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Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 45 - May 6, 2011

I love flowers!  And today I received the most beautiful flower arrangement.  Purple and yellow flowers. They look stunning on my living room table!  Two of my most favorite people in the world sent them to me. I treasure them. I adore them!

Today was an important day, as I went with the Manager and Sensible One to look at the castle they are wanting to acquire. A beautiful building it is and they are very excited.  I am too. It is wonderful being able to taste their success! 

I was a little lazy with the magic squares today. I had so many electronic letters accumulated that I had to respond to all of them. I also had some toiling  to do. So no boxes disappeared today. Tomorrow. For sure.

I am pretty excited at the thought that the Ambassador and his significant other will come visit the palace tomorrow! That is really good news.  I will also have the honor of seeing LadyLust and Ms Pretty. They've been unable to visit us at our new dwelling, so tomorrow will be the day!!!

I'm happy to report that Tripod and Freckles are doing just fine. They are LOVING the new palace and have become the best of friends.  They are even sharing a sleeping location now!  They go outside together and you can see how much fun they are having, chasing rodents of the fluffy tail kind and feathery friends. 

OK, are you sitting down?  I almost forgot to tell you about this SUPER IMPORTANT event of the day. This morning I stepped outside to meditate.  As I was breathing deeply and truly enjoying the freshness of the day, I felt someone watching me.  As I opened my eyes, I looked around and couldn't find anyone  or anything, I looked up and what do I see?  Guess again. Yep, you're absolutely right. I saw a hawk! Standing on a branch waaaaayyyy up there!  But I felt his stare all the way on the ground!!! amazing!!!!!!  that made my day. It really did.  I must be in a very good place.

Anyway, this post is really, really short because my vision tools are literally shutting down.  To those of you who celebrate being mothers this weekend...... let them spoil you rotten!!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

Talk tomorrow?  I hope so.  Thank you for being here with me.  Thank you for sticking around.  There's tons of love for you.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 44 - May 5, 2011

I think that the Universe is trying to tell me something. I have started typing today's post 3 times and the 3 times the document disappears completely and I have to start all over again. OK, this is number 4. Let's see if it'll stick!

I'll make it short (yesterday's post was so long, you are probably still trying to finish reading it!).  My day was very good.  Grasshopper was with me and helped me do some magic with the squares.  We made a few of them disappear. What a great feeling of accomplishment that was! Mr. G was in such a great mood, we had great conversations and laughed quite a bit together.  Then in the evening, the Lords stopped by to help out with a couple of things around the palace. They are so wonderful and I am just so lucky to have them here.

The barometric conditions were optimal today. The temperature was pleasant and the big star was shining.  I got an opportunity to observe several types of feathered friends that I had not seen before.  I love observing their behavior. they live so much in the now!  My butterfly came to me in a funny moment.   Mr. Tripod was busy chasing a rodent of the fluffy-tail kind when he fell in the pond.  Well, the pond is one of very murky waters, so he walked out of there completely covered in a greenish-grayish-blackish slime.  Lovely!  As I was trying to figure out where his face was, this beautiful orange butterfly kept fluttering around us. It was not a monarch, but it was big and it was gorgeous.  Mr. Grasshopper stepped up to the plate and helped out with the cleaning process.  Much appreciated by Yours Truly.

I also received calls from people that I deeply care about. One was the Author with more great news about her publication. It's just a matter of a few weeks now. Can hardly wait!  I also spoke to the DesertRose.  She sounded fantastic!  As alert and "with it" as when she was 30 years younger.  She is an amazing woman that has been a great influence in my life. 

