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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 152 - September 22, 2011

Seriously universe?  Is that how we're going to play now?

Yeah, you are probably wondering "why the harsh remarks, channel?"  Well, this is what is going on.  This evening I planned on preparing a very beautiful newsletter.  So after I finished my worldly duties, I proceeded to meditate for a little bit and then got busy creating an amazing newsletter.  I should have known to stop when OldFaithful was not cooperating.  But I insisted on moving forward and fired up LittleOldFaithful to work on it.  i found a beautiful template that portrays the season that begins tomorrow. Oh, life is beautiful.  A beautiful message about time and joy came forward and so I typed it diligently with the aid of the letterboard.  Working on this little one is a little bit of a challenge because the viewing surface is small so you have to keep moving things left, right, up, down, around... I even embedded the gorgeous moving picture about The Universe at Your Feet!  Tried to send once.  Nothing.  Tried to send twice... the template turns upside down...(I promise, I had never seen that before). So to make my very long and frustrating story short, I was able to send it.  What was my surprise when I opened my copy and it was missing the very essence of the document:  THE MESSAGE! And not only that, it was also missing the moving picture! So, after having spent over 45 60-second intervals in creating an amazing piece, all that I created was some advertising document!  Breathe, channel, breathe! 

Whew! That felt good!  I needed to vent and you are the perfect shoulder! Thank you for listening!!! See? All the channeling in the world could not prevent me from blowing my top tonight! hehe  But guess what, this very second, as I type these words, I am already feeling a million times better! Bravo for relief!!!  By the way, if you want to receive my oldletter, visit and fill out the form on the casa page (Home).

I am excited. Today I received a request to bring The Boys to a live event in the Great Tenochtitlan!  yay!!!  We are planning for late November. Should be nice!  Apparently there is a large group of beings who have been following The Boys' and would like a live face-to-face.  This is sooo exciting!!!! So stay tuned. this promises to be a lot of fun!

I am also excited about my upcoming trip to the Great Tenochtitlan with Mrs. Studious.  It promises to be a busy but very rewarding trip!!!

Oh! Remind me to tell you about the amazing experience of yesterday during our evening show on Universal Energy Radio!  I would tell you now but Mr. G is in the talking mood and I just can't resist the invitation!!!

By the way, before I leave you,  The Boys have specifically asked me to tell you that you should stop crying because they adore you!

Ciao Baby!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 151 - September 20, 2011

The Boys are always saying that life is an endless succession of "nows"; life as eternal beings that is. But life as humans in the hologram is also a succession of nows.  Let me tell you something, lately my nows are pretty crammed. I mean it!  I have been bu-sy beyond compare!  Not complaining here. Not complaining at all.  Life is super exciting.  One thing that is definitely exciting is that Little Ol'Faithful (by this I mean Old Faithful's little sister) has recovered from an ailment that had her pushed to the sidelines for quite some time.  It is so refreshing to be able to have its services available! Even though she is not of the great size of Old Faithful, and punching letters in it gets kind of awkward after some time, her speed is good.

Another exciting thing is that I am beginning to gain clarity about the endeavours I wish to embark on.  If you leave the Universe alone, it will bring the answers. It will actually set the wheels in motion so the things that you want come marching straight into your arms.  I can feel it!

Today was an amazing day. Woke up feeling refreshed. had an amazing meditation and then proceeded to work a little bit on Old Faithful. Good thing I did because there were some interesting mistakes made by BloodyMary, mistakes that could have caused both of us tons of pain with the YourBenchMen.  Then I proceeded to travel towards the 007 facility.  All the way I sand with George, Willie and Nelson. Songs of trains, pick-up trucks and beer.  yee-haw! Can you imagine the mood I was in when I got there?  And of course, things matched my mood and everything went very smoothly.  I was very pleased to hear that two of YourBenchMen specifically have been requesting the assistance of YoursTruly :) It's all good!

Everything continued to play on the highest note until I took the pulse into my financial institution account and noticed some movements that did not seem very honest.  I turned into a black panther. Scary! But after a while I calmed down and realized that I was not going to accomplish anything and that was a clear sign that I needed to leave everything for BigMe to resolve. That was that!  Mr. G had a trip just observing how YoursTruly went completely out of character!

