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Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 189 - January 19, 2012

Day 189. Wow!!  the evening of the day previous to this one I spent a little time reading posts in this story. From the very beginning until this day.  I have to tell you that I have grown. I have changed.  In essence I am the same human, the same channel, but in general I am a different being.  As I read post after post, my appreciation for life just grew exponentially.  I just  love being here! I adore this hologram!!!!  And I love the opportunity of sharing my hologram with you! Thank you!

I got "delayed" another day.  Rather, I would say that I got busy living one more 24-hour period on the hologram! So much has happened that I don't even know where to start.  I tell you, things around here can get pretty adventurous.

The day before this one, which when I started this post, by the way, Mr.Grasshopper and I held a conversation of the not-superficial kind.  I had noticed a strange vibration about him and was just waiting for the universe to say "Go!" to get into the subject with him.  Well, as we know, the universe had been there all along and I did not have to bring it out, he did so himself.  He was getting ready to go to his other progenitor's dwelling and was very reluctant about it.  We spoke about making it fun and softening his own thoughts, but he still was not convinced.  Until finally he said: "It's that I feel that something may happen to you while I'm gone."  This just opened the door for YoursTruly to speak about the god that I am (you too, don't roll your eyes!). We also spoke about how you are only vulnerable when you believe that you are.  Then I brought his attention to all the things that this channel does that are symptoms of the opposite of vulnerability (a wonderful opportunity to rub this channel's ego, by the way!).  After a few minutes, he turned around and said: "you know something?  As we were talking about all the things that make you the way you are, I literally felt the anxiety dissipate. Wow! This "stuff" really works!"

More news, well Mr. Buff did as promised!  He is at the institution of higher learning!!! WOOHOO FOR MR. BUFF!!!  And now that he has let go, the universe is placing a silver platter at his feet. hehe.  I love how that never fails!

On another note, also huge news around my hologram, guess who's tying the knot?  Well, PICASSO DOWN THE BORDER himself!!!!! Isn't that amazing?  I am sooo happy for him. And the best thing is that he has chosen the day after the anniversary of my arrival into the hologram to make it formal!!!  Good, what am I saying?  EXCELLENT omen!!!!

Today is the last day of the learning session that YoursTruly is teaching.  I have enjoyed this group of beings tremendously as they come from all walks of life in the hologram. I'll tell you more about them on another post.

For now, know that I am here. Excited to talk to you. More and more excited about the miracles that I witness in my hologram, and looking forward for what is to come.

Thank you for sharing your success with me. I tell you, this funny thing called the power of focus does work.  You can actually go from thought to manifestation. Read my book!  It tells you how!