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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 51 – May 13, 2011

Tripod can be the best of companions. I tell you. Did you ever hear that members of the animal kingdom are here to help us balance the vibration of the hologram? Well I fully believe in that. It only takes a few minutes of observing Tripod and Freckles to know that is exactly what they are doing. Whenever I'm in a not-so-positive kind of mood, all I need to do is look down and pet them, and for those precious few seconds that I focus my attention on them, my tension disappears and I forget whatever it is that may be bothering me. Seriously! Try it. Whenever you don't feel that great, just pet your pet, or borrow your neighbor's pet if you don't have one! You will see what I mean. If you don't have a pet at hand, try sitting next to a child. A young child preferably, or hold a baby. The positive vibration can be felt immediately. That nice, very even and very stable vibration. Mmmmm! Lovely!
Today marked the anniversary of Ms Pretty's arrival into the hologram, and ever since the beginning of this day Ms LadyLust and YoursTruly have been trying to understand how, when and where we were going to celebrate her. It was all supposed to be a surprise, but Ms Pretty's h-band took her out for some spirits and I think she may have had one too many, as she fell asleep. If you ask me, that's a great way of ending such an important day. LadyLust had a bread of the sweet kind made for her. I'm sure we will find an opportunity to taste it this weekend.
This morning we had the pleasure of a visit by Cousinlove. I had not seen her since the Manager's event so it was great being able to chat and catch up on family gossip! J After that I took Freckles for her visit to the PetWhisperer. By the way, this particular PetWhisperer used to make my blood pressure rise whenever I saw him, but today the Universe showed him to me in all of his glory. Hehehe. I can't stop laughing, even when I think about it. To begin with, he seemed to be in a not-so-good place when we saw him, and secondly… give me a second, I am still laughing, I will preempt this by telling you that I am not making fun of him, but the situation itself was hilarious. Well, as he was checking Freckles' hearing anatomy he had to bend down to hold her and his pants ripped open. The whole seam. But that was not the funny part; the funniest part was when his assistant looked down at him and just couldn't hold it any longer, he looked at him, then at me and then he let out this huge laughter. Loud and contagious. To make a long story short, we all ended up with tears in our eyes. I think even Freckles was laughing. I'm sorry to report the spell has been broken. I will never see him under the same light again.
I spoke to Mrs. Yum. Today was such an important day for her! She passed her written exam!!! HURRAY FOR MRS. YUM!!!!!! I am so proud of her. I know how much this means to her and it brings me so much joy to see her succeed. Tomorrow will be a busy day for The Boys. We will start the day with a teleconference in my native language; then, in the afternoon, we will have our monthly meeting here at the Palace ( We have several people signed up for tomorrow. This is very exciting. Sometimes we have 15 people at the meeting, other times we have only one. It really doesn't matter because only those who need to be there are the ones who make it. J Then on Sunday we will resume our regular Sunday call with Precious DownUnder and the whole Sunday Morning Gang. (Check it out: it's a free call).
This evening was another great one with Mr. Grasshopper. Since we ended up staying at the Palace, we decided to watch a moving picture together. Spending time with him is a treat. Tonight we were both feeling so good we only spoke about how grateful we are for having attracted each other into our experiences and being able to co-create on this one. Looking at him I realize how it is what The Boys say about how we are always a better version, we are always improving. I look at Mr. G and realize that he has been exposed to these teachings at a very young age and so his world is completely different already. I realized that this is how the world changes and evolves. He is living a world that is much more open to spirit than the world I grew up in. I can only imagine how it will be when he reaches my (very young) age. And I'm sure that when I come back again on my next trip, my world will be even more evolved than his is right now. These are the things I ponder upon when I have my "Aha!" moments. I hope I didn't lose you there!
And speaking of "Aha!" moments, I wish that is all I needed to do and focus upon during my days. But I came here to play the games and so I get pulled to participate even when sometimes all I want to do is watch my butterflies! I say this because there are some legal proceedings that I must participate in and I wish I did not have to. I have been leaving it up to the Universe to take care of it and so far it looks like I will have to play. I don't give up though, the Universe has some amazing ways of surprising me when I least expect it. It couldn't be any other way. The Universe adores us and is completely at our feet. Speaking of which, we have submitted my first work ("The Universe at Your Feet") for consideration of several people that know. Will keep you posted!
Well dear, dear friend. I believe this is it for today. I think I've shared all the bits and pieces of the day with you. Thank you for sticking around. It means the world to me. And speaking about "world", did you know that we are now officially being read all around our planet? Pretty awesome, huh?
Now it's time to hold a serious conversation with the fluffy. It's calling my name! Sweet dreams to you. Remember to write your lists of appreciation! THEY WORK!!!
Ta-da for now!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 50 – May 12, 2011

