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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 86 - June 18, 2011

I think the Boys are really playing cyber tricks on me. Seriously! I love how they bring out that "question mark look" on my face when they do things like this.  I could have sworn that I had posted yesterday's post last night, but as I came to talk to you tonight, I realized it was not there. It was still pending. Hehehe.  You wrote me an email saying "take it easy. Things will resolve when you relax," and I cannot agree with you more, but I truly do believe that the Universe is playing with me and kind of telling me "let me surprise you. Let it happen."  Maybe that's just me, but that's my perspective on things. What do you think?

Well, today was a full day of activity.  Please don't laugh, but this morning I woke up thinking I was scheduled for my super-early activity.  I had to literally peel myself off of my nest, then I prepared some really strong wake-me-up beverage, drank some of it and came to check in.  When the "on" time came up, I waited a few minutes and noticed nothing was happening. So I worked a little bit on my class for today and decided to check my schedule. I wasn't scheduled!  By now I was wide awake, but determined not to waste precious time, so I went back to the nest and tried to join source.  My body was awake, so I decided to meditate. I must have meditated for a while and then fallen asleep.  Anyway, just to tell you how goofus I can be sometimes!

I got up later and Diva took me to my class.  It was a full day of work. This group is not as enthusiastic as the previous one, so I really had to elicit their participation. It doesn't matter. I am convinced that my Inner Being breaks any and all sorts of ice!! Hehehe.  Everything melts with the power of love!  There is this one particular person whose body language said it all. She had her arms folded all day yesterday. Well, today she indicated that she is appreciative of everything that she's learning.  BRAVO for Source!!!!!

As if that hadn't been enough (my walking extremities were in serious discomfort by the end of the class), when Diva picked me up we travelled to the house of LadyLust, who was holding a celebration for the anniversary of young Mr. Driven's arrival into the hologram.  That was great fun!  Everybody was there. Miss Bite, Mrs. Yum, CatGirl, Miss Pretty and many, many more!

Now I'm happily in my corner of the world. In my adorable Palace with Freckles laying at my feet and Tripod by the door. Life is good. No.  Life is VERY good!  I am so glad that I decided to come to the hologram at the same time as you! 

Now I must let the eye curtains fall naturally and allow my human form to relax. Tomorrow will be a NON-PHYSICAL day!! yeeehaw!!!! I get to recharge my spiritual batteries BIG TIME.

First it will be our call with the Sunday Morning Gang (your really, really,  should join us) and then, it will be our monthly session with The Boys.  It should be an interesting gathering as many people have said they are coming.  I'll let you know how it went.

Thank you for keeping me company!  See you tomorrow?

Day 85 - June 17, 2011

It has happened! It finally happened! Guess what?  today I got a call from the Author to let me know that her book has been published!! This is such wonderful news!!! We had been waiting for this!  You may wonder why am I so excited about this. Let me put it this way, this book is like my nephew.  I knew about it ever since it was a wink in his mother's eye; then throughout its creation, and then, finally, I am very proud to report, that I was the first human to ever lay eyes on it besides it's creator.  Don't you think it's fair to say it is like a nephew? hehe  Besides that, when you travel through the story, you will realize that, in what may seem to be a very indirect way, source energy provided a lot of the information. You will LOVE it! 
Oh! Not only that, but our amazing Sunday Call is mentioned in the story!!!  By the way, don't miss it this Sunday (10:30 am New York time)

something needs to be said for the love that pups have for their pets (i.e. us humans), don't you think? Take Tripod and Freckles for example.  I'll be sitting here in front of Old Faithful, working away and minding my own business when I look away from the magic square and there they are, keeping me company, balancing my vibration.  Usually, one of them will be right next to me (whoever gets there first) and the other one not to far away, guarding the door, making sure that Yours Truly is safe and sound. And the most amazing thing is that they sense when I look their way, because it doesn't matter if they are slumbering (I may have just created a new verb), they will feel my gaze and immediately get up and come to greet me. Tails wagging and all.  I am so appreciative of them! They truly make my world a better place!  If you don't believe me, let me introduce you to Tripod, my fierce protector.

Today was a very busy day.  It started with my usual trip to Mr. Grasshopper's learning house, only today we had an additional passenger: Diva!  the trip was lovely and we chatted the whole way there. On the way back, Diva and I treated ourselves with a delicious hot beverage of the fancy cup kind and proceeded in the direction of her gainful employment place.  Then I visited the Manager at her Castle. Her castle is so lovely, it reminds me of a cottage taken out of a story book.  I am confident they will enjoy their dwellings tremendously.  THEN I picked up materials for my class and off to class I went....

This group is great. The dynamics are different, as expected, than the last one, but it is a very good group. We finished class and I got to the Palace just in time for my lesson with Mr. Studious. He is such an eager learner. I love it!  He has broken out of his shell and now is showing his true colors.  That boy has an amazing sense of humor!

