such an exciting stage in both of her experiences in the hologram! Hurray for the Converts!!! Oh, Mrs. Convert also shared how writing her daily list of dreams and appreciation has led her to some amazing manifestations. I tell you, this stuff really works!

In a conversation with Mrs. Yum I realized just how much I have grown. We spoke about going through times that may not be as financially abundant as we may like them and also about the art of receiving. Bingo! That's it! That is one of the things that I have come here to learn! Almost all of us love to give. We like to help and be the ones with giving power, but what many of us don't master that well is the art of receiving. The art of saying "THANK YOU! Yes, I accept your help." And you know something? (watch it, here I come with another epiphany) knowing how to receive plays a huge part in lowering the resistance to allow for the Universe to bring us everything that we have dreamed of. Have I managed to confuse you? That's what I thought!
Anyway, I think that's about all I have to say for now. Freckles has been sitting next to me, staring at me like if trying to hypnotize me. She's such a funny furry friend!

It's good talking to you. I hope you are finding reasons to smile every day!

Nighty night!

Day 126 – August 3, 2011

Do channels break traffic laws? Or better yet, should channels be waived the penalties for breaking traffic laws? I kind of like that idea! What happened is that I received a not-so-lovely notice by snail-mail indicating I had not respected a red traffic bulb. My immediate reaction was "ridiculous! I am sure I did stop." Well, thanks to our amazing technology I was able to see the event on OldFaithful. Yep! There it was, clear as a whistle: a moving picture of the Red Bullet happily ignoring the traffic light. I must thank the Universe for reminding me that there is no rush, right? I'll do that tomorrow! Hehe

Today was a really ordinary day. It started off with Diva taking me to a place of gainful activities where I helped a Mr. Benchman speak to people of other languages. The assignment was uneventful and I was "set free" a couple of hours before what was expected. So Diva and Mr G came by to pick up my anatomy.

When we got to the palace I heard a loud call from my fluffy. "Come to me!" It kept screaming, so I did as I was told and took a very loooong nap. What was my surprise when I woke up? Mr. Grasshopper had fixed the evening nutrition all by himself! I was so much in shock that I couldn't speak for a few minutes. But I was even more in shock when I tried his concoction! The boy has a future in nutrition preparation and we didn't even know that before today! Hurray for Mr. G!!!

Well, that's been about it. After enjoying Mr. Grasshopper's delights, I came to Old Faithful and did some hard typing labor. Now it's time to hit the nest as tomorrow I am back to aid the same Mr. Benchman. Oh, you know what? On Monday somebody told me that this particular Mr. Benchman was a not-so-nice one, so today I told The Boys "Come on, Guys! Let's tackle him together!" A few deep breaths, a smile on my frontal surface and to my surprise, there was no need to tackle anyone. The male human was as nice as nice comes and we worked swiftly for 6 uninterrupted 60-minues intervals. He even asked several times if I needed to rest. Isnt that nice? I thought so!

Would you come back to read me tomorrow? I really hope that you do!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 125 – August 2, 2011

My apologies to those of you who received yesterday's blog more than a few times. It was completely unintentional!

Something must be said about reconnecting with old friendly acquaintances. I am so grateful to the HouseWhisperer for making it happen. See, something you don't know about me is that the HouseWhisperer and YoursTruly were in the same group in the school that is not the low one, and many moons later realized that we were both dwelling in the same corner of the world. Now you know it! Well, the HouseWhisperer welcomed in her castle an old friend from those years: Mrs. Ask-a-Lot. I had not seen Mrs. Ask-a-Lot since 7 trips around the sun ago and today we reconnected. It was wonderful. She was here visiting the HouseWhisperer from our country of origin and brought her consort and the youngest of their offspring with her. We met at a nice nutrition spot and had a lovely time. She looks as lovely as always. Mr. G was with me. It was endearing watching Mr. G trying not to be shy with Mrs. Ask-a-Lot's youngest princess. The nice thing about Mrs. Ask-a-Lot is that with her, you pick up right where you left off. What an opportunity to raise my vibration to the ceiling!

