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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 223 - November 7, 2012

I bet you'be been wondering where this channel has been! Right? Right! Well, one thing is for sure, and that is that you have been in this channel's thinking apparatus all this time.  What happens is that, as usual, we manifest what we desire, and I have been manifesting left and right. So much so, that YoursTruly hardly has time to stop and smell the roses!  Seriously!

But enough about Moi.  The recent events in the corner of the world where Yours Truly resides have gotten my thinking cells going.  All this fuss about electing who will run this country got me really curious about this LOA stuff.  How does that work?  how come that people are so aligned to complete opposites and inevitably only one can "win"?  Well, since this is way too much calisthenics for a simple mind such as mine, I decided to call in the big guns and ask for some clarity. And clarity is what I got! The answer, as it turns out, is very simple.  We get what we are aligned to and the greater alignment is what manifests.  If you just look at the results of the day before this one, you will see that there was great alignment with both teams. They were very close, but at the end of the day, the winner is the country. There are no losers and there is no injustice.  The LOA always works and it is always in perfect alignment with what we want. In this case, with what the country as a whole, and the world in general, is looking for.  The results of the choosing will take us to the next platform. And if the results had been the opposite, that would have been the case too. That's what makes it so difficult for some to understand.

If you ask me, I think all of this is very exciting!

On another note, YoursTruly has manifested many gainful activities and now she is as busy as ever! No complaints here, because the Washingtons are starting to come in and that brings the much-wanted relief that this channel has been working on manifesting.  WooHoo! This means that soon I will be able to bring The Boys to your corner of the hologram!!! Seriously, don't laugh.  Life is GOOD! So good that it is flowing by like a flash.

The Palace is getting a facelift!  Well, a mini-facelift.  (All this means is that I'm actually getting up from my sitting surface to tidy up and clean! hehehe).  Uncle Toing and Miss Dainty will be paying us a visit for the day when we say "Thanks!", and so this channel and certain Grasshopper are busy getting the palace ready for such important guests.  Oh! but guess what?  I haven't even told you the best part of it!  MS DIVA WILL BE GRACING US WITH HER PRESENCE AS WELL!!! This came to me as a very wonderful surprise. As it turns out, Mr Buff was able to exchange some of his measuring units with her to get the ticket!!!  HURRAY FOR MR. BUFF!!!!

so as you can see, this channel's life is really, really good! Nothing to complain about!!!
Even my hawks and butterflies are back. Not a day goes by without this channel posing her viewing apparatus on a butterfly or a hawk.... or both!  Hmmm!  Life is soooo goood!

Anyway, thanks for sticking around.  Will talk soon!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 221 - October 12, 2012

Life is such an amazing thing, isn't it?  Lately Mr. Grasshopper and YoursTruly have been holding many interesting verbal interactions regarding this very same subject.   Just the fact that we are here, learning about "who we are" by paying attention to our ancestors without realizing that we may very well be one of them!  Recycled beings, are we? The gall of me to even think about it!  Well, no, we truly ARE recycled beings. At least this channel knows she is, and happy to be so, if I may add.  Once we understand this, then everything else starts making so much sense!!!!

On another note, life around the Palace continues to be interesting and exciting. Many, many things are happening that make Yours Truly extremely happy.  On the work front, things are running smoothly. Running? No, they are not running, they are FLOWING, and that, that feels very very good.  this channel has not found many segments of 60 minutes for herself, but on the other hand, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.

I am extremely happy to report to you that the biblos is also flowing!  The Boys have been so generous with their inspiration!

Diva has had a few tete-a-tete with fate lately. As it happens, twice in the week that preceded this one she has been devoid of her personal belongings and just to top it all up, a few moons ago she forgot the unlocker from her nest and had to spend the dark hours sleeping outisde her door. Not a good thing in the City that Never Sleeps! I know, I know what you're thinking. But you know what? This really got my gray matter going.  I remembered that before she left the nest, I had a word exchange with her encouraging her to be mindful of her belongings and not to forget important things (this hen knows her chicks!). As you may imagine, at that time our lovely Diva gave YoursTruly a big smile and a hug and immediately dismissed what she had just been told. So all of this came as a blessing in disguise, I know for a fact that from now on, Diva The Adventurous will also be called Diva The Careful One!

Just another quick thing before Part II of our conversation with the Enlightened One.  You will be happy to know that The Manager has slayed her Calculus Dragon! She aced the testing instrument!!! YAY FOR THE MANAGER!!!!

OK, OK, OK.... be patient!  He's coming!

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, the moment that you have all been waiting for........  (drums please)
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you 


Can you tell us a little bit of how you came to cross paths with Yours Truly and The Boys?
Absolutely!  This was a wonderful co-creation by us – you, me and The Boys!
It was a few years ago early on in your channelling and around the time when the awareness of me online was building.
I happened to come across a website that you had created and was ‘magically’ <wink> drawn to it.  At the time you described yourself as an Abraham channel and that year I had been bumping into various Abraham channels, including a friend who I later introduced you to and became a mutual friend of ours.
I was fascinated by your site and resonated with it and sent you an email.  I believe you replied quite quickly, and me too, and we spoke later that day or the next day and we resonated very much.
We stayed in touch, talking regularly and exchanging ideas, and we talked about working on projects together.
I loved our interactions as we taught from a similar energetic 'place' and with a similar spirit.  When we would talk we would affirm what we were both, in our own ways, sharing with the world.
Over the years we have stayed in touch and have had so many wonderful interactions.  I also remember that early on when we interacted you made me an honorary member of your family and an honorary Mexican, both of which are an absolute privilege and I am touched by your lovely gesture!

It has been an absolute delight and pleasure in knowing you and all that you share!  I am also honoured to be here and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for asking me for this interview!

Last but not least, Hemal, would you  give us a glimpse of your daily life? Could you tell us what Hemal likes to do when he is not in the “spotlight”?
You mean when I am not "working"? :) lol
I tend to be at the gym on mornings, I like nature, connecting and interacting with people that I am close to and currently I'm spending quite a bit of time preparing for a live event we have in Australia in November (
There are various groups and pages on Facebook so sometimes I may share some of my content there, though many of them have admins who tend to enjoy sharing my content also.
Generally at the moment there is quite a bit of work, including for the live event, so that has been keeping me busy.  At times I also enjoy the quieter moments with people I am close to, quiet time to study, reflect, but pretty much to spend with those near and dear.

Do you get it why it is that Yours Truly has adopted Hemal as part of the clan?  And not only that, between you and I (don't tell Hemal), but this channel has had the privilege of sharing communications (and recipes) with Mum, so I have voluntarily adopted myself into the Radia clan. Bindi and all!

Oh! Oh! Oh!  i almost forgot to tell you. The Boys, Mrs Yum and Yours Truly are working on an amazing project!!!  It is of the shedding weight kind!!!! I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for visiting me today. Talk to you soon?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 220 - October 1st., 2012

Wow!  Time just slips through my phalanges!  I've been talking to you in my mind for many many moons, but I just hadn't made it to the board with keys!

How's life for you?  I am super excited because TODAY IS THE DAY when THE ENLIGHTENED ONE is gracing us with his presence in our blog!! Woo-hoo!!!  This interview is so amazing that Yours Truly has decided to post it in two parts.

But before I bring your our inspired and inspiring guest, let me bring you quickly up-to-date on what is going on...

