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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Those "coincidental" moments...

Where have you been????  I know, I know, I've been MIA again. What can I say?  Life is just full  of adventure.  What I think has happened is that this channel has put so much in my vibrational bank account that it is now all coming once!

So many things have happened during the last 30-journal periods! Where to start?

Well, to begin with, let me tell you that a certain Garden Creature (AKA Mr. Grasshopper) is learning the art of conducting motorized vehicles. That by itself, my dear friend, has drained the physical manifestation of Yours Truly. Mr. G is certainly excited about this adventure, as you may have guessed.

Have you ever had an experience that you know is extremely meaningful but you can't really put a label on it? I had one of those experiences the day before this one. I'll tell you about it.  As this channel was sitting in Ruby waiting for the light to turn the color of the grass, a man stepped out from the front of a big, huge motorized vehicle besides me. Our eyes met for a brief second, he realized the light was turning colors, turned around and disappeared in front of the monster vehicle again.  Yours Truly went her way and drove around the same corner about 20 60-second intervals later to find out the man had made his transition in front of the monster vehicle. This channel of course stopped and rendered report to the guys in blue. Went back to the Palace, then off to have dinner with Ms. Cuba and back to the Palace.

It was when I was driving back to the Palace that it suddenly struck me: Was I the last person that his physical eyes saw before his transition?  Does it matter? YES!  It matters.  Just think of this, knowing that we are all one and knowing that there are no coincidences at all. No accidents at all. This "stranger" and Yours Truly had an appointment to meet right before he took off.  Isn't this just huge?

This was explained very nicely by The Boys the night before this morning. As I sat there, puzzled and, I'm not going to lie, a little shocked about the experience of the day, they said: "Why the shock? Don't you know that there are no coincidences?  Don't you know that everything, absolutely everything you have done in this trip to the hologram and before brought you to that encounter?  Start thinking of your life chronologically. Only in reverse.  From this moment back. Think of this, you did not stay at the sweating house with Mr. G as you originally had planned. You also did not leave the palace at the time you had said you would. And not only that, had you not moved to H Town, you would've never met Mr. Grinch and Mr. G would not have been in your experience. And had you not move to Dusttown MX with the Manager and Diva, you would have never moved to H Town. And you would have never moved to Dusttown MX had you not married Mr. Guru and you would have never married Mr. Guru if you had not been there, at the Perro Andaluz on that specific night with that specific friend. Don't yoiu see it? EVERYTHING you have done; every decision you have made, has brought you to your here and now. You had to be there at that specific time, because you had an agreement  that you would be there to fare him farewell.  Even though you did not know that's what you were doing." 

Geez! this deal of forgetting who we are sure makes this holographic trip interesting, don't you think so?

My remunerative activities have been increasing (thus my absence from this blog!) and my social and love life have also been on the active side of things.

See? Not bad at all!  I hope you stick around with me.  Thank you for your patience.

See you soon?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day ...hmmm what day is this?

I'm pretty sure you were wondering where Yours Truly has been all these 30-day periods.  What was that?  Oh!  You thought that I had forgotten you?  Absolutely the opposite of yes!  You have been constantly in my thinking cap, but the universe has been gifting this channel with so many adventures that the tic-tac apparatus just kept on going and going and before Yours Truly knew it, it's this day.

Where to begin? So many happenings!  Well, let me tell you a little bit about your favorite character:  Mr. Grasshopper.  That little backyard creature has been bursting with activity!  Every 24-hour period in his presence is truly a gift from the Greek Deities.  He has discovered new depths in his understanding of the hologram and is gaining so much perception that if it weren't for The Boys, this channel would feel pre-tty scared!  Just this day, as we were traveling towards his learning house, he had one of those moments that almost makes you stop dead on your wheels.  We were talking about how amazing it is that him, the Manager, Diva and Yours Truly decided to take this trip into the hologram together; and about how much we are enjoying this ride.  All was fine and dandy when suddenly he said:  "I think that the reason why I decided to come into the hologram wearing this physical apparatus was so that I would learn to love myself unconditionally."

You figured it out by now.  My jaw dropped, my walking extremity froze and I almost got Ruby in a close encounter with the 4-wheel vessel ahead of us. He got it!  No, what am I saying?  HE NAILED IT! It has been one of The Boys' central messages:  Love yourself unconditionally so that you can love others too.  When you love yourself unconditionally; when you really understand that you are perfect in your manifestation, then you can truly love others without attachments and then, then you become like a magnet for love and appreciation.  Because someone that loves him or herself unconditionally is happy, and happiness is extremely attractive to others.  There!  I coudn't have said better myself.

As you may imagine, after such an experience, the rest of my day just kept on getting better and better. Until now that the hand that types these symbols is getting ready to heed the call of Morpheus.

I must also tell you about The Manager.  You probably don't remember, but some 30day periods ago she decided to leave her place of gainful employment to go back to hit the book at the house for higher learning.  That quiet, sweet being, decided to go into a career that demands a lot.  She decided to push her limits to where she will find none, and I am happy to report that she is doing better than she thought she would, along with The Sensible One, who has been an amazing travel companion for her. They, along with Wolverine, are the perfect picture of a happy pack!

And since we are talking about my pack, I couldn't leave you without talking about Ms Diva! That being does not seize to amaze us.  She has continued pursuing her dreams in the City that Never Sleeps.  All the news that this channel receives from her corner of the hologram are about dreams, adventure, excitement and love.  Her life is filled with the happy notes of the symphony of success. Way to go Diva!

And how about you, Channel?  I hear you. I hear you.  Well this channel has been doing amazingly well.  A few periods of 7 days ago Yours Truly had the opportunity to visit the Great Tenochtitlan.  I tell you, the energy of that urban area is so unique.  As it happens... yes, I know, you want me to get on with the story, I know.  I was saying.... as it happens, a few months ago Mrs. Classy contacted Yours Truly with a proposal.  A good one, I promise.  The proposal was to embark in a castle-selling activity that would involve my native corner of the world.  Guess what I told her. Did you guess?  Of course I responded affirmatively! So the adventure began with that travel to my native land.  I have to tell you, it was like my life suddenly got on the fast lane. One thing happened after another and before I knew it, I realized that all the 24-hour periods in by day-counting book were filled up with learning opportunities.

So, that is one reason why this channel has been on the quiet side of things.  Well, this channel has discovered something. Or maybe I already knew it but it's nice to experience it again, don't you think so? And what I have re-discovered is that when you let go, you let it all in.  In other words, when you let go of trying to force things into manifestation, things start manifesting in your experience. That has been the case with the activities that produce Washingtons. Seriously!  At some point during the year that preceded this one, Yours Truly threw in the towel, had "one of those conversations" with The Boys, and decided to leave all the responsibility to the powers that be.  Well, as a result of such abandonment, things started to happen - others stopped happening, but for the most, happening was the word for the day.  More gainful activities started popping up and the panorama started gaining a nice shade of pink. Or should I say green? Things are certainly on the brighter side and this channel is enjoying the experience tremendously, thank you very much.

Other than that, it is my pleasure to report that all is well in the Palace.  Life is great. My adventure in the hologram keeps getting better and better every day.  How about yours?

Until soon!