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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 185 - Jan. 4, 2012

This day was a day of happenings.  This is how it went...

First thing in the morning as i walked outside the palace to let Mr. Tripod and Mrs. Freckles out, I was greeted by an amazing butterfly. She was cold, I could tell, but nevertheless, she spread her wings and showed me her beautiful colors!  This should have served me as a notice of how the day was to be.

After that, Mr. G and YoursTruly boarded the RedBullet and traveled to his learninghouse for the first day of learning adventure since the holidays. He was pumped up and excited to be there.  I traveled to the "you're not free" center where I was to labor, but being that i was 2 hours early, I decided to stop at a Brown Beverage Establishment and write a little bit.  There were no free eating surfaces and the weather outside was not comfortable, so I decided to sit in the Red Bullet and watch the beings go about their everyday life.  I had a very unique experience as I saw at least 3 people who resembled someone close to me that has already made his/her transition. I even called LadyLust to comment on this because I found it was strange.  She thought so too. She even told me I scared her and got off the talking device as quickly as she could! hehehehe

Later that day I found out that Mr. G's anatomy had felt not well and he had been taken to the MedicineMan by the one and only Grinch. As a progenitor, you can imagine all the questions that went through my head (why is this happening to him? this is not right?  I'm scared. I'm worried. and so on and so forth...). It's so good to know that I don't have to worry in order to be a good progenitor. On the contrary, what I have to do is empower him with my thoughts so that he can get his cells aligned and in good order with the universe and reclaim the health and wellbeing that are his by right!

After a few errands I came to the palace and sat in front of Old Faithful. I really wanted to talk to you, but what I found kind of stopped me on my tracks.  I found out that the Apostle had transitioned! "Cheater!" I thought. We were supposed to get together in a few months! I felt a deep sense of emptiness when I read the message.  I called the Converts and we decided to bring in the big guns and have some chat about death and dying with them. So, I stepped out of the way and allowed for The Boys to come in. To my surprise, those little buggers were not alone! They had the recently-reemerged Apostle with them! His energy felt effervescent, lively, full of joy. He spoke about joy and love and about how his energy will continue living with those who think of him. Later that evening, as I laid on the nest I thought of him and asked that his energy would visit mine. And it did. And he said he was happy. He said "this is like a magic show! I can build anything that I want! It doesn't last because there is no physicality about it, but I can build it nonetheless!"  I have been told of this before but wanted a response from his newly-reacquired perspective and decided to ask:  So how exactly are you with us?  Do you see us from up above? Do you see what we see?  How does that work, my dear Apostle? His response made YoursTruly laugh out loud: "If you are concerned about us watching you while you are not clothed, you can set your mind to rest because we are not watching you.  We are feeling your vibration and communicate with your through vibration." It's great to confirm that our sense of humor remains in our vibration even after we have withdrawn our attention from the physical!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 184 - January 3, 2012

Life is slowly going back to "normal" (or whatever "normal" is around here!). today I enjoyed a day of labor with YourBenchman. It was nice and everything went smoothly. I could feel The Boys coming in and helping whenever I was at a loss for words. The environment felt peaceful and soft, regardless of the place we were at. NIIIIIICE!

Mr. G also had a great day.  Early this am we traveled to Mr. Buff's lair and I dropped his little anatomy there. Mr. Buff later took him to the learning house where he met with the rest of his ball-chasing team.  After my day of profitable labor at the lawhouse I traveled to the place where the chase-the-ball match was to take place.  Mr. G proudly started the game and played like a champ! The match was nice and the weather was not-hot-at-all; and that is the reason why YoursTruly and the Grasshopper set course towards the AstroDollars to buy ourselves some hot beverage of the sweet kind. Yum-my! Very much deserved, as I could barely feel my tactile members after the game!