Life around the Palace has been exciting.  things are just happening one after another in such a fast sequence that I think of talking to you about one event when the next one is already happening!  Isn't than just amazing?  When we make the decision to live in the now, the now becomes so much more interesting and exciting!

To begin with, my gainful activities have increased. That in and by itself is huge as yours truly loves what she does, but it not only brings a great feeling of accomplishment, it also brings a huge relief to the Washingtons-holding wallet! So I manifested two very important things at the same time: gainful activities and abundance.  Ha!  And we thought it was going to be so difficult. I can here and now tell you: not at all!  Once you let go of them, they come running back to you. Just like Mr. X, who has decided to make himself very visible as of late.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, (DRUMS PLEASE)   without further due, I bring you Part 1 of 2 of Yours Truly's interview with our dear friend, the ONE AND ONLY 

Hemal, first of all let me say “THANK YOU” for being here with us. For contributing to the magic of this blog.  I have enjoyed knowing you for a few years now and I would like to “share you” with my readers.
Who is Hemal Radia? Would you tell us a little bit about you?
Hello everyone!
Yes, it would be a pleasure, thank you!
I am an author (of "Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law Attraction"), speaker, and something I have been called in recent years, a 'super' coach.  This is a name that my clients came up with after the results that they were getting.  I never really resonated with the term 'coach' as I felt I offered a lot more intuitively, and in inspiring others to their intuition.  I also liked the 'super' part so I kept it.
You and I know from our interactions over the years that I tend to 'tune in' (i.e. "channel!") and a few years ago I was looking for the best way to describe myself and along came "super coach" from what people were calling me and I was happy to keep that at the time.
I have been in the personal development & spirituality field for over 17 years.  Starting out with learning NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and then being fascinated about what I was learning about how our thoughts affect our reality.  I was very fascinated by this in that "how can something on the inside change my reality and something on the outside?"
I came across the term "Manifesting" and studied more on it and later in time came across the term "Law of Attraction".
Over the years I studied everything I could find on these subjects about how our thoughts shape our reality.  I created notes, thousands of pages of notes, including my own application of what I was learning, techniques, working with myself etc.  This was a love and joy and I would spend my spare moments on this.
In the last 5 years I came online, started my blog, had a Facebook presence as well as on Twitter and it has organically grown.  People would hear about me and ask to work with me or for me to work on projects with them  or resonate with my work and want to share it.  For example on Facebook someone wanted to share my work with others and created the “Hemal Radia Appreciation Group” where the admins share my quotes three times a week.  Another example of things organically growing and manifestations occurring was a couple of years ago I was asked to do a live event in Las Vegas at the Trump International hotel, which we did, and we had a great time.
I would say that my story has very much been an example of what you and “The Boys” and I teach about following our flow.

Hemal, I know that you are a gifted man. Can you share with us and tell us what you consider to be your gift and how it has changed your life?
Lol... MY "gift" (Years ago I was the guy that when I would receive testimonials from people loving my work I would say "Really? They're talking about me?" lol).  This is ironic as I spend a lot of my time – and many of my quotes talk about this – mentioning how we ALL have a wonderful and unique gift to offer! 
I had to think about this question.  It was easier for me to think of it in asking myself what others would consider the gift in what I offer and then it might be easier for me to go from there.
I would say that others would say that my gift is I make all this very easy.  I make it very easy for them to understand and apply the Law of Attraction, Manifesting etc and get results in their lives.  I help them get into their flow and things to start happen which weren’t happening before.  It’s reminding me of a story of a 48 year old woman I worked with last year who is in Chicago who within the first conversation started having things happen in her life and she got a bit scared as she was “not used to things going her way in life.”
I am good at interacting with someone in truly knowing where they are at, what is preventing them, helping them be aware of thoughts and beliefs that they may be experiencing that they do not have in their conscious awareness, and helping them with the steps in energetically getting to where they want to be.  Which of course helps them get the physical manifestation of what they are wanting.
I would say that something else that others would say about me would be my gentleness, my kindness and my care with others.  People tend to trust and feel safe with me (and it’s genuine!).
In terms of how it has changed my life, I think it was in changing my life (like I mentioned in my answer to question one) that it led to this gift.  I would say it's more so a case of how I have changed my life and that has led to this "gift" than it being the other way round. 

 YoursTruly knows  that you are one of the most popular guys on Facebook and beyond.  Many, many people come to you for help and advice.  Tell me, what kind of help are you able to provide your clients with?
I am able to give help in all sorts of situations.  Essentially, much like the great work that you do with others, this is all energy, and so it is all malleable.
Everything is constructed with thought and emotion and it is all malleable.  Hence there are opportunities for us to work everywhere.
I work with people in all sorts of ways, whether as one-to-one clients, my Manifesting Excellence group calls, attendees at live events, as well as those that come across my information online.
As well as on the manifestation side of things – which I will talk about in a moment - I have worked with people in dealing with challenges such as clinical depression, coming out of a relationship and moving on, dealing with health related issues, as well as in helping people align more to what they want such as making decisions on a business they’d like to start, attracting jobs, improving finances, attracting the type of relationship they would like to be attracting or helping them with a current situation, etc.
We are all energy, thought and emotion.  There is a structure to everything.  I would say that I am great at identifying the structure of how someone is thinking and helping them easily and gently work with it, soothing them at times, to a better place to more effectively have more of what they want.
Change, transition, evolution, growth do not need to be painful, much like what you teach, I believe that when you are in flow it is much easier and more fun and life is best when it's in that place.  When we are in alignment with who we are and we go forward from that place, it’s as good a way as any.             
How can people contact Hemal Radia?
I would suggest people go to and access the free content there as well as anything else that takes their fancy (email is at
I also have a blog at which is almost 5 years old and has over 300 posts and a lot of resource information!

Didn't I tell you he was amazing?  And just wait until you read Part 2 of this interview!  Wheew!  He's something ELSE!

And just to close with a happy note, I want to thank you for the lovely song. I am honored and blushing even as we speak!

Ta-ta for now!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 219 - September 13, 2012

Have you ever had a day when you feel so excited an optimistic that you just wish that day would go down in history? Well today was that day for me.  I wanted to rush to the palace to tell you all about it.  The inconvenient moment was when I sat down in front of Old Faithful and realized that there was nothing special to share with you. There were no extraordinary events that led me to feel the way I did today. I simply felt the joy that brought me here.  Isn't that huge?  Seriously.  Today SHOULD go down in history because on this day I realized the emotion that brought me to manifest my god-energy in the shape of a human being. Wow and SUPER WOW! I'm not going to lie, it is a little overwhelming. But amazingly beautiful. I get it! I GET it!!! We came here to play. THAT-IS-IT!!!  We did not come here to discover our higher purpose (even though remembering who we are from a physical perspective was part of the agreement), we did not come here to prove to Thunder-Cloud God that we are worthy of him by struggling and pushing and shoving from birth til death. We came here to have fun!  And part of that fun is contrast, which only makes the fun part of things even more delicious...

