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Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 182 - December 29 and 30, 2011

Hello there!  This is one of those days where I sit in front of OldFaithful, waiting for the words to come, and since they are not flowing naturally, I will just start typing and see what comes out.

Everything around the palace seems different now that Diva has returned to the BigCity.  I must say that it was great seeing her and the person she is becoming. So independent and self-assured!  Wow!  I tell you.  I am in awe of my offspring! (sounds familiar?).  So now it is Mr. G and Yours Truly and we have been having a great time these days that he's not required at the learning house.

This morning we had one of our conversations, you know, one of those when Mr. G comes out of nowhere with some pretty amazing wisdom, not typical to his age.  I was talking to him about the power of a smile and how it softens not only your vibration but the vibration of the person in front of you. Do you want to know his response? "Duh, mom, a smile is the beginning of love, and love conquers all." I rest my case, ladies and gentlemen.

(I believe the author was Jimmy Hendrix)
And that got me thinking about love and the power of our emotions. You probably have heard The Boys say "love is literally what makes your world go round," and like many others, you may have thought the phrase to be coined or corny (I know I did the first time it came through!), but if you stop for a second and realize the depth and the enormity of the meaning of that phrase, you will end up laughing out loud.  So... love is the emotion that brought us to manifest our amazing energy in this gorgeous physical bods; we know that.  We also know that love is the energy that is Me (and you too!); the essence of who we are.  And we also know that we have created this hologram by focus of the attention of that amazing energy. So, love actually makes the world go round!  Why? Because you and me, and everybody else, have agreed that this physical hologram in which we live has tons of round rocks floating in invisible magma and that the rock that you and I inhabit should in fact go round and round!  And you and I are the manifestation of love, hence.... you know the rest!  Whew! That was something, wasn't it?  But don't you just find it amazing?  Are you as much in awe as I am at the power that lies within us, knowing that power is love?  I know I am!

OK, enough! Let's get back to beeznez.  I must tell you this.  I am one of the happiest campers on (in?) this hologram! I am!  I just love my life!  I was talking to someone earlier today about the new trip around the sun that's about to begin and he was telling me all of the bad things that he intends on fixing.  When my turn to speak came all I had to say was:  I love my life. I love the way I am, even with those things that sometimes bother me, I think I am an amazing being.  I don't think there is anything to "fix", but what I do think is that there is so much to be grateful for!  Just think of this. And I can only speak of YoursTruly here, but you can use this as a model if you want!

Lets do a review of my life during this past trip around the big shining star:

First, my oldest offspring hooked up with the Sensible One and I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her during the planning season.  Amazing.  I also had the opportunity to reunite with the Author in Florida. Mind you, we had not been in each-other's presence for over 25 years! I also got the opportunity to meet so many amazing beings through my "worldly" work and through the Boys. My offspring are all doing fantastic.  I moved into the palace WITH THE RED DOORS!; I traveled; I wrote; I had family come to visit me; I made new friends; I reached souls on the other side of the hologram and beyond; I learned; my channel has grown; my experiences have increased; LIFE IS AMAZING!!!  Yes, I had contrast, plenty of it, and that contrast helped me get to a new level of appreciation. Every single time. It never fails! And today, as I sit here staring at OldFaithful and talking to you, I am certain that those things that I have dreamt about are already here; I can taste them and soon they will spring into manifestation.  Woo-hoo!!!!!!

So my New Year's Resolution is to continue living the NOW and striving for happiness. That's it. None of that losing weight and stop smoking and giving to the poor. I will focus on love and joy and love and joy will be what others will get from me.

Thanks to you my dear friends for following my silly blog. Thanks to all my friends, all over the world, for listening to what this channel has to say.

I am excited about another wonderful trip around the star with you! Ready? Fasten your seatbelt!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 181 - December 26 & 27, 2011

I HAVE SOOOO MUCH TO TELL YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!  Hang on to your seat.

