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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 194 - February 14, 2012

Believe it or not, I started typing this post about 5  24-hour periods ago!  What has happened is that YoursTruly lost her cyberconnection at the palace, so that has made it more interesting to come talk to you.

Have you missed me?  I sure have missed YOU.

Let me think.... I thought I had tons of things to tell you......

Well, lately I have had the opportunity to witness how the universe responds immediately (or almost immediately) to those who do not question; to those who let go. And to be honest, I am working towards being able to do this more and more.  Whenever I don't question, whenever I let go, things happen almost immediately.  But when I "work at letting go", things just take longer.

Just today I was thinkiing about this.  Not too long ago I was talking to someone about BlastfromThePast. BFTP is someone that this channel had not seen or heard of for a very, VERY looooooong time.  10 trips around the star... easy! Before I knew it he surfaced out of the blue and contacted YoursTruly. Wow! Amazing, right? That's what I thought! And then, like a well-known Grasshopper would say, "why can't you do that with the things that you really, really want?"  And I got my thinking apparatus working for a little bit longer and thought, he's right, and I can't do that with the things that I really really like, because I feel the absence of them way to strong. I focus too much on the lack of these things. Hence the universe's response. I can hear The Boys laughing and saying: "We hear you focus on TIME. Here, have some more of it!" But when it is something that really doesn't make a difference to me, I am not checking the pulse and I am just thinking nice, positive thoughts about that event or that person, well, it has to happen. The universe MUST bring it to me. Good job, channel.  You're getting there!

Just a few weeks ago I started noticing that my washingtons would be limited this 30-day period.  As time drew near, I started becoming more and more aware of "what was to come."  Well, let me tell you, NOTHING was lacking in my hologram, I was just thinking that the time would come when I would lack.  And so, this month came around and I felt the lack.... hahahaha  I am laughing at myself thinking "And I'm surprised about this?  Why?  I saw it coming!"  The good side of this is that these days of monetary tightness have helped me focus intently on letting go. Purposely.  And I feel FAN-TAS-TIC!  The washingtons have told me they are on their way, I feel so much lighter. But the washingtons are coming because I am letting go.  Isn't that amazing???

Yesterday I was visited by a whole crowd of our little winged friends the butterflies. It was amazing!  As I sat down to meditate before the clear wall, I looked up and saw them flying around the backyard, having sooo much fun!  I also saw some feathery friends of the red kind.  They were drinking at the pond.  Life is beautiful and this hologram, created by you and me, is amazing. It's magical!

On another note, Mr. Buff shall be put as an example of manifesting power.  Remember I told you that he went off to the institution of higher learning leaving Little Miss ChubbyCheeks behind?  Well, that did not feel comfortable to him but he was determined to bring a better future for his clan.  This he did after many many months of trying to find gainful employment and finally giving up.  So now, the universe has responded loud and clear to him, not only has he found gainful employment that will bring him a hefty amount of washingtons, but he will also be able to continue with his higher learning.  See?  It IS possible!

Anyway my friend, thank you for being so loyal and for patiently waiting for me.  You have no idea how much this channel appreciates that!!!

Tons of light to you!