Then, upon arriving to the hologram someone dear was waiting to have a session with The Boys. So we did that. Then prepared dinner and now I am getting ready for a conference with the fluffy.

Tripod is spread out by the door.  Dreaming of who knows what and making the funniest of noises.  Freckles is laying next to this channel.  Every now and then she raises an eyebrow like if trying to say "I'm here. keeping an eye on you even when my eyes are closed."  I feel completely loved by these two.  I feel completely loved by Mr. G, the Manager, Diva, LadyLust, Mrs. Yum, Uncle Toing, Mrs.and Mr. Convert, and the whole world. Isn't that great?  And you are probably thinking:  "she really did it this time. She's gone nuts."  But let me ask you something, isn't it better to think that the whole world loves you rather than think that you are alone in the whole cosmos?  I think it is, and since this blog is all about moi, so it shall be!

Very well.  this is it for now.  Hope your life is amazing. Oh, by the way.  tomorrow you can expect the next message in your electronic mailbox. if you don't know what I'm talking about, then you must visit my netlocation and sign up! (

Nighty night!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 151 - September 18, 2011

I am actually writing this on the very early hours of September 19, 2011.  The sound outside my window is music to my ears.  Guess what it is....... yep!  You are right again, my friend.  RAIN AND THUNDER!!!  Yeehaw for the universe!!! This weekend has been one of appreciation for the climatological changes as the precipitation of heavenly fluids started on Saturday.  I cannot tell you how many 60-minute intervals I have spent watching it fall in complete appreciation!  The green stuff outside is so happy!  You can already see the change. It always amazes me how quickly nature recovers.  just a few days ago, the magical back grounds were extremely not wet and turning all sorts of colors and just after one good precipitation, things came back to life. Leaves perked up, trees are singing, and the magical grounds are again the stage for so many of our feathery and furry friends (some slimy too!) to play together. Ahhh!  Re-freshing!

Life is good. No. I take that back. Life is EXCELLENT!  I am in very high spirits this morning. I guess because this weekend I had the opportunity to meditate a lot. That's a sure remedy for any type of low vibration, I tell you.

Let's see, what did YoursTruly do this weekend? A lot, for sure.  Friday, I attended a social event for one of the professional groups that I belong to.  it turned out nice and we had good attendance. After that, I travelled to Ms Bite's home, where LadyLust and Ms Flambouyant were gathered with Ms Bite. We had an evening of good fun. We laughed at everything and anything... including each-other. There is nothing like a good laugh, don't you think so?  Then on the first day of the official weekend, we held an online session in my native language. As usual, The Boys had to mess with technology and we were cut off in the middle of the event. Online nothingness is what it was. The service was temporarily disconnected!  LOL. This had The Boys' non-physical fingerprints all over the place! I spent the rest of the morning hours doing things around the palace and in the mid after the noon hours I travelled with LadyLust. Destination, you ask? Cousin Love's home.  A lot of people were gathered there, including some visitors from the Great Tenochtitlan.  We had a session with The Boys as these visitors were very intrigued by the channeling process. Both of them being professionals in the field of non-allopathic healing.  It was a wonderful experience. We left a very happy bunch with another destination:  Ms Bite's, who had already prepared some delicious nutrition.  Well, a polite person that YoursTruly is, she consumed the second meal only to regret it a couple of hours later! LOL  It was good, though.

Yesterday started with our amazing Sunday Morning Gang.  We had new beings on the call so that always makes for an exciting experience.  Ahhhh!  What an amazing way to start the day.  Mr. Hempman graced us with his amazing notes: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! The Inspired One was also there and many others who added to the energy of the experience.  By the time the gathering was over we were all flying high in vibration (at least this channel was!).  The rest of the day was spent in meditation, watching the moving picture box, cleaning around the palace and, guess what else. Yep.  NAPPING! Yummy!  I did do a little bit of work on OldFaithful but just enough to keep things interesting :)

Now it's time for me to get ready for an amazing day at the lawhouse.  The YourBenchman that I've been assigned to today is a piece of work. By that I mean that he is very funny, so today promises to be a wonderful start of the week!  Thank you Universe!!!

Talk to you soon?  Happy Monday!!!