And speaking about contrast, I know of someone who can tell you all about contrast and relief, that "someone" would be our dear Ms Manager.  Like I had mentioned on previous accounts, our dear Manager decided to embark in the trip of her life by choosing a very complex path to follow.  The start of such journey was so daunting that the eye water did not stop flowing for a few moons. On a specific day, little Ms Manager solemnly announced that she was picking up her stuff and going back to her "old lifestyle."  Those of us who are lucky to be included in her circle of "closeones" spoke about our perspective, but we knew that at the end of the day the decision was hers alone to take.  And so she did!  Let me tell you about it! She looked at the situation, identified what was so scary about it and..... you guessed.... decided to let go (to my delight, I must confess).  Not even hours later she started seeing the universe's fingerprints all over the place. She let go and the relief was immediately present in her life experience. AMAZING.  It makes this channel think about the fact that the faster you are traveling in this adventure called "life", the scarier the speed may seem and the funner the reward. And so, today, Ms Manager is feeling pretty darn good about her lovely self and has not only regained her old confidence back, but has reached a whole new level of understanding in life.  Way to go, Manager! You make us proud!

Anyway, Yours Truly is feeling so high and mighty today that she may even sit down and jot a few more words in the new biblos. I know, I know, I have been lagging behind on my writing. But you have to agree.... LIFE IS SO FREAKING DELICIOUS, it is tough to put it down sometimes!

I am adding a "donation" button as you suggested. No pressure. But if you feel like you want to share your abundance with us, it will be greatly appreciated as our intention is to continue taking this message everywhere in the world.

So what's up with you? What have you been up to?  Do tell!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 218 - September 4, 2012

Look at that date! Sep-tember!  Woo-hoo! This means cooler temperatures are right around the corner!!! Yeeehaw!

I am in awe of the universe. Call it LOA, call it creation, call it the power within, call it what you may, I am convinced that it IS always listening!  A few periods of 30 days ago this channel had placed her emotional attention on a certain member of the opposite gender.(Ah! You didn't know about that one, did you?). To make a long story short, Mr X  did not show any signs of interest and so YoursTruly just took it along in stride and continued creating in so many other aspects of her hologram.  So, time (our dear friend time) went by and Yours Truly had not spent much of it pondering upon Mr. X. Well, that's all that the universe needed because now he is back... and with a vengeance! (I know you're laughing!).  And so, the night before this one I had a sit-down with The Boys.  (You know, one of those when, if they were physical, I would sit them down across from me, cross my hands over my lap and look at them straight in the eye.).  And so I said, "Why now?" And guess what the response was?  You got it! "Because you completely let go."  "If  I could only do that with other things!" I thought.  Now, THAT answer came fast and furious: "You can; just keep on going within and trust that it is already yours."  Easy, right?

On to other things... life in the Palace goes by smoothly.  Mr. G is busy making "the best grades in the whole wide world," and YoursTruly is having a lot of fun creating new opportunities for gainful activities.  This channel is having so much fun creating and dreaming that the doors to my abundance are bulging.  Just wait and see.

Can I just say how much I adore my furry friends?  There are not enough spoken (or unspoken) verbs and nouns to describe how much I appreciate the presence of Freckles and Tripod in my experience.  They are here just to lift my vibration. That's it. And they do so majestically.

Something super important, I want to thank those of you who have so generously been donating to "the cause."  your generosity allows Yours Truly to continue bringing you these amazing messages. THANK YOU!

Remember, in about 18 days we will have the presence of The Enlightened One, who will charm you with his insight all the way from the other side of the puddle. From my location, of course :-)

Very well.  Morpheus is making noises so I shall heed the call (you don't mess with Greek gods, you know?).  Smile big, breathe deeply and tap dance.

love you tons!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 217 - August 27, 2012

It's been a few moons since we last spoke, hasn't it?  This channel has always said that time and space have no meaning for her, and it's true!!!  Let me give you an example.  A couple of moons ago I was to transport my gorgeous anatomy to a location that was supposed to be about 120 segments of 60 seconds from the palace. "Very well," I thought, "I shall board the Red Bullet at such time and make my physical presence obvious at the event and location a few minutes ahead of time."  Sounds great! right? Well, I left as planned and arrived at the location 30 segments late!!!  Can you believe it?  I kept looking at my time-telling device in disbelief of the reality! hehehehe  That just tells you how this thing of time works in my personal hologram!

These past few moons have been providing Yours Truly with many valuable opportunities to learn. Most importantly, I am learning to really let go.  I thought I knew how to but now I realize that there is much more to release and I can see that!  Isn't that amazing?  The mere fact of being able to recognize what it is that is keeping you from moving forward is already being ahead of the game. At least that's what this channel's perspective of the matter is!  As I put in words in previous scrolls, the Boys have been giving YoursTruly up-close and personal lessons lately. Seriously, it's like if they are whispering their message on my hearing apparatus all day long! A-mazing, if you ask me.

And staying true to my promise to introduce you to amazing beings through this scroll.  Let me tell you a little bit about our next guest. Just to give you a taste of what you can expect!

My good friend, author, speaker and "super" coach THE ENLIGHTENED ONE will be sharing his experiences with Yours Truly and The Boys.  I got your attention, didn't I?  He was there in the early days of  The Boys, and we have remained great friends ever since!

Hint, hint:  He is the author of "Find You & Your Find Everything: The Secrets of the Law of Attraction" (now I really gave away who he is!);  The Enlightened One is one of the most amazing teachers of LOA in the world....  But wait until he tells us more about him, I just know that you are going to bless the day he came into your experience as he has the ability to answer many of your questions!

One other AMAZING piece of news is that the Manager has returned to the books!  YES!  Tell me she's not just a super amazing being?  She left her comfy gainful employment to return to the books in pursuit of another amazing adventure. WAY TO GO MANAGER!!!!!  We are all rooting for you!!!!

Anyway, I think that's all I have for you for now.  I hope you are well. Thank you for reading me. Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 216 - August 20, 2012

Today's energy felt really different.  Have you ever had one of those days?  It did not feel bad. Not at all! Actually, it felt amazing.  But just different.  The demeanor of YoursTruly was quieter than usual and funny enough, the demeanor of those who labored in this channel's proximity was pretty much the same... law of attraction anyone?

Well, the time has come!!!!  Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, this blog is honored by the presence of a one distinguished guest.  It is my honor to present to you (drum roll please...)  ... MS PERENNA FLEMING!

I know! I know!!! I just knew you were going to love this!!!!  Perenna was so gracious as to give Yours Truly a glimpse of who she is, and so, today, I would like to introduce you to this lovely - and VERY psychic- lady.  But let me say no more and leave you here in her presence. Perenna....

Yours Truly:  Perenna, please tell us a little bit about you. Who is Perenna Fleming?
Born to an English family with a strong psychic and healer strain through some Scottish genes, I inherited powerful gifts.  However, being a "good girl" in aproper English fashion, my family taught me to stuff my feelings down and keep the traditional British "stiff upper lip".  It didn't matter what you felt or what you "knew", you just had to sit on it!
Many years later I moved to the States and married an engineer. As you might surmise, engineers deal primarily in analytical facts. The result for me?  More stuffing down through 25 years of marriage and raising two beautiful daughters. My husband and I subsequently divorced and it was as if the floodgates had opened for me.

Yours Truly:  I understand that you are intuitive and a healer. Can you tell us what this is?
Perenna:  I am a collection of people! Healer, medical intuitive, channel, clairvoyant, medium and an energy shifter. :-)  It is all about energy! We are all energy and being an intuitive means that you can simply read someone's energy.  This can be so helpful for those who are struggling, because awareness precedes change. You can't change what you are not aware of! So bey being an intuitive you can bring up what pattern or what fear, belief, doubt, story, etc., is holding someone stuck, shift the the stuck energy and that person is then fee of whatever has been holding him/her back.  Healing is the same energy. A large percentage of our physical problems come from emotional issues.  When you can get to the emotional cause, it is truly miraculous the physical healing that takes place.

