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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 113 - July 19, 2011

I can't believe that I have forgotten to tell you!!! Where in the world is the Channel's brain????????????
With the help of the Manager, we have published the video of our latest public session!!! 
Click on these words  to watch it!!!! It was such an amazing interaction that we had to cut it in 8 parts.  But don't believe me, see for yourself.

This day started like any other. Little morning meditation, a little bit more sleep, then up and running to take Mr. G to his practice. So far so good.  Then Mrs. Fabulous came for her not-English practice session. We laughed so much! It was a lot of fun. We talked more about our trip and had just the greatest of times. Then it was time for my appointment with a ghost from years past... the Accountant!  Although I knew that this appointment was probably not going to be joyous, I put my best extremity forward and showed up at his door with a big ol' smile on my face.  Mr. Accountant is a true gentleman and always a joy to have around. We spoke for a little while and his words managed to pull the rug from under my feet. He suddenly put my goggles back on and showed me what "reality" looked like.  I managed not to sound too scared but my knees were shaking when I walked out of there.  As I walked to the Red Bullet I kept telling myself "this is only contrast and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Breathe, Channel, Breathe!"  As much as I tried, I couldn't help but look at the "facts" that he had just slapped in front of me and to tell you the truth, they were very scary at that time.  I got in the Red Bullet and spoke to the Universe out loud. I said "Universe, seriously? You need to take control.  Remember what you are always telling me:  we are at your feet! Well, get down to business and start working on the relief that I am seeking.  I do not know what are the tools needed to resolve this, and only you can bring them to me. I will let you surprise me. I know that the answer is already flowing towards me. So darling Universe, it is up to you. Get with it."  Then I drove over to Mrs. Yum's castle.   can't say enough about friendship. If there ever was someone outside of my blood-relations that loved me unconditionally, I believe Mrs. Yum is one of them.  I felt the need to speak about my encounter.  Sometimes we need a sounding board so we can get that oppressive feeling out of our system. She listened attentively and reminded me of how powerful I am. Her words were words of courage and comfort and I felt so much better unloading that burden!  Now, as I think of it, it does not have the heavy weight that it did this morning. It is not as scary and big.  See? The universe is already responding. The Universe already put my friend in my path to help me get to a better place of attraction. A smile, a hug and a few words of comfort were like magic to my loony mind.Whew, that was a biggie. But I'm happy to report that I feel amazingly well right now and looking forward to receiving the answers that are coming my way.

After that I picked up a very wet and tired Grasshopper. He had been practicing in the rain and was feeling amazing!  We headed towards the pins and ball establishment. We were meeting there with Young Mr. Frenchie, who is on his way back to his country.  We had a lovely time and then it was time to get back to the palace, where we met Mr. and Mrs. Pretty. They were here picking up the sitting surfaces from the party.

Oh, oh, oh!  I forgot to tell you that the Author resurfaced! She had been feeling not healthy after her family trip. She is moving forward with her book and it is my personal belief that in a few months she will look back and think "Oh, life was so quiet back then!"  Here is another amazing being that gives unconditional love. 

I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing blood and non-blood relations!

Later this evening Diva graced us with her presence!  YAY for Diva!!!!  She had been keeping company to the Manager and I had not seen her in a couple of 24-hour periods of time. It's so nice having her positive vibration around!

I must go to the nest now and wake up very early. Tomorrow will be traveling to a different city for a presentation.

Still loving you here!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 112 - July 18, 2011

Did I ever tell you that time makes no sense to me?  Well, consider yourself informed; TIME MAKES NO SENSE TO ME!  For instance, I have been entering the wrong date on many dates in this blog.  So don't get too hung up on the previous dates as they are probably all wrong. A little voice inside of me is saying, right this moment: You should've looked at the calendar when we told you. But I didn't, and will do it from now on. Whew! They've gone silent.