I promised to write every day and so I will write tonight, even though I may be unable to post today's conversation (5/12/2011) as the website is down! Oh well, everything happens for a reason, so I'm not going to worry about it. This is a minuscule contrast that has already put in motion the gears for a much better blog service. Wouldn't you agree?


Guys, the universe adores me (have I said that before?). See, this is what happened. I was looking at my outlook and it didn't look very promising. So I was starting to wonder how to structure Plan B, when some of the projects that I had worked on at the end of last year came back to life. Yeehaw!!! Continuity is the name of the game. Today also I opened the square with the image of Laxmi that my dear friend (the Inspired One) from the other side of the puddle sent to me a few years ago. Is it a coincidence? Nah! There are no coincidences. I think it is my disposition and openness. I have decided to feel abundance, to breathe abundance, to speak abundance and to BE abundant. There! That's my new life resolution! A-BUN-DANCE so let's dance together to the rhythm of prosperity, love and well-being!


The Manager reported today that she is hard at work submitting proposals. I just dream of the day when we receive the call. Aahhh! I can almost taste it!!! Can you see it? I certainly can!

Today was another magical day as Tlaloc graced us with his gift of precipitation! It had been a while since last time we saw some and today we saw PLENTY OF IT. I was telling Diva that the Universe was just waiting for us to move into our new Palace. It just didn't want to cause any inconveniences for us. So today it came down with a vengeance! The vegetation was so happy to feel the freshness of the H2O!!! Diva got a bug under her skin and ran outside to thank the rain goddess for the event! I remember when I used to do that!


Mr. Grasshopper is getting all big on us now. He is not amenable to childish entertainment anymore and refuses to be spoken to like a child. Good for him! He is ready to be done with one teaching house in a week so tomorrow we will find him suitable attire for the ceremony! I must report that he is looking gooooood! We had a nice conversation tonight about meankids. What had happened is that during this learning year he experienced some of that at the learning house. It has all been resolved (because the Universe adores him too, of course!) and so he was saying that had been a negative experience, to which I thought, "Well, let's be grateful for that experience because you are a much stronger person now, you have discovered that the secret lies within you and not within anybody else. You now know that you can be happy REGARDLESS of what everybody else thinks." Sometimes contrast comes into our experience and we don't understand why we have to go through it, but after the cloud has passed we realize that we are bigger and better. Either because we have gained a new understanding or a new skill, but something about us is better.


Anyway, that was my day today. I will continue trying to post this until the contrast has been resolved. It's been nice talking to you!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 49 - May 11, 1959

this has been a grand day.  It has marked the anniversary of my arrival into the hologram, which makes it even more special for me (it's all about me, you know? hehe). There's something special about feeling loved, more than any other day of the year, and today, I totally felt that way. 

It all started when.... hhehe  I can see you yawning already!  But I will continue anyway, hehe.  In my pack we have a tradition.  Whenever we celebrate the anniversary of someone's arrival into the hologram, we wake up really, really early. Before the big light bulb comes out, and sing a special song to the B-person to wake him or her up with song and presents. So, Diva and Mr. Grasshopper, faithful to tradition, woke me up with their beautiful voices, hugs, kisses, presents. What a way to start your day!  After giving Mr. G his morning meal, we headed up to the learning house.  We did not have any profound conversations this morning.  How could we? Our ride from the palace to the learning house is only 4 minutes long!  After dropping him off, the calls started coming in. First it was Mr. Deli from the Great Tenochtitlan, with all sorts of good wishes, then it was Ladylust, the Toothfairy, my dear Mrs. Yum, the HouseWhisperer, Mr. Ambassador, SoccerBoy, Mr. and Mrs. Convert, even SugarGorilla!  I felt loved and adored!