Later in the day Mr. Grasshopper and I were talking about fears and how as we overcome and let go of whatever it is that is scaring us, the answer and the relief overcome us. Like magic!  It reminded me of a day, many years ago, when we went to an amusement park.  As we were walking we stopped to watch this one particular amusement.  People would ride in a log-like apparatus that would go up on what seemed to be a very harmless "hill" and would come down with a splash. The people riding it seemed happy. It did not look scary at all.  So I thought it would be a good experience for Mr. G.  It took a little bit to convince him that it was really harmless. I had to point out the smiling faces of the people getting off the apparatus. So finally we got on.  Mr. G and I were riding on the same log.  As our log started climbing up the harmless "hill"  I realized that from that new perspective, the ride did not look harmless at all.  I started getting anxious.  When we reached the top, right before plummeting down to the H2O, there was an operator sitting on a booth and wearing a very stern and important look on his face; and Yours Truly, knowing perfectly well what the answer was going to be, asked if I could be spared and allowed to walk off. Stop it. I know you are making "that" face!  Well, to continue with my story, I explained to Mr. G that I was beginning not to like the drop to which he turned around and replied: "But mom, I thought that's what we came here for!"  I don't know about you, but I think that response holds a lot of meaning.  He was right, that's what we came here for; that moment of fear or doubt is the "Oh!" moment that The Boys talk so much about, and the drop is the contrast that scares and yet excites us, and when it's all said and done, we walk out of this ride, this hologram, laughing and saying "What a ride that was!" That's just me.  Things like that get me thinking.

Well dear friend, I guess that's really all that I've got to report to you today. I hope you are smiling big and appreciating everything around you.  I certainly appreciate you.

Thank you for sticking with me!


Day 43 – May 4, 2011

Guess where I'm at. Go ahead, guess! Come on! You can do better than that! Well, as it turns out, I am sitting in a beautiful working room inside my gorgeous new Palace. Woohoo!!!!! Hurray for cyberconnection providers!!! I love being able to talk to you from here! So, this is the first post that I write at our new Palace.
And speaking about love (and marriage)….
A few days ago, Diva, Mr. Grasshopper and Yours Truly had a conversation about the "M" word (I happen to have some experience in the field!). That brought me to remember that you and I had been talking about it and so, after reading what I wrote a few days ago, I thought it would be best if I told you what my standing is regarding matrimony. And I believe that The Boys share my perspective as well. (Boys, feel free to jump in anytime!) I believe in love. I truly do. I also think that marriage is a wonderful thing. I've been there twice myself. What I don't believe in is that people have to get married in order to be happy and fulfilled in a relationship. I don't believe that there needs to be a signed contract in order for a person to be committed to being happy

Here's what I think: I think that if as an individual you are happy with who you really are; that if you don't make your partner responsible for your happiness but on the other hand, you promise yourself to always look for a thought that feels better; to always look for a positive aspect in your partner and in everything and everybody that you meet, marriage bliss can last forever. Would you agree? The problems begin when we try to make the other person responsible for our own happiness (doomed to fail, if you ask me!).

Here's the thing, we are unique in our own manifestation; yes, I know you already knew that. Bear with me. Each one of us is the master of his/her own universe (you knew that as well, I know), so don't you think that expecting for someone from the outside to 'make' us happy is asking for a little bit too much? I do! And it works the other way around too. Living only to make the other person happy leads to self pity, draining of your own resources and a feeling of emptiness. Then you go and blame the poor thing for 'taking away' all that you had! You've got to make yourself happy first. You've got to take care of yourself first, before you can even say that you want to 'make' somebody else happy. If I don't feel good, how can I help you feel better? If I don't love myself, how can I promise to love you until the last day of my life? We make those vows because we know we will probably not be able to hold a positive emotion about ourselves or about our partner for too long and so we sign papers that say: I won't go anywhere even if it means going against my flow… and yours. I don't know that I can make the decision to be happy every day of my life, hence I'll sign this paper so I won't be able to get away even when I feel like running away. I don't know if I will love myself enough in order to love you… but I'll stick around! I see myself as a limited being. Happiness is an accident, not a decision. And so on. You get my drift. So again, I love matrimony when everyone involved makes the decision to be happy. It is lovely! And so, I wish for everyone who is married that you take ownership of your own happiness. That you love your partner with all your heart and soul, but that you love yourself first. Your husband, your wife, your partner, your children, your parents, they are all important. VERY important. You decided to be together during this holographic experience! But YOU are more important than anybody else. And so, the secret to marriage bliss is to love yourself so much that your love for self seeps out through every pore of your body and embraces your partner and your family. Wait a second! It was that easy! I wish I had known before! On second thought, had I not experienced marriage when I did and the way that I did, I would not be talking to you today. It is so refreshing to realize that I have not lost any opportunities; that I did not make the wrong choice on anything and that everything that I have lived had a purpose and has made me who I am today. Wow! How liberating! Isn't it?