Then the Manager, Diva, the Sensible One and Yours Truly visited for a little bit.  They just left, and I came over to talk to you.  Tomorrow will be a super early morning and I must confer with the fluffy one.

Nighty night night!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 84 - June 16, 2011

EXTRA! EXTRA! On the brink of manifestation. EXTRA! EXTRA! No, I haven't gone crazy, I promise. OK, just slightly. I know I'm on the brink of manifesting a magnificent creation. Why do I know this? It has happened tome before. Right when I am about to manifest something amazing, I go into this slump. It comes on quickly, it's extremely strong and it goes away as quick as I can manage to look the other way. It never fails.

As it happens, today was a very busy day.  Oh! But if you read yesterday's story, you must have noticed that I was experiencing contrast with Old Faithful (Old=yes, Faithful= hmm). Well, things progressed and it was not until 2 before noon hours that I was finally able to say "I finished the work."  Very well, today, I felt something was up.  To begin with, Mr. Grasshopper got up, got ready, fed the quadripeds and had his morning meal, ALL WITHOUT ONE SINGLE COMPLAINT. That's enough to raise anybody's body hair!  So we did our morning ride. We didn't even played notes, we were having so much fun talking about many things. After I deposited him at the learning house, I took the trip back to the palace and continued with my work.  Well, between Old Faithful's lack of speed, a deadline to meet with the Book Dealer, a presentation due tonight a two pending jobs, my level of stress started raising. I left to meet with the BookDealer only to find when I got there that the place was packed and I had to leave the Red Bulled far away (are you paying attention? Can you notice how all of this has a definite feeling of self-pity?).  The BookDealer did not help matters by pointing out how sorry she felt every time she realized how busy my schedule was, so she proceeded to give me some advice. Some of it, I have to confess, was excellent and I started implementing it immediately (there are no coincidences!) but some of it was definitely a match to my negative emotion.  By the time I picked Mr. G up I felt overwhelmed, used and defeated. OMG, you must be asking, "How did you get there Channel?  You were in a pretty good place yesterday."  Easy, that's how I know that something's up with the universe. This is the kind of negativity that "creeps up"on me. You see, when you have been building stuff and there has been no contrast to push the last straw of manifestation magic, the universe takes you to that dark place so that you can allow the manifestation of that great stuff. Now, what's left to do is relax and let the universe surprise me with the manifestation.  I'm not even going to claim that I have a clue about what it is, because I don't.  Sit back. I'll keep you posted.

Right now I'm in a pretty good place.  Thanks to the fit that I threw, Diva cooked (yes, you heard right)., Grasshopper bathed the vegetation and cleaned the eating tools and both of them cleaned the cooking room. All of this while I gave my presentation.  After we ate Diva's delicious experiment, we proceeded to go have ice-cream.  The world is whole again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand:  THE AUTHOR HAS PUBLISHED!!!  She just let me know that her first copy has been printed... OMG I saw the picture on the cybertalk screen. It looks beautiful! Even better than the way  I had pictured it in my mind. Don't worry, as soon as I have her permission, I will let you know the title. I can tell you this. It is an awesome story! I bear witness to the time and dedication she placed in researching facts for her book. She even got help from the non-physical! Super awesome!  She reports that Arm Candy is as proud as can be. As he should!

You know something?  It's been a few days since I've listened to any notes. That just means that my brain is on overdrive. No biggie. Tomorrow is the day, yes sir-ee!

Well, it's time to finish tomorrow's preparations. Tomorrow I start with a new group. It should be interesting

Smile as much and as often as you can!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 83 - June 15, 2011

There is such a thing as overworking an intelligent device. Believe me. Today I have been witness to the semi-demise of Old Faithful.  Has it ever happened to you that you type an alphabet character and it sits there and waits, and waits? And waits!  I'm not kidding, just typing these few sentences has taken me 10 minutes..... do you think that the Universe is trying to convey a message? Hehehe  The Boys like teasing me with tech problems. Many of you have been witness to it during some of our teleconferences. I think the Universe is trying to help me slow down a little bit.  These past few days I've been going at the speed of sound meeting deadlines, scheduling adventures and planning for fun. And I honestly believe that my Inner Self is saying: "Hey! We came here to enjoy the ride, but this looks like a blur! Slow down, will you?" But how can you slow down when life is soooo exciting! 

My day started with the traditional cursing at the sleep-stopper, then I took an H2O rain and spent another 20 minutes standing in front of the clothes-holder, waiting for enlightenment.  It finally came in the form of a paisley top (another courtesy of the Author in Florida) and some pretty cute Romes.  The trip to the learning house was seamless.  A very excited Grasshopper hogged the conversation all the way.  When I got back to the palace it was time for our weekly lesson with Mrs. Fabulous. Those are always exciting. Today the conversation was about culture and differences. The way people from one place perceive people from another.  It was interesting.  I am so glad to see that I have come to the realization that we are all A-OK. That it is all a matter of perception.

