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Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 182 - December 29 and 30, 2011

Hello there!  This is one of those days where I sit in front of OldFaithful, waiting for the words to come, and since they are not flowing naturally, I will just start typing and see what comes out.

Everything around the palace seems different now that Diva has returned to the BigCity.  I must say that it was great seeing her and the person she is becoming. So independent and self-assured!  Wow!  I tell you.  I am in awe of my offspring! (sounds familiar?).  So now it is Mr. G and Yours Truly and we have been having a great time these days that he's not required at the learning house.

This morning we had one of our conversations, you know, one of those when Mr. G comes out of nowhere with some pretty amazing wisdom, not typical to his age.  I was talking to him about the power of a smile and how it softens not only your vibration but the vibration of the person in front of you. Do you want to know his response? "Duh, mom, a smile is the beginning of love, and love conquers all." I rest my case, ladies and gentlemen.

(I believe the author was Jimmy Hendrix)
And that got me thinking about love and the power of our emotions. You probably have heard The Boys say "love is literally what makes your world go round," and like many others, you may have thought the phrase to be coined or corny (I know I did the first time it came through!), but if you stop for a second and realize the depth and the enormity of the meaning of that phrase, you will end up laughing out loud.  So... love is the emotion that brought us to manifest our amazing energy in this gorgeous physical bods; we know that.  We also know that love is the energy that is Me (and you too!); the essence of who we are.  And we also know that we have created this hologram by focus of the attention of that amazing energy. So, love actually makes the world go round!  Why? Because you and me, and everybody else, have agreed that this physical hologram in which we live has tons of round rocks floating in invisible magma and that the rock that you and I inhabit should in fact go round and round!  And you and I are the manifestation of love, hence.... you know the rest!  Whew! That was something, wasn't it?  But don't you just find it amazing?  Are you as much in awe as I am at the power that lies within us, knowing that power is love?  I know I am!

OK, enough! Let's get back to beeznez.  I must tell you this.  I am one of the happiest campers on (in?) this hologram! I am!  I just love my life!  I was talking to someone earlier today about the new trip around the sun that's about to begin and he was telling me all of the bad things that he intends on fixing.  When my turn to speak came all I had to say was:  I love my life. I love the way I am, even with those things that sometimes bother me, I think I am an amazing being.  I don't think there is anything to "fix", but what I do think is that there is so much to be grateful for!  Just think of this. And I can only speak of YoursTruly here, but you can use this as a model if you want!

Lets do a review of my life during this past trip around the big shining star:

First, my oldest offspring hooked up with the Sensible One and I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her during the planning season.  Amazing.  I also had the opportunity to reunite with the Author in Florida. Mind you, we had not been in each-other's presence for over 25 years! I also got the opportunity to meet so many amazing beings through my "worldly" work and through the Boys. My offspring are all doing fantastic.  I moved into the palace WITH THE RED DOORS!; I traveled; I wrote; I had family come to visit me; I made new friends; I reached souls on the other side of the hologram and beyond; I learned; my channel has grown; my experiences have increased; LIFE IS AMAZING!!!  Yes, I had contrast, plenty of it, and that contrast helped me get to a new level of appreciation. Every single time. It never fails! And today, as I sit here staring at OldFaithful and talking to you, I am certain that those things that I have dreamt about are already here; I can taste them and soon they will spring into manifestation.  Woo-hoo!!!!!!

So my New Year's Resolution is to continue living the NOW and striving for happiness. That's it. None of that losing weight and stop smoking and giving to the poor. I will focus on love and joy and love and joy will be what others will get from me.

Thanks to you my dear friends for following my silly blog. Thanks to all my friends, all over the world, for listening to what this channel has to say.

I am excited about another wonderful trip around the star with you! Ready? Fasten your seatbelt!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 181 - December 26 & 27, 2011

I HAVE SOOOO MUCH TO TELL YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!  Hang on to your seat.

First of all, let me just say that I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Yes my dear Author, I can see you rolling your eyes right about now; just bear with me.  See, I told you that today we were traveling to a nearby settlement for a day of interaction with like-minded beings, right?  So we did.  But let me tell you about all these wonderful beings. They came in one by one and introduced themselves and their abilities. All of them have huge spiritual abilities, which made it for a fun-filled interaction.  Oh!  but I'm getting ahead of myself.  The day began by us meeting with our wonderful new friend, who from now on should be known as Mr. GhostBuster, who held a session of the deep-trance kind both with me and then with Diva.  My personal experience was very interesting.  I think the results will be made obvious with time.  I am certainly looking forward to it!

After a much desired nutrition we headed back to the location to meet and greet the participants in the after 12 event.  Like I said before, they were all wonderful beings with different abilities and different vibration about them.  I just loved being there and The Boys were just amazing.  It never ceases to amaze me how sometimes they are presented with concepts and beliefs that are of a very physical (and sometimes scary!) nature and they softly bring it around and slam it into love!  Oh yeah baby!  The Boys are absolutely awesome!  After our interaction with The Boys we had an opportunity to experience briefly the energy of the matrix.  Even Mr. G got to experience that and he loved it!  Then we traveled to the dwelling of some friends of Mr. GhostBuster for evening nutrition. This had not been originally in the plan but it was a welcomed distraction!  Now, I'm going to tell you about these new friends because your jaw is about to hit the floor. Yep, you heard right.  What these amazing beings do is therapy for beings who have emotional problems.  But what is amazing about them is that they do it all through LOA.  How about that?  Now this is progressive therapy, if I may say so!  Wowowowowow!  I was enthralled by this soft-spoken couple who are way ahead of all the medical advances.  the reason why I said that everything happens of a reason is because I truly do believe that the people that we met on this day will have some sort of a role in what comes next.  I don't know what that is and what shape it will take, but it's coming.

So, having done that, we boarded the RedBullet and proceeded back to the palace. Happily going down our merry-ol-way.  What was my surprise when I opened OldFaithful and found a message from Mrs. Convert. I was not expecting what I'm about to tell you and it almost made me lose my pants.  Now I understand that is is all natural and good, but last night I was not in the know. So... remember I told you how the Disciple was very sick and The Boys sent him a message and told me that we were communicating directly with him.  I will preface this by saying that ever since I learned of the state of his physical vessel, I have been thinking a lot about him and sending him positive emotions and vibrations.  Every time I think of him, I visualize him as if I was looking down from the ceiling. Hold on to your pants....  Mrs. Convert's message indicated that she had been to visit him in his nosocomium bed and that his first words were this:  "I have been communicating with the channel. Both telepathically and visually."  To this, Mrs. Convert thought that maybe someone had read him the message.  But he continued:  "She has been telling me to flow and that is what I have been doing and look at me, I am so much better.  I see her.  I look up and focus on that spot on the ceiling and I see her talking to me. We talk.  She got me out of this."  How's that for a Tuesday morning reading?  The best part was that when Mrs. Convert spoke with Mrs. Buildit (formerly Mrs. Disciple), she informed her that the Disciple had been seeing YoursTruly even before the message of love and well-being was read to him.  And just to top it all off, when Mrs. Convert and YoursTruly spoke I mentioned that I had been thinking about him and of course, visualizing him as I thought of him, but never imagined that he could see me at the same time, and when I described how I saw him on his bed, shirtless, unshaven, bedhead and all, surrounded by certain machines, she indicated that I described him almost to perfection.

So here's what I know now.  I of course asked The Boys to bring their wisdom to me during the sleeping hours. And they did.  As you meditate, as you join forces with BigMe (I mean really join forces) these things are a daily thing.  So in other words, he did see me, we did communicate (we ARE communicating) and this communication is possible because of two things:  first my own connection with The Boys and secondly because of his own connection with his own BigMe.  So there you have it. If you ever believed that telepathy and "natural video conferencing" was not possible, think again. This story should convince you. It has convinced this channel for sure!

Hope you are smiling big!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 180 - December 21, 2011

I know what's going through your mind:  this channel has completely forgotten us!   Well, surprise, surprise!  I have not! You are in my thoughts, it's just that life gets pretty intense and before I know it, days and 7-day intervals go by.

A lot has happened since the last time you and I spoke.  Things just seem to be moving at the speed of sound. And please, don't take this as a complaint, not at all!  But what happens is that before Yours Truly realizes it, many days have passed between writings. One of the most amazing things that has been happening is that Diva the NewYorker is IN THE HOUSE!  Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no greater joy than to be reunited with those who you love and adore in this trip to the hologram, and Ms Diva certainly fits into that category.

