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Friday, July 8, 2011

Days 103 and 104 – July 6th and 7th, 2011

I know, I know, I know. I can clearly hear you saying "Where in the world have you been, Channel?" Mea culpa! I must apologize for being MIA, but once you know why, I know you will understand (or I should say: "I hope that you will understand?"). Nah! I know you will!


Well, "it all started when…" as you know, yesterday was SomeoneWeKnow's anniversary of his arrival into the hologram, so he needed to be the center of attention. And very much deserved I would say. Unfortunately for him, I had a line-that-is-not-alive to meet and spent most of my day working on OldFaithful. I did stop to play on his newly acquired distractions, but we really didn't do much just because of that. I tell you what. I can be a very productive person and actually do a lot of stuff, but I am certainly not the sharpest crayon in the box when it comes to organizing the work. I was working on 7 proyects yesterday and today, but the most important one, the one that really and truly needed to get done ASAP, was not finished until the end of the day. Don't ask me why, but it is like I have this need to do everything at once. Does it make sense to you? I didn't think so. It doesn't make any sense to me either.

Oh, but do I love myself!


I know, that was another random comment. J


To make a long story short, I promised a very understanding Grasshopper that I would "make it up" for him today. And I did. This morning, after my session with Mr. Studious, we got ourselves looking all pretty (even more than usual) and headed towards the local trading post. He had a wonderful time spending his Washingtons over and over again. You see, we were only glass-shopping, as the real deal will be performed tomorrow. But he had a blast choosing everything he wants.


Another wonderful thing accomplished during these past 2 days was the recording of a brand spanking new guided meditation!! Yeehaw! (Here's the link in case you're interested in checking it out: Your Abundance Store) I don't mean to brag (OK, maybe just a little), but it's a great piece. I've already received positive comments about it. The Boys also gave me another one in Spanish, so I was busy doing that as well (while at the same time trying to finish the "urgent" proyect).


One of the people that listened to the Spanish meditation called me today on the speaking device to inform me that as she was doing the meditation she was experiencing different sensations in her body. She also said that today she had a job interview and that she felt very positive emotions about it. She indicated that she felt that the meditation helped her open up to the universe. Hurray for guided meditations!!! And you know what? I really do think it works. I know it is working on me because I am already feeling more abundant.


Tomorrow I have teaching session all day, so my "free" time today has been spent preparing for that. What else, what else, what else?


Today my butterfly came in while I was talking to a very happy Mrs. Yum. We were sitting at the cooking room table when I heard something hit the viewing square on the wall. As I looked up, I saw a pretty bit yellow and (I think) brown butterfly fly back where it came from. I'm sure she was pretty dizzy the rest of the day.


Very well, I must go now. Old Faithful is begging to be retired, I swear. Focus Channel, focus!!! I was saying night-night. Right. I hope I will make more sense tomorrow. J


Stay happy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 102 – July 5, 2011

If you ever wondered, the answer is yes, we do receive messages from "the other side," and they don't come through CNN, I promise. The Universe is constantly talking to you in ways that you understand. In ways that have a meaning to you, and sometimes only to you. In my case, the Universe communicates with me through everything! Hehe Gotcha! No, seriously. I find that the hawks, the butterflies, the enchanted princes, even the weather, are communications from the Universe telling me that things are being taken care of. And speaking about hawks. Today I enjoyed the presence of one of them again! He was standing on a tree, just watching and making sure nothing escaped him. They are such powerful creatures. You can sense their presence just by the strength of their gaze! Take a look at this baby here. Strong, isn't it?

And I'm not alone on this. Native Americans believe that hawks are messengers, that they are guardians and provide for their family. To them, the presence of a hawk is a reminder to be alert, to pay attention and be cognizant of things that we sense and things that we don't sense. They describe the hawk as the Great Spirit with keen eyesight. I can certainly see why they would say that! They also say that hawks come into our lives to guide us to a higher plane. I just find all of this fascinating and beautiful. And because I do, I will keep on talking about hawks.


Today wasn't really a very eventful day. I did see the Book Dealer. It is always a pleasure. Then I dropped Mr. G at the exercise chamber and took off to get him a present for his anniversary. You see, the real anniversary of his arrival into the hologram is tomorrow, so it is a tradition in my family to wake the anniversary person up, very, very early, with the traditional birthday song from my country. Something about waking up because it's daylight and the little birds are singing. You know what I mean, right? That means less sleep for YoursTruly, so I will soon be hitting the nest. Crashing and burning like some say.