After that I pounded the letter board for a couple of hours and then it was time to do the usual route: mailing house, money-keeping house and picking up Diva, then off to pick up an even more excited Grasshopper. I pray to all the gods that have ever been that he gets enough balance to be able to focus on his learnings!

More work, then off to see the Manager's new digs!! OMG that dwelling is gorgeous!  We are all so proud and so happy for the Manager and the Sensible One! They are starting off with a very heavy right foot. Definitely!!!  After checking out the premises we all went to enjoy a meal out to celebrate for this auspicious occasion!

I am going to let the Universe take care of my technical predicament, as I am in need of Old Faithful for a presentation tomorrow.  Let's let the Universe surprise us!  This baby is not in a hurry tonight!

This evening I had another session with Mr. Studious.  He is a quick and enthusiastic learner. We are having so much fun!

Well friend, that's it.  O.F. is not being very cooperative and so I will let her rest.
And you too!

Ta-da for now!

Day 82 - June 14, 2011

The voices inside my head made me do it! The voices did it!! What, you ask?  All of this!!! And it has been by listening to the voices in my head that I went from  feeling lost and vulnerable three years ago to being here today. Talking to you all the way in your neck of the woods. 

Not in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined that today You would be reading the words that I type all the way from Russia, China, Denmark, Texas, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Singapore, Florida, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Colorado, Uruguay, Yemen, Australia, New York, North Carolina, Wyoming, Italy, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, California, Morocco, Belgium, Spain, France, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Alaska, Bolivia (whew! Am I missing anyone?). Seriously, I'm not bragging, but I am so impressed by the way energy works!  And all of this has happened naturally. Every new adventure, every new development has always felt like it is the next natural step. People have come, circumstances have emerged and the right words have been spoken. I can honestly tell you that I did not do anything but allow The Voices in My Head to lead the way. I love it! From now on, anytime anyone questions what I say or do, I will say: the voices in my head made me do it!!!

I am so glad you liked the doors! I know it may sound not-serious, but that first date with this new palace, as I was leaving and Lord 1 closed the doors my heart skipped a beat, took a jump and went on overdrive. That was the sign that I needed to make this decision!  And i don't regret it one single bit! I love dwelling in this palace. I love the feeling of it, the energy that floats around.

Well, let's get back to the original purpose of this adventure: to tell you what I did.  I regret to inform you that the information you are about to read may put you to sleep.  (You've been warned!)

This is how it went. Was woken up by a very uplifted Grasshopper. He was ready to go? Was that possible? It wasn't even light outside! That's how excited he is about his new learning house. Let's hope that he feels the same 6 months from now! It is a looooong trip to his new learning house so this morning we had plenty of opportunity to chat. We spoke about life in general and then he went into a rampage of appreciation.  Of course he doesn't know that that's what it was, but he started looking for positive things to say about people and circumstances that he would normally not like. By the time he stepped out of the Red Bullet he turned around and said: I feel wonderful!  Do you see how easy it is?  We adults are all breaking our heads trying to find the secret of life, when it is there, every day, at every moment. Staring at us in the eye: APPRECIATION.

When I finally made it back to the palace I came to sit in front of Old Faithful and do some work.  My dear Old Faithful is in dire need of a revamp. She needs to be away at the cyberspa for a few days and have the OldFaithfulDoctors clean her brain. working with her takes probably at least twice the amount of time. That's how not-fast she is.  So as soon as the abundance allocated to this task falls on my pretty little hands (not so little, by the way), she will be taking a spa week. It will come, because I have desired it!

After that it was more running around. Picking Mr G up, running errands, shipping some books (yay! thank you so much!), then I had a session and then it was time for Mr. Studious lesson. After that... guess... back to Old Faithful to do more work. I decided to take a break and come talk to you. You are way nicer than work!

Now go and get some rest. I'll be around tomorrow.

Sweet slumber!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 81 - June 13, 2011

Watching "young'uns" grow is a real privilege. It is like living and rediscovering life all over again, but with the advantage of seeing how much more advanced they are than you were at that age. That hit me today. I was talking with Mr. G who, by the way, had his first experience today at the facilities of his new high learning house, and I remembered specific moments that I lived at his age. However, I think I was much more naive than him at that age! There it is!  The Boys are always saying "the movement is always forward," "you are beings in expansion," "every time you come back to the hologram you are bigger, expanded, smarter if you will."  It dawned on me! Yes! We are able to actually see it happening with our own breed!  Amazing. Simply amazing.

