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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 59 - May 21, 2011

I am so happy I can hardly contain myself.  This is the last night away from the palace! Yay!  I've discovered I'm a palace kind of girl. Whenever I spend too much time away from the palace and the clan, I really, really miss it!
Today was another day of getting together to plan and talk about serious stuff.  It was tedious but I'm not going to lie, I really learned a lot from all present.  I realize that a lot of work lies ahead, but I know that following my guidance I will breeze through the storms!
JazzCity has been a lot of fun. I've had the opportunity to speak with many interesting people.  Last night a group of us went out for evening nutrition.  The eatery was amazing (as every single one has been since I got here!) and the group was a lot of fun.  This morning we got up earlier (I didn't think that was even possible) to have a working morning meal with a couple of people who, like me, are the newbies at this organization.  It was lovely. We found this little quaint cafe where we drank some brown grain juice and ate some local sweet breads.

Today we moved to a different temporary residence. This one is not as grandiose as the first one but it is very comfortable. I'm just happy to know I will be going back to the palace tomorrow!!!

This morning I did not wake up to meditate but tomorrow I will.

Not many exciting stuff to report today.  Oh! I almost forgot, today I found my butterflies in a t-shirt! hehe
I hope tomorrow I get to report from Headquarters!!!

Sweet, sweet dreams!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 58 - May 20, 2011

You are really going to get a kick out of this one. I'm not kidding you. I promise you this is all true, that's what makes it even funnier.
Well, you know I'm away at a smart people's get together. Talking about very-serious-stuff and changing the face of the world (ha!). So I am not following my regular unstructured schedule (I tell you! This is tough on me! Submitting to a schedule).  So today, just like yesterday, my whole day was spent talking about work stuff with my colleagues.  I did not get to see the light of day until we broke for the midday meal.  JazzCity has a lot to offer and it is much better to see it by foot, so we walked to the place of nourishment.  Hold on, it gets better!  As we are walking to the place of nourishment we were clearglass shopping, enjoying the weather and taking in everything around us. Well, as we approached an establishment we realized there was a group of people gathered around someone.  My group was not interested.  They simply walked around the crowd and kept on going.  Me? Nah!  Being the nosy person that I am, I had to find out what in the world was going on.  Please don't laugh, but guess what it was.  Guess!  Yep, there, in the middle of the small crowd, was a (very handsome) young man holding a HAWK on his arm!!!  What do you think?  I think it is just amazing!  I was not looking for it, I did not expect to see one, and it came to me. It literally came to meet me on my own path!!!  I don't know about you, but I find this stuff fascinating.
Well, I have to confess that I have been stuffing my body with the most amazing and filling nutrition,to the point that I'm not sure I will be able to fit into the garments I have in the garment holding room! lol  Awesome preparations. Wonderfully delicious concoctions.
I have learned a lot today and I have learned that even though I do not hold any  credentials, I am at a place of decision making power with people who really care.  Now, if they only knew they are gods, imagine how far they would be already! 
Well dear friend. I must go since tomorrow will be another early start.
Hope your days are magical. Promise to write more soon.
Au revoire

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 57 - May 19, 2011

Have you ever wondered how it is that things you wanted so badly maybe years ago and lost interest in them come rushing to you?  Well, something like that has been happening to me. What happened is that many - many- moons ago I wanted to gain recognition on the stuff I do for mullah. I pushed soooo hard and tried sooooo hard that  I just got tired of trying and decided not to pursue it anymore. Well, as with everything else, by letting it go I came into alignment with it and now I am getting the recognition that I no longer wanted! Isn't that funny?  Not only that, when I got invited to be here I politely said no and explained there were no funds to do it. Well, once again the universe spoke to me. Before I knew it I had received a call from SuperSmartBoy indicating the association was paying for all my expenses. 
This apparently is unprecedented as they have never done it before. EVERYTHING COVERED.  And this comes to me when I no longer was asking for it! I am not saying that I don't appreciate it, I really really do! What I'm saying is that it is not as important to me as it once was and now it is coming to me. No, let me rephrase that, it is rushing towards me.  I find myself now sharing rooms and meals with people that I used to only wish they would talk to me a few years ago.  To me, this is another clear example of how the universe works. And how true it is that the more we measure what we don't have; the more we notice the absence of what we have, the further away we push it.  But as soon as we relax and focus on what we do have, it is like opening the flood gates. But that's just me.