In between calls I worked as much as I could.  I also did the Mayan ritual. Closing one cycle and starting a new one. I had to include all of the elements. So I sat on the green turf and brought a glass of H2O and some incense with me.  The universe provided the wind element.  I thanked each of them. That felt sooo good.  I really feel like I've let go of something. A big heavy weight. I don't know what that is, but my own vibration seems lighter to me. Not today, although today I am reflecting on it, it has been happening throughout the last couple of weeks.  I'm changing. For the better. I'm happier, more playful. More intuitive.  I like this!

When I came to old Faithful and looked in the HeadBook page, I realized how many thoughtful people I have crossed paths with. There are pages and pages of wishes of love, happiness and well being.  Aaaahhhh!  I'm not going to delete them. Not one single one of them!

As if the universe were confabulating in my favor, today I received notice that I was granted a nice project. I tell you. The universe doesn't take long to respond.  Last night, when I placed my head on the fluffy, my mind was full of questions about what to do, what's to come.  I asked the universe for answers, and today they started rolling in.  One project here, an interview there. Things are moving in the right direction.

The time for the mid-day meal came around and I met with the HouseWhisperer and SwimGirl for a quick bite.  It was fun.  I am so grateful for the friends I have attracted on this trip to the hologram. Each one of them. And every time that I complete a trip around the shining star, I take a few moments to thank the universe for each and every one of them. Today was no exception. After picking Mr. G up from the learning house, we came back to the palace and I took a few minutes to reflect on each and every one of my friends. I love and adore them all. Each one of them for the particular joy that they bring into my experience.

Then I spoke to the Author. She's embarking on a new adventure with Mr. Gecko.  That boy is so smart that the learning houses have no idea of what to do with him! So the Author (I should really call her Mrs. Smart) is taking on the task of providing him with his academics. Go Author!!!!! Hats off to you!!

After picking Diva up we headed towards a nice eatery, compliments of the Manager and the Sensible One. The food was amazing and we were all in a cheerful disposition.  They informed us that they've got the castle!!! Hip-hip-HURRAY!! What a beautiful adventure they are embarking in together!

Well my friend, you have been witness of how a new cycle begins.  Nothing out of the ordinary right? Just a regular day.  But it is all in the way we want to look at it.  I chose to have a magical day, and a magical day it was!

I hope your day was magical too.  And in answer to your question, yes, I got my answers! :)

Ta-da for now!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 48 - May 10, 2011

Well hello there!  I hope you had a wonderful day.  I sure did. I have learned to appreciate so many things that I used to take for granted. Ever since I started channeling and really paying attention to everything around me, my world has become magical. My days are filled with butterflies and synchronicities. Life is really, really good.

Time is only a perception, I know.  But we came into the hologram to play with time. Would you agree with me?  And space and density, I know. Well, according to our measurement of time, today marks the last day of a 12-month cycle in my life. And according to Mrs.Oraclelady tonight my slate is wiped clean. YEEE-HAW!!!! Anybody up for partying? (Just kidding). She indicated that, because our dear ancestors (by 'us' I mean those of us who were born south of the Rio Grande River) had a very particular way of counting cycles, today I am closing a cycle and tomorrow I am starting a brand new one. Now, The Boys will say, "the only moment that you have is NOW," and I understand perfectly well what they mean, but this year I choose to believe that the Mayans were right, that today I can give the Universe all my worries and that tomorrow I will start on a brand new, clean page. Nice penmanship an all. Actually, I'm starting right now! hehehe.

About today...the morning was spent opening squares and then working on Old Faithful, putting words from one language into another. I took breaks in between to quench the thirst of the vegetation and stopped to admire nature at work.  I truly do believe that animals and vegetation came to balance our vibration. As I was going about my business around the palace, something caught my eye outside.  So I came to the window to see what it was.  I had set up a man-made rainmaker so the trees and plants in my gorgeous backyard wouldn't die (I don't mean to brag, but it IS gorgeous!). Well, when I came close to the window I could see what it was that had caught my eye. There were 3 feathery friends of a bright red color (you catch my drift. the kind that sings beautifully), playing in my rain.  They would stand on a tree branch and then dive in through the rain, flying non-stop, to end up on another branch on the other side. They were having so much fun! Along with them were a couple of rodents of the fluffy-tail kind and quite a few butterflies and bees flying around them.  What a sight!  Freckles and Tripod were dying to go out there and join them but I knew they would scare them away, so I kept them inside just for a little bit longer. Wow. What a treat! This is what I mean by learning to appreciate things we would give for granted.  Thank you Universe for allowing me to witness your creatures at play!  So much fun!

