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Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 177 - December 9, 2011

I've been staring at Old Faithful for the past 15 60-second intervals trying to get the words out and nothing is flowing. So I decided to just start and see what comes out. It usually turns out pretty darn good!

The Palace is rejoicing with the presence of little Ms Freckles!!!!  Happy to report she is doing marvelous.  Thank you for your well wishes, by the way! Today I picked her up at the PetWhisperer's healing facility.  You should have seen Tripod when he saw her!  He was jumping up and down like a kangaroo!  Nothing short of endearing, I tell you!  She has been placed on a limited-nutrition regimen as the Pethealer noticed her plump nature and full-figured anatomy. As I come to find out, Ms Freckles loooves earth's products of the green kind!

Today was special from the very beginning.  I don't think I've told you this but it's been a while since Mr. G and YoursTruly have those mandatory morning arguments about who feeds Tripod.  All of a sudden it stopped being an issue. I think that boy is growing up! We do have some about getting out of the Palace on time, but not those long and dragging arguments about feeding Tripod.  Back to the subject, Channel!  (This ADD makes conversations fun, doesn't it?). As I was saying (before I interrupted myself with my own thoughts), this morning started on a very nice note.  Mr. G was particularly complacient this morning and got ready, had his morning nutrition and was out the door without the need of any reminders. During our ride we spoke about how much easier things turn out when you look for the softer side of them. You see, he had been not very soft about certain attitudes of his other progenitor, well, yesterday we had a conversation and I helped him look at the softer side of things. Today, his progenitor - without Mr. G having to request it - offered what Mr. G had in mind! It's that easy! No wonder The Boys are always saying "soften your gaze," "be kind to yourself;"  we believe we are here to prove ourselves and prevail against all odds, and the reality is that we are here to have fun, and by having fun we prevail... hehehe I just love this stuff!

I love how The Boys are always around and how the Universe is always letting me know that I am never alone.  today as I arrived at the Bond Facility something awesome happened.  As I got out of the Red Bullet and was gathering my belongings, I felt this something fly right above my head. I was looking at the floor as I had dropped something and just felt something flying right above my head.  As I looked up I saw this humongous hawk flying and posing himself on a high wire.  He was impressive, I'm not kidding you.  But that was not the amazing thing, what happened next is what really warmed my heart.  I stood there, mouth wide open, admiring him, he then turned around on the wire so as to face me and did something cute that looked like a caravan;  at that moment I thought: "I wonder if this is a sign from the universe" and as if in cue, he spread his wings and flew to a fence that was just about 20 feet from where I was. Stood there, facing me and did one of those cute caravans again, as if saying "at your service." OMG I was paralyzed! Glued to the ground! I promise you I couldn't move.  As he flew away and I made my way into the building, three of the guardians of the law were gathered at the clear wall, pointing in excitement; one of them asked: "was that a hawk?  Funny how close he got to you!"  And I couldn't help but feel so fortunate to be able not only to have this kind of experiences, but to choose to see these as signs that the universe is always listening; always responding. Yes sir!  That's what I'm talking about!

The rest of the day went seamlessly. The Boys were with me all the time; letting me know they were there and softly guiding my steps.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Miss ChubbyCheeks first anniversary of her arrival into the hologram!!!  HURRAY FOR CHUBBY CHEEKS and for how much she has brightened all of our lives by her manifesting in the physical!  The "real" anniversary is a few days later, but tomorrow we will use her as our excuse for joy, love, happiness and, why not?  PARTYING!  Yeehaw!

Today I tried communicating with the Author several times but it was not the time in space to do so.  My talking device just wouldn't allow me to!  I had her in my mind all day and when that happens I know there is a conversation to be had.  Tomorrow. There's always tomorrow! And why am I telling you this?  Because.  That's why!

Anyway. This is as far as the story goes for this day.  I am humbled to know all the countries in which this blog is being followed. THANK YOU for following the craziness of this channel's life!

Fluffy's call is getting stronger. I must respond.  Sweet dreams to you wherever you are.  See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 176 - December 5, 2011

What a rocky week this is turning to be!

First things first, I don't know how many times people have come to The Boys and asked about their pet's health and the meaning of their diseases.  The answer is always similar: they are here to balance the vibration of our hologram; they too are powerful creators that are experiencing life from their broader perspective the expansion that only their disease can provide them with.  I know all that and believe it to be true from the bottom of my heart.  Well, as I sit here talking to you, my dear Freckles is experiencing less-than-optimal physical health and I cannot help but feel for her. The day before this one I was struggling between getting her healing help or helping her transition because of the amount of washingtons that it takes to cover her healing sessions.  This was a decision that YoursTruly did not want to make and it truly made my thinking apparatus struggle and contend with my feeling apparatus. Well, what have I said before?  Yep.  The Universe Adores Moi! As i threw my upper extremities up in the air and said "I give up!"  the answer came rushing in from the least expected source. As we speak, Freckles is at the PetWhisperer's facilities getting the healing that she so much deserves at the expense of the Grinch. Yes, you heard right, The Grinch in the flesh!  How about that?  You take your fingers off of the pulse of the Universe and the Universe surprises you in ways that you never even dreamed of!