The rest of the day was spent trying to finish work. Hehehe I have to laugh at myself because I think I say that every day! The work is never done. And that IS a good thing… for now.

Anyway, I waited too long to come speak with you and now the curtains feel super heavy. Tomorrow I will make an effort to be here earlier.

Thank you for the recommendations on the movies. Those of you who didn't know this, you can check out the comments that others have left on the blog.


Love you tons.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 101 – July 4, 2011

101… this number feels like it should belong in a course of some sort, don't you think so? Something like "Channeling 101." Yes I know, it's a random thought, but it's kind of fun to think in these terms. At least for me! Hehehe.
Today was a VERY relaxing day. It started with a phone call – one hour before the ungodly hour when I have employment activities – to ask if OK for me to start an hour later. Can you picture that? I am definitely not a morning person. Actually, that was the time that I used to go to bed, not get up. Well, I froze. I'm so funny. I felt like a dear in the headlights. What was I thinking? I was not obligated to do anything, but I felt like giving a reason why and couldn't find any in my foggy mind. So I politely said no, and tried to go back to sleep without any luck. After 30 minutes, I got up, called them and started working. He,he the Universe has a very special way of letting you know that when something doesn't feel right it's because it isn't right for you. That went without any problems, and when the time to stop came by, I decided to take a much deserved nap.
Well, the nap turned more into a full-fledged sleep, as it lasted for 6 hours. Yummmy! That felt sooooo good! When I finally decided to leave the nest and the fluffy, I felt rejuvenated. But I was still moving at a very slow pace, so I went into the cooking room, made myself something for nutrition and then spread my adorable anatomy all over the long sitting surface in the visiting room and watched the moving-picture box for a while. Everything happens for a reason. You'll see why. Last night, Mr. Grasshopper and YoursTruly were flipping channels when we stopped on this one program talking about cosmos. I decided to record it and went on to watch something more fun. I was not about to have an argument with Mr. G on the preference of the viewing subject. Well, this morni-, sorry, this afternoon I went back to view it and it was a very interesting subject. Looking for the 4th dimension. Even before I heard the first full sentence, I felt the chills up and down my legs and arms. That was my cue. Channel, I told myself, stay still and pay attention, this is about to get really, really good. And it did. Everything that was said in that show has been explained by The Boys through me. Of course not in such scientific terms, but the concept, the essence of it all, has been explained by The Boys over and over again. Scientists are trying to prove that there is a 4th dimension. That there is more than what our eyes and senses can perceive. And what have The Boys been telling us? That there is so much more out there. That we will discover many more things right in front of us. That we are made of the same stuff of everything that surrounds us, that the more we look, the more we will find. That's it. I made my case. It was a fun synchronicity, one of the many that one experiences more and more as you become one with You.
After that I had a long conversation with Mrs. Yum over the talking device. You must know something about her. Mrs. Yum has the ability of making you laugh…a lot. We spoke about energy and about how, when someone reads your fortune, that person is reading your energy and drawing from that. We all have access to source energy, and source energy is within us, all of us. And so, if you allow enough, you can sense the energy of all. J
Then Diva, Mr. G and YoursTruly went out to have some brown beverages of the kind that you get in the fancy disposable cup. That was great! We really enjoyed it. Mr. G is definitely going into a new stage in his life. He has dubbed himself The Magnet.
Today I did not see any butterflies or hawks, but what I did see was a group of cardinals, drinking from my magic fountain! Yay for nature!!!! That was such a sight!
Back in the Palace I decided to ring the Converts. I love talking to them. This week is the last week that Mrs. Convert will be laboring at her gainful employment. She has been there for over 20 trips around the sun and I knew she was probably feeling mixed emotions about it. And she is. So we talked about it and how it is a bittersweet experience. I just know she will be enjoying her new life so much! Then Mr. Convert talked to me about an experience he had with SisterSister. SisterSister is a member of a religious association and Mr. Convert decided to "bring her to the water"; so he touched subjects that seemed to have touched a chord within SisterSister because the conversation ended quickly, she expressed not liking what she heard, and left the room. This got me thinking how even those who we admire because of their faith and their depth of thought, can only go so deep. Religions are limited and don't provide us with all the answers. Although they do provide some good ones, don't frown now. I have learned to see the value in all of them but I also se very clearly where their limitations lie.
Now the eye curtains are feeling heavier by the moment. Thank you for talking to me. Thank you for listening. And, guess what? I love you too!!!!!
By the way, this color of font gives a better contrast against the backdrop of the blog. Let me know if it looks better on your phone.
Until tomorrow!!!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 100 – July 3, 2011