Yours Truly:  Did you always know that you had these gifts or was it something that appeared later in your life? Was it spontaneous or did you "train" for it?
Great question! When I was small, my grandmother (who I adored) told me that if I prayed hard enough I would see God.  After some time I decided that I would pray very hard so that I could see God. I prayed and prayed and eventually I heard a noise and at the same time I saw a flash of light.  I was most excited and the next morning told some adult that I had seen God. I was told not to be stupid, that I probably had heard an owl and saw the headlights of a car. I was about 8.  Needless to say I was crushed.  Whatever gifts I had, I had to suppress.  About 40 years later, after I was divorced, I was at dinner at a restaurant in the North of Scotland. We were talking about North Sea oil (to this day I remember the conversation!), and as I looked over to my right, sitting next tome was my mother, who had been gone for over 30 years.  She showed such caring and warmth and was surrounded by love and light.  This was the opening I was given to bring my gifts through.  After that, I began to hear, feel and see far more than I had ever done before.  
I did train to become a master reiki healer, which helped solidify the healing gifts.

Yours Truly:  I know that a lot of people come to you looking for help. What are the things that you can help people with?
Perenna:  People come to see me for a variety of reasons and from all walks of life.  Mostly it is about clearing their way to their heart's desire, whether that is health, wealth, spiritual growth, better relationships.  I have been fortunate in that I have helped ex-offenders clear their way to new jobs and new lives without the drug use.  My clients include people who want to be the best they can be, ranging from every day folk to CEO's, foreign currency traders, accountants, lightworkers, salespeople, healers, other coaches, anyone who wants to help transform the world starting with themselves first. To reach even more people, my practice has grown beyond private coaching clients to include leading seminars, teaching both workshops and teleclass series.  I have just finished three teleclasses on helping people connect with their guides.  Some of those people are now channeling their guides verbally, some are getting their answers to questions and some are just more secure in the knowledge that their guides exist and they are not alone.

Yours Truly:  Perenna, I know from my personal experience that channeling has changed me profoundly. Has having this gift changed you in any way?
Perenna:  Yes, definitely.  I used to be much more judgmental than I am now.  Knowing that I don't have to struggle, that all can be calm and smooth, is a huge difference in the way I used to be. In addition, I used to be anxious a lot of the time.  Now I know they will take care of me, and if I just let go and trust, all will be well. Also, i simply don't worry about what people think of me anymore. 

Yours Truly:  What does a "normal" day in the life of Perenna Fleming look like?
Perenna:  Well, is there such a thing as "normal"?!?  I imagine that my day is much like everyone else's. A little channeling if I feel like it, a walk in nature, some nice food!!!

There you have it! Didn't I say it was going to be amazing? Perenna is an amazing psychic and this channel is very, very grateful to her for playing with us and visiting our blog!

On to other things, guess what Mr G came up with today?  Well, as I picked up his anatomy from the learning house, in flight to the palace, we stroke up a conversation regarding other beings at the learning house.  He was relating a story about some of those beings not being of the nice kind towards his person and of course, the progenitor in me jumped up and started giving advice and getting my feathers all ruffled up, when a certain yard insect turned around and said:  "You know how you say that we all live our own realities? Well, this is mine.  You can't change it, nor can you create in it. You have your reality, I have mine and then we have one that we both shared in, but this one, this one is mine.  Let me deal with it."  OoooooK!  I hadn't felt that young in a very long time!  I mean, much younger than him. For a second this channel forgot she was talking to her offspring and felt like she was talking to one of her ancestors (forget my progenitor, much older than that!).

My dear, dear friend. Thank you for being there.  I know it. I feel your energy as I spend time talking to you through this blog. You are adored!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 215 - August 19, 2012

This weekend I had the distinct honor of having little Ms Wolverine as a host in the Palace.  Let me tell you something, that little furry friend is a handful! Mr. Grasshopper and Yours Truly had a blast keeping up with her furry self!  Freckles put up with her while Tripod would have nothing to do with her.Me? She kept me on my toes!  Now the Manager and the Sensible One have returned from their travels and our furry guest has returned to her dwelling

What has been going on around here your asked? Well, Mr. G has been delighted back at the learning house. Every day he has had a new story of success and the best thing is that now he realizes that it is all in the energy he puts in.  Lately he has been consulting with The Boys a lot.  I'm not going to lie, I kind of like that because, who better to give a teenhopper advice than the non-physical?  I love it. This morning, a very ceremonious Grasshopper announced:  "You know?  I can tell that it's not you who is speaking when you channel because the advice is not the same. To be honest, I like The Boys' advice much better than yours."  Just like that. What to say?  Nothing!  I just nodded and kept on washing the eating utensils.

A few moons ago I had a wonderful encounter with one of our feathery friends.  It was magical.   I was at the James Bond facility sitting inside the Red Bullet in preparation for my departure.  For some reason, Yours Truly stopped there for a second and started thinking about my progenitor. I sat there for a couple of minutes, remembering a specific conversation that we had about "not giving up", a few drops of eye water rolled down my fascia. Suddenly I felt like someone was watching me, so I looked up to see a gorgeous hawk standing on top of the fence right in front of me and looking directly at Yours Truly.  I had to hold my breathing rhythm for a moment as his presence was unexpected.  So I looked back into his seeing apparatus and was amazed at noticing that he (or she, who knows?) had this "knowing" look in his eyes. Like he knew what I was thinking. I had never felt that before with one of his kind and it felt comforting, reassuring. He flew away and I think I just sat there, staring blankly at the fence! Wow! What an experience!

REMEMBER, the day after this one we will have our very special guest, Ms Perenna Fleming!!! Woo hoo!!!! She will be here to talk to us about .... oh, I won't spoil it.  Don't miss it!!!

Gotta go. The day after this one will start before the star comes out and so this channel must be ready; batteries recharged and all.

Hope to see you here mañana!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 214 - August 15, 20

So much is being said about world peace that Yours Truly wanted to dedicate a posting to that very same subject.  And what  better day to do so than today, August 15th, when the opportunity to participate on a One Day Peace Hop has been given to us in celebration of the 76th Anniversary of the day when a handful of real-life heroes, on board of the GAESY, stepped into the non-physical and made history.  So this channel decided to call in The Boys,  the big guns, and have them speak to us about peace and war... this is what they said...

We would like to give you our perspective on peace. We would like to give you an empowering version of war. Let us begin by saying that your world will never be overtaken by war, however, it will always experience war because there will always be different perspectives; you did not come here to be all the same! You came here for the diversity and the variety that this hologram provides you with!  War is a contrast, a really big one, we concede, but a contrast at the end of the day.  And contrast is the catapult to the manifestation of your desires.

There will always be those who don't understand that true power comes from true alignment. Those are the ones that  are pushing so hard pro-peace and against war, that are so afraid and feel so limited, that by their pushing they create the conflict.  Most of your wars begin with a peaceful purpose, a desire for a better reality. The problem is that those purposes are stated coming from a limited perspective, a very limited perspective, and so they create conflict, contrast, push-back. If all of you would naturally "hum" the feeling of well-being. Then well-being would be the vibration prevailing in your hologram.