Earlier today I went for gainful labor to the same institution I went the day before today. Again, I felt like 007 or Mission impossible. I know, you are rolling your eyes and some of you are even thinking "Channel, really? That is so childish!" But I have to be honest with you, it is exciting! Sometimes we don't realize how much in alignment we are with things or situations until we are physically there and feel the rush of blood going through our amazing anatomies. So there I was again today. Glad to see that the hard workers at the checkpoints remembered YoursTruly from the day before this one. As I entered the building I was greeted by a very smiling Mrs. Topnotch. She proceeded to inform me that Mr. Benchman from the day before "was raving" about me. I took that as my excuse to feel really good, as I had left the building without a certainty about his perception of my skill. Today I worked with a different Mr. Benchman. Very nice as well. But the nicest thing was that my gainful activity lasted all but 15 minutes! I was free to go back to the Palace!
Today I had an opportunity to talk to Mr. G about the power within him. You see, what happened is that he developed a reaction that is not friendly and had these not-so-smooth clusters in parts of his anatomy. So we spoke about energy and about resistance. He understood it well and actually sat there and listened to the meditation for health and wellbeing. I am happy to report that the number of clusters has gone down since this morning and that Mr. G is as happy as always. Later in the day he asked me if being anxious about the upcoming first day at the new learning house could be considered resistance. I would definitely think so!
Tomorrow I shall meet with the Oracle and her offspring. I am so happy to see them! Come to think about it, lately I've had a period of opportunities to see many humans that really lift my spirit. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!

As you become more and more aware of the power within you, you find that more and more "coincidences" happen to you each day. Take today for instance. As I was checking messages in my talking device I saw the name of the Miss ToothFairy and thought, I should call her to say hello. But I didn't. Well, I'll be darned; a couple of hours later guess who was sending me a written words message? Miss ToothFairy herself! I promise you, we had not been in communication for at least 4 months. Isn't it amazing how the universe responds? Now, if we could only let go like this with everything that is important to us, our lives would be the living manifestation of our dreams. I will say, though, that I find evidence of that power each and every day; and that makes me feel amazing.

Another sign that the Universe is loving and adoring me… want to know? OK, if you insist! Well, as I was walking out of the gainful labor location, walking through the long corridor between barb wires I was greeted by my butterfly! Not only was I delighted to see her but I also thought how fitting it was to meet such a free spirit, considering that the place we were at is one that takes exactly that away from people. Hmm… I love it when the universe presents me with life's opposites in such a subtle and delicious way!

What else, what else? I think that's about it! Oh! I held lovely conversations with my dear BFFs the Author and Mrs. Yum. I also responded to many of your emails and will respond to more the day after this one.
Lots of love to you! See you mañana!

Day 123take 2 –July 31, 2011




Day 123 was a pretty amazing day. It started with early morning labor, a nice nap and then the Sunday Morning Gang. That is always a treat. This time the Manager was at the helm, which gave it a nice twist. After that, it was time for another nice nap (didn't I tell you that I've been sleepy? Hehe That nap felt really, really nice), then some palace work and off to pick up Mr. Grasshopper from the Grinch's lair. When he first got on the RedBullet he announced he did not want to express himself verbally for a while, but a couple of 60-second intervals later, he was talking up a storm! We came back to the palace just for a little while, got ready and off we went to pick up Diva and drive to a stage under the evening Astros.


I'm not going to lie, YoursTruly was not looking forward to an evening of not-cold-not-dry weather in the company of little buzzing friends, but it turned out to be pretty nice. The big ball of light had set in the horizon and there was a nice breeze going on all night. Thank you Universe!!!! I enjoyed the production but was happy when it ended so I could travel back to my palace, my nest and my fluffy, where I belong!


The day after this one will be intense so I must let you go. Hello India! Thank you so much for your loving perspective!


This Channel will check back with you tomorrow. In the meantime

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 124 – August 1st., 2011


Hello, hello, he-llo! I am in such a good place right now it is not even funny! I just understood something very important about contrast. You know how the Boys are always saying that contrast is our tool for creating something bigger and better? And many times they use a headache as an example. They say, "when the headache actually goes away, you feel even better than before your headache started." Well, today I had an opportunity to confirm that same example in my own beautiful anatomy. I came back to the palace after a full day of gainful labor, and had the strongest pain in the head (hehe, couldn't resist it) that I had experienced in a long time. This is relevant at many levels, you will see why. Don't be inpatient; I'll get to the point sooner than you think! Well I took a, right, go ahead, say it, yes, I took a nap and a couple of allopathic remedies and it was still pounding strongly. I prepared evening nutrition (which, I don't mean to brag- but I will- it was delicious!) and the uncomfortable sensation of pain was still there. Then I came to OldFaithful to talk to you and it got even worse. So finally I heeded what my Inner Me was trying to tell me: Relax, breathe, energy. And I did. Now I feel much better than even before my uncomfortable event started! YEE-HAW FOR WELLBEING!!! The reason why I say that this has relevancy is because on last Saturday's Let'sMeet someone asked about just that: headaches, and The Boys even indicated that YoursTruly hadn't had any for a while… Did Source speak too soon? Is that even possible? Or was that a message for the Channel, hidden in an answer to somebody else? I believe that the latter is the most fitting in this case.