For the beginning of this 7-day period of time I was away in CowTown teaching something I had never taught before.  I must confess to you that I had no desire to be there as my physical apparatus was not working at its best, and as if that was not enough, I actually felt on the uncertain side of things.  Happy to report things went smoothly and my learners learned! hehe  The nicest thing about it was that I had the opportunity to revisit with some of the amazing beings that I met during the previous adventure in CowTown.

The celebration of the birth of Mr. J is just a couple of days away and the trading posts are crammed with physical beings buying gifts for everyone on their lists; feeling joy and love for all; and all in the name of the "Big J."  You know me.  Ever since the Boys came into my experience my views of  Mr. J have changed drastically.  Well no, I take that back.  My views of Mr. J have changed quite a bit, but my understanding of religion has changed drastically.  So I see all these beings hurrying up, spending their washingtons full of joy. Wanting to demonstrate love and joy and peace on the hologram for all mankind in the name of Mr. J, and I wonder how many of us really and truly understand "the message."  I do not believe that the message to be conveyed is to be poor and sad, don't get me wrong.  I am all for abundance, joy and partying! But I wonder what would happen if we would give ourselves permission to behave like this all year long.  I asked Mrs. Ironcurtain that same question yesterday and her answer was:  "it is not financially viable."  And you know something? She's right! That is a firm belief in our society and therefore it is not compatible with the economy, hehe.  Well, I am trying to change my beliefs. I think that the feeling of joy, love and celebration should be officially extended to 365 days out of the year, yes sir-ee!

You are probably rolling your eyes by now. Thinking: "channel, really? when are YOU getting to the point?"  Hehe. And the beauty of this is that there is no point to what I'm saying.

The day before this one, Ms Bite came over and helped me place the blinking brights around the pine! It looks gorgeous! It just encourages me to feel more and more festive, and that's how I want to feel! We also placed colorful blinking diamonds outside the entrance to the Palace. These I think I will leave on all year-long!  what do you think? Why not keep the festive mood alive?

I am very excited to tell you that on the day that follows the celebration of this holiday, YoursTruly, the Manager, Mr. G and Ms Diva will be traveling to a nearby settlement for an exciting day of adventures with The Boys.  One of our dear new friends has organized a day full of adventure for us! First, Diva and Yours Truly will be having an experience of the deep-trance kind to be followed by a reunion, led by the Boys, with new friends.  Aren't you excited?  This channel IS!

Today YoursTruly received some news that made me feel not-too-happy from the physical perspective. As I spoke to Mrs. Convert, she informed me that the Disciple is not on the healthy side of things and may be ready for lift-off from the hologram. I know this is resistance. I also know that this is just one trip in our many travels and that we leave because what comes after this is better (didn't The Boys just told us so during one of the latest Sunday Morning Gang reunions?); I still can't help it.  I   am still looking forward to having a long conversation with him while he's still in the physical. I feel sad not because of what may happen to him. I feel not-happy because I will miss the opportunity to interact with him from the physical perspective.  In the big picture, I know perfectly well that it is all good.  I know that Mrs. Disciple will eventually be fine and that life in the hologram will continue being the adventure that it always has been.  Most importantly, I know that he will be back for more! And THAT is an exciting expectation! Anyway, I thought that if I told you this it would take the edge off, and it has!  I feel much better now. Thank you for the shoulder!

Gotago now.  Mr. G has been calling incessantly, wanting to go spend his washingtons on something for his sibling!

I will write more often. I promise. We are just half-way through!

Ta-da for now!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 179 - December 13, 2011

Today would have been the anniversary of JB's arrival to the hologram, so in his memory, I sat down in meditation in the very early morning hours, trying to see if I could "catch a drift" of the essence of who he was when he played with us in the hologram. Just for fun.  I didn't catch any drifts but what I did catch was the nicest and longest nap!  So long it was that I was supposed to run some errands and that went down the way side... hehehe  No complaints here as the extra z's were much welcomed by YoursTruly!

The rest of the day was magical.  Well. In all reality, ever since The Boys came into my life experience, my whole life has become magical!!!  First I had a session of the telephonic kind with someone who had the most pristine vibration. It was absolutely lovely! All channeling is beautiful and I believe that each session that The Boys have is unique, but some feel lighter than others, and this one in particular, felt like feathers! After that it was time to pick up Mr. G and enjoy the pleasure of his company. Sometimes he likes to probe YoursTruly by telling m things that Grinch may say about me. I'm not going to lie, sometimes he succeeds in his efforts! Today was one of those days. My vibration stumbled a little, but I took a short break to take a couple of deep breaths and before I knew it I was laughing again with him!  We stopped by for a very brief encounter with Mrs. Yum and then it was time to fly back to the Palace as another session was soon to happen.

And that session did happen and the feeling that I got on my "side of the fence" was beautiful.  It is fascinating to see how the the people who are attracted to this message just "pop up", it seems from out of nowhere. Like magic! And how when they do, it feels so natural. It feels like they have been here forever. And that is the feeling that I got when meeting this particular new friend; like if we had been friends forever. The interaction with The Boys was very interesting as this particular being came in with many great experiences.  I could feel the incredible amount of love that The Boys were shining on him and how they took each and every one of his very interesting and complex questions and softened them and brought them to pure simplicity. To the most simple denominator: love.  I love it when at the end of a channeling session I open my viewing apparatus and see a glowing face. The face of someone who for a few moments was in touch with who he or she really is and who remembered what life is supposed to be all about. That is the face of pure joy and love. YEE-HAW FOR THE BOYS!

In between all these wonderful activities I had a few communications with Diva, who is full of new energy! Ready to take on the world! You must know that Ms Diva has the ability to channel and she had not pursued it for a long time as she was busy pursuing other more holographic-oriented dreams. Well, she's got new energy in her and is now again interested in her channeling.  It is so refreshing to see her discover the voice of her BigMe!  I can't help but think: "She's already way ahead of the game!  I wish I had started consciously channeling at her age! Imagine where I would be by now?" But I know that things happen the way they happen because that is exactly the experience that we are supposed to live, and that they will not happen to us until we come into complete and perfect alignment with them. Whether we like what we experience or not, we have come into alignment with the expansion that the particular experience is providing us with.  This is just beautiful. Pure gold, if you ask me!

Ms Freckles keeps banging the side structures of the palace with her out-of-this-world device to prevent her from scratching her hearing apparatus. She looks so cute!  Like an alien furry friend! I am happy to report that she is on her way to a full recovery and that makes this channel very happy.  For the past few days it seems like my time in the palace has been greatly spent in preparing her slimming-down nutrition.  It's working!  I'm wondering if I shouldn't follow her steps! Let me think about it. No. Not really.

I must go now.  The cooking room is demanding my attention before I crash the nest this evening.  Thank you Universe for the amazing responses that you shower me with every single day!!!!!  Thanks to YOU for riding this ride with me and for making it even more enjoyable....

Until soon!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 178 - December 11, 2011

Hmmmm!  Today felt just like that... hmmmmmm!  Can you see me smiling?  It was a very good day.  Some days are so good that one should be able to bottle them and sell them! Seriously!

Yesterday was not bad at all either.  It started with the super-early work and that went very well.  Then YoursTruly took a much deserved nap in order to be ready for an interaction between The Boys an many who speak a language other than English.  THAT interaction was great. The group was in such good spirits and The Boys had a blast playing with all of us. As usual, their wisdom is unparalleled and their humor the best!  We also gathered to celebrate little Ms. ChubbyCheeks' first anniversary of her arrival into the hologram. You can imagine how exciting the day was.  Ms. ChubbyCheeks, as usual, was as smiley and as happy as can be. Enjoying the attention and playing with all the playing devices that were gifted to her.  YoursTruly? Well, I enjoyed many things... one was holding little Ms ChubbyCheeks for as long as she would let me and the other one was the company of all those present.  Grandpa TwinkleEye graced us with his presence all the way from the Great Tenochtitlan; him and YoursTruly strategically placed our anatomies right next to the nutrition; it turned out not to be such a great idea as I could barely breathe by the time I departed from the scene. It was a day of great fun interaction with blood relations.  I rode the RedBullet back to the Palace and placed myself in front of the viewing box, prepared to watch a nice moving pictures story and was asleep before it even started!