Another event was the transition of a particular young being that was close to my heart.  I met him through the nosocomium where I used to labor and felt this very special bond with him and his progenitor. Again, and because the Universe adores me, I found out about his transition by what those who are not "in the know" would call "chance," but that , to me, it has the Universe's fingerprints all over the place.  I don't want to bore you with the details, but I think it illustrates just how magical your connection to BigMe can be.  You may remember that about a month ago I was called to do some work at the nosocomium where I used to labor, and that the day I went in I found out that this particular friend was there and feeling not good. Well, I visited and realized really how important the little things that we do can be for other people.   Well, you are probably thinking: "and exactly why do you think that the universe's love for you is reflected on this?"  Be patient, I'm getting there! Well, the day before this one, as I was just playing around the cyberspace I saw a comment from a friend of the old work place. All it said was something like "it's a sad day."  I had not seen or talked to this person in months, but I had a feeling she was talking about this friend.  So I called, and yep, sure enough. So why am I grateful? Well, because I had the opportunity to visit with his family today and to let them know just how much they are loved. I also had the opportunity to point out what a beautiful family they are and how lucky he must feel to have been part of that group.  that even brought a smile on his progenitor's face. I'm not going to lie.  The eye water was flowing like Niagara and I thought how wonderful it is to allow ourselves to feel and to express our emotions.  It is a form of releasing tension, of letting go. And we've talked adnauseoum about the benefits of letting go, right? So, yes, I am so grateful to the universe, to BigMe, and to physical me too, because I had the opportunity to do something that really meant a lot. This channel is pretty happy today. Yes'm.

Whew!  That was pretty darn intense if you ask me!

Now it's time for some relaxing meditation and another amazing conference with the fluffy.

Ta-da for now!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 175 - December 1st, 2011

Should we strive for specificity about our desires or should we let the universe, our BigMe, lead the way and show us where to go?  These were the questions that Diva and YoursTruly were just discussing over the talking device.  From her perspective, she felt that being specific helped her attain the feeling of accomplishment and sense of direction.  I had to think about this; do a little bit of soul-search and what I found is that I prefer to let BigMe take the reigns. I find that when YoursTruly reaches for specificity, she gets anxious and a little apprehensive, so softening my gaze, letting BigMe lead the way works better for me. And by doing so, specificity comes to me.  See?  It comes around full circle!  In other words, if I set out in the search of specificity, I get short of breath, worry like a worryfeline and make the process just a tad longer.  On the other hand, if I sit back, smell the roses, and marvel at the butterflies and savor the flavor of what i can't find specifics about, BigMe runs out and brings me the specifics that I need.  Isn't that amazing?  That does not mean that Diva is wrong. Not at all. What it means is that we, all of us, are right and that following what flows better with you will bring you your answers in a much softer and expeditious manner.  Be soft, have fun, play with it! It is all part of the alignment process and the more you enjoy the process the more aligned you become with that which you want. Aahhhhh!!  Life is good!

I promise that I've been trying to write every day this week but something always gets in the way and I end up doing other things.  My friend the Author would say that it is all due to Mercury being retrograde; I say it's life. We come here to this hologram with the intention of living life to its fullest and the universe, faithful servant that it is, has to comply with our desires and bring us more of that in which we focus our attention on.  Pretty darn interesting, if you ask me.

This whole week was full of activity.  I had laboring at the lawhouse and the Bond-like facility almost every day. We also had a couple of matches with Mr. G. So as you can see it was a very full and productive week.

Towards the end of the mullah-producing week Mr. Buff came to the palace with his magic wand and Cinderella in tow. Tell you what, this place is SPOTLESS and that, my friend, is enough to put this channel in the best of moods. Oh yes ma'am!  I'm a happy channel. When I arrived at the palace after one Mercury-retrograde-ish kind of day at the lawhouse (you know, the kind of day when everything that has the slightest potential of going wrong actually does go wrong or at least less right!), for a moment I thought I had walked into the wrong dwelling!  Even Tripod and Freckels looked different, more stately I would say!!!  yee-haw! Nothing like coming home to a clean space!!! BRAVO!!!

My friend Mrs. SmartOne paid a visit to the palace as we both attended a gathering of the brains together.  She lives in another corner of the universe, so we invited her to come and take advantage of our nest and fluffy for one evening.  She is such a joy to have around and such a gentle guest at the palace. Thank you universe!  She did not come with empty hands either!  She brought some pretty delicious fruits of the citrus kind. yum-my!

What else?  Well, I'm going to tell you something. You've heard The Boys - over and over again - tell us about the benefits of daily meditation, right?  Well, trust me, they are right!  A couple of days YoursTruly was so un-energized that meditation was left for a better day.  Well, it's OK when it doesn't happen one day, maybe two, but fair enough, the third day without plugging in the spirit-enhancing-charger and my-oh-my, does the vibration start to spiral down! I know that is also part of the experience that we all have to live, but I still think it's much nicer when we can avoid going on those emotional slumps.  The good thing is that I have learned to detect the symptoms right at their appearance and it literally takes me minutes of consciously focusing my attention on positive thoughts to lift my vibration and get into an awesome-feeling kind of place.  I tried to hold a conversation about this with wise Mr. Grasshopper and guess what his response was.... give up?OK. the response was: "Duh! I could have told you that!"  Thank you very much.

Another fantastic thing is that my winged friends of the pretty kind (butterflies) have been visiting my dwelling every single day.  Brightening up my days and giving me more reasons to smile big!

I also attended a gathering of the festive kind and had a wonderful time with new and old friends.  Mr. G attended with me and had a lovely time among people three times his age (hehehe). I tell you, he can be a funny character sometimes.  He's a good observer and made YoursTruly laugh a lot with his personal observations.

By the way, happy to report that Mr.G has finally agreed to share meditation time with YoursTruly!!!