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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 180 - December 21, 2011

I know what's going through your mind:  this channel has completely forgotten us!   Well, surprise, surprise!  I have not! You are in my thoughts, it's just that life gets pretty intense and before I know it, days and 7-day intervals go by.

A lot has happened since the last time you and I spoke.  Things just seem to be moving at the speed of sound. And please, don't take this as a complaint, not at all!  But what happens is that before Yours Truly realizes it, many days have passed between writings. One of the most amazing things that has been happening is that Diva the NewYorker is IN THE HOUSE!  Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no greater joy than to be reunited with those who you love and adore in this trip to the hologram, and Ms Diva certainly fits into that category.

For the beginning of this 7-day period of time I was away in CowTown teaching something I had never taught before.  I must confess to you that I had no desire to be there as my physical apparatus was not working at its best, and as if that was not enough, I actually felt on the uncertain side of things.  Happy to report things went smoothly and my learners learned! hehe  The nicest thing about it was that I had the opportunity to revisit with some of the amazing beings that I met during the previous adventure in CowTown.

The celebration of the birth of Mr. J is just a couple of days away and the trading posts are crammed with physical beings buying gifts for everyone on their lists; feeling joy and love for all; and all in the name of the "Big J."  You know me.  Ever since the Boys came into my experience my views of  Mr. J have changed drastically.  Well no, I take that back.  My views of Mr. J have changed quite a bit, but my understanding of religion has changed drastically.  So I see all these beings hurrying up, spending their washingtons full of joy. Wanting to demonstrate love and joy and peace on the hologram for all mankind in the name of Mr. J, and I wonder how many of us really and truly understand "the message."  I do not believe that the message to be conveyed is to be poor and sad, don't get me wrong.  I am all for abundance, joy and partying! But I wonder what would happen if we would give ourselves permission to behave like this all year long.  I asked Mrs. Ironcurtain that same question yesterday and her answer was:  "it is not financially viable."  And you know something? She's right! That is a firm belief in our society and therefore it is not compatible with the economy, hehe.  Well, I am trying to change my beliefs. I think that the feeling of joy, love and celebration should be officially extended to 365 days out of the year, yes sir-ee!

You are probably rolling your eyes by now. Thinking: "channel, really? when are YOU getting to the point?"  Hehe. And the beauty of this is that there is no point to what I'm saying.

The day before this one, Ms Bite came over and helped me place the blinking brights around the pine! It looks gorgeous! It just encourages me to feel more and more festive, and that's how I want to feel! We also placed colorful blinking diamonds outside the entrance to the Palace. These I think I will leave on all year-long!  what do you think? Why not keep the festive mood alive?

I am very excited to tell you that on the day that follows the celebration of this holiday, YoursTruly, the Manager, Mr. G and Ms Diva will be traveling to a nearby settlement for an exciting day of adventures with The Boys.  One of our dear new friends has organized a day full of adventure for us! First, Diva and Yours Truly will be having an experience of the deep-trance kind to be followed by a reunion, led by the Boys, with new friends.  Aren't you excited?  This channel IS!

Today YoursTruly received some news that made me feel not-too-happy from the physical perspective. As I spoke to Mrs. Convert, she informed me that the Disciple is not on the healthy side of things and may be ready for lift-off from the hologram. I know this is resistance. I also know that this is just one trip in our many travels and that we leave because what comes after this is better (didn't The Boys just told us so during one of the latest Sunday Morning Gang reunions?); I still can't help it.  I   am still looking forward to having a long conversation with him while he's still in the physical. I feel sad not because of what may happen to him. I feel not-happy because I will miss the opportunity to interact with him from the physical perspective.  In the big picture, I know perfectly well that it is all good.  I know that Mrs. Disciple will eventually be fine and that life in the hologram will continue being the adventure that it always has been.  Most importantly, I know that he will be back for more! And THAT is an exciting expectation! Anyway, I thought that if I told you this it would take the edge off, and it has!  I feel much better now. Thank you for the shoulder!

Gotago now.  Mr. G has been calling incessantly, wanting to go spend his washingtons on something for his sibling!

I will write more often. I promise. We are just half-way through!

Ta-da for now!