But I must tell you about YESTERDAY as well (since I did not get an opportunity to talk to you). I did take a ride on the iron eagle as I went to a different city to do some work speaking for some people. The day was P-E-R-F-E-C-T! First, I had visitors. It turns out that on the last day of last week, as we were happily washing garments, H2O came up in a different room in the new Palace. So we called the Lords and they diligently sent someone to work on it. It was fixed ASAP and everybody's happy about it. At the same time as the pipefixers were here, another good fairy showed up at my door (ahem! My RED door, that is). This time it was the Picturetube Doctor! Yeehaw! That was good news! We were getting ready for some serious entertainment around here. After all these magical fairies left the Palace, it was time for Diva to take me to meet my eagle. I already had this feeling of accomplishment and my day was only starting! So I got to sit next to two of the Allopathic Shamans I was working with. Amazing people with tremendous insight and tons of knowledge. It is amazing to notice how all that knowledge and "hard evidence" makes people more rigid in their beliefs. It's fine with me, I adore them anyway, but I see how critical and not flexible they in their position. To make a long story short, the trip was wonderful, the iron eagles were superb, the company was absolutely amazing and I made it home on time for dinner.
Before I boarded the eagle to return home I received a word message from an old candidate. That, I will tell you, is a story that I had already scratched from my book. But every now and then, he resurfaces and tries to make noise. Yesterday was one of those days. He insisted he needed to talk to someone about his problems. Being the softie that I am when someone is in trouble, I agreed. So… he showed up right after I arrived to the Palace and stayed late talking about his problems. What could I do? Well, I gave him some amazing advice (imported directly from heaven, if I may add) and sent him on his way. After that, I crashed and burned in front of the picture tube.

This morning I woke up refreshed and full of energy for some reason. I slept better and had an a-ma-zing meditation. One of those that kicks your shoes off. After that, Mrs. Yum stopped by to say hello and guess who came by. CyberMan in the flesh! Oh! His presence was like an apparition. Just what I needed. You see, I had been waiting for his visit since a week ago. So by the time Mrs. Yum left, CyberMan had finished and I was again CONNECTED TO THE WORLD. What a feeling of relief!

Diva took a trip today and I took her to the Ironeagle Station. As I drove back I sang "Forget You" from the bottom of my lungs. Then I decided I wanted to feel the wind on my face, so I opened the window and let the wind blow my already messed-up hair. How fun! As I checked my messages I found one from the nosocomium saying there's no more work for me this week. Maybe next week. My first feeling was of fear, but I'm not kidding you, immediately after I felt the fear, I felt a tremendous relief. I know things are just fine.

Mr. Grasshopper has been a true gentleman this evening. In the best of moods too!
Well dear friend, I think I've written enough for thirty days here! If you haven't done so, check out the comments left by some of you and leave us one of your own. They are a great encouragement!
Ta-da for now!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 42 - May 1, 2011

Heeellooooooooo world!!!!!!
Boy!  I never imagined I would miss the cyberconnection so much!  I must say that this not having cyberconnection or tv has given us an opportunity to discover many things about eachother - by "us" I mean the dwellers of the Palace - backyard creatures and all. The universe is wise and knows exactly what we really, really want. I mean REALLY. Not what we think we want. Not what we create in our mind, but what comes from that gut feeling, that deep-rooted emotion that we can't even define with words and that sometimes it even escapes our awareness. So, I guess my desire to be closer to the Grasshopper, Diva, the Manager, and so on, was much stronger than my desire to have cyberconnection.

