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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 165 - October 25, 2011

After the storm....  my, oh my, oh my!  Have these been the most adventurous two days in a while or what?  have you ever, after a particularly contrastey day, thought: let's start this day all over again?  Well, that's about how it felt to me the day before this one.

First, picture this:  this morning (at ungodly hours) I am working on my super-early-over-the-talking-device job when I hear Mr. G speaking in a very loud voice (it's actually not called "speaking" if you know what I mean) and banging on the wall, so I get off the talking device to go see what was going on.  What I found was not pretty. Mr. G was feeling not-healthy-at-all and proof of that could be found on every surface of my bathing room. The poor thing was miserable!  So I tended to Mr. G, loved on him like all mother hens do with their chicks and threatened the universe to make him all better.  I should have known that was not the trick!  He did not get much better. In a few words, I had to go to the lawhouse because nobody could cover for me so I asked Mr. Buff if OK to bring Mr. G over to spend the day.  He graciously agreed and so I dropped a pretty weak Mr. G at the Buff's lair.  By the time I got to the lawhouse I started feeling not so good myself, but nothing like Mr. G. I was able to pull together and work like if I knew what I was doing!  Mid afternoon I see that Mr. Buff had been desperately trying to reach me, so I called him back and was told that Mr. G was unable to move his extremities!  OMG, well that did it. I informed Your Mr. Benchman of the situation and left to pick up a pretty scared Mr. G.  By the time I got there he had calmed down. Poor Mr. Buff had eyes the size of Jupiter!  The Hopper had given him a nice scare!  As I spoke to Mr. G's medicine man I was told he had lost the fluids inside his body. So that was easy. We replaced them and Mr. G started feeling much better in a matter of hours.
 Not so good for YoursTruly who crashed and burned and could not even move for many 60-minute intervals!  it was touching to see how Mr. G took care of YoursTruly. As he was feeling better and I was going on the opposite direction, he kept saying, "now it's my turn." Don't you just love that boy?  I certainly do!

Yeah, I know, all of this sounds like whining, but it was really not funny. I promised to give you a true account of the life of this channel and of course, this is part of it.

I had time today to think about disease and stress.  Mr. G has been stressing out quite a bit about learning and sports and it made sense to me that he would have fallen ill.  In my case, I have also been going through contrast and focusing on things that I have no business focusing on! Really.  Why in the world should I spend time worrying about the future when I should know that the future is taken care of by my thoughts and actions of today. So I should know better and be more hopeful about things to come. And hopeful I should be as many doors seem to be cracking open for me right now.

One of the things that had me, not really "worried" but a little "concerned", was the workshop in the Great Tenochtitlan.  Deep down inside, or somewhere in the back of my brain, I could not stop wondering if I was going to be able to make it.  So today I decided to leave it to the universe. I decided to let go and let the universe take care of it. And today I got word that more tickets have been sold. So.... the universe is always listening, like The Voice used to say.

And speaking about The Voice, I had not been thinking much about him in a long time and just yesterday he came up in my thoughts. All of a sudden.  I heard the famous: "Hello beautiful!" out of nowhere.  It always gets me by surprise, I swear.  I was walking down the street to the lawhouse and I heard it loud and clear.  I stopped dead on my tracks and looked back to see who was talking. Of course, I should have known that nobody physical was there.  It was just another reminder of the universe telling me how we are all one. How the universe is paving my way and how everything will be A-OK.

Oh!  But I forgot why it was important to tell you my whole story about the illness!!!!  Well, last day of the sun, Lord 1 and Lord 2 invited Mr. G and I for delicious nutrition at their castle (just next door, by the way).  They had a nice group of people gathered around the table and funny enough, one conversation was about how single mothers with children struggle when their children are young, get sick and they have to leave work to care for them.  I even mentioned: "Well, Mr. G used to be kind of sickly but that's a thing of the past. I haven't had to leave work to take him to the MedicineMan in a very long time."  Spoke to soon, Channel. Spoke too soon.

Now we are all better. Mr. G is delighted to see that he lost more weight and happy to know he is going back to the learning house the day after this one.  I am also glad to know I will be able to labor tomorrow at the lawhouse with one of my favorite YourBenchMen. Life is good.  A great lesson has been learned. Relax. Take it easy.  It's not worth the worry!

Hope you are smiling!

Good night, sleep tight. Don't let ... you know how it goes :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 164 - October 22, 2011

This day was definitely packed with activity.  First of all, I woke up at the ungodly hour to do some work over the talking device.  After that was done it was time to take a quick rain session and dart off to take a very sleepy Grasshopper to Mr. Buff's house.  Having done that, I continued my journey to a home-away-from-home for a morning of learning with Speakeasy, and that's where it all started...  

You know, I am geographically-challenged.  I believe that I came to this hologram with a pretty messed up compass.  Now, being the responsible being that I am, I made sure that I had specific directions on how to get to the event location. Only I chose the wrong location. So I got there, parked the Red Bullet and rushed inside only to find out that was not the right place! (Stop rolling your eyes...)  There I go, now I was going to be late, I thought.  Thanks to the Universe that completely loves and adores me, I got there and things were not completely setup, so there was time enough for me to help out some. You see? Being one of the organizers it was embarrassing being late!

The instruction was entertaining and very useful and after that was done I proceeded to a trading post to acquire a present for my dear friend who was tying the knot.  I was so proud of myself when I found the perfect gift at a reasonable amount of Washingtons!  I was very proud of my transaction!

Then I geared my direction towards Mr. Buff's lair, where I found a smiling Ms. ChubbyCheeks! OMG  You would absolutely loooove that little one! So connected with who she really is! And she can sense the presence of The Boys.  It's funny, whenever YoursTruly is around little ones, I feel that The Boys are so much more present. They kind of 'linger' around, having fun with beings that still remember being powerful creators! And the little ones sense their presence. The experience is absolutely delicious!
Thank you Mr. Buff for allowing me to share her image here!  I normally won't share images of real beings, but she is so adorable that I wanted you to see whoI was talking about!!!
Grandma Dynamite and PrettyEyes were there as well. Mr. G apparently had a great time sharing the morning hours with them!

After that, we came to the palace.  YoursTruly was going to take a few moments to slumber, but I did the wrong thing.... I sat in front of SuperOldFaithful (remember, this is OldFaithful's grandma...) and realized there were many things that "needed" to be done, so I did them.  

After that, Mr. G and I went out for nutrition and for him to buy a head cover. We then stopped at Ms Bite's nest to drop off some squares for her move and then it was back to the palace for YoursTruly to finish some work.  It was all good!

Oh!  I almost forgot!!!  Did I tell you that two days ago my butterfly came in the mail?  It DID!!!  Mrs. SingSoul from California sent me this gorgeous white butterfly that is now flying in my living room!  And speaking about my little winged friends, they have been coming around to greet me every day.  Just this morning, as I was coming out of the event, there was a gorgeous little friend standing right on top of the Red Bullet... inside a large parking room!

Anyway my dear, I am so glad that you are reading me.  I hope you enjoy your day just as I plan to enjoy mine.

Ta-da for now!