On our way back to the palace I had another one of those great interactions with the Grasshopper.  We spoke about our dreams and how we would like to make them come true.  He spoke about his dreams and about different places around the hologram where he would love to visit; confidently he said: "... and I will visit all these places because The Boys have told me that as long as I don't question it, it has to come true. Maybe you should try it some day." Yes, you guessed right.  This channel suddenly felt like if she was many years younger and sitting in front of The Boys themselves, being admonished.  How much truth!  How simple and wise Mr. G's were!  Maybe I should just try not to question that my dreams WILL come true!  Actually, I am learning to do so and they are coming into manifestation. Some quicker than others, but they are!  When my turn to speak came about I told him that I had a few dreams: first, to retrieve to a small town (hopefully the one in my native country) for a few months to write and finish my second biblos; second to take a trip with him to the country that looks like a boot and spend a long time traveling around big and small towns; and third to attract Mr. Right into my life experience.  He thought for a moment and then said. "That sounds easy, channel! You should be able to do this with your eyes closed!  Just think about how many of the beings that follow The Boys have come back to you with stories of success.  If they can do it, so can you!"  Don't you just love my backyard creature?  He's definitely a keeper!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 183 - January 1-2, 2012

FIRST POST OF 2012!!!!  Soooo exciting!

So here we are, stepping into a brand new year. Even though if you think about it it is really like stepping into any other day, the perspective of having a whole new year ahead of us gives us renewed energy.  But in all reality, time is only a perception.  Out existence is not more AND not less than an endless continuation of "nows".  No, I'm not trying to burst your bubble about the new year.  I'm not trying to make it seem that "it's just another day."  What I AM trying to do is to somehow let you feel that the opportunity to start fresh is there at every single moment of our lives.  And that, my friend, is such a refreshing realization!  The same amazing feeling that we are experiencing as we welcome a brand new year, a brand new trip around the star, can be experienced every day if we decide to do so.  I know it sounds repetitive, but The Boys insist that I remind myself (and then you) that happiness is not an accident, it is a decision that we make at every step of the way. The Boys place this at the focus of their teachings, and since they're the boss, I comply and pass it on to you!

So what, you wonder, has been going on around these parts of the hologram?  Let's see. For the end of the trip around the hologram and the beginning of the new one, we celebrated at Mr.MedicineMan's mansion along with many, many of our dear friends.  The gathering was exciting and the celebration went on until the wee hours of the new year. YoursTruly and Mr. G traveled back earlier as I had early morning work to do.  Nevertheless, it was a very, very good time.  Little Ms ChubbyCheeks was in attendance, of course, and I was delighted to spend some time with her, singing and dancing. LadyLust was present in full gear, as well as Mr. Buff and Mrs. CatEyes, the Manager and Mr. SensibleOne, and many, many more friends.

The next day Mr. G and I were invited by Mr. DreamCatcher to a gathering of the psychic minds.  There we ran into Mr. GhostBuster and Mrs.Medium and had a lovely conversation with them.  Mr. Dreamcatcher and YoursTruly had an opportunity to play with energy. I found that to be fun, although my physical mind still has to understand the concept.  It's all in good fun.  As I walked out of there I wondered why I had been attracted to that event as it was not very clear to me, other than the fact that I had a very nice time chatting with my new friends.  As the minutes rolled by (there's that "time" thing again!), I realized that the reason why I had been "taken" there was to confirm one more time that my channel is super strong and that it comes from the very heart of Source itself.  Wow!  This is soooo wonderful!

After leaving the event, Mr. G and I realized we still had some time left to play before our next "appointment". So we traveled to the nearest  AstroBucks and played with his new magical device and my Wordgabble.  We had a lovely time and then proceeded toward's Mrs. Yum's, who had invited us for evening nutrition.  We had a lovely time with Mrs. Yum and Mr. Lizzard, playing games and catching up.  Mr. G and YoursTruly made it home "kinda" late but had plenty of energy about us.  So we proceeded to do some tidying up around the palace and then off to the nest!

Oh, oh, oh!!!! I completely forgot to tell you this. It is soooo important!  Book 2 is taking a new shape!!!! YES!!!  If you thought The Universe at Your Feet was sweet and refreshing, wait until this baby comes out on print!!!!