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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 200 - March 30, 2012

Look at us! DAY 200!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!

Slowly but surely, we have made it this far!!!  YAY FOR THE UNIVERSE!!!

I know, I know, it's been quite a few moons since I last wrote to you. What can I say? Life is interesting. I think of you every day, I promise!  But I just get to living and loving, and before I know it, there goes another 24-hour period! C'est la vie!

Before I tell you my stories, you need to know this.  Tripod has finally set his paw on a furry tail being! Yes! you must know that his days are spent chasing these creatures all over the back grounds. You can see him running back and forth while the furry friends of the puffy tail have a blast teasing him. Well, the universe has responded!  Two days before this one he "almost" caught one! I can only imagine what went through that little being's head!!!!  HURRAY FOR TRIPOD!!!

This past couple of 7-day periods have been awesome.  I've had the opportunity to hold long conversations with many who follow The Boys. And listen very closely to the changes that have taken place in their lives. I tell you, I thank the Universe and myself for this thing called channeling. I really do!  What an amazing and humbling feeling it is to see how many lives are touched by the words that come out of my speaking apparatus! Yeehaw!

On another note, I heard that Uncle Toing's physical apparatus is not doing that well. At first I got worried but then I realized that the super healthy version of him is already there.  I choose to see him exactly the way he wants to be seen: whole! And because the universe adores him, relief is already on its way!

I also had the opportunity to practice letting go. I am convinced that when you want something badly enough, the universe will eventually bring it to you even if you are putting up resistance (willingly or not). I learn every day and our dear Mr. G helps me with that process. It is such a privilege to be able to hear the words from the universe come to me through such a spontaneous and wise young one! Earlier today as I was starting to lose my last ounce of patience with his adolescent self, he turned around and said: "You know something, it is during moments like this, when you and I don't agree on something, that I go to that happy place in my mind and pull out a bucket of love for you. And when I do that, I realize that these arguments are little contrasts, as you call them, that bring us closer and closer. I love you so much!"  Do I need to tell you what happened next? yep.  I went mute, gave him a big mama bear hug, and continued what I was doing! Life is good!

After that interlude, we boarded the Red Bullet and set sail towards Ms Bite's lair, where a delicious nutrition was waiting for us.  There we found Mrs. NightLife and had a couple of 60-minute periods of happy interaction.

I have also been blessed with the opportunity to witness the arrival of this season and I tell you, love is in the air! Every morning I get serenaded by many different feathered friends looking for their partner. Their melodies are just amazing and I have a great time trying to find who's singing what. Most of the time I don't get to see them!

Oh, before I go, I must tell you this. The Manager has decided to become studious again! Yes! She's going back to the biblos. And Ms Diva has set foot on a stage for the first time in the City that Never Sleeps! Isn't that just wonderful!  yes ma'am it is!

Now I'm back at the palace, and I have been left with no choice other than to be immensely grateful for everything that is coming my way.

Nothing better to end this day than to notice all the wonderful things that are already present in my hologram (it's all about me, you know?). So I am grateful for my travel companions on this wonderful trip; I am grateful for everything I have attracted. I am so grateful for the perception of lack, because it helps me build exactly what I want. I am grateful for having you in my life, whether we have met in the physical or not, because your energy enhances the wonderful co-creation that we have come to share.

Wow... that felt goooood!