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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 214 - August 15, 20

So much is being said about world peace that Yours Truly wanted to dedicate a posting to that very same subject.  And what  better day to do so than today, August 15th, when the opportunity to participate on a One Day Peace Hop has been given to us in celebration of the 76th Anniversary of the day when a handful of real-life heroes, on board of the GAESY, stepped into the non-physical and made history.  So this channel decided to call in The Boys,  the big guns, and have them speak to us about peace and war... this is what they said...

We would like to give you our perspective on peace. We would like to give you an empowering version of war. Let us begin by saying that your world will never be overtaken by war, however, it will always experience war because there will always be different perspectives; you did not come here to be all the same! You came here for the diversity and the variety that this hologram provides you with!  War is a contrast, a really big one, we concede, but a contrast at the end of the day.  And contrast is the catapult to the manifestation of your desires.

There will always be those who don't understand that true power comes from true alignment. Those are the ones that  are pushing so hard pro-peace and against war, that are so afraid and feel so limited, that by their pushing they create the conflict.  Most of your wars begin with a peaceful purpose, a desire for a better reality. The problem is that those purposes are stated coming from a limited perspective, a very limited perspective, and so they create conflict, contrast, push-back. If all of you would naturally "hum" the feeling of well-being. Then well-being would be the vibration prevailing in your hologram.

You are the essence of love and the essence of your world is peace. And peace will always prevail because the force of love and well-being is so much stronger than misalignment. There is always a great manifestation of peace after a war. 

Remember this, you are beings in constant expansion. Individually and collectively. The movement is always forward, always towards the expanded version of now. Humanity will always ask for more and sometimes, if the alignment is not complete, the manifestation of all of that has to come through contrast, because contrast is what helps you define and be clear about your desires. And if the manifestation has been asked for by so many, the contrast will be one in which they will all be involved. But our Dear ones, you can rest assured that the vibration of your planet will eventually overtake the feeling of disconnect and a better world, a refreshed sense of community will arise. Always.

You are perfect. All of you!