I am so happy to hear that my writing inspires you and that you feel connected in many of the things that you read here. That, my dear friend, was the original intent of this commitment. To open up my life and thoughts so that many of you could connect to that.  I would recommend that you write, even if it is just for yourself or for the whole world to see, it doesn't matter. Write about you and your dreams and your reasons to appreciate, and the hologram will be a whole new adventure for you!  Although I have a feeling that it already is!!! Thank you for your beautiful words.

I was thinking about the fact that I have not spoken about the magic cubes lately... well, there are still many pristine cubes in the parking room, although I keep working at it; steadily bringing them in, one by one.  The flow has slowed down considerably as I become less enthuse about putting belongings away. Hehehe.  Besides that, my life has been so amazingly rich lately that I have been busy doing all sorts of things.

You asked for a picture of the magic red doors, and, just because the Universe adores you (and so do I) I have to oblige. Here they are. What do you think?  Magical, isn't it? I tell you, they were what sealed the deal with this palace!

And speaking about new channeling heights... today I realized something. Someone that I know told me "Those were The Boys speaking, it was not you," and I realized that that is happening more and more. But without me channeling, or tuned-in, or even feeling the different sensations in my body that tell me when something is coming from my Inner Self. I believe that every day, more and more, we are becoming one. Or rather, I am becoming one with who I am. With the more expanded version of me. Wow. Life is good! I am actually being able to tap into that universal wisdom. WOW! I'm impressed. Now, if I could only tap into it enough to resolve the few contrasts that I just don't seem to get straight,  life would be even better!  But we know that we came here for the joy and the adventure that the hologram provides us with, so I'm not going to complain about the contrasts. I'm just going to treat them for what they are:  eggshells!

Well, well, well, next week we will be moving more cubes, but this one they will be for the Manager and the Sensible One!!!! yeehaw! I think I am more excited than they are!!!  Also next week I will be traveling to the coast that's not on the West for a business conference.  It will be interesting.

Today two very distinct butterflies came to pay me a visit.  They were very, very small and of a lilac-brownish color.  Very beautiful. They brought a huge smile to my face. Can you almost see it?

Tomorrow will be a busy day. The good thing is that I get to stay in the nest longer than this dawn!  Hurray for sleeping!!!!  Remind me to tell you about a dream I had last night.... pretty interesting.

It's time. The eye curtains are falling on their own.  I'm going to go play in the dreamstate for a little bit.
Hope your rest is uninterrupted and that you enjoy your slumber.

Until soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 80 - June 12, 2011

Thinking about what has transpired during the last 80 spins on the planet's axis I realize how much introspection I have gained.  Seriously!  just by talking to you every day I have gained a whole different perspective about my life. Before I started talking to you I was writing my own personal journal (I still do some days) but I would only include things that, I thought, were worth to be mentioned. Now that I have been reporting my daily life to you, I have gained a totally different insight on my own personal life. And do you know what I have to say to you? THANK YOU!

Today was amazing.  It started very early with my new adventure. This is actually helping me get ahead with some of the things that I am working on. FOCUS CHANNEL, FOCUS!!!  OK, so I get up, meditate for about 10 minutes, my physical apparatus is begging me to go back to slumber, but I instead walked to the cooking room and prepared a delicious hot concoction loaded with wake-me-up.  The assignment went by smoothly and I went back to the nest to rejoin my dreams. After what seemed to be fractions of a second, I got up to join the Sunday Morning Gang. Ahhh!  Now, THAT's was a treat. Today's session was amazing. The message of love and softness was more loving and softer than ever before. Do you remember me saying that my channeling was morphing? Well, I think this is a symptom of it! :-)  It is not something fantastic. There are no bells and whistles, but the change is definitely there.  At the end of the call (these calls are free, by the way-wink, wink), several humans mentioned how wonderful today's call felt.

After that I hit the letter pad for a little bit and then it was off to the Sensible One's progenitors' for an afternoon at their water hole.  It was sooooo pleasant and we enjoyed our time there tremendously.  Diva was feeling a little under the weather but being there made her forget about it for a while.

The benefits of meditation are amazing. When we came back I sat in front of old Faithful to continue with my work. The project is challenging as it is a field I am unfamiliar with and so I have the opportunity to do a lot of research as I'm working (lovely!).  Before starting with the task, I closed my eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Not sure how long.  After I had been pounding the letterpad for a while I realized I had been able to do it non-stop for a while, not having to stop every second and look for concepts.  Isn't that lovely?  I softened my perception and the language I was transferring from one dialect to another also softened for me. It eventually got "interesting" again and has given me tremendous opportunities to gather new knowledge. In other words, it got pretty tough! But we are moving forward and deadlines will be met. Yeeeeeee-Haw, Pardner!

Fluffy is restless and calling my name. Actually, spelling my name.  The eye curtains are falling now.  As always, it is so much fun talking to you! 

See you tomorrow?