This morning I did my early-hours work followed by the most awesome meditation. Then a nice nap and up again to play with the Sunday morning gang. The Boys tell us that their energy is so strong that they mess with our  electronics. I believe them without a trace of a doubt.  It turns out that YoursTruly and GorgeousDownUnder were unable to connect to the callers, so we decided to leave the efforts in peace. About 20 minutes into what would have been the call, I received a message saying "We are waiting on the line".  Gorgeous tried again, got us new passnumbers and in we went.  The call was amazing. The energy was effervescent - that's the best way I can describe the way this call felt to me. Wow! It charged me up for the rest of the journey!

After the call I went to the back grounds to play with Freckles and Tripod.  As I was tossing the sphere for them to chase I heard some knocking coming from above.  Stop it!  I know you are laughing thinking: "Channel, you've really lost it this time..."  I really, really heard it!  I looked up and tried to follow the sound until I found it's source. I was very pleasantly surprised when I found this gorgeous feathered friend of the woodpecking kind!  his hairdo was superb and his hair color was bright red.  He was hard at work, searching for food for his babies.  And speaking about babies, as I was admiring him I noticed this tiny little things flying close by.  At first I thought they were my butterflies coming to greet me, but then I realized they were more feathered friends of the kind that drink from flowers!!!  So I decided to follow their flight path and noticed they had a nest!!! They were feeding their offspring! Oh what a sight!  Although their nest was way too high for this channel to be able to see details, I could see them busy tending to their offspring. Isn't this amazing?  I really felt privileged to have been able to witness nature at its best. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!

After that I did a few things around the palace. You know, feed the furry friends, clean here and there, talk to friends over the talking device, return letters of the electronic kind, many, many things.  Then I took a much deserved nap and was awaken by the Manager who brought Wolfgirl for a visit with Freckles and Tripod.  THAT was funny.  They actually got along well. I think she was a little bit scared with Freckles and her alien custom (she is wearing a device around her neck that will prevent her from scratching her ear - she looks like an alien dog... hehe).

Tomorrow will be a day of labor and I want to catch plenty of z's.  It was lovely talking to you! Oh! I've been meaning to tell you:  smile often. Actually, smile now.  Right now.  There you go! It wasn't that hard, was it?

Ta-da for now!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 177 - December 9, 2011

I've been staring at Old Faithful for the past 15 60-second intervals trying to get the words out and nothing is flowing. So I decided to just start and see what comes out. It usually turns out pretty darn good!

The Palace is rejoicing with the presence of little Ms Freckles!!!!  Happy to report she is doing marvelous.  Thank you for your well wishes, by the way! Today I picked her up at the PetWhisperer's healing facility.  You should have seen Tripod when he saw her!  He was jumping up and down like a kangaroo!  Nothing short of endearing, I tell you!  She has been placed on a limited-nutrition regimen as the Pethealer noticed her plump nature and full-figured anatomy. As I come to find out, Ms Freckles loooves earth's products of the green kind!

Today was special from the very beginning.  I don't think I've told you this but it's been a while since Mr. G and YoursTruly have those mandatory morning arguments about who feeds Tripod.  All of a sudden it stopped being an issue. I think that boy is growing up! We do have some about getting out of the Palace on time, but not those long and dragging arguments about feeding Tripod.  Back to the subject, Channel!  (This ADD makes conversations fun, doesn't it?). As I was saying (before I interrupted myself with my own thoughts), this morning started on a very nice note.  Mr. G was particularly complacient this morning and got ready, had his morning nutrition and was out the door without the need of any reminders. During our ride we spoke about how much easier things turn out when you look for the softer side of them. You see, he had been not very soft about certain attitudes of his other progenitor, well, yesterday we had a conversation and I helped him look at the softer side of things. Today, his progenitor - without Mr. G having to request it - offered what Mr. G had in mind! It's that easy! No wonder The Boys are always saying "soften your gaze," "be kind to yourself;"  we believe we are here to prove ourselves and prevail against all odds, and the reality is that we are here to have fun, and by having fun we prevail... hehehe I just love this stuff!

I love how The Boys are always around and how the Universe is always letting me know that I am never alone.  today as I arrived at the Bond Facility something awesome happened.  As I got out of the Red Bullet and was gathering my belongings, I felt this something fly right above my head. I was looking at the floor as I had dropped something and just felt something flying right above my head.  As I looked up I saw this humongous hawk flying and posing himself on a high wire.  He was impressive, I'm not kidding you.  But that was not the amazing thing, what happened next is what really warmed my heart.  I stood there, mouth wide open, admiring him, he then turned around on the wire so as to face me and did something cute that looked like a caravan;  at that moment I thought: "I wonder if this is a sign from the universe" and as if in cue, he spread his wings and flew to a fence that was just about 20 feet from where I was. Stood there, facing me and did one of those cute caravans again, as if saying "at your service." OMG I was paralyzed! Glued to the ground! I promise you I couldn't move.  As he flew away and I made my way into the building, three of the guardians of the law were gathered at the clear wall, pointing in excitement; one of them asked: "was that a hawk?  Funny how close he got to you!"  And I couldn't help but feel so fortunate to be able not only to have this kind of experiences, but to choose to see these as signs that the universe is always listening; always responding. Yes sir!  That's what I'm talking about!

The rest of the day went seamlessly. The Boys were with me all the time; letting me know they were there and softly guiding my steps.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Miss ChubbyCheeks first anniversary of her arrival into the hologram!!!  HURRAY FOR CHUBBY CHEEKS and for how much she has brightened all of our lives by her manifesting in the physical!  The "real" anniversary is a few days later, but tomorrow we will use her as our excuse for joy, love, happiness and, why not?  PARTYING!  Yeehaw!

Today I tried communicating with the Author several times but it was not the time in space to do so.  My talking device just wouldn't allow me to!  I had her in my mind all day and when that happens I know there is a conversation to be had.  Tomorrow. There's always tomorrow! And why am I telling you this?  Because.  That's why!

Anyway. This is as far as the story goes for this day.  I am humbled to know all the countries in which this blog is being followed. THANK YOU for following the craziness of this channel's life!

Fluffy's call is getting stronger. I must respond.  Sweet dreams to you wherever you are.  See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 176 - December 5, 2011

What a rocky week this is turning to be!

First things first, I don't know how many times people have come to The Boys and asked about their pet's health and the meaning of their diseases.  The answer is always similar: they are here to balance the vibration of our hologram; they too are powerful creators that are experiencing life from their broader perspective the expansion that only their disease can provide them with.  I know all that and believe it to be true from the bottom of my heart.  Well, as I sit here talking to you, my dear Freckles is experiencing less-than-optimal physical health and I cannot help but feel for her. The day before this one I was struggling between getting her healing help or helping her transition because of the amount of washingtons that it takes to cover her healing sessions.  This was a decision that YoursTruly did not want to make and it truly made my thinking apparatus struggle and contend with my feeling apparatus. Well, what have I said before?  Yep.  The Universe Adores Moi! As i threw my upper extremities up in the air and said "I give up!"  the answer came rushing in from the least expected source. As we speak, Freckles is at the PetWhisperer's facilities getting the healing that she so much deserves at the expense of the Grinch. Yes, you heard right, The Grinch in the flesh!  How about that?  You take your fingers off of the pulse of the Universe and the Universe surprises you in ways that you never even dreamed of!

Another event was the transition of a particular young being that was close to my heart.  I met him through the nosocomium where I used to labor and felt this very special bond with him and his progenitor. Again, and because the Universe adores me, I found out about his transition by what those who are not "in the know" would call "chance," but that , to me, it has the Universe's fingerprints all over the place.  I don't want to bore you with the details, but I think it illustrates just how magical your connection to BigMe can be.  You may remember that about a month ago I was called to do some work at the nosocomium where I used to labor, and that the day I went in I found out that this particular friend was there and feeling not good. Well, I visited and realized really how important the little things that we do can be for other people.   Well, you are probably thinking: "and exactly why do you think that the universe's love for you is reflected on this?"  Be patient, I'm getting there! Well, the day before this one, as I was just playing around the cyberspace I saw a comment from a friend of the old work place. All it said was something like "it's a sad day."  I had not seen or talked to this person in months, but I had a feeling she was talking about this friend.  So I called, and yep, sure enough. So why am I grateful? Well, because I had the opportunity to visit with his family today and to let them know just how much they are loved. I also had the opportunity to point out what a beautiful family they are and how lucky he must feel to have been part of that group.  that even brought a smile on his progenitor's face. I'm not going to lie.  The eye water was flowing like Niagara and I thought how wonderful it is to allow ourselves to feel and to express our emotions.  It is a form of releasing tension, of letting go. And we've talked adnauseoum about the benefits of letting go, right? So, yes, I am so grateful to the universe, to BigMe, and to physical me too, because I had the opportunity to do something that really meant a lot. This channel is pretty happy today. Yes'm.