Oh, but let me tell you about this day. It was wonderful, full of activity and of learning opportunities. So… as part of my gainful activities I was sent to this particular institution to act as a bridge of communication between people who do not speak the same tongue. It was all fine and dandy until I got there and realized it was a facility where they house people who are not allowed to be free. Hmm, I thought to myself, this day already smells like discovery! That got my blood running, not to mention the fact that I had been listening to Elton all the way into my assignment (which, by the way, was super early!). Anyway, I parked the Red Bullet and proceeded to the gate, where the prints of the extensions of my upper extremities were taken, as well as information from my permission to control the Red Bullet. I was led to this looong corridor in between two very tall fences of barbwire. Wow! This felt like being in a movie! I felt like James Bond's assistant or something like that! Well, after passing through about 20 check-points I was led into the hearing room where shortly after Mr. Benchman showed up. Then the fun began. The most important thing is this, as each case followed the previous one and these people in colorful scrubs kept coming forward for their day in the lawful room; after listening to all of those stories, some lame but others gruesome and looking at the faces before me, I realized that at the end of the day we are all made of the same stuff; what's more, I was deeply and pleasantly surprised to discover that after doing some soul-searching, I felt true and unconditional love for each one of them! Wow, I thought, "Channel, you've come a long way." I was pretty proud to realize that there were no mental finger-pointing events, and that I was able to see beyond what appeared to be on the surface. That's pretty heavy-duty stuff, don't you think? This type of realization doesn't come without a profound sense of self-worth.


And speaking about self-worth, did I tell you that I am taking a dose of my own medicine? Ok, Ok, it is not MY medicine, but the prescription comes out of my lips. I'm allowed to get some credit. Throw me a rope here! Anyway, you know that the Inspired one and YoursTruly have published a Journal; one that, if you follow the instructions, will guide you to a much better place in only 3 7-day rounds. The whole purpose of this book is to help you increase your perception of self-worth. So anyway, I started mine! And I can tell you that already I love myself a little bit more.


I feel abundant. I feel fulfilled and happy. I love being in this place of appreciation!!! BRAVO!!!


Oh, guess what, Mr. Grasshopper had another bout of clarity today. As we were preparing the evening nutrition, he said something like "that made me happy." I thought nothing of it, but a couple of seconds later he said: "No. that's not right. What really happened is that I chose to be happy about it. Nothing has the power to make me happy, right? I'm the one who decides how I want to feel." There you have it. Spirituality 101! There is your secret to a better life!


Another amazing reason to appreciate is that today I received a call from Dear Mrs.FrenchMex. She is visiting from far away and wanted for us to meet in the physical. That alone helped my heart burst into song; but the good-feeling events didn't just stop there. She proceeded to inform me that my Spanish book: El Universo a Tus Pies, has been of such amazing help for her, for her employees and the children that she cares for. I was so humbled to hear this and so proud and happy at the same time. She indicated that the way that these complex concepts are explained in such simple terms makes it even easier to relay the message, even to small humans. Isn't that just amazing? Let me tell you something about Mrs. FrenchMex, she owns a teaching place for small humans in my home town, but this is not a regular teaching place. These tiny humans are taught the ways of the universe, energy and manifestation in their everyday activities. It is truly amazing and I am so lucky to know her.


I exchanged a few emails with Mrs. Convert. She is such a breath of fresh air! I keep forgetting that she is no longer at her old place of gainful labor and that I can really and truly communicate with her at any time during the light hours.