Then I had a couple of phone meetings and before I knew it it was time to pick Mr. Grasshopper up from the learning house.  Ladies and gentlemen, he is so much in love that he can't sit still!O la-la, L'Amour!  We are having so much fun together talking about it! I still remember those days when I used to wonder "Does he like me? Will he call?" lol.  Soooo much fun!  I love that boy.  Today, talking about his feelings for that "special someone" he said, I know that my inner self must recognize her, I know it. When I asked why, he responded:  "Because what I feel when I see her, I have never felt before." There you have it!  Remember when we spoke about the train hitting you? Wow.  How beautiful a feeling that is!!! LOVE!!!!! We are meant to love. We are here to love. And so when we feel love, everything around us changes.  Now, we don't have to wait for that special someone to appear for us to feel love. We don't even have to think of our husbands or wives or children or parents to feel love. All we have to do is look inside of us, do some introversion, and fall in love with what we find, because whatever may be that we find is exactly what we meant it to be before we came. And it is perfect!

All right, enough philosophy for one day. Update on the Palace. I'm very pleased to report that things are moving along. Slowly, but moving right along. I see a pattern. Full squares inside the Palace, half-empty squares and a big mess, then empty squares and a medium mess, on to no squares and no mess, and then we start all over again as I bring more in.  Tomorrow will be the day to take a trip to the Takeitfromme shop. Ahhh!  the feeling of relief!

One last thing to report is that Diva's behavior is erratic.  She offered to clean the cooking room!!! I, of course, said YES. but found the offering to be very, very unusual!  I love that girl. She to is in love. She too has her everyday stories and wonders what the other person may be thinking. It is so much fun - and such a privilege - to be able to share this with her!

OK, time to stop talking. Tonight, before I slide off to play in the non-physical, I will ask my Inner Being, The Boys, The Universe, to give me some specific answers in my dreams.  I just looove knowing that the answer is just a question away!

Sweet dreams!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 47 - May 9, 2011

Sometimes the universe has a crooked sense of humor. Flat out sick if you ask me!!  Let me tell you all about it.  Don't laugh, OK?

Well, this morning I dressed to kill and went to an assignment. I was nervous at first because I had not done this specific type of assignment in over 12 years.  It requires specific skills and knowledge that I thought I may have forgotten.  (A lot more happened this morning, but I will get to that later. I think it's important to tell on the universe first!).  I looked all professional and was ready to act the part. And I did!  You know that saying "it's just like riding a bike. Once you learn it you never forget it"?  Well, it was just like that. Once I was there it was like if I had never stopped doing this. 

But wait, that's not when the universe decided to play its trick on me. Wait till you hear this.  After I completed my assignment, I was actually congratulated by Mr. BigWig and Your Benchman.  I walked out of there feeling tall and on top of the world!  I strutted back to the Red Bullet full of pride and positive emotion. As I approached the outlet of the vehicle-holding building, I pulled out my ticket and introduced it in the machine. The number to pay appeared on the screen (stratospheric if you ask me) so I inserted my plastic and it came right out. "Unable to use" said a pretty loud voice.  It was shocking and loud. (It felt like the whole city block had heard it).And of course, in my mind, it resonated with an echo. So I tried the plastic again. Again without success. Great!  the Manager was waiting for me outside the palace, I had some pretty important errands to run and I did not have enough Washingtons to cover it in my Washington-carrying apparatus. Peachy!  I started fuming at first, thinking of all the inconveniences this was causing me. Every possible one. Then I thought, what a perfect opportunity to practice letting go. There was really NOTHING I could do. I couldn't even leave the building! So I took a big breath and closed my eyes for a second and... knock knock, this cherub-looking gentleman was standing there with a big smile on his face. As I rolled the clear down he asked if he could help.  Well, to make a long story short, I eventually was able to leave.

 I must be honest with you. This experience felt like a bucket of ice-cold water on my head. I think the Universe, in confabulation with our Innerbeing, gives us the opportunity to practice those things that will bring us the greatest relief in the shortest amount of time. 

I'm not going to lie.  When I first started channeling I thought: finally, all my financial woes are over.  Salvation is truly on its way.   Now I understand that the ride was only beginning and that all of these contrasts are opportunities to better align to that which I want.