First of all, let me just say that I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Yes my dear Author, I can see you rolling your eyes right about now; just bear with me.  See, I told you that today we were traveling to a nearby settlement for a day of interaction with like-minded beings, right?  So we did.  But let me tell you about all these wonderful beings. They came in one by one and introduced themselves and their abilities. All of them have huge spiritual abilities, which made it for a fun-filled interaction.  Oh!  but I'm getting ahead of myself.  The day began by us meeting with our wonderful new friend, who from now on should be known as Mr. GhostBuster, who held a session of the deep-trance kind both with me and then with Diva.  My personal experience was very interesting.  I think the results will be made obvious with time.  I am certainly looking forward to it!

After a much desired nutrition we headed back to the location to meet and greet the participants in the after 12 event.  Like I said before, they were all wonderful beings with different abilities and different vibration about them.  I just loved being there and The Boys were just amazing.  It never ceases to amaze me how sometimes they are presented with concepts and beliefs that are of a very physical (and sometimes scary!) nature and they softly bring it around and slam it into love!  Oh yeah baby!  The Boys are absolutely awesome!  After our interaction with The Boys we had an opportunity to experience briefly the energy of the matrix.  Even Mr. G got to experience that and he loved it!  Then we traveled to the dwelling of some friends of Mr. GhostBuster for evening nutrition. This had not been originally in the plan but it was a welcomed distraction!  Now, I'm going to tell you about these new friends because your jaw is about to hit the floor. Yep, you heard right.  What these amazing beings do is therapy for beings who have emotional problems.  But what is amazing about them is that they do it all through LOA.  How about that?  Now this is progressive therapy, if I may say so!  Wowowowowow!  I was enthralled by this soft-spoken couple who are way ahead of all the medical advances.  the reason why I said that everything happens of a reason is because I truly do believe that the people that we met on this day will have some sort of a role in what comes next.  I don't know what that is and what shape it will take, but it's coming.

So, having done that, we boarded the RedBullet and proceeded back to the palace. Happily going down our merry-ol-way.  What was my surprise when I opened OldFaithful and found a message from Mrs. Convert. I was not expecting what I'm about to tell you and it almost made me lose my pants.  Now I understand that is is all natural and good, but last night I was not in the know. So... remember I told you how the Disciple was very sick and The Boys sent him a message and told me that we were communicating directly with him.  I will preface this by saying that ever since I learned of the state of his physical vessel, I have been thinking a lot about him and sending him positive emotions and vibrations.  Every time I think of him, I visualize him as if I was looking down from the ceiling. Hold on to your pants....  Mrs. Convert's message indicated that she had been to visit him in his nosocomium bed and that his first words were this:  "I have been communicating with the channel. Both telepathically and visually."  To this, Mrs. Convert thought that maybe someone had read him the message.  But he continued:  "She has been telling me to flow and that is what I have been doing and look at me, I am so much better.  I see her.  I look up and focus on that spot on the ceiling and I see her talking to me. We talk.  She got me out of this."  How's that for a Tuesday morning reading?  The best part was that when Mrs. Convert spoke with Mrs. Buildit (formerly Mrs. Disciple), she informed her that the Disciple had been seeing YoursTruly even before the message of love and well-being was read to him.  And just to top it all off, when Mrs. Convert and YoursTruly spoke I mentioned that I had been thinking about him and of course, visualizing him as I thought of him, but never imagined that he could see me at the same time, and when I described how I saw him on his bed, shirtless, unshaven, bedhead and all, surrounded by certain machines, she indicated that I described him almost to perfection.

So here's what I know now.  I of course asked The Boys to bring their wisdom to me during the sleeping hours. And they did.  As you meditate, as you join forces with BigMe (I mean really join forces) these things are a daily thing.  So in other words, he did see me, we did communicate (we ARE communicating) and this communication is possible because of two things:  first my own connection with The Boys and secondly because of his own connection with his own BigMe.  So there you have it. If you ever believed that telepathy and "natural video conferencing" was not possible, think again. This story should convince you. It has convinced this channel for sure!

Hope you are smiling big!