Whew!  That was pretty darn intense if you ask me!

Now it's time for some relaxing meditation and another amazing conference with the fluffy.

Ta-da for now!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 175 - December 1st, 2011

Should we strive for specificity about our desires or should we let the universe, our BigMe, lead the way and show us where to go?  These were the questions that Diva and YoursTruly were just discussing over the talking device.  From her perspective, she felt that being specific helped her attain the feeling of accomplishment and sense of direction.  I had to think about this; do a little bit of soul-search and what I found is that I prefer to let BigMe take the reigns. I find that when YoursTruly reaches for specificity, she gets anxious and a little apprehensive, so softening my gaze, letting BigMe lead the way works better for me. And by doing so, specificity comes to me.  See?  It comes around full circle!  In other words, if I set out in the search of specificity, I get short of breath, worry like a worryfeline and make the process just a tad longer.  On the other hand, if I sit back, smell the roses, and marvel at the butterflies and savor the flavor of what i can't find specifics about, BigMe runs out and brings me the specifics that I need.  Isn't that amazing?  That does not mean that Diva is wrong. Not at all. What it means is that we, all of us, are right and that following what flows better with you will bring you your answers in a much softer and expeditious manner.  Be soft, have fun, play with it! It is all part of the alignment process and the more you enjoy the process the more aligned you become with that which you want. Aahhhhh!!  Life is good!

I promise that I've been trying to write every day this week but something always gets in the way and I end up doing other things.  My friend the Author would say that it is all due to Mercury being retrograde; I say it's life. We come here to this hologram with the intention of living life to its fullest and the universe, faithful servant that it is, has to comply with our desires and bring us more of that in which we focus our attention on.  Pretty darn interesting, if you ask me.

This whole week was full of activity.  I had laboring at the lawhouse and the Bond-like facility almost every day. We also had a couple of matches with Mr. G. So as you can see it was a very full and productive week.

Towards the end of the mullah-producing week Mr. Buff came to the palace with his magic wand and Cinderella in tow. Tell you what, this place is SPOTLESS and that, my friend, is enough to put this channel in the best of moods. Oh yes ma'am!  I'm a happy channel. When I arrived at the palace after one Mercury-retrograde-ish kind of day at the lawhouse (you know, the kind of day when everything that has the slightest potential of going wrong actually does go wrong or at least less right!), for a moment I thought I had walked into the wrong dwelling!  Even Tripod and Freckels looked different, more stately I would say!!!  yee-haw! Nothing like coming home to a clean space!!! BRAVO!!!

My friend Mrs. SmartOne paid a visit to the palace as we both attended a gathering of the brains together.  She lives in another corner of the universe, so we invited her to come and take advantage of our nest and fluffy for one evening.  She is such a joy to have around and such a gentle guest at the palace. Thank you universe!  She did not come with empty hands either!  She brought some pretty delicious fruits of the citrus kind. yum-my!

What else?  Well, I'm going to tell you something. You've heard The Boys - over and over again - tell us about the benefits of daily meditation, right?  Well, trust me, they are right!  A couple of days YoursTruly was so un-energized that meditation was left for a better day.  Well, it's OK when it doesn't happen one day, maybe two, but fair enough, the third day without plugging in the spirit-enhancing-charger and my-oh-my, does the vibration start to spiral down! I know that is also part of the experience that we all have to live, but I still think it's much nicer when we can avoid going on those emotional slumps.  The good thing is that I have learned to detect the symptoms right at their appearance and it literally takes me minutes of consciously focusing my attention on positive thoughts to lift my vibration and get into an awesome-feeling kind of place.  I tried to hold a conversation about this with wise Mr. Grasshopper and guess what his response was.... give up?OK. the response was: "Duh! I could have told you that!"  Thank you very much.

Another fantastic thing is that my winged friends of the pretty kind (butterflies) have been visiting my dwelling every single day.  Brightening up my days and giving me more reasons to smile big!

I also attended a gathering of the festive kind and had a wonderful time with new and old friends.  Mr. G attended with me and had a lovely time among people three times his age (hehehe). I tell you, he can be a funny character sometimes.  He's a good observer and made YoursTruly laugh a lot with his personal observations.

By the way, happy to report that Mr.G has finally agreed to share meditation time with YoursTruly!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 174 - November 27, 2011

This should be a pretty short post. Good! I'm glad you agree!

End of the holiday end of the week.  Hmmmm!  I've had a pretty good and relaxing weekend!  I feel totally energized for the days to come and that is a good way to start the 7-day period ahead!

Happy to report that Mr. Grasshopper is back in the Palace!  His presence around here makes a huge difference! I just looove having him around!

Today I made my dream come true.  I started my day with the early morning laboring followed by the Sunday Morning Gang. That right there lifted up my vibes way up high!  Then I had a little chat with Mrs. Convert and LadyLust over the cyberspace and after that I proceeded to place my anatomy in front of the moving-picture viewing box and do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. OK, I did do some writting and some cybersurfing, but other than that, my physical manifestation remained pretty much unmoved!! Aaaaahhhhh! that felt good!  I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that I have eliminated any and all remains of stress that I had in me. This channel has renewed energy, yes ma'am she does!

I also had an opportunity to meditate a little bit.  Can you think of a more perfect day than this one? I am so fortunate!!!

While cyber-fooling I ran into  Mrs. Gym. We had not had an opportunity to talk in a long time and it was very nice catching up.  She gave this channel very good advice on the types and quality of nutrition that I ingest and I am determined to follow her advice.

Now it's getting deeper into the non-day hours and YoursTruly must get her beauty sleep (as if I didn't get enough sleep today! hehe).

Hope you are enjoying your trip in the hologram.  I am!

Friday, November 25, 2011

day 173 - November 25, 2011

I am so appreciative of the universe! You have no idea!  I have been enjoying staying in the palace like it's going out of style! Seriously.  These few days of being by myself in the Palace have turned out to be priceless. Nothing special, just the opportunity to spend time with YoursTruly, meditating, doing everything or nothing at all. It is PRICE-LESS! Yes sir-ee!

Last night was beautiful.  I picked up Ms. Bite and headed toward's the MedicineMan's Mansion.  We arrived on time, which is amazing as YoursTruly has no concept of time... Little did we know that the precise moment of our arrival, just as we pressed the noise-making device by the door, an explosion ocurred in the cooking room!  I'm not kidding you!  Apparently, something was placed on top of the cooking surface that was not supposed to be there, and before they knew it, there was glass flying all over the cooking room. Nobody was hurt, but that made for a lot of funny remarks throughout the evening!  The nice thing about my clan is that nobody takes anything seriously, so that was just another opportunity to laugh a little bit more.

Since Grandma Dynamite (aka LadyLust) was present, she was the perfect target of our blame (given her history. You know what I'm talking about...), but apparently she was not responsible for the indoors fireworks this time. Still, it was fun blaming her!

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. This was the first appreciation day that I spent with LadyLust in a very long time, and hmmmm, it was soooo  nice!  Little Ms ChubbyCheeks was of course present as well.  She adorned her physicality with a very nice garment and was, as always, loving, and fun all evening.  The Manager was in heaven because she got to hold her for a very long time, even with Mr. Buff, CatGirl and LadyLust around. And that  is a miracle by itself!  The nutrition was amazing and I consumed much more than my fair share.  There was a moment when my physical manifestation was screaming at me, begging me to stop.  And I did!  Oh, forgot to say that Mr. Alladin joined us for the celebration. He had never experienced this holiday before and was very entertained by the craziness of our clan.  He has been formally adopted by YoursTruly as an honorary member of our clan, under the promise of looking for a suitable companion for this humble channel. (I'm devious, I know!)

