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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 143 - September 2, 2011

Is it a channel's responsibility to provide ongoing communication to the people who follow the message or is it a joyful co-creative experience where channel and "recipient" share the excitement of the interaction created by the messages that are coming through? I'd like to think that the more the interaction is based on freedom and joy, the better that it is.  Otherwise it wouldn't be called channeling, right? I had never before stopped to think about this until someone raised a concern about not receiving frequent communications from The Boys.  So I thought about it and meditated on it. The answer came back loud and clear:  this is a relationship of love and it is a true co-creation.  When the hearts are ready to listen, the channel flows towards that direction. When the hearts are busy growing and applying what they've learned, the channel flows towards the direction where his or her attention should be focused. It is truly not much of a choice. Yeah, your eyes are glazing and you're thinking "this Channel went coo-coo."  I really haven't.. or have I?  The way the answer came back is this:  I am "pulled" to pay more attention where there is more desire.  Remember how The Boys always tell you "We are here not because we decided that you needed us, not because the Channel decided that you needed us, but because you created this moment by your own desire to know more"?  Well, that made it very clear to me. There!  I'm off the hook! la,la,la.....

today I woke up in a special mood. I just feel like singing and rejoicing.  My spirit is soaring with the birds. And speaking about birds, today I saw one of our magestic feathered friends, the hawk!  I hadn't seen one in a while, and yesterday one of them came all the way down to my fence.  How impressive creatures they are. We stared at each other for a little bit. We both understood. Then he took off. Spreading his amazing wings.  Show-off!

This morning the Manager invited me to morning meal at her castle.  She has such a beautiful dwelling! It is a joy to see how nicely she has settled into her role as a housewoman.  You've done well, Channel, you've done well!

Diva reports positive experiences in the city that never sleeps. She has found a dwelling and now feels like she has moved to the big city!  Her vibration has shifted and she is in a much more positive mood. Hurray for DIVA!!!!

Gottago.  I hope you are smiling!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 142 - September 1st., 2011

I am so happy that I don't even care about the lack of cold air.  You see, a few months ago I thought I wanted to do "something" about the book, but I just didn't know exactly what. Well, as always, the universe, in a very subtle way, brought to me that "something."  Check it out:  Isn't is amazing? I just loved it! Tell me what you think. I have asked the same company to do the same for the book that is written in my mother tongue, but they tell me it is not possible. Oh well, maybe PicassoSouthofTheBorder will be able to help me out, so I just sent him a ciberletter inquiring about that.

Today started with the mandatory alarm-cursing (no, I have not conquered that yet!). Specially after a night of very light sleep. Then I spent a considerable amount of 60-second intervals trying to figure out what to dress my anatomy with today. Anywho, Mr. G and YoursTruly got ready pretty fast, considering the fact that both of our physical apparatus felt exhausted from the heat. Our ride to the learning house was very pleasant. We spoke about the difference between religion and spirituality and the funniest part was when he turned around and said "But you are definitely much more spiritual than religious. Anyone can see that." I just looooooove that hopper!

I WON THE LOTTERY! I really did! You see, the other day LadyLust had purchased a pair of moneyscatchers and gave me one. Well, I discovered I had about 100 cents in prices. So I happily went to the trading post to trade the cardboard for another game. What was my surprise when as I was starting to walk away, the employee tells me, "Ma'am, you are forgetting your other $5.00" OMG. I felt like if I had won the lottery. And I actually did!!!! I was so excited that a couple of males standing in line burst out in laughter. Life is soooo goood!

Another fantastic thing was how my butterfly came to me today. I had taken a break from the LawHouse and was sitting inside the RedBullet making some calls. As I was sitting there, talking to the Manager, I felt rather than "heard" something on my window. As I turned around to look, there was this gorgeous butterfly. Yellow and brown with some blue spots on her wings. She stood there as if waiting for me to open the window for her. I thought it would be a good idea to snap a picture of her but I'll be darned if my talking device would let me. I tried and tried and by the time it was ready to go, she took off, flying like a queen around my vessel and then off to the trees. Ah! That was lovely.

I think that's going to be it for tonight. I'm going to get under the domestic waterfall and cool off for the evening.

Ta-da for now!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 141 - August 31, 2011

It is on days like today that I would gladly run away to a cooler land, like the Netherlands, for example, or Argentina this time of the year.

Guys, the Universe IS listening.  Remember I kept complaining about the weather? Well.. guess what?  Yesterday my cooling apparatus gave up. Caputs. Done. No more fresh air for the Channel!  So, needless to say, Mr. G and YoursTruly are living in a sauna.  One positive thing about this?  There will be less of me once all of this is said an done and all my weight-loss dreams would've come true! hehehe

So, what's new? You ask.  Well... not much, to be honest.  Time is going by so fast.  I have been going to work with YourBenchmen every day and having a jolly old time. Tomorrow will not be an exception. this morning, after dropping off our dear Mr. Grasshopper, I turned on "Rescue Me" and sang from the top of my breathing bags all the way into the house of law. Can you think of a better way to start your laboring day?