You are the essence of love and the essence of your world is peace. And peace will always prevail because the force of love and well-being is so much stronger than misalignment. There is always a great manifestation of peace after a war. 

Remember this, you are beings in constant expansion. Individually and collectively. The movement is always forward, always towards the expanded version of now. Humanity will always ask for more and sometimes, if the alignment is not complete, the manifestation of all of that has to come through contrast, because contrast is what helps you define and be clear about your desires. And if the manifestation has been asked for by so many, the contrast will be one in which they will all be involved. But our Dear ones, you can rest assured that the vibration of your planet will eventually overtake the feeling of disconnect and a better world, a refreshed sense of community will arise. Always.

You are perfect. All of you!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 213 - August 8, 2012

I promise you, it literally feels like if it was the beginning of this trip around the sun and look at the date!  I can't believe it!  Well.... I take that back.  I CAN believe it, it just seems that time has flown by so quickly.  In just a matter of seven moons, Mr. Grasshopper will make his way back to the learning house (a new man altogether, of course!).

I got it!  I promise. I got it!  I came into this life experience to live experiences so amazingly wonderful that I literally live holding my breath 90% of the time. Hehehehe!  I know what you're thinking. But seriously. Yours Truly was thinking about this this morning.  I realized that I had several very important matters in the thinking apparatus; the kind that make the tickler go faster. And so I started taking to the Boys as I was making my way to the profitable activity institution on board of the Red Bullet.  Between you and I, I was "kind-of" confronting them because of this intense emotions (ugly words and all) when the answer came in like a flash. I came into this life experience to write a SYMPHONY!!! The words were resonating inside my thinking cap. The high notes go way over the chart and the low notes do the same on the opposite direction. The trick is not to try to bring the boat afloat.  The trick is not to try to "put an end" to that ugly situation, but to.... yep! you've got it! The secret lies in L-E-T-T-I-N-G-- G-O (shh!  It's a secret!  you didn't hear it from me, ok?).

On another note, the butterflies keep making daily appearances. I just realized I had not talked about my winged and colorful little friends in a while.  Every single day, all I have to do is look out to the magical grounds for a few moments and, sure enough, one or two (sometimes up to 10!) will show up like a reminder that the universe is always listening.

I am very excited to see that August 20th is getting closer!  yes sir-ee!!!! that is the day when Ms Perenna Flemming herself will honor us with her presence at this blog.  Wooohoo!!!!!!  I am soooo excited!!!!

And on to other things, happy to report that Uncle Toing's recovery has been slow but steady.  On another note, Mr. And Mrs. Convert are full of amazing news and manifestations!  yes!  they are still going at it!!! Didn't I tell you that the better it gets the better it gets? Well, ask them!  It's true!  Not only have they formally acquired the dwelling that they so enjoy in paradise, but they have just been informed that..... not more and not less than Mr. Picasso South of the Border and Wife, will soon bring another amazing being into the hologram!!!! Woo-hoo for Picasso!!!!!!!  What an amazing adventure parenthood is.  And more so when you realize that your children are not fragile beings that you MUST discipline and guide.  they come here to live their own experience and all you get to do is enjoy them, brag about them and change their diapers. Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!!!!  I am soooooooo excited!!!!

Me?  Oh, I am Peee-chy! (ignore the spelling). After ranting after the non-physical I unloaded all the resistance I could've had and felt renewed, light and fluffy.  Ahhhhh! life is good.  Oh!  I have some news.  The Manager will soon leave her gainful employment to return to the books. She's excited and scared at the same time. I just kNOW this will be the adventure of her life!   Diva is hitting the stages in the City that Never Sleeps! She's on stage this week with great success and excited to try her wings with "the Big Boys";  I just know she will do amazing!  Mr. G, you asked?  Well, he's been a joy to have around the palace. The man is the king of the palace and behaves like such.  Great company!  And ready to hit the books too!

As you can tell, life is AWESOME in this side of the hologram.  how about you?  How are you feeling? And yes, you are absolutely right, I DO NOT meditate for 20 hours every day! hahaha  I just wanted to see if you were paying attention!!!

Love you lots!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 211 - July 29, 2012

Today is the anniversary of Mr. Handsome's landing on the hologram!  yes!  It's been 32 trips around the star of our solar system since the very first day he manifested in this particular anatomy.  Isn't it just great to know that we have manifested our own energy into this gorgeous-looking vessels?  i think it is!

Well, let me tell you about this past period of a few days.  It's been busy!  to begin, I had an appointment with an organization and it was sooo long that I almost fell asleep.  I saw The Boys working their magic all over the place.

Then, Uncle Toing had a procedure of the surgical kind and was close to leaving the physical in the process. Even though I know very well the whole thing about life and death, the idea of not being able to enjoy his physical presence anymore got YoursTruly's adrenaline going!  Well, I learned something HUGE from this.  The evening after his adventure, once he was ok and life was going back to "normal", I was shown the procedure in detail.  I knew it was not what we call a "dream" because The Boys were very much guiding me through the process. So this is what I learned:  even though as Uncle Toing was being the subject of the surgical procedure I was alert and busy going about my day, BigMe was there, right there with him!  I know! It sounds weird, doesn't it? But the fact of the matter is that it is true.  We are so incredibly powerful that we can be in many places at the same time, even if we are not consciously aware of this...  It has happened before when people have talked to me without YoursTruly being physically (or mentally) there. A-mazing if you ask me.  Now when I hear the Boys say that we have access to all the wisdom and knowledge that there is, I am beginning to understand the magnitude of those words, and THAT is huge!

Well, staying true to my promise, this channel has already scheduled somebody pretty awesome to visit this written communication on the 20th day of August. Guess who?  Well no other than Ms Perenna Fleming herself!  Isn't this just an amazing treat?  I'll tell you a little bit about this being, but just a little bit, because we will learn even more when she comes over for a visit with you and I.  Here goes it:

Perenna is a gifted channel that works with people of all walks of life who want to change the world by changing themselves (caught your attention, didn't I?).  Founder of the radio show "Coffee with Spirits: the Mel and Duth Show", co-creator of "The Channel's Channel" radio show - yes, YoursTruly has been a guest at such prestigious radio show, Perenna gives voice to a group of entities called the Gathering of Teachers.

I know I caught your interest, so make sure not to miss our conversation on Aug. 20!

On to other things, I am expecting the arrival (any second now) of Ms. Music herself! This amazing being is traveling all the way from the Great Tenochtitlan on her way to the country that neighbors this one on topof the map. (hahaha!  get those neurons fired up!). So needless to say, I am excited about her visit and she is excited about being in the company of The Boys.  It promises to be a nice evening!

Tomorrow and the rest of this period of 5 days, this lovely channel has gainful activities every day. Does that make me smile?  Absolutely!