Miss Dance-a-lot was also there with RajiBoy. I love those two beings. I really do!  I love her specially. She means something very, very special to YoursTruly. Just like another offspring! I love the hole MedicineMan family, each and every single one of them! Including the progenitors. I adore them and I'm so happy that they came to play in the hologram at the same time as I did!

My intentions for this morning was to remain in slumberland until the body ached, but the plans that BigMe had for me were much different as the first interruption with the calling device was at 7 am. Yep! I did that and went back to slumber when Freckles decided she was not having any of it and insisted on being let out.  So I did that, went back to slumber when the Manager decided she had something important to say too.  So, to make a long story short, I did jump out of the nest and started getting busy around her. I love live. I really do!

Even Mr. IslandBoy called today!  I hadn't heard from him in such a long time, but this beginning of the day he had this channel in mind and decided to touch base. So that was it.  That told me - loud and clear - that my position in life today was not going to be horizontal!

So the plan is to get a very dirty Tripod under the cleaning fluid today. I'll tell you how that goes. His MO is to  wait until the last remains of suds are off his furry self, and run into the mother earth to coat his being with the planting stuff.

Anyway, I thought I would talk to you for a little bit.  I hope you are enjoying your adventure. I am thoroughly enjoying mine!

Take this very moment to close your viewing devices and take a long, deep breath. the Universe (and YoursTruly) adores you!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 172 - November 23, 2011

Being one with BigMe can be freaky at times, I tell you. Especially when you think or dream of something and then it comes to pass.  The Boys say that we are one with all and that we know everything. More and more I believe this to be true. I think we have access to any and all information if we can just get attuned to it.

OK, OK, if you insist, I will tell you about it.  It turns out that a few days ago I had this dream about being at a funeral. After a while I realized it was AbesDaddy's funeral and I heard a voice telling me to get ready. I didn't make much of it and had forgotten about it but recalled it a couple of days later because of something I heard on the radio.  After that it got pushed aside by many, more pressing matters. :-).  That's all fine and dandy. Well today, I was minding my own business when I receive a letter message from Diva informing me that AbesDaddy had joined the non-physical. I stopped dead on my tracks and felt my stomach churn. I'm kidding you not. I remembered the dream right away.  I thought his transition had been the day before this one so I was sure that BigMe was giving me a heads-up on the matter, until I read something that Diva sent me which indicated the transition happened the very same day I had the dream. Freaky, uh? Well, that's what happens when you join hands with BigYou, your spirit, soul, however you want to call it.  Yeehaw!

This also made me think how clueless I am of what goes on in the hologram! OMG, as I followed the link that Diva sent me I realized people have known about this for some time now.  Even before he stepped out of the hologram!  This Channel? Clueless.  Totally! I followed Diva's link and found a message written by the great AbeChannel regarding her significant other's departure. I read words of truth where she explains how much not in terms she is with this arrangement and how much she knows she will be! See?  didn't I tell you that being one with BigYou can be Freaky? She knows she will come to terms and that somehow things will be even better, she just doesn't feel it yet. And let me tell you something, that is all that you need to do when facing contrast. All you need to do is walk confidently, knowing that relief is already on its way and that you will run into it somehow. That's all. Mr. G put it very simply. He said, "When I was little, you used to hold me in your arms and that made the whole world better. Now, when I have a problem, I just try to remember that feeling and think that the universe is ready to pick me up in its loving arms.  It works for me!" The wisdom of youth!

Here in my side of the hologram we are preparing for the big Turkey Day.  The day when we all think of everything in our lives that there is to appreciate.  We will be traveling to Mr. MedicineMan's mansion to enjoy the traditional nutrition. It will be a day of pure joy as the whole gang will reunite. YoursTruly is so looking forward to it!  Mr. G and Miss Diva will not be with me and that makes me not happy, but I know that they will be surrounded by joy and loving beings that will make this day special in a different way, and that makes me happy.

On another note, the Manager and the Sensible One are coming to terms with their new friend of the furry kind. She is adorable! Oh, how much joy our beasts bring into our lives, don't you think?

Today I enjoyed the company of young Miss Birdlady. She had a conversation with The Boys and indicated she had an amazing experience during her conversation. yeehaw!

OK boys and girls. This is it for now.  The eye curtains are feeling pretty heavy.

Wherever you are in the world, I truly wish that you take a moment to appreciate what you have. Write it down, read it over and over again, and add to it. It will lift your spirit.
Thank you for being in my reality!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 171 - November 21, 2011

Psst!  Remember me?  It's me!  The Channel!
How's it going?  How are things on your neck of the woods? Hopefully as fun and exciting as things around here!

I've been busy at living.  My under-the-climate situation is improving by the minute. Today I was actually able to do my work at the house of law without interrupting the session with a coughing attack!  Taking big steps forward!

Today was a very good day even though to an outsider it may look kind of funky.  It all started like this.  I barely made it to the house of law in time for my assignment, only to realize the artificial climate was not working!  Now picture this room full of people from all walks of life and all corners of the hologram, all packed together in a room without flow. (See how important it is to flow? hehe). Needless to say it was not cold at all. So much so that YourBenchMan, who in this case was not a man, was not even wearing the mandatory garb. We were all sweating profusely. Oh, I tell you, it was not pretty.  But funny enough, this kind of helped the general ambiance and made people relax and take it easy. I struggled a little trying to stay on the alert side of things, but other than that, I was having a blast observing how people, as they took off their jackets, also took of pretensions and became more human.  Isn't that amazing?

After that I left and came to the palace to let Tripod and Freckles take a breath of fresh air.  Oh, how I love coming back to the palace!!! I really do! I appreciate whenever I have the opportunity to quickly run here in the middle of  a busy day and just take a big breath of home!

I'm going to shorten my story so not to put you to sleep.  After a few more laboring hours, I headed towards Mr. G's learning house for another match of sphere=kicking fun!  YoursTruly was very pleasantly surprised to find Mr. Buff, LadyLust, CatGirl and Chubby Cheeks in the parking surface!  A little later we had the pleasure of the Manager's company, who in turn brought the Sensible One and a very pleasant Mr. Alladin.
Right there, another opportunity for complete appreciation showed up.  Appreciation for having such a loving bunch of blood relations. And let me tell you this, we are not only loving, we can be a lot of fun!

As you can tell, it was a very full day and my physical apparatus is starting to feel the effects of it. Tomorrow will be another great day of laboring with YourBenchMen and then dinner with the Book Dealer!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 170 - November 19, 2011

I'm starting to feel the Jingles all over!  I just loooove this time of the year.

OK, let's start from the beginning.  I love the day to give thanks more than any other holiday. Why? Because it is truly a day for appreciation. No presents, nothing commercial. It's a day to take the opportunity to say "Gee, THANKS!" for everything and everyone in our lives.  Not that we need a specific day to do it, but at least it is one day when almost everyone in this part of the hologram, takes time to appreciate, and that, my dear friend, raises the vibration of the world like nothing else.  I can't remember if it was the year before this one or the one before that one that The Boys gave a lovely message on the occasion of this festivity.  They said through me: "If you could only see and feel how much the vibration of your whole planet has increased just because on this one day, many of you have decided to appreciate, you would be humbled. Just as we are."  So, I give a lot of thought to these things and whenever I forget who I really am (Big Me), I remember these words, take a long deep breath, and look for something to appreciate. It never fails, as if like magic, thoughts of well-being start flowing my way and before I know it I am in a place of joy an excitement.  What a wonderful creator I am! You too. You should try it!

Regarding the holiday with the fat guy wearing red pajamas... I like that too!  I like it because it's fun. And I like it even more now that I have allowed myself to enjoy it without the pressure of buying gifts.  I just have fun decorating the Palace, playing season music and acting silly at every opportunity!  Cheers!

I am still under the climate but improving by the minute.  Let me see what we did this week......

OH!!!!  I had the privilege of being in the company of Ms ChubbyCheeks nonetheless!  What happened is that we were at Mr. G's kick the sphere match and little Ms ChubbyCheeks came to cheer him on.  Wearing team colors and all!  She melted my heart by wanting for me to hold her... mmmm!  Precious moments.  There is nothing like holding a little one and feeling the vibration of their "NOW."  I tell you, that little being is going break more than one heart and Mr. Buff will definitely have a very hard time keeping up with her. Woo-hoo for Ms Chubby Cheeks!!!!!! Mr. Buff, you better get ready. She's only going to get busier each day!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sharing nutrition with Ms Pretty. We had not had girl time in a long time and I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to her and exchange news and ideas.

