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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 197 - March 10, 2012

Sometimes life just gets busier and busier. It does! And that is exactly what has been going on around the palace these days. Actually, not only around the palace, but around my life in general. I'm not complaining, I loove

a lot of things have happened since we last spoke. To begin with, we have been blessed with the arrival of a new clan member into the hologram!  Isn't that amazing?  Mr. and Mrs. Convert are rejoicing with the arrival of their first grandoffspring!  She is beautiful, and landed here in the care of Mr. MedicineMan and Mrs. AngelGirl. So that right there, has gotten most of my attention.  But many other things have also happened. Some amazing things and others have not felt that great, but they are part of the symphony that YoursTruly came here to write, right?

Three days later.....

I tell you, this is so much fun!!!!  Well, let me just say that the Universe fully and completely adores me.  I have had opportunities for growth lately. Many. But each and every time, I have found that it is easier and easier to soften the impact. I have found reasons to appreciate left and right along my path.  I feel so truly appreciative.  And one thing that always lifts my spririt is the sightings of hawks and butterflies. Well, let me tell you, dear friend, I have seen both every single day.  Just this morning, as walked into the back grounds to meditate I heard the now familiar cry, and as I looked up, there he was, wings spread out, flying around like military planes do when they salute!   Yeehaw!!!!! Goooooood morning to you!!!!

My enchanted palace
Last week I had the opportunity to dress-up as a cow-raising girl and play with the real cow-raising people in a popular event here in H-town.  I was invited by Lord 1 and I cannot tell you how much fun I had. This is an event that happens once every trip around the sun. I will definitely do it again on the next round!  Mr. G also had a great time and is determined to do it again.

I've also had some interesting meetings with Mr. BigBen and other friends that do what I do besides channeling. Life is good. I am enjoying it to the max.

Well, my word bank is running low.  This night the words are not flowing like they usually do, so I'd better call it a night!

I promise I'll be back here more frequently. I was actually thinking that I have completed one full trip around the sun since I started this adventure but I am nowhere close to the promised 365 days!  Oh well!  That just means that we get to spend more time together!!!!

Ciao baby!