I know I owe you another day, yesterday. Well, Old Faithful wouldn't cooperate last night when I was trying to talk to you.  It kicked me out so many times that I had to give up at some point.  But let me tell you about yesterday.  We had the most lovely day.  After Lords 1 and 2 came by to work on the rainfall room, we took off towards Mrs. Yum's place.  We had a blast. We had some delicious nutrition and then off we went to the water tank.  I did not get an opportunity to dive in but everyone else did and we all enjoyed being out in the sun.

Oh, I said I would tell you what else happened this morning. Well, Ms Freckles surprised us yesterday with some red fluid seeping out of her ear, so we called the PetWhisperer and were advised to bring her in this morning. Which I did right after dropping a very cheerful Mr. Grasshopper at the learning house.  It turned out that Ms Freckles had a really bad infection, but is already well on her way to recovery.  Tripod, who is now her greatest admirer, cried and whined when we left (by report of Diva herself!).

When I returned (after what from now on will be remembered as "The Joke"), the Manager was waiting for me outside the Palace with Ms Freckles. As I checked the snailmessages, I found an envelope, covered with butterfly stickers from the Author!!!! She always finds a way to bring a smile to my face, even not knowing that one is very much called for!

In the midst of all of this, I did see my butterfly. Actually, I saw three.  One as I was dropping Freckles off at the PetWhisperer's place; the second one as I walked towards the building my assignment was in, and the third one as I was talking to the manager.  Three times the universe came to say "It's OK.  I am listening!"

I hope you're laughing out loud!

Sweet dreams!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 46 - May 7, 2011

I love my family!  I really do. I am so happy that I decided to take this trip into the hologram with all of them. We are all different and I adore each one of them. The ones that are still here at the hologram and the ones that have left the physical form I knew them by.  I know at the bottom of my heart that I chose to be here with them, because what I feel for them is so strong, the love is so unconditional, that it couldn't have been any other way.  Many of you I know feel the same way, but I've known many who don't have the same type of emotion towards their blood relations.  I consider myself very fortunate and I congratulate myself for having attracted this group.

Today was wonderful!  First, I woke up really early and meditated for about 30 minutes.  Glorious! it really was.  The palace was quiet, the feathery friends were starting to wake up.  It was magical.  I got a visit from two very dear friends.  Mrs. Greenthumb and Mrs. Fixit.  They came to bring a brand new nest for Mr. Grasshopper. It turns out they had an extra nest at their castle and wanted to give it to Mr. G.  After we put it together, we had a nice brew together. A lovely visit.

Then I got to work.  I cleaned some outside sitting surfaces and was able to empty one square. Voila!  One less square!

After that I took Diva to her place of gainful employment and came back to the palace to wait for the blood relations.  First came Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador. They were so pleased with the new Palace!  They loved it!  they brought flowers and gifts. (Have I told you how much the universe adores me? hehehe)  then Mrs. Yum and the Lizard came in.  Mr. Lizard was all excited because he's got his vehicle-operating permit.  May the universe protect us! Just kidding, he's a great kid and I know he will be a super responsible operator.  After that Ladylust showed up, as well as Catlady with the baby (will soon provide you with a proper name to know her by).  We had a great time.  We laughed, we ate and they even got a bread of the sweet kind to celebrate my upcoming anniversary!  (It's a big one this year!)  A little later Mr. and Mrs. Pretty came in and later on the Manager and the Sensible One.  What more can one ask for?  Life is sooo goood!

My butterfly came by to pay her respects as I was quenching the thirst of the vegetation outside.  Yellow with a little bit of brown.  Very pretty. And very proud of herself. She would flutter around, then pose for dramatic effect, spread her wings and flutter a little bit more. Just lovely!

Mrs. Yum and the Lizard are spending the night here with us.  PAR-TY!!!  Well, not really.  Mrs. Yum is exhausted and is already having serious conversations with the fluffy while I talk to you.

Tomorrow is the day to celebrate those who perform a maternal job, so our plan is to spend the day at Mrs. Yum's and take a dip in the water tank.  Should be fun!

Dear friend, I'm afraid that's all I have to report for now.  I hope your day was beautiful. I hope you are finding many reasons to smile big!

Sweet dreams!