Today is "clean the Palace day."  I know. Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it?  hehe. Yeah, I know what you mean.  Mr. Grasshopper agrees with you too. Believe it or not, I 'kinda' like the idea. For some reason I am actually enjoying the opportunity!

This morning I woke up before the big ball of fire appeared in the sky and did my morning work on the talking device. Then it was time for garment cleaning and stuff like that. I just took a break to come here to talk to you.  In a little bit I will be taking Mr. G for a much needed grooming session and this evening we shall reunite with the Poet and her family to celebrate Dr. Doolittle's anniversary of his arrival into the hologram.  Whew! What a full day!

Well, it seems like some are able to post and some are not. It's OK! Thank you for doing that, though.

Love you lots.  Keep your spirits high. It's all GOOD!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 169 - November 11- scratch that, November 15, 2011

This is what I started writing...
Welcome to the end of my week!  11/11/11 has been amazingly good to me.  Today was the last day of the training here in Cowtown and I must say that I will miss this group of very fun, highly motivated and intelligent beings.  The Boys helped me teach this class and as a result, everybody loved the course!

and a lot has happened since.....

For example, I came back to the Palace and found a gorgeous-looking dwelling.  LadyLust got an attack of the Cinderella Syndrome and left the place impeccable, shining like new!  WOWOW! I had been begging for a clean house and the universe... what?  I didn't hear that... Oh! yes, you meant to say "Yes Channel, the Universe adores you" right? It does!!!!!!  I just feel like kidnapping LadyLust once and for all.  Coming back home and having her here felt like good ol' times!

Besides that, I report to you that I have been under the climate with a case of the not-warm sniffles.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just uncomfortable. It is particularly uncomfortable for YourBenchmen who have to put up with my coughing attacks. hehehe!!! So today you may call me "the Coughing Channel". Someone asked me today what kind of resisting thoughts I've been having in order to bring this on. To tell you the truth... I don't know and I don't wish to go looking for them!  Let's just move forward from here on.  The Boys are always saying  not to focus on what we could have done wrong, but to start feeling better right now. So that's what I'm going to do. Actually, I have a huge smile on my face as I talk to you.

Last end of the week was one for The Boys. First, our amazing Sunday Morning Gang.  Gorgeous DownUnder was unable to join us, so The Boys had fun with the controls. They get so excited. Just like children. The questions were amazing and the responses... simply divine!  The core of the matter?  Letting go.

Then we had a video conference with people who speak my language. It was sooo much fun! So much so that we had to turn the cameras off because the energy was vibrant!  Again the message was one of flow, love, joy!!! We had a very young participant who liked the experience so much, he has asked his progenitor to schedule a one-on-one for him, and him alone!

I just finished a typed conversation with Mrs. Convert, who has amazing news.  As it turns out, Mr. and Mrs. Convert have been busy at manifesting their dreams. Yes sir-ee!  They have been attracting joy, abundance, happiness, left and right! That's what I'm talking about! That's the trick!  Mr. Convert had been on the worrying side of things about not having enough work in their new paradise, and as it turns out, he may very well create more abundance than ever before..... hehehehe!!!!  Don't you just feel like jumping up and down with joy?  I do. I really do!

Now I must go and confer with the fluffy.  She's been patiently waiting for me. Oh, how I miss the nest and fluffy at the home away from home!

Hope you are smiling.  I can't figure out why you can't post comments. Don't worry. It will happen!
Until soon!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 168 - November 7, 2011

I know you're just dying to hear how my day went!  I just know it!

Well, I am happy to report that it went very well.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Let's start by telling you how much the universe adores me.  The night before this one, as I boarded the iron eagle towards cowtown, I had two very good-looking members of the opposite gender chat with me. One of them even changed seats to be able to be closer. But as if that was not lovely enough, guess what we talked about?  Just guess.  Yep, we talked about LOA and how things come to you. It was amazing.

I thought that was a pretty good start to a week of teaching.  My surprise was when I arrived to the home away from home and found it to be much nicer than what I imagined.  That was all nice and dandy, but the real treat was when I dropped my anatomy on the nest and fluffy.  OMG!  You know how much I love and adore my own nest an fluffy back at the Palace. Well, let me tell you, they have met their match.  This nest is amazingly delicious!! I think I slumbered even better than at my own nest! 

Back on track.  Today I woke up early and meditated for a little while (on the deliciously wonderful nest). Before I knew it it was time to travel to the nosocomium where I am teaching.  I must tell you that the day went by smoothly.  The group is amazing and very energetic.  I just love playing with people that love what they do!  Right now I am back at my home-away-from-home and ready to have evening nutrition and call it a day.  A little bit of meditation, maybe watch the moving-picture box and nighty night night on the amazing nest and tomorrow will be another amazing day in the hologram.

I'll keep you posted!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 167 - November 6, 2011

Dear You,

here I am again, reporting from this side of the hologram.  Life has been amazingly beautiful lately. I have been enjoying the physical like no other and appreciating everything around me.

Let's see, what could I tell you?  Well, for starters, guess what happened this morning as I was meditating?  Give up?  OK, if you insist... Well, like I said, I was meditating this morning in front of the transparent wall when I heard someone knocking on the clear surface. I was startled (it was in the very early hours) and opened my eyes only to find that there was no human being there, what I found was a pair of feathery friends of the red color kind knocking on the clear surface, greeting me on this beautiful morning.  It was magical!  I just sat there looking at them and enjoying the sight for a few minutes... until Tripod realized what was going on and did his "job" as the fierce guardian that he is and scared them away.  Don't you think this is just the sweetest of the sweet way for the universe to greet YoursTruly?  I certainly do!

Today I will be traveling to CowTown for a week-long teaching assignment. It should be fun. I will have the opportunity to meet with Mr. And Mrs. Galen's offspring. I just looove those girls.

Yesterday was a lot of fun.  First, I had morning nutrition with the Manager, that is always nice. The food was amazing and the company insuperable (if this word doesn't exist in the language I am using, I just added it to the dictionary); then it was time for our monthly meetup. It was amazing. The Boys guided all on meditation and helped answer many important questions.  While there, the Manager gave me a present!  YAY FOR PRESENTS!!! What happens is that she had been given these adorable red seating surfaces that she and the Sensible One didn't really care for.  Yours Truly fell in love with them the moment I first laid eyes on.  Well, the day before today I was complimenting them one more time when the Manager just out of her good heart decided to part with them. Just like that!  Needless to say, as soon as the meeting was adjourned we loaded the Red Bullet with the Red Seating Surfaces and made a mad dash to the palace. OMG, you should see them. They look gorgeous!!!!  It is the perfect enhancement for the palace.

And speaking about the palace, I cannot tell you just how much I am enjoying my time here.  Lately with mr. G our schedules have been crazy and it seems that we don't spend enough 60-minute intervals in the palace. But I tell you, when we do, I thoroughly appreciate it. It truly is a magical place.  The back grounds have returned to their magical state, the temperature is much better and it really makes for an enjoyable experience. Hurray for the palace!!!!!

This renewed appreciation for the palace has been one of the many results of some serious soul-searching. yep! I do some of that every now and then, believe it or not!  I have to say that I truly enjoy and appreciate my life. I go and have gone through contrast and this contrast has taken me to new depths and heights.  It has taken me to places that I used to fear.  And you know what?  Visiting those places has brought me to a whole new understanding, a magnificent perspective of life and the universe.  Even my meditations have changed. The things that used to be important are different now. Not that they are no longer important, it is just that they have changed and it seems to me that now I see them under a different light.  I feel different. Very different. I have a new understanding of people and of myself.  A new view of life that gives me a much, MUCH, deeper understanding. I am living life as it comes. When presented with decisions I am learning more and more to relax and let go so that the answer comes to me, instead of me searching for it.  I tell you, this is how it's supposed to be!  this feels soooo goood!  Try it out and tell me what you think.

Well dear friend, I must go and finish my preparations. I just wanted to touch base with you.

Know that you are constantly adored by the universe. Seriously. You are.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 166 - October 31, 2011

Dear Friend,  yes, I know, I have been MIA for a while, haven't I? I figure you would want me to tell you about the juicy stuff going on, so I waited a little bit in order to gather some juice. hehehe!!! GOTCHA!  I don't have much "juice", but I do have a lot to be grateful for.  For starters, I have been visited by butterflies every single day. And not only one, but many.  Even today, as I was in the middle of a sea of vehicles that would not flow, one came and did some summersaults right in front of me.