Yesterday was a very good day.  Let me think. Oh! It was the first day for Mr. Grasshopper to practice the sport that kicks the ball around.  He had been very anxious about it.  We woke up and took off towards the field.  All the way he spoke about how important it was to make a good first impression. I, of course, took this opportunity to remind him that all he needed was to feel good about himself, but in a situation where you are unsure about your skill, I understand that those words may fall in deaf ears. So I left a very jittery and excited Grasshopper at the field and flew back to the palace to try to get some work done.  Just as I arrived at the palace a light bulb went off in my thinking cap and I remembered I had scheduled a midday nutrition appointment with Mrs. Greenthumb. So after getting some work-related stuff done, I got myself all pretty and proceeded to Mrs. Greenthumb's house.  I walked in her castle, which is always impeccable and gorgeous by the way, and proceeded to follow her into the backyard, closing the door behind me so her friends of the barking kind would not follow us into the heat.  To my surprise and a little bit of embarrassment, I also locked the closing slab. Great!  My dear Mrs. Greenthumb is approximately 20 years older than YoursTruly but proceeded to climb over the fence. After a couple of attempts where I had to catch her anatomy and once both of us made it all the way to the floor - STOP LAUGHING! - she made it to the other side.  She is so agile!  So i walked back to the door waiting for her to open. When I did not see her through the see-through wall, I went back to the jumping point only to find her there, half laughing half wanting to cry. All entrances to her castle were locked. GREAT!  Good thing I had left my Washington-holding apparatus in the Red Bullet and kept the keys in my pocket!  Well, now it was time for this Channel to climb over the fence. Lovely!  High walking sticks and all!  (Do you get the picture?) So I got one lower extremity over and then got stuck. Hehe, seriously.  I sat there, hanging in the middle until I started sliding to the other side. That was my adventure for the day. The midday meal was delicious and the company could not be better. I really enjoy being around Mrs. Greenthumb and now that I saw her climb a fence, i think I'm going to start hitting the gym.

After that I proceeded to pick up Mr. G from his practice.  He was a different man. He even looked older!  the first thing he announced was "I figured something out today.  If I am happy, it doesn't matter what others may think of me. And actually, people like me better when I'm happy." I know, I know. You just want to reach out and give him a big old kiss in the cheek! Don't worry, I did it for you.

Mr. G and I stopped at the trading post on our way back to the palace and bought some delicious food of the swimming kind. We were both craving this type of nutrition and were excited to find exactly the one we were looking for.  When we arrived at the palace Ms. Pretty was already waiting for us. She had come to pick up things left behind from Mr. Pretty's party.  I tell you, that girl is organized!  She calls herself OCD, I call that pure bliss. She gets so much done in such a short period of time, and on top of that, she does it right!  A blessing for those of us who find no heads or tails on anything when it comes to organization.  I do have other gifts though!

Mr. G and YoursTruly enjoyed our meal together. We had a great talk about nothing and everything and just as I was getting ready to get under the inside rain of the cleansing kind, he stopped me and said the magic words. Can you guess?  those to amazing magical words that can make the world go round:  ice-cream.  I had to oblige. So off we went for ice cream.  Ever since I started channeling, ice-cream has a whole new meaning to me.  Seriously. I've always liked ice cream, but since I started channeling, ice cream has a particularly amazing taste for me.  I think it is part of what The Boys call "enjoying the physical through you (YoursTruly)" because honestly, it doesn't taste the same. the flavors are enhanced and multiplied. Yummy!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 111 - July 17, 2011

Today has been a very good day. No, actually, it was a very VERY good day.  That's better!  It startted off with the super early ungoldly hour gainful employment. Then our usual Sunday Morning Gang get together, followed by a Spanish cyber-get together with The Boys.  I'm not going to lie, I have felt super the opposite of rested all day long.  Things are definitely not the way they used to be when I could stay up all dark hours and be as fresh as a lettuce (hehehe, that's literally translated from non-English!!!) the next day. No sir-ree, things have changed.

After that I had a meeting with two people for whom I hold aspecial place in my heart. Now, don't get all jealous, you too have a special place, it's only that these two, well, what can I say? Let me tell you a little bit about them.  About a trip around the star ago, Mrs. Strong gave birth to this lovely little being, who was born with a tickler that was different.  His appearance in the hologram was brief and confined to a room in the nosocomium, and I had the honor of spending many 60-minute intervals with him and his parents. then, he withdrew his attention from the hologram and Mr. and Mrs. Strong went back to the town they came from.  during all that time there was something that was obvious to all that came in contact with them, the love that they had for each other and for their precious little son. anyway, he left and then they went back to their hometown, and today they came back to visit and called to see me. We spent 2 hours remembering. They gave me an account of how things were for them back then and how wonderful things are now...and how much better they look for the future.  They were so amazing in their expressions of appreciation and gratitude for what I did for them that I felt so honored and humbled. Hours later I am still full with emotion about this encounter.