I know you are smiling. I hope your week transpires love and harmony.  Did the health meditation help you? I sure hope it did!  Do it every day. Doctor's orders. hehe.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 210 - July 21, 2012

As we say in the country where YoursTruly landed when she first appeared in the hologram, "there is no date that never comes." Hehehe, I know this does NOT make sense to you, but it basically means: "The time has come."  And it has come indeed. Today's the day when we have our very first GUEST!  Woo hoo!!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!  Let me introduce you to MCV Egan, our Guest of the Month!  On this day I had the pleasure of spending some 60-second intervals interacting with this amazing, energetic and super-positive being and what follows is the result of such an amazing interaction:

YoursTruly:   tell us about your book

MCV: The Bridge of Deaths is a cross genre that a famous book review called an unusual and much recommended read.  It blends fact and fiction, documenting the former for any would-be doubters.
The story revolves around an airplane crash at the brink of WWII and it is told from a modern perspective as to how it was researched through traditional and untraditional means.
The young characters Bill and Maggie research to help Bill overcome phobias and nightmares and the character Catalina researches to fill an enormous void left by the absence of a grandparent in her life.

book at:  AMAZON:
YoursTruly: Do you feel an extreme absence in your life?
MCV: Frankly, I must, who spends that much time and energy on anything otherwise? But I often wonder if the void or absence is represented by a grandfather but runs deeper and into other aspects of the ME inside that I seek or perhaps sought.

YoursTruly:  We understand that during the process of writing your book you sought out the assistance of psychics for past life regressions. What made you lean on the “unseen”?
MCV: I have had experiences with the “unseen” as you call it since I was quite young. It seemed logical to lean on a tool that had been helpful and accurate in other aspects of my life. As soon as I read about psychometry…I thought that is it that’s a great key to the doorway of information.

YoursTruly: You introduce past lives as a documented reality and yet your characters dispute the validity of past lives to the point that you quote an excerpt from The Universe at your Feet in which The Essence (here YoursTruly refers to The Boys)channels that this life is the only one to focus on.  You do realize that the message from TE is all about reincarnation but living in the “now”, right?
MCV: Yes, I think I understand. I interpret the message from the essence as an affirmative on re-incarnation and as an affirmative on the importance of the here and now.
 I personally have benefitted tremendously from several past life regressions and I am a firm believer in re-incarnation. As such I believe that we do not all have to belive, that an individual’s Karma may well be not to access past lives in this one, so I chose to give each reader the freedom to identify with the character’s that believe , or that question or that absolutely doubt. My goal is to communicate how information may help all of us participate and voice in world peace movements; I am happy and welcoming to any and all regardless of their philosophies.

Yours Truly: Do you have a ritual when it comes to writing?
MCV:  I have a great little room, and I usually work from there.  I carry a tape recorder in case a lightning of brilliance strikes at the long carpool line when I go to pick up my son from school.  I sometimes write in pen and sometimes only a pencil feels right... I guess I don't have a ritual.

YoursTruly: Please give us a sneak peek at your future books. What’s on the horizon?
MCV: I am working with a co-author on a fun and interesting little book called 4covert2overt it is a quicker read than TBOD but has its informative message and angle, and this one will be sprinkled with a little sex and loaded with a lot of paranormal.

THERE YOU HAVE IT! Didn't I tell you it was going to be amazing?  

As for me, well. I had an amazing day!  I will tell you all about it on the day after this one!

Smile big!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 209 - July 17, 2012

What so say?  Where should I begin? And the little voice inside my head says "From the beginning, channel, from the beginning." The problem when you get to reach the amount of trips around the sun that I have taken, is remembering where or what was the beginning! LOL  It;s all good. I'm in an amazing mood today.

You asked why? Well, because!  yeah, just like that!  (Apparently I have an attitude too!) I think it all started many moons ago.  Let me tell you...

One morning I woke up and I got it. yes! I got it!  I had one of those "Aha!" moments when that drop of wisdom seems to fall and everything becomes clear.  The previous night I had slipped into reality with worrying thoughts occupying my mind.  Even though I had meditated for quite some time before slipping into slumber, I still had that feeling in my throat (you know which feeling I'm talking about).  But that morning, before I opened my eyes to the hologram, I understood that everything was fine.  I truly understood that my only job right then and there was to soften my vibration, to breathe deeply and to let go. And so, with more conviction than ever before (because this time I knew)  I did as said.  I took a very long deep breath and told Big Me and My Boys: "All right, you say that if I take the first step you will run miles in my direction.  Here it goes. Here's my first step. Watch me walk!"  And the feeling of well being has been such that the circumstances that led me to harbor worrying thoughts became irrelevant.  They're still there, but they are not affecting my vibration. Isn't that amazing?  Isn't it great to feel good regardless of the situation around you?  Yes, I know that some of you will say:  "What you are is unrealistic. That's what you are!"

Well not that much.  After practicing this for a couple of days I received a call from the organization that provides YoursTruly with gaining activity opportunities and they offered more activity. Then, I got a call back from the organization I had applied at, and they are moving forward with their process. I also got communications from people I had not been in touch with for a very long time and on top of everything else.... two hawks came to visit my magical grounds this morning!  Now, THAT's what I call living the life!

I am so excited about Saturday's interview with MCV Egan!!!  She will talk to us about the process she followed to write her book, The Bridge of Deaths, why she leaned on past-life regretions for her research and a lot more!!!  Woo-hoo!!!

Last Saturday we held a live meeting in H-town and I have to share this.  It was an absolute success!  You will laugh, but this channel thinks there were only 2 or 3 questions, the rest was The Boys being who they are, pure and positive energy from Source, and talking up a storm!  A-MAZING!!!

Mr. Grasshopper keeps amazing YoursTruly with his unique perspective on things. Sometimes we complicate ourselves too much and it only takes a moment to listen to a "youngun" and realize that life is so much simpler than we thought it was.  He has been, as I may have shared with you before, fascinated with the fact that we are "recycled" beings. That we come back to the hologram over and over again just for the fun of it. And many of the conversations held in the palace center around the fact that we are eternal.  Just the day before this one we were talking about the fact that he went out with another amazing being his age that comes from the other side of the big puddle (they say things like "Merci" and "Voila" where he comes from). When his friend left I asked if he had had a good time and his response was: "Of course I did. You see, it doesn't matter that we don't see each other frequently, because we have been friends since many lives ago."  And just like that, he turned around and ate a cookie. Re-freshing!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 208 - July 9, 2012

If I could get a penny for every time I started writing this post...  but the important thing is that I am here, Talking to YOU and telling you about my adventure. Right? Right!

Well, let me just say that the past two sets of 7 days have been amazing. This channel has spent as much time as possible in the presence of her offspring and has enjoyed every second of it!  Having Diva here from the Big Apple has been a refreshing experience.  Seeing the woman she has turned into fills the beating organ of Yours Truly with pure and unconditional love.  And watching the interactions between Diva, the Manager and the Grasshopper is refreshing!

This day has been another example of how the Universe just doesn't quit giving us what we put out there.  Let me give you some examples.  First, the day before this one, Ms Bite spoke to this channel about a gainful activity opportunity at her place of business. So, Yours Truly delivered the papyrus with the story of my worldly accomplishments and put that out of mind.  Then, today had been dreaded by me. Diva was to board the iron eagle back to the Big Apple and that was something that really ached the beating organ inside my chest, but it was what it was and I was grateful for the time spent together and happy to see her getting excited about putting some plans in motion as soon as she hit the City that Never Sleeps. So this is how the day went....

Early this morning I placed my gorgeous anatomy in a comfortable position and meditated for a nice while. Hmmmmmmm!!! What a delicious experience it is to start your day like that. It is wonderful when you do your meditation first thing as you come back from Slumberland as the mind is still confused between the physical reality and the real reality, hehehe.

