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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 218 - September 4, 2012

Look at that date! Sep-tember!  Woo-hoo! This means cooler temperatures are right around the corner!!! Yeeehaw!

I am in awe of the universe. Call it LOA, call it creation, call it the power within, call it what you may, I am convinced that it IS always listening!  A few periods of 30 days ago this channel had placed her emotional attention on a certain member of the opposite gender.(Ah! You didn't know about that one, did you?). To make a long story short, Mr X  did not show any signs of interest and so YoursTruly just took it along in stride and continued creating in so many other aspects of her hologram.  So, time (our dear friend time) went by and Yours Truly had not spent much of it pondering upon Mr. X. Well, that's all that the universe needed because now he is back... and with a vengeance! (I know you're laughing!).  And so, the night before this one I had a sit-down with The Boys.  (You know, one of those when, if they were physical, I would sit them down across from me, cross my hands over my lap and look at them straight in the eye.).  And so I said, "Why now?" And guess what the response was?  You got it! "Because you completely let go."  "If  I could only do that with other things!" I thought.  Now, THAT answer came fast and furious: "You can; just keep on going within and trust that it is already yours."  Easy, right?

On to other things... life in the Palace goes by smoothly.  Mr. G is busy making "the best grades in the whole wide world," and YoursTruly is having a lot of fun creating new opportunities for gainful activities.  This channel is having so much fun creating and dreaming that the doors to my abundance are bulging.  Just wait and see.

Can I just say how much I adore my furry friends?  There are not enough spoken (or unspoken) verbs and nouns to describe how much I appreciate the presence of Freckles and Tripod in my experience.  They are here just to lift my vibration. That's it. And they do so majestically.

Something super important, I want to thank those of you who have so generously been donating to "the cause."  your generosity allows Yours Truly to continue bringing you these amazing messages. THANK YOU!

Remember, in about 18 days we will have the presence of The Enlightened One, who will charm you with his insight all the way from the other side of the puddle. From my location, of course :-)

Very well.  Morpheus is making noises so I shall heed the call (you don't mess with Greek gods, you know?).  Smile big, breathe deeply and tap dance.

love you tons!