I tell you, I am having so much fun in JazzCity.  I am learning a lot of that stuff I do for mullah, but also, I am learning a lot from other people. Some are pushing so hard against their own flow and others have learned the trick of letting go.  I love this! Oh! and not only that, I know the universe is sending me Romeo's representative very soon, because I have been seeing evidence of his proximity. This is ex-ci-ting!

I  love that you like my language.  I have to laugh because I got you all renaming things throughout your day now! hehehe  Isn't it fun? Doesn't it change your outlook even a smidgen?

This morning I woke up very early to meditate and then went back to sleep. Needless to say it took an act of congress to get me out of bed an hour later.  My companion is a early-hours person and could not understand why I had to snooze my alarm so many times. See, to me, sleeping is like having fun.  No structure and no limitations.  Others see it as a lack of responsibility.  Which definition do you like best?  Right! Me too.

Today I spent all day indoors and so I did not expect to see any butterflies. I had forgotten completely about them. After the work day I went to a nearby merchandise trading post. As I was paying for  my purchase, the cashier, a young a very talkative girl, asked if I could give her my opinion on something she was going to wear this evening.  To my surprise, she pulled out some hair pins in the shape of a butterfly.  There you have it!

Tomorrow shall be another day of working all day. I miss my nest and my fluffy!!!!!!  Most of all, I miss my pack!!!!!

Well friend, it's  been nice talking to you again.  Smile big. It's worth it.

Ta-da for now!

Day 56 - May 18, 2011

This day has been a very long and fun day.  It started off with taking Mr. Grasshopper to the learning house and him reminding me all the way that we were tardy.  As we all know we had to have our daily argument on who feeds Tripod and Freckles, plus the mandatory "hurry up!!" (about 10 of those) and of course we were about 3 minutes late. Not too bad.

Then Ms Diva took me to the rendevouz place where I was to meet Mrs. SmartOne for our trip to JazzCity.  It was a ve3ry pleasant trip.  She is a great conversationalist and there is always a lot to be learned from her.

As we were on the paved way I took time to admire nature and - of course - I was able to spot not one, not two but THREE hawks , plus an incredible amount of butterflies.  THAT my friend, made it all worth it.  As I was on my way I received two calls from potential customers asking for a quote.  Come to think about it, these are all signs and symbols of the abundance that is me.  The more abundant and not-worried I feel, the more the universe brings to me manifestations of such abundance.  LIFE IS GREAT!!!!

When we arrived into JazzCity we went straight to meet many other participants at the bodycoolerpond on the top of the building.  A lot of new and interesting people. A lot of fun. After that we were invited to evening meal by one of the participants. The nutrition was delicious and the company couldn't have been better.

Mr. Grasshopper was true to his promise of keeping an eye on me.  He called to make sure I had made it safely. 

My dear friend, there's not too much to write today.  My body feels not rested and I think it's time to introduce myself to the hotel fluffy.

Take a long deep breath and smile.  The Universe loves you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 55 – May 17, 2011

I've never been too fond of numbers. To me, numbers are magical. They have a life of their own. They are so confusing that I could swear they do things while I'm not looking. Seriously! Some people are very good with numbers; others thrive when challenged with them. Not me! Well, you should know that one sunny autumn afternoon I was asked if I would accept the position of… TREASURER nonetheless, to a not-for-making mullah organization. The question was asked so sweetly and quietly that Yours Truly couldn't say no. Now, to be honest, I have not had any problems. Everything has been going wonderfully. As you are already tired of hearing, the Universe adores me, and today brought me a reminder that today was the very last day to file the yearly dues! Yikes! I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. Like I said, numbers to me are strange little hieroglyphics that do funny things, so you can imagine how long it took me to make sense of things. I am very proud to report to you that I did it! I slew the dragon and conquered the summit!!! YAY!!! I was so excited and made so much fuss when I finished that Mr. Grasshopper came running to see what was going on in my wing of the Palace. He got excited too.

Earlier today I was very pleased with a visit from the Book Dealer. We had a long conversation. She loved the Palace! After that it was time to pick up Mr. G from the learning house. We then went to the merchandise trading post with Diva. I traded more than I wanted to trade but I am set for my trip tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, this Channel is ready with capital R! I even packed my suitcase already. Oh my, I am getting ahead of myself!

Very early this morning I went outside to meditate. This palace invites you to experience the outdoors; when you step outside it is like walking into a whimsical story book. There is water and bells and things that blow with the wind. Simply beautiful and the perfect place to meditate. My meditation this morning was especially beautiful. When I finished I felt like I was walking on clouds. I felt so appreciative of this hologram, of my descendants, my blood relations and those to whom I