Enough of that. You know what?  You are absolutely right!  the magic squares keep dissappearing!  It's amazing! There's still plenty of magic to be had, but it is my pleasure to report that we have made a dent on the number of squares.

This post has turned out to be a challenge. Mr. Grasshopper is sitting right across from me. We are sitting at a SpaceDollars, enjoying a hot concoction while I talk to you,  and he is in a very talkative mood.  We have been together all evening. Of course he had been completely uninterested in engaging in conversation with me, but now that all of my attention is focused somewhere away from his amazing persona, he has decided he wants to talk about important things. So bear with me if the writing on this blog seems somewhat disconnected!

Have I told you that I looove the new Palace?  Well, I LOVE THE NEW PALACE!!!!  It has a beautiful feeling about it. And not only that, it is the playground of many butterflies who come and grace us with their presence!  Isn't that just beautiful?  I think it is!

tomorrow will be amazing. I am scheduled to fly to a different city in the arms of the iron eagle and do some work over there. Should be tons of fun.  I know I am still owing you one day.  I will catch up, I promise.
In the big!  I am.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 41 - April 30, 2011

And the Channel strikes again!!!  I bet you thought you were not going to hear from me again. hehehe  I promised to give you 365 days and even if I crunch two in one, here I am! 
What happenned is that I don't have cyberconnection yet, and this my friend, is a very good thing, because if there had been access to the ethereal world of the net, I would not have unpacked as much as I have. hehe  I realized that my attempt to keep you posted by  typing from a calling screen was not very successful.

Let me tell you about day 41.  After a night of deep sleep (and this time when I say deep, I mean DEEP) I woke up to an amazingly beautiful palace.  The Manager had spent the night with us at the Palace and brought some delicious cake-like thingys for breakfast.  Then the rat race started again.  It was opening boxes, cleaning surfaces and then off to take Diva to her place of gainful employment. Then it was back to the rat race. So I thought to myself, I have the whole day to set things up, then go clean the old palace and go to bed early.

Yeah, right! I had completely forgotten that Mrs. Medwife was giving a celebration for her daughter who is comitting matrimony soon.  I could not not go to this event.  Mrs. Medwife and Mr. Galen have been so close to the family for such a long time!  So while the Manager was running her errands I started to get ready. Wait! My shoes!  Where were my shoes? You may think this is irrelevant but not if you happen to take a look at my parking room. P-A-C-K-E-D with squares.  The problem is that Yours Truly failed to label the squares appropriately, so it took me a while of hit and miss before I found THE box I was looking for. I don't want to bore you, just know that I did go to the event, where Mrs. LadyLust, Ms. Pretty and Ms Bite were also gathered. Good thing!  Otherwise I don't see those dear ladies!

Have I ever told you how much the Universe adores me?  I think  I have, but I have to tell you again: the Universe ADORES me!!!  It is constantly sending wonderful people and wonderful friends my way.  I have attracted the most amazing offspring too.  I can't say enough of how much I appreciate them. They are always there. Giving me their support and their love... unconditionally!

Mr. Grasshopper had spent the day with Mr. Lizzard and Mrs. Yum at their castle, so I went by to pick him up.  He had an amazing time, but lo and behold, the minute he got on the Red Bullet, all hell broke loose! What happens is that he has developed special emotions towards a special someone, and wants 'crystal ball' answers from me and from The Boys. Now, you know it doesn't work that way.  We are the owners of our own universe and our future - or the succession of our 'nows' - is all in our hands.

Ooops friend, last call for cyber connection. The place is closing down for the evening! Tomorrow will be another day!

Hope your weekend was magical. Mine was!