Woo-hoo!!! Now, that calls for a celebration, don't you think so? I don't know about you, but I personally am excited about this!
And speaking about celebrations, today has definitely been a day of rejoicing. My day started early with my early morning employment. After that, Yours Truly decided to take a much deserved nap and….. WAS LATE FOR OUR SUNDAY MORNING CALL! Don't frown at me though; it was just a few minutes. The good thing is that when I finally got on the speaking device, everyone on the call was still there! It was kind of embarrassing, but not too bad, hehe. The call, as always, was amazing; the energy was high and the questions were expansive.


After that it was "get to work" time. I was in a race against the clock to have everything ready for Mr. Grasshopper's celebration of the anniversary of his arrival into the hologram (not before a few minutes of blissful meditation next to a very antsy Grasshopper). So, with a little bit of pushing and shoving, Mr. Grasshopper and YoursTruly cut to the chase. We got busy cleaning, tidying up and hanging decorations (my favorite part of it all). The Hopper Boy was jumping out of his skin with joy. The thought of having so many humans gathered together in his honor was way too delicious, he could not stand still!
Then, our guests started trickling in. First it was Mrs. Yum and Mr. Lizard. Mrs. Yum had prepared one of the main nutrition pieces, which turned out absolutely amazing. She also gifted Mr. G with one of her amazing sweet nutrition items. YUM! Who else was here? Let's see, LadyLust who, by the way, organized a very naughty game and had everyone playing for a long time; Diva, Ms. Bite; Young Mr. Rugby, whom I had not seen in a very long time; the Manager, the Sensible One, Mr. and Mrs. Galen, Cousin Love, Mr. and Mrs. Pretty, Mr. Driven, GroomBoy and GroomGirl, Ms. Samba, young Ms. Princess, Mr. SoftWords, Lord 1… whew! Do I need to say more? As you may very well imagine, this channel spent the whole day on her toes. Everyone had an amazing time. It is always a great time when you gather with friends and blood relations for the purpose of celebrating. And even better when the nutrition is superb, which it was! Mr. G got many very nice presents, so he was happy. Me? By the end of the journey I was in no shape or form to make any sense or do anything productive, but I what I did have was a great sense of accomplishment, just by seeing the look on Mr. G's face. Tripod and Freckles felt exactly the same way; they were both spread over the walking surface like if under the effects of the sleepy medicine!
Earlier in the day, I received a call from a very, very dear friend. I like to think of her as Ms LOA herself. We met a couple of years ago when, along with The Boys, I was participating in a cyber-forum where The Boys would answer questions from participants. Ms LOA got wind of the forum and started following the message from The Boys. She then forwarded the message to her cyber megagroup online. There are people that even when you have not had a live visual of their physical manifestation, you just know there is a bond somewhere in there. That's how I felt with Ms LOA from the get go. A couple of years later we met in the physical on the occasion of a Celebration of the Life of The Voice in the city that never sleeps, and that just confirmed the bond. Well, I hadn't spoken to her for a long time, but she happened to attend the Spanish conference two journeys ago. She indicated that she enjoyed the conference thoroughly and found a lot of synchronicities that clearly told her that the Universe was listening to her (isn't it amazing when you hear of such things? It just raises your vibration even higher). We also spoke about alignment. She was surprised that there were not more people on the conference and we came to the conclusion that it was all related to alignment. I so enjoyed my conversation with her!
Let me know if this ink color works better for you.
Now that we've reached another milestone, I think it's a good excuse for me to express, one more time, my appreciation of you. Talking to you every day gives me a whole new perspective on my own life and that, my dear friend, is priceless! (Hehehe, did that sound corny or what? I couldn't resist!!!). Thank you for your comments and cybermessages. I just looove the interaction. It just makes this whole project so much more fun!!!
See you on 101!!!