I was still meditating when the talking device announced that Ms Bite was trying to reach me.  She wanted to see if I could transport my anatomy to her place of gainful employment for an interview.  What an awakening! So we agreed on a later time.  Then, Diva, Mr. Grasshopper and YoursTruly boarded the RedBullet and took off towards the iron eagle station. On the way there, we spoke about the fact that I was unable to read on my electronic device unless I was in the proximity of wify. We thought it was ridiculous, but that was the way it was. So, choking through tears, we said our good-byes. Diva remained at the station and Mr. Grasshopper and this channel traveled to the interview. It went well, and they immediately promoted this channel to the next step of the process.  "That went well," I thought.  My heart was still heavy but the day looked more and more promising as it went along.  I had just boarded the RedBullet to travel back to the palace when I received a communication from Diva indicating that the iron eagle's flight had been delayed.  Heavenly water was pouring down on the city and the eagle was refusing to take off. "Oh!"  I felt 'slightly' excited at the possibility of enjoying her presence for one more day. And it happened. A few minutes after our arrival into the palace, I received a call from Diva asking to be picked up. WOO HOOO!!!  Can you imagine how happy I felt?  Another 24 segments of 60 minutes with my adorable offspring. What a treat!  But as if that was not enough, when we got to the palace I had a message from Mrs. Ambassador informing me of a way for me to be able to read my books on my device without the need of wify......without me asking her.  Hahahahaha! That was just the icing on the cake! What a delicious experience this day has been.

Now, on to other things.  I have decided that, in order not to bore you with my constant ranting about me, I will every now and then bring guests that do similar things to what I do or that are related to this channeling stuff.  And to begin this amazing journey, on the 21st. moon of this month, YoursTruly will be interviewing MCV Egan, author of The Bridge of Deaths.  I must tell you that such author used the services of psychics and seers to discover information on events that happened many, many moons ago. Not only that, our Sunday Morning Gang is featured in such biblos... so I thought it would be interesting for you to see this other perspective.
Anyway, that's all I've got for now.  Hope you are smiling and living your now. It is the only time you've got.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 207 - June 27, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and Girls! THE DIVA HAS LANDED!!! You can imagine The excitement that can be felt around ThePalace! The night before this day we picked her reduced anatomy at the iron eagle station and since then, it has been pure Divanish bliss!

And speaking of bliss, this morning, as Yours Truly stepped outside of the cooking room for an early morning breath of fresh air,I encountered a gorgeous representative of the butterfly kingdom, just waiting there, looking all pretty and waiting for this channel to wish me a happy journey? She was sooooooo gracious, so gracious! So much so that she stood there and waited for Yours Trult to bring the picture-taking device so I could document the event. And here she is, in all her glory! I have been greeted every day by a member af that winged society, and every day I can't help but feel surprised and amazed at their presence in my experience.

The rest of this day was spent lounging around the palace. What a wonderful feeling it is when you have your loved ones close!

This end of the day, The Manager and the Sensible One stopped over for a quick hello.  

If you ask me, this is my idea of a perfect day! This channel is smiling big!

See you soon!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 206 - June 16, 2012

There are so many ways that the Universe uses to talk to me, I am in complete awe of it!

For example, these butterflies... I tell you!  Now, they are in open pursuit of Yours Truly.  A few moons ago I reported that a couple of them were trying to enter the palace through the clear wall; then, a couple of moons later, as Mr. Grasshopper and Yours Truly were leaving the palace,  the mother of butterflies (by this I don't mean to say that I inquired about her genealogy. It was just a really big, gorgeous black and yellow specimen) flew right into my face and then tried to get in the palace. Mr. Grasshopper immediately told me, "you know that they have this amazing radar system, don't you?  And of course they know where The Boys are at all times!" And just this morning, as I was meditating in the back grounds, I felt this wind rushing in front of my face and when I opened the two light receptors, I saw about 5 tiny winged representatives of the butterfly world flying in circles right in front of my face!  Now, if I were the Universe (and I am - in part) I would say:  "Need I say more, missie?"   It is so refreshing and reassuring to know that big-old Mr. Universe is holding us in his arms, don't you think so?

Happy to report that The Universe at Your Feet has gotten a second wind! Woo-hoo!!!

Also very happy to report that this channel's paid labors are increasing.  This is particularly important to YoursTruly as for a while there there were very few opportunities of gainful activities. So, one again:  THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!  And if this was not enough in its own, I received a call from the institution that tested my abilities and I was given another appointment.  So that means, we are taking the next step in that process. (...and the universe keeps on responding...)

On to other things, this past 7-day period I had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Poet and the House Whisperer.  It is always a good day when I get to spend time with them!

That's all I've got for now.  I hope you are enjoying this end of the 7-day period.

May The Force be with YOU!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 205 - June 2, 2012

Well, well, well...... back again from the Great T!  Did you miss me?  I sure hope that you did, at least a little bit!

O M G, where should I begin? That trip was an experience! (and what isn't an experience? you are asking).  but before I get on with telling you about my trip, let me tell you that upon my return I had the distinct honor of spending some quality minutes with Little Miss Chubby Cheeks herself!  I picked up her perfectly-round anatomy at Grandma Dynamite's location and proceeded to travel to, guess,  yep! and Ice Cream parlor!! YAY FOR ICE CREAM!!!! I just love spending time with that little whirlwind!  Oh! by the way, they have moved to a new castle and she is the queen of her castle!!!

When in the Great T we held a workshop with The Boys. Here again, the Universe surprised me.  Let me tell you why.   As it happens, only a few beings had signed up for the reunion and this channel was not certain of the size of the group.  Nevertheless, YoursTruly tried not to focus too much on it and heard "that inner voice" say: "Only those who need to hear the message will be there. Not one more and not one less."  Well, after spending a very eventful morning attending a ceremony in which Mr. Ambassador was given a recognition and then on to an amazing nutrition with Uncle Toing and the Converts. - That's another funny story.  As it turns out we were the first customers at this restaurant and as we were sitting there, we noticed how the people serving were all of the feminine kind and their garments were very scarce. When Mrs. Convert and this channel took a break to the room where you rest, we realized that the few customers that had arrived were giving us "the look".  We were the only female customers in the establishment! This was sooo funny!  I must say that the nutrition was superb!!!!  Anyway, after this we traveled to the Magical Singing School where the workshop was to take place, and after loosing our bearings a couple of times, we made it.  Upon arrival I noticed that the place was packed! And not only that, Mrs. Music had prepared a beautiful introduction for The Boys. Two amazing little ones performed the Hallelujah for us and then our dear Shaman prepared a beautiful introduction.  The Boys were amazing as usual. The questions and answers were expansive. We spoke about safety, unconditional love (duh!), the end of times, the new beginnings, other civilizations, and many, many more things.  Here's a picture of part of the group!

It seems like the universe is constantly telling this channel: "We are here. We'll take care of that. We'll take care of THAT too."  Yours Truly has reached a point in her life when these kind of things seem to happen every single day.  Just this morning, I was sitting on the sitting surface facing the clear wall that gives you a great view of the magical grounds, I was kind-of meditating with my eyes open when two friendly butterflies came tapping on the window. They were trying to come in.  Oh! But what I didn't tell you is that this channel was focusing her attention in trying to let go of some worrying thoughts when this happened.  Once again, my jaw dropped and I was in complete awe of them and of the fact that our dear friend the universe had responded so swiftly and beautifully.  HURRAY FOR THE UNIVERSE!