And just to top it all off, hang on to your seat. Today I saw my friend the hawk, only this time, he came closer to me. As I was looking out the clear wall at the palace, admiring the grounds and just focusing on nothing, I saw his great wings appear and come close. I actually thought he was going to smash he gorgeous anatomy against the clear wall. But he didn't. He posed his feet on the ground, just a few feet away from me and just stood there for what felt like an eternity but was actually a few seconds. He stared at me, square in the eye, and then dismissed me like an unimportant piece of mail. Hehehe What magnificent beings they are! I had not seen him in many days and was wondering if he had flown to greener pastures, but here he was, magnificent, strong and proud.


And well, as every other good story, this one must also come to an end. This has been an amazing journey and I am so appreciative of you! Hang in there because it can only get better!

Ta-da for now!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 122 – July 30, 2011

It's amazing to me the way time seems to just fly by. Just look at the date, we are already into the second half of this trip around the sun. Actually, the Manager was talking about how uplifting it is to think that soon the weather will be more agreeable. And speaking about time, that seemed to be one of the focus points during today's Let'sMeet. The Boys, if I recall correctly, spoke a lot about how wonderful we are (OFC) and how time is only a perception, but that we mastered the concept to such detail that even our bodies respond and agree with the passing of time. All I have to say is WOW, we really are amazing. Other subjects touched upon were: the hologram (try explaining that one!), health and wellbeing and meditation. Powerful meeting!

I just read the above paragraph and it made me chuckle because you may be scratching your head thinking "What do you mean by 'if I recall correctly'? You were channeling, right?" And the answer is yes; however, when I channel it is like listening to a conversation that is going on at the table next to you in a busy restaurant. I am aware, I am there, but I am not participating of the conversation, therefore, I only remember snippets of the conversations.

Let me tell you a little bit about day 122 in the life of this Channel. Well, it all started when…. I did my early morning laboring, then went right back into the nest and hugged the fluffy for a couple more hours that felt like complete and absolute bliss. Then I took Diva to her place of gainful employment, came back to the palace and proceeded to load the RedBullet up with the seating surfaces for the let'smeet at the Manager's castle. But before traveling to the Manager's lair, I paid a short visit to Miss Bite, who was not feeling all that cheerful. We talked for a little bit and I allowed for the Boys to come out to play with her. She did not realize they were there but the effect of the "therapy" was unmistakable. Hehe, tricky, Channel, tricky! Then it was off again, now to the Manager's castle to hold the Let'sMeet. Not a lot of people showed up, but like I said before, the content was amazing.

When I came back to the Palace I sat down in front of the clear wall and just stared at the magical grounds. I watched how all of our friends of the fluffy tail kind, our furry friends, and a couple of enchanted princes, played along in perfect harmony. As I was in this staring mode, not thinking but just being a spectator, something changed. I suddenly went into this sort of trance and was able to see the works of the hologram. Very clearly. I suddenly felt how I am part of everything that surrounds me. It was one of those "Aha!" moments. It was just a fleeting moment, but what a revelation! I had a chat with Mrs. Yum. I have missed seeing her lately. She's been busy with her reality and I have been busy with mine, so we have not been seeing much of each other's physical manifestations. I also held a conversation with the Author earlier in the day.

Mr. G is away at the other progenitor's home. Can't deny the fact that his presence around the palace is greatly missed, but we know he is having an amazing time and that makes it all better. Today I also received a call from Mr. Vapors. And why, you may ask, is this important? Well, you must know that Mr. Vapors and YoursTruly were once united in matrimony… a long time ago. He was calling with concerns about Diva's imminent departure to the City with the Not-so-small-apple. Mr. Vapors and this Channel had not had a civil conversation in many trips around the star of our solar system, so it was a change of pace. A nice one! J

Later in the evening it was dinner out with the Manager and the Sensible One, and then a short visit for the Manager to play with Tripod and Freckles. You may wonder where, at all this, was Diva? Well, Miss Diva was having a jolly old time with her peers!

I don't want to end today's recount without thanking my ChannelSister for bringing out her Guys to provide confirmation. You see, this does not happen often, but are been times when the channel benefits from a confirmation of the messages received. Whether because the information received is of an extremely personal nature, which makes objectivity fly out the window, or because it is so important that the channel wants to make sure that "she's getting it right." That was the case with some information that I received recently and so I asked my dear ChannelSister, who was happy to chime in and provide help from the spirits! I am happy to report that the message confirmed my own. Yeeeeeeee-haw for Spirit!

 Anyway, I think that was about it for the day's account.

As always, it is lovely talking to you. Thank you for sticking around!