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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 188 - January 14, 2012

This has been a very good week here in my neck of the woods.  Celebrating the Manager's arrival to the hologram is like one of those gifts that keep on giving. hehe.  Today the Sensible One celebrated her with the blood relations. It was a fun and light afternoon and it was nice to see and to be around our dear blood relations.

I can't believe that Mr. Buff it taking flight to the institution of higher learning again!  i have nothing but respect for his decision. Ah! and along those notes, here's another example of how the universe responds in mysterious ways... Mr. Buff had been set free from his professional obligations many months ago. Terrible thing to happen, you may say.  Sending history letters and making phone calls to no avail. No available opportunities seemed to come his way. In the meantime, he did what The Boys would've advised him to do. What, you ask? Well, he spend his time doing what he loves the most in the whole hologram. He dedicated all these 30-day periods of time to take care of his one and only bundle of joy, Ms. ChubbyCheeks! what a treat! Don't you think so?  You see, if he had found a gainful activity when he started looking for, he would have not had the opportunity to spend these precious months with the light of his life.  So also during this time he decided to go back to the institution of higher learning to  finish his degree. ETD tomorrow.  To his own surprise, he received news of an extremely attractive gainful opportunity just a few moons ago.  So now, at the eve of departing, he is faced with many doors opening at the same time. All of them wonderful. All of them promising. Life is sooo good!!!  I am keeping a close watch on Mr. Butch and I'll keep you posted. He is definitely adored by the spirit world!

Today was not bad at all for this channel. It started very early with  telephone work followed by a visit to the PetWhisperer up there in the woods of the king, taking Freckles for a quick visit. She was found to have lost some of the numbers that contribute to her full figure!  YeeHaw for Freckles!!!  After that, we flew into the Palace, did a little clearing of the dust and were visited by Lord1 who, as usual, came in bearing gifts of nutrition.  I tell you, I have been so fortunate to have attracted the Lords into my life!

As if that was not enough, later I received a very pleasant visit by Mrs. GreenThumb and Mrs. Fixit. They too were bearing gifts!! (Didn't I tell you that when you align with abundance abundance comes to you in many different shapes and forms?) They brought two GORGEOUS book-holding towers!!! and this channel really appreciates them because I still have some of those page turners tucked away in closets, magic squares, even next to my nest! So the day after this one I will spend some 60-minute intervals setting them up. Hmmmmm I am soooo grateful!

The rest is history. I mean, the rest I already told you.

The day after this one will be one of excitement again. It will begin with some early morning labor and then a magical encounter with The Sunday Morning Gang. You can join us if you'd like!  These calls are always tons of fun!  As if this was not enough, we are also holding another conference with The Boys and many who communicate in my mother tongue, only to be followed by a visit to lovely Mrs. Yum and the Lizzard.  Don't you just love life?  Can it get any better than this?  I don't think so!!!

How about you?  What kinds of adventures do you have simmering over there? I'm sure that if you take a second, you will realize that your life IS an adventure!

Until soon!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 187 - January 12, 2012

Don't you just love it when things go your way? Well, I do!  And today has been one of those days.  It is like the universe has been saying: "sure! why not? there it is!  It's yours!  Consider it done! Anything else? What else can I do for you?" , and to be honest, that's exactly how this channel likes to be regarded. :-)  Yes sir-ee!

It all started yesterday when I showed up for laboring at the lawhouse.  First, YourBenchwoman was one who this channel really likes; second, the cases at hand were interesting and the language flowed like a river; third, my adored HyperBenchman came out from the safety of his fishbowl to talk to no other than YoursTruly, and if that was not enough, we closed the day out with a wonderful nutrition out courtesy of The Sensible One, who did it in celebration of the Manager's anniversary of her arrival to the hologram.

There was a little bit of contrast in between the last two events.  It turns out that Mr. G had an injury to the bend on his leg and we were informed by the bone healer that he will need to go under the sharp utensil, which means that he will no longer be able to chase the ball during this learning session. I am completely confident that this contrast will bring him great growth.  I cannot tell you how proud of my backyard creature I am, he is stoic. He has expressed some uneasiness about it but in general he has decided to put his best foot forward. Do I hear a cheer? "HOORAY FOR THE GRASSHOPPER!!!!!!" I know this is an experience that I cannot "make go away", but I know that by helping him soften his vibration about it, he will go through it in a much lighter attitude and it will be an experience that will bring him to the next level of growth.  Worrying about it will not help him, however, as a progenitor, I can't help but feel a little bit of a tug inside. The good thing about this is that The Boys are always with moi and as soon as I feel the lump in my swallowing tube, that familiar feeling of a warm honey bath takes over and the world is fine again. I cannot recommend meditation enough. Seriously.  It just brings you closer and closer to who you are. And that doesn't mean that you need to stop being human and enjoying what being physical is all about, on the contrary; you enjoy it even more because now you have a much broader perspective.

And today?  Well, today the Manager celebrates her 27th trip around the star!!!  That just got me thinking of how true is that we live in the now and only the now. I was reminiscing the first time I walked her into a learning house and it literally felt like a few days ago. Stop laughing!  I am NOT getting senile, I promise!  It just dawned on me how true it is that time is only a perception. But anyway, we are not getting into that "time thing" again. Today I am celebrating! My day today was spent doing things that I like. Stuff like meditating, cleaning, creating a Spanish Blog, and doing things that really, really help me flow.  And while on that frame of mind and spirit, I received a telephone call from the central learning institution in my end of the woods asking if I would entertain the idea of a Q&A session with them with the purpose of offering YoursTruly a gig.  I'll tell you what happens. But what does happen is that when you are allowing your flow, when you are busy being you, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g comes your way!  The way I see that phone call is the universe is responding to my request for a more abundant bank account! Yes Sir! The Universe is always listening, like The Voice would always say! Other things happened today that made go "Thank you" about a hundred times. LIFE IS GOOD!

Anyway my dear, it is time for this channel to get some things done around the palace and the go hit the fluffy.
OH!!!!!! BEFORE I GO!!!!  Guess what????  Diva has landed her first performance in the BigCity!!!  We are all soooo proud of her!!!

OK, enough emotions for one post.  Give me a smile. That's it! You look gorgeous!

See you soon?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 186 - January 9, 2012

I love writing "2012".  Something about feels just right. yes, I know this is a random comment, but it's important that you know it (says the channel!).

As I was walking towards Old Faithful I was feeling a rush of appreciation towards the universe for having sent an angel to repair this electronic connection. I had been devoid of cyber access for the weekend.  On one side I felt  like my tools had been taken and to be completely honest, I kind of liked it. It was my excuse to be MIA and give my thinking anatomy (and digits!) a much deserved rest.  This got me thinking at how amazing the universe really is. Do you remember I told you that I do some work at unmentionable hours of the morning?  Well, I haven't complaint about it but have felt the effects of lack of z's on my anatomy and thinking apparatus. And the universe, my faithful friend, has been listening to all of this.  Well, you should know that several days ago the ringer that is used for that purpose took a break; by this I mean it just refused to work. I called the appropriate fixers and they said it would be ready in two hours; one day later the same story and two days later the same. The end result is that YoursTruly got an opportunity to play in the spirit world for longer hours this end of the week. THAT, my dear friend, felt FANTASTIC!  

On another note, I held a teaching session at the beginning of the end of the week. That went very well. The attendants are very smart and well educated and that challenges my ability as a trainer, which is always fun. Then on Sunday we held a Meetup with The Boys.   This particular get-together was very interesting as we had many new friends join us.  Some found the information very useful and some were not aligned with it yet. The combination of forces gathered at the Manager's lair made for a bubbly interaction. It is a funny thing what this channel experiences as someone challenges the messages coming through. My first instinct seems to always be to jump out and "tell it like it is," but I always feel the soft but firm hold-back coming from spirit and "suggesting" that I stay to the side (it really feels more like "go to your room," to be honest!).  From this channel's perspective, I believe it was a lesson learned by all.  And for each of us the lesson was personalized.

This day was pretty stormy around these parts so YoursTruly took advantage of not having to labor outside of the palace and remained indoors, enjoying the adoring company of Tripod and Freckles. I tell you, those two beings are the face of unconditional love!  Tomorrow will be an intense day of labor with a particular YourBenchMan that works at the speed of sound, or light, whichever is the fastest! So working with him is a good challenge. On the other hand, his personality is playful, so the interaction is always fun. I am really looking forward to it!

Well, I guess that's about it for this episode!  It's time to confer with the fluffy.

Here's hoping that your dreams are magical. Just like mine!