Then LadyLust and Mr. Buff came over with little Miss ChubbyCheeks. We had a great time talking.  Ms. ChubbyCheeks was not happy at first but then ended up slipping into slumber in my upper extremities. Ahhh!  The Boys are always saying how much babies are in-tune with source energy and by holding here, I could feel her alignment. Big time! She is an adorable bundle of joy!

As if that were not enough, then we went to the moving picture viewing house. By 'we' I mean Mr. G, Diva, the Manager and YoursTruly.  Saw a movie about the boy who flies on a broom and has lightning on his forehead.  I love my offsrping, I really do, I'd do anything for them.

That's that for one boring Sunday. Now I'll catch some shut-eye!

See ya later!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 110 - July 16, 2011

Before I start telling you about my day let me tell you that you are right, and you are right again!  The first 'right' was when I saw the vulcher. My seeing apparatus got super big!  I had seen these huge friends of the feathery kind, but never so close to my dwelling!  When I mentioned this to a dear fellow human being who shall remain unnamed, she got very worried. She said:  "You know what this means, right?"  To which I obviously responded with the negative word. Here, my fellow human being took a long, deep breath, adopted a seriously concerned look and proceeded to inform me: "Well, it means that either you or someone in your house is dying." Wow!  How's that for empowerment? I smiled politely and informed her that I was taking the 5th and was proceeding to put on my rose-colored glasses.  I told her, and I decided to believe this, that my vibration is so high and my alignment is such, that beings from the non-human kingdom are attracted to my vibration.  Now THAT thought felt much, much better!

You are also right in saying that I am always having fun.  If you could see the world through my eyes you would see that there is a lot of humor there.  Most of the time I am the only one that understands that humor, but it is humor at the end of the day!  I would say that in general my demeanor is on the serious side, but inside my head I am having a blast. Now, I am a being of the human kind and often I run out of patience.  That hap penned a few days ago with our dear Mrs. Yum.  Let me preface this by saying I believe that using written language over the talking device is a double-edged sword.  It is non-obtrusive and great to convey quick ideas, but my experience has been that one should not use it to hold conversations. Just because the tone intended by the speaker is lost when you are abbreviating your words and shortening your sentences. Well, it so happened that Mrs. Yum requested something from me over this method of communication. She was concerned about something and I was trying to convey to her that she needed not to be concerned. Well, messages came and went and after a short while I got annoyed at the insistence and expressed that to her.  So this goes to tell you that my fuse sometimes shorts too!  But even then; even in situations like that when it doesn't feel good as you are going through it, I end up finding the whole situation amusing. One thing that is amazing about this blog is that it gives me a platform to bring it all out. To put words to my perception.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so by reading this account of my life!

Today was different - hehehe, I am laughing almost out loud - you rolled your eyes! But it really was!  It started off with the right foot by having the Manager and the Sensible One bring us a special kind of bread nutrition for breakfast and sharing the morning meal with us. Yum-my! So, to me, that was a perfect way to start my day :) Then Mr. G  (yes, the man is back) and YoursTruly  took off to run some errands.I tell you, that Grasshopper is an amazing maniferstator.  Let me give you this example.  He had been, for some days now, requesting some Washingtons in order to acquire a game for his system.  His request had been denied multiple times.  Well, today he collected all his old entertainment items and traded them in. The man made a small fortune with that and was able not only to pay fully for a couple of newly released games, but he has a considerable amount in his account.  All without any effort whatsoever. It all comes to him. THAT to me is amazing. When we were driving back home after his financial victory I asked him, I said, you know something Grasshopper?  I need to know how you do that. I want to know how it is that you attract everything you want in such a painless manner. To this he responded: Oh, mom, I am so amazingly powerful, I wouldn't know where to begin! There you have it.  Wisdom in a capsule. There lies the trick to our manifestations, the knowledge that there are no limits to what we can do.

We proceeded to run our errands and drive back quickly to the palace as Ms Pretty has requested the use of the palace for a celebration in honor of Mr Pretty's  40th trip around our star and there was some cleaning and tidying up to be done.  On our way to the palace I got my dose of Author wisdom!  We had not talked for a while and her voice came in as a breath of fresh air. 

And speaking about fresh air, another breath of fresh air came from the mouth of the Manager. She had been hard at work editing a video of our latest session up with the Boys and was ready to upload it to the Tube that is You. Here's the link, see if you like it:  

I am so proud of the Manager. She has come such a long way. She is learning to love unconditionally and has taken great strides towards that goad.

The party was a success. Everybody seemed to have a good time.  Food and beverages were amazing too. tons of amazing people showed up and we all chimed in to sing to the B-day Boy!