Let me just start by saying that last week was a blur.  After my posting of the first day of the week, things just went crazy, some spiraled down, others spiraled up, others left and right but things were a-spiraling all over the place! After Mr. G's and Yours Truly's day under the weather, my energy just kept crawling down.  I received a call from the place of gainful contracting.  The person on the other line, let's just say she was expressing her extreme unhappiness for me not showing up at the lawhouse. That just brought my vibes down a notch (I know, I know, it was my focusing on it, not her doing, but still, didn't feel good at all).

Anyway, I  looked past it and got busy doing other stuff. Like teaching! OMG, this group was a-mazing!  This class was in H-town and the participants (all 18 of them!) were from many different corners of the hologram (which, by the way, is not square, so cannot have corners). Now THAT was a great experience!  There were about 12 different languages spoken in the room. Talk about diversity! It was sooo much fun.  I am happy to say that I made a new friend (I made many new friends actually, but this one in particular is one of those that don't come around that often!).  From now on we shall call her Miss BBC.

What else?  Well, we've got a pretty proud Mr. Grasshopper around here.  He scored a ball-in-the-net and now there is no living with him!  Oh-oh-oh, I have to tell you!  How could I forget!  Well, you see, Mr. G is attending a learning house of the religious kind, so he has had an opportunity to learn about the greatness and the limitations of religion and compare it to what The Boys teach through YoursTruly. Well, today, as we were sitting in traffic we were talking about religious rites in general, when he turns around and says:  the Greeks used to believe there were many gods, right? "Right" I said. And other religions believe there is one god that is everywhere and is also inside of me, right? "Right again," I said.  'So if god is inside me and around me, how can he punish me?'  Said a very pensive hopper. "It doesn't make sense, does it?" I inquired. "There's no wonder why people don't understand their own religions mom, they don't really know how it all works! I think the Greeks were not all that lost, only they did not realize that all of those gods were themselves. The people of the world. How silly!"  I took this opportunity to ask him what he believed was true. And to this, he just calmly said "Well, I believe that I am part of god, because I know for a fact that I have created my own life.  Just look at how I got in the soccer team!"  That was it. That's all it took for me to laugh and say "You know what?  It has taken me a few decades of living and almost 4 years of channeling, to reach the conclusion that you so naturally expressed." aaaahhh!  THAT was delicious!

Today I went to do some labor at the nosocomium where I used to render my services. It is so nice to be among people you care about!  It's funny to think that used to be my life.  I just can't think that way anymore. But I do appreciate tremendously the opportunity to work there every now and then. It is enjoyable!

Today I feel specially good.  I just have this calm and relaxed feeling about me.  I am enjoying it to the fullest! Oh yeah!

Well friend, don't think that i don't want to talk to you, it's just that sometimes I don't have much to say.
Thank you for writing and for reminding me that you DO like to read me!  I so appreciate you. ALL of you!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 165 - October 25, 2011

After the storm....  my, oh my, oh my!  Have these been the most adventurous two days in a while or what?  have you ever, after a particularly contrastey day, thought: let's start this day all over again?  Well, that's about how it felt to me the day before this one.

First, picture this:  this morning (at ungodly hours) I am working on my super-early-over-the-talking-device job when I hear Mr. G speaking in a very loud voice (it's actually not called "speaking" if you know what I mean) and banging on the wall, so I get off the talking device to go see what was going on.  What I found was not pretty. Mr. G was feeling not-healthy-at-all and proof of that could be found on every surface of my bathing room. The poor thing was miserable!  So I tended to Mr. G, loved on him like all mother hens do with their chicks and threatened the universe to make him all better.  I should have known that was not the trick!  He did not get much better. In a few words, I had to go to the lawhouse because nobody could cover for me so I asked Mr. Buff if OK to bring Mr. G over to spend the day.  He graciously agreed and so I dropped a pretty weak Mr. G at the Buff's lair.  By the time I got to the lawhouse I started feeling not so good myself, but nothing like Mr. G. I was able to pull together and work like if I knew what I was doing!  Mid afternoon I see that Mr. Buff had been desperately trying to reach me, so I called him back and was told that Mr. G was unable to move his extremities!  OMG, well that did it. I informed Your Mr. Benchman of the situation and left to pick up a pretty scared Mr. G.  By the time I got there he had calmed down. Poor Mr. Buff had eyes the size of Jupiter!  The Hopper had given him a nice scare!  As I spoke to Mr. G's medicine man I was told he had lost the fluids inside his body. So that was easy. We replaced them and Mr. G started feeling much better in a matter of hours.
 Not so good for YoursTruly who crashed and burned and could not even move for many 60-minute intervals!  it was touching to see how Mr. G took care of YoursTruly. As he was feeling better and I was going on the opposite direction, he kept saying, "now it's my turn." Don't you just love that boy?  I certainly do!

Yeah, I know, all of this sounds like whining, but it was really not funny. I promised to give you a true account of the life of this channel and of course, this is part of it.

I had time today to think about disease and stress.  Mr. G has been stressing out quite a bit about learning and sports and it made sense to me that he would have fallen ill.  In my case, I have also been going through contrast and focusing on things that I have no business focusing on! Really.  Why in the world should I spend time worrying about the future when I should know that the future is taken care of by my thoughts and actions of today. So I should know better and be more hopeful about things to come. And hopeful I should be as many doors seem to be cracking open for me right now.

One of the things that had me, not really "worried" but a little "concerned", was the workshop in the Great Tenochtitlan.  Deep down inside, or somewhere in the back of my brain, I could not stop wondering if I was going to be able to make it.  So today I decided to leave it to the universe. I decided to let go and let the universe take care of it. And today I got word that more tickets have been sold. So.... the universe is always listening, like The Voice used to say.

And speaking about The Voice, I had not been thinking much about him in a long time and just yesterday he came up in my thoughts. All of a sudden.  I heard the famous: "Hello beautiful!" out of nowhere.  It always gets me by surprise, I swear.  I was walking down the street to the lawhouse and I heard it loud and clear.  I stopped dead on my tracks and looked back to see who was talking. Of course, I should have known that nobody physical was there.  It was just another reminder of the universe telling me how we are all one. How the universe is paving my way and how everything will be A-OK.

Oh!  But I forgot why it was important to tell you my whole story about the illness!!!!  Well, last day of the sun, Lord 1 and Lord 2 invited Mr. G and I for delicious nutrition at their castle (just next door, by the way).  They had a nice group of people gathered around the table and funny enough, one conversation was about how single mothers with children struggle when their children are young, get sick and they have to leave work to care for them.  I even mentioned: "Well, Mr. G used to be kind of sickly but that's a thing of the past. I haven't had to leave work to take him to the MedicineMan in a very long time."  Spoke to soon, Channel. Spoke too soon.

Now we are all better. Mr. G is delighted to see that he lost more weight and happy to know he is going back to the learning house the day after this one.  I am also glad to know I will be able to labor tomorrow at the lawhouse with one of my favorite YourBenchMen. Life is good.  A great lesson has been learned. Relax. Take it easy.  It's not worth the worry!

Hope you are smiling!

Good night, sleep tight. Don't let ... you know how it goes :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 164 - October 22, 2011

This day was definitely packed with activity.  First of all, I woke up at the ungodly hour to do some work over the talking device.  After that was done it was time to take a quick rain session and dart off to take a very sleepy Grasshopper to Mr. Buff's house.  Having done that, I continued my journey to a home-away-from-home for a morning of learning with Speakeasy, and that's where it all started...  

You know, I am geographically-challenged.  I believe that I came to this hologram with a pretty messed up compass.  Now, being the responsible being that I am, I made sure that I had specific directions on how to get to the event location. Only I chose the wrong location. So I got there, parked the Red Bullet and rushed inside only to find out that was not the right place! (Stop rolling your eyes...)  There I go, now I was going to be late, I thought.  Thanks to the Universe that completely loves and adores me, I got there and things were not completely setup, so there was time enough for me to help out some. You see? Being one of the organizers it was embarrassing being late!

