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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 210 - July 21, 2012

As we say in the country where YoursTruly landed when she first appeared in the hologram, "there is no date that never comes." Hehehe, I know this does NOT make sense to you, but it basically means: "The time has come."  And it has come indeed. Today's the day when we have our very first GUEST!  Woo hoo!!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!  Let me introduce you to MCV Egan, our Guest of the Month!  On this day I had the pleasure of spending some 60-second intervals interacting with this amazing, energetic and super-positive being and what follows is the result of such an amazing interaction:

YoursTruly:   tell us about your book

MCV: The Bridge of Deaths is a cross genre that a famous book review called an unusual and much recommended read.  It blends fact and fiction, documenting the former for any would-be doubters.
The story revolves around an airplane crash at the brink of WWII and it is told from a modern perspective as to how it was researched through traditional and untraditional means.
The young characters Bill and Maggie research to help Bill overcome phobias and nightmares and the character Catalina researches to fill an enormous void left by the absence of a grandparent in her life.

book at:  AMAZON:
YoursTruly: Do you feel an extreme absence in your life?
MCV: Frankly, I must, who spends that much time and energy on anything otherwise? But I often wonder if the void or absence is represented by a grandfather but runs deeper and into other aspects of the ME inside that I seek or perhaps sought.

YoursTruly:  We understand that during the process of writing your book you sought out the assistance of psychics for past life regressions. What made you lean on the “unseen”?
MCV: I have had experiences with the “unseen” as you call it since I was quite young. It seemed logical to lean on a tool that had been helpful and accurate in other aspects of my life. As soon as I read about psychometry…I thought that is it that’s a great key to the doorway of information.

YoursTruly: You introduce past lives as a documented reality and yet your characters dispute the validity of past lives to the point that you quote an excerpt from The Universe at your Feet in which The Essence (here YoursTruly refers to The Boys)channels that this life is the only one to focus on.  You do realize that the message from TE is all about reincarnation but living in the “now”, right?
MCV: Yes, I think I understand. I interpret the message from the essence as an affirmative on re-incarnation and as an affirmative on the importance of the here and now.
 I personally have benefitted tremendously from several past life regressions and I am a firm believer in re-incarnation. As such I believe that we do not all have to belive, that an individual’s Karma may well be not to access past lives in this one, so I chose to give each reader the freedom to identify with the character’s that believe , or that question or that absolutely doubt. My goal is to communicate how information may help all of us participate and voice in world peace movements; I am happy and welcoming to any and all regardless of their philosophies.

Yours Truly: Do you have a ritual when it comes to writing?
MCV:  I have a great little room, and I usually work from there.  I carry a tape recorder in case a lightning of brilliance strikes at the long carpool line when I go to pick up my son from school.  I sometimes write in pen and sometimes only a pencil feels right... I guess I don't have a ritual.

YoursTruly: Please give us a sneak peek at your future books. What’s on the horizon?
MCV: I am working with a co-author on a fun and interesting little book called 4covert2overt it is a quicker read than TBOD but has its informative message and angle, and this one will be sprinkled with a little sex and loaded with a lot of paranormal.

THERE YOU HAVE IT! Didn't I tell you it was going to be amazing?  

As for me, well. I had an amazing day!  I will tell you all about it on the day after this one!

Smile big!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 209 - July 17, 2012

What so say?  Where should I begin? And the little voice inside my head says "From the beginning, channel, from the beginning." The problem when you get to reach the amount of trips around the sun that I have taken, is remembering where or what was the beginning! LOL  It;s all good. I'm in an amazing mood today.

You asked why? Well, because!  yeah, just like that!  (Apparently I have an attitude too!) I think it all started many moons ago.  Let me tell you...

One morning I woke up and I got it. yes! I got it!  I had one of those "Aha!" moments when that drop of wisdom seems to fall and everything becomes clear.  The previous night I had slipped into reality with worrying thoughts occupying my mind.  Even though I had meditated for quite some time before slipping into slumber, I still had that feeling in my throat (you know which feeling I'm talking about).  But that morning, before I opened my eyes to the hologram, I understood that everything was fine.  I truly understood that my only job right then and there was to soften my vibration, to breathe deeply and to let go. And so, with more conviction than ever before (because this time I knew)  I did as said.  I took a very long deep breath and told Big Me and My Boys: "All right, you say that if I take the first step you will run miles in my direction.  Here it goes. Here's my first step. Watch me walk!"  And the feeling of well being has been such that the circumstances that led me to harbor worrying thoughts became irrelevant.  They're still there, but they are not affecting my vibration. Isn't that amazing?  Isn't it great to feel good regardless of the situation around you?  Yes, I know that some of you will say:  "What you are is unrealistic. That's what you are!"

Well not that much.  After practicing this for a couple of days I received a call from the organization that provides YoursTruly with gaining activity opportunities and they offered more activity. Then, I got a call back from the organization I had applied at, and they are moving forward with their process. I also got communications from people I had not been in touch with for a very long time and on top of everything else.... two hawks came to visit my magical grounds this morning!  Now, THAT's what I call living the life!

I am so excited about Saturday's interview with MCV Egan!!!  She will talk to us about the process she followed to write her book, The Bridge of Deaths, why she leaned on past-life regretions for her research and a lot more!!!  Woo-hoo!!!

Last Saturday we held a live meeting in H-town and I have to share this.  It was an absolute success!  You will laugh, but this channel thinks there were only 2 or 3 questions, the rest was The Boys being who they are, pure and positive energy from Source, and talking up a storm!  A-MAZING!!!

Mr. Grasshopper keeps amazing YoursTruly with his unique perspective on things. Sometimes we complicate ourselves too much and it only takes a moment to listen to a "youngun" and realize that life is so much simpler than we thought it was.  He has been, as I may have shared with you before, fascinated with the fact that we are "recycled" beings. That we come back to the hologram over and over again just for the fun of it. And many of the conversations held in the palace center around the fact that we are eternal.  Just the day before this one we were talking about the fact that he went out with another amazing being his age that comes from the other side of the big puddle (they say things like "Merci" and "Voila" where he comes from). When his friend left I asked if he had had a good time and his response was: "Of course I did. You see, it doesn't matter that we don't see each other frequently, because we have been friends since many lives ago."  And just like that, he turned around and ate a cookie. Re-freshing!