I know who you are wondering about...  Mr. Grasshopper! Well, let me tell you a little bit about that backyard creature.  He's been allowing big time.  His learning house is not in session so he is spending a lot of time around the palace. Which is a wonderful thing on one side and then on the other side YoursTruly doesn't get a lot done :-)  He is looking forward to next period of 7 days, when he will take a course to help people if they are not able to remain on the surface of the swimming pond.  He was already excited about this project, but when we went to sign him up and he saw so many members of the opposite gender, his excitement grew exponentially!

Well, that's all I have for now.  How have YOU been doing?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 204 - May 20, 2012

Well, well, well.... look what the wind brought in today!  Yep.  It is me in the flesh!  I have so much to tell you!

But let me preface today's story by saying that I have a new appreciation for life, for the universe and most importantly, for the power within me.  I have reached a new level of understanding (and let me say that this only refers to me and not to be compared to anybody else's). I understand myself as an amazingly powerful creator and can clearly see how some of my manifestations have come to life. Wow. That's all I can say.

The union of Picasso-South-of-the-Border to Mrs. Queen came and went. It was a beautiful event.  A certain Grasshopper had the time of his life, and I must confess that my experience was tremendously enhanced by living vicariously through his enjoyment!

One highlight of such travels was meeting Little Miss Pea in the flesh! What a gorgeous being she is!  The Boys gave her a very sweet greeting through my seeing apparatus. Such experience I had only lived once that I can remember; it was when Little Miss Chubby Cheeks landed in the hologram. It is an emotion that I cannot express with words. Oh well!  Trust me, it was wonderful!

The whole experience was beautiful. Spending the anniversary of my arrival to the hologram among the beings that I have shared this hologram since my arrival was special and wonderful. I LOVE MY BLOOD RELATIONS!!! ALL OF THEM!!!  Ms. Diva and the Manager were not present in the flesh but very much so in spirit!

On the day of our return contrast was waiting for me with arms wide open!  It all started when I picked up Tripod and Freckles from their weekend spa and was handed the number. "Wow!" I said, "did you add on the date to this number?"  I'm not going to lie, it was HEFTY.  After such blow, I boarded the Red Bullet along with LadyLust and Mr. Grasshopper, and, luggage and furry friends in tow, got on our merry way to LadyLust's palace.  I softened my vibration about the bill and was starting to feel pretty darn good when a weird noise came out of one of the Red Bullet's feet. Uh-oh. What could it be?  So I pulled over only to find that it was a broken foot. Great! This was way beyond my level of comfort and I needed help from The Boys.  Urgently. So, as I unloaded the luggage from the vessel and tried to figure out what needed to be done in order to place a new doughnut on the foot, I focused on breathing slowly and deeply and just softening the feelings that kept rushing through the surface.  I am so glad I did this because it had the potential of becoming a full-fledged rage spell!  Suddenly I heard an angel say: "Are you ladies having fun yet?" I looked up so see a member of the opposite gender, willing and able to help out. And so he did! That felt so much better!

The feeling did not last too long, as the next day, when I went to the rubber doughnut place, I was given the price to replace such device. "UNIVERSE IS THIS A JOKE?" I asked. But being that there was nothing I could do about it, I sat down and decided to go though the motions. Sometimes the only way is through and there's no need to go through it kicking and screaming.  I'm not going to lie, even though I felt better, I did feel tremendous feelings of limitation.  I even took a few steps to cancel the next visit to the Great T as i felt the resources were limited and unavailable to me.   When I got home other contrasts in the form of documents were also waiting for me.

The good thing is that I am learning the process and gave myself some space to get to a better-feeling place about the whole enchilada. And as always, my faithful universe responded the very next day, when disguised as a knight in shinning armor, sent the resolution my way.

Now I'm not only being able to soften the blow of those contrast but I am  getting ready for another round of the Great Tenochtitlan, as in a few moons I shall be boarding the iron eagle that will take me there.  I will get to spend some quality minutes with my blood relations and I will also be enjoying bringing The Boys out in a public event. Woo-hoo!!!!

I just love how all of this works! Don't you?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 203 - April 28- May 5, 2012

Don't you just love it when your understanding reaches a new level?

A few moons before this one I had the privilege of participating in a ceremony of the religious kind. Yep, I'm not against religion. Any of them. I don't profess any, even though I went from small to big in a clan, learning house, city and country that were very much of the religious kind. I guess you could say that I "grew cold" in all matters religious. But anyway, I'm departing from my story.

I had the distinct honor of having been chosen by Mr. Lizard as his very special sponsor for this particular rite. I cannot tell you how proud this channel felt and so today was the day. YoursTruly got all pretty and with Grasshopper in tow, we traveled to the religious facility.  As I sat there and listened to the prayers and lectures my heart started singing. It was clear to me that the messages that are given there have been so grossly misunderstood. Like The Boys said from the very first day:  "You focus on the messenger and forget about the message." I couldn't help but wonder how many of those present actually listened to the words that were being said and how many of them understood the value of that message.  God has been speaking to us since the beginning of time. Ooops! Sorry!  There is no time.  So I guess god has always spoken.

Oh, you won't believe this!  Yes you will. Well, remember I will be traveling to the motherland to attend the wedding of the one and only Picasso South of the border? Well, Mr. G really, really wanted to come but the washington's in this channel's vault were not enough to cover for the ride on the iron eagle. As you may know by now, Mr. G happens to be one of the greatest manifestators (I know this is not a word, but since this is my blog, I just invented it) YoursTruly has ever seen. To make a long story short, Mrs. Convert suggested that we asked the Grinch for his help.  I was hesitant to do it knowing very well that his strong point is not that of softness, so I just casually mentioned it.  As the week went by we went from a full yes to a definite no and at the very last possible moment, a humongous YES came back, ticket and all! Can you believe it? So YoursTruly and Mr. Grasshopper will be taking the trip together!  LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE GRASSHOPPER!

OK OK OK  TODAY IS MAY 5th.  If I told you that time does not make sense to me, would you believe it?
It's been crazy.  You probably noticed that I opened a place for my book (The Universe at Your Feet) on the book of faces, and that has attracted a lot of attention.  So I have been busy with that. I also have been very busy living and having plenty of happy times.

to begin with, I decided to celebrate my arrival into the hologram this whole 31-day period.  That is going very well!
Then, I decided not to worry about my abundance - that is also going well, even though sometimes I trip and fall as this has been a song that I have been singing for a while. But thanks to The Boys  I have been working on softening that tune. I'll keep you posted.

Well, where to start.  OK let's start from this moment in time. This 30-day period I am celebrating the anniversary of my arrival into the hologram. yep, all 31 moons of it. Part of my celebration was an invitation by the Manager to a place where you are taught to complete a work of art in 3 hours.  What an original idea! We were so not bored at all!  Mr. Grasshopper produced a very original masterpiece and we all had an opportunity to let our creative genius come out and play. FUN!

Speaking about fun, you will be glad to hear that Mrs. Yum's health is on the rise. She has been taking good care of her physical apparatus and has found a new zest for life.

Time go go back to putting words from one language into another. It's been great talking to you!

Ta-da for now!