The instruction was entertaining and very useful and after that was done I proceeded to a trading post to acquire a present for my dear friend who was tying the knot.  I was so proud of myself when I found the perfect gift at a reasonable amount of Washingtons!  I was very proud of my transaction!

Then I geared my direction towards Mr. Buff's lair, where I found a smiling Ms. ChubbyCheeks! OMG  You would absolutely loooove that little one! So connected with who she really is! And she can sense the presence of The Boys.  It's funny, whenever YoursTruly is around little ones, I feel that The Boys are so much more present. They kind of 'linger' around, having fun with beings that still remember being powerful creators! And the little ones sense their presence. The experience is absolutely delicious!
Thank you Mr. Buff for allowing me to share her image here!  I normally won't share images of real beings, but she is so adorable that I wanted you to see whoI was talking about!!!
Grandma Dynamite and PrettyEyes were there as well. Mr. G apparently had a great time sharing the morning hours with them!

After that, we came to the palace.  YoursTruly was going to take a few moments to slumber, but I did the wrong thing.... I sat in front of SuperOldFaithful (remember, this is OldFaithful's grandma...) and realized there were many things that "needed" to be done, so I did them.  

After that, Mr. G and I went out for nutrition and for him to buy a head cover. We then stopped at Ms Bite's nest to drop off some squares for her move and then it was back to the palace for YoursTruly to finish some work.  It was all good!

Oh!  I almost forgot!!!  Did I tell you that two days ago my butterfly came in the mail?  It DID!!!  Mrs. SingSoul from California sent me this gorgeous white butterfly that is now flying in my living room!  And speaking about my little winged friends, they have been coming around to greet me every day.  Just this morning, as I was coming out of the event, there was a gorgeous little friend standing right on top of the Red Bullet... inside a large parking room!

Anyway my dear, I am so glad that you are reading me.  I hope you enjoy your day just as I plan to enjoy mine.

Ta-da for now!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 163 - October 20, 2011

You thought I had forgotten about you, didn't you?  Well, how silly can you get?  I have not forgotten about you.  I have been busy enjoying a long succession of "nows" and the days and nights just seem to dance by in front of my very own eyes.

So you are probably thinking:  "wow, this channel must be living life in the fast lane!"  I wouldn't say I am driving on the fast lane, but I can definitely tell you I must be on the freeway, because there have not been any stop signs along my way! hehehe  Life is sooo good!

Let me just start by telling you that things are exactly where they are supposed to be. I feel perfectly fine, and I am actually excited about what is to come.  What, you asked? Well, don't be hasty!  I don't know yet!  Big Me knows it but hasn't made my physical self aware of that information.  I just know it is coming.  The Boys say that when you can feel the excitement and can almost taste the flavor of success, it is because it's about to knock on your door. Well, that's exactly how YoursTruly has been feeling lately!  Excited about my imminent success! Would you like to join me?  I figure that the more of us that are excited, the sooner it will get here!!!

I just realized that I have to hop on the Red  Bullet and travel towards Mr. G's learning house.  Hang in there, I will continue our conversation upon my return.

A few hours later.......  hehehe, things always seem to work out that way. You think you will be back within a certain amount of 60 second time periods only to realize that there are a myriad of activities waiting for you! hehe.

But the most important thing is that I came back with a very happy (and HUNGRY!) Grasshopper. So the first task at hand was to prepare the evening nutrition while Mr. G proceeded to clean his athletic anatomy.

And speaking about Mr. G, this day as we were sitting in the stillness of the automobile stampede that ceased to move, Mr. Grasshopper had one of his moments of pure brilliance.  We were talking about how much he likes and enjoys this learning house, when the conversation inevitably moved to how much he disliked the previous learning house, and then he said:  you know something? Things happen for a reason.  If I had not lived the experience at that other learning house; if I had not felt so uncomfortable with the institution and my peers at that place, I would have never appreciated the experience I am living right now as much as I do.  He then proceeded to make the same remark about his experience with the Grinch in relation to his experience with Yours Truly.  "If I had never lived with him full time, I would have never appreciated you as much as I do now."  Ladies and Gentlemen, I rest my case.

Mr. G and YoursTruly have our share of disagreements, but one thing is for sure, that boy has a pretty firm grip on life.  He is certainly benefiting from being around The Boys!

After enjoying our delicious nutrition tonight, we realized that we had two very hungry furry friends and no pet nutrition to give them. So there we went again in search of pet nutrition.  We are now finally back and hopefully that was "it" for this evening.

Tomorrow will be a day full of laboring activities.  First I will go to the lawhouse to work for Your Benchman. This particular Mr. Benchman reminds me of a character in a children's program. Therefore, from now on he shall be known as Yourbenchman Mr. Roberts II. After that, I have been invited to spend a few hours of gainful activities at the nosocomium where I used to spend all of my working hours.  Fun, uh?  Later in the evening, after having collected Mr. Grasshopper from his learning house, we will travel to Mrs. Yum's  for an evening of great food and conversation. That's what I call fun!

The time has come to have a tete-a-tete with the fluffy.  I will speak with you again soon.  Thank you for staying in touch. Thank you for, how did you put it? "Patiently waiting for news about YoursTruly!"


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 162 - October 15, 2011

Well, I am happy to report that I am back at the palace.  It is so nice to be back to my magic grounds (which by the way, have been restored to their magical nature after the weather cooled down just a little bit).

Last night when I got to the palace I was greeted by a pretty ugly-smelling palace.  What happened was that the cooling box decided to take a break.  This is actually a good thing becasue it needed to be examined by a cooling-box physician since a couple of months ago, and now, it will have it's check-up and things will be fine and dandy!  The unfortunate part was that YoursTruly had to spend some time disposing of the nutrition inside, which had already lost it's nutritional value, by the way!

Other than that, life is soooo good.  This morning I stopped sleeping early, meditated and then did my early morning work. After that I stepped into the magical grounds and enjoyed a few moments of pure appreciation with me, with nature, with everything that surrounded me.  I enjoyed listening to the feathery friends who were just starting their day.  One feather friend of the cardinal kind, stood on a branch not too far from me, and sang there for a little bit.  I could tell he was greeting the new day.  Later a couple of butterflies came by to make all of us jealous of their beauty!  That brought memories of Mr. and Mrs. Convert's home away from home and of the gorgeous white butterflies that play in their grounds. Ahhh!  Memories!  Remembering is living it all over again! And as we do, we bring back the feeling of that which we remembered and raise (or lower) our vibration to that place.  I much prefer raising mine.  How about you?

Oh, oh, oh!!!! I almost forgot, Mr. Grasshopper wants to thank all of you for the positive vibrations sent his way.  He was selected to chase the ball with his learning house team and I cannot tell you of a prouder hopper on this hologram! 

Today, I will join the Manager and the Sensible One in packing nutrition for others.  It should be fun.  After that, I will pick up OldFaithful's mother from the cyberdoctor and then off to Miss Bite's for an evening of interaction with her and Grandma Dynamite (a.k.a. LadyLust).

Currently, I am sitting right in front of the clear wall. I am watching Tripod and Freckles chase rodents of the furry tail kind.  You can just feel the fun they are having!

I am so appreciative of my life. I am in one of those moods. I am feeling tons of appreciation for you, for me, for everything that I experience. I am so glad that you and I decided to take this trip into the hologram together!

i hope the celebration of your arrival into the hologram is unique!

Ta-da for now!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 161 - October 12,2011

Yeee-haw Pardner!  Hello from deep in the heart of Texas!  I happen to be visiting this lovely urban location for the purpose of teaching. Yep! Got that right! Teaching!  My group is conformed of beings from countries that I don't speak their spoken words.  It's all good. I am using all my creative resources just to prevent them from falling into the world of z's!

Anyway, travelling over here on the day before this one gave me an opportunity to think a lot and to have conversations with The Boys. I love having the oppotunity to speak to them out loud. When you channel, the answers don't always come straight because your mind is participating in the process, however, the more you practice letting go, the faster those answers come to you.  I just love knowing that BigMe is always there with me, guiding me, shedding light at every step of the way. Many times I do not see the light until later, when I realize that it had always been there.I am very hopeful of the future. I know that all my dreams are flowing towards me, all the time. I am excited and looking forward to greeting them with open arms!

So that's about that. Not much more to report, I'm afraid.  Now I will get some nutrition, write a little bit and confer with the fluffy as the day after this one will be another full day of work!

So nice to read your emails. Thank you!