My plans of a working entity are taking shape and that makes me very happy.

Tonight I had the pleasure of being a guest at Coach Cafe with our dear K and E!  It was an amazing experience, which was enhanced by the knowledge that you were there!

Many exciting things are happening but the eye curtains are weighing heavily.  I'll update you next time.
Thank you for playing along. This is so much more fun with you!!!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 140 - August 29, 2011

Today we will not even acknowledge the weather. Yeah right, I just did!  I'm excited to tell you that even though the numbers keep climbing, there is relief in sight!!! Today I started thinking about complaining when I stopped myself and said: "Now Channel, what good things do you have to say about the weather?" Do you know what my first answer was? "NOTHING!  Who would have something good to say about this?" hehe.  But then I did a purposeful effort to veer my vibrational boat away from the self-pitying thoughts and said:  "Well, for one, I have been able to see the sun every day.  I don't have to carry a sweater, and my skin is gorgeous from all the sweating."  There!  That was a good start, don't you think so?  I alsothanked the universe because from now on I will appreciate temperatures that I used to think were unbearable. It's all about perspective, my friend.

I won't write too much today. My physical vessel is exhausted for some reason and I need to recharge batteries for the day after this one. The eye curtains are falling heavily :)

Just quickly. Today I went to the facility where I get to play James Bond in my mind. It was a very productive day and I was pleased to hear that this particular YourBenchman is very pleased with the work that I do. Then it was time to pick up a very funny Mr. Grasshopper from the learning house. I tell you, that boy is getting funnier by the second. And not only that, he has gained so much self-confidence, it's a joy to observe him.

Today we talked again about what happens after our energy leaves the physical body. We had apretty profound conversation. He was a little nervous about it until I asked him: "Are you afraid to fall asleep at night?"  "Of course not" was the obvious reply. "Well," I said, "then you shouldn't be afraid of death. It is only a transition. It is just like falling asleep."  Watch this, this is what he responded: "Oh! I get it. So when we die it is like if we fall asleep, go to all of these weird places and then wake up in another body, only we don't remember anything that happened before we went to sleep. That's pretty cool."  After I picked up my jaw from the floor, I gathered just enough composture to ask him if he would like to have an experience of a previous trip to the hologram, to which he said yes. So stay tuned, pretty soon I will be reporting to you on that.

Well dear friend, I really must conference with the fluffy now.  Thoughts of love and light are flying your way. Remember that happiness is a decision, not an accident.

Sweet dreams!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 139 - August 28, 2011

Another amazing time spent with the Sunday Morning Gang!  I understand that there was a large group attending the call.  I hope you were there.  I cannot remember what was said, but what I do remember is the energy that I felt when I finished channeling. A-mazing!

Did I say that yesterday had been the hottest day of this trip around the sun in my city? Well, little did I know that today was going to top that!  Oh, Baby!  Was it not-cold-at-all today! 

The very good thing is that Ms Bite invited LadyLust and YoursTruly to "cool off" in the waterhole. Even the H2O was a little bit too much on the warm side of things!  But we had so much fun! LadyLust brought some brewed beverages of the very cold kind and the three of us proceeded to have a lovely time under the fireball in the sky.  At times we were joined by other beings, some a little bit on the way-too-talkative side, but all of them nice nonetheless.  I am so grateful for this opportunity!

Earlier, on our way to the waterhole, we spoke with Mrs. Convert, who was happily spending the weekend with all her offspring.  She told us that yesterday they took a choo-choo ride with YourExcellency Mr. Ambassador and the rest of the clan.  According to her report, they had an amazing time.  It is always uplifting when we get to speak to Mr. and Mrs. Convert. Actually, to any of the members of the Convert Family!  I also got to speak briefly with Mr. Farmer, who is  elated by the promise of his first offspring!  Yeehaw for family!!

Later LadyLust and YoursTruly proceeded to have some... yep, you've got it... ICE CREAM!  Isn't that just the best way to end an amazing time under the sun? I tell you, I love that woman!  I am so grateful to the universe for having set everything in motion so that we could share our time at the hologram on this amazing ride!

On the way back from dropping LadyLust off at her residence I spoke to the Author, who is always full of amazing news about her book. And still a little later, I spoke to Mrs. Yum!  She is so much fun. I enjoy our conversations tremendously.

After that, I did a little meditation, got under the domestic waterfall and then proceeded to enjoy the laziest of afternoons in front of the moving-picture box. That felt good!

This coming week already looks busy.  That's exciting! That means a lot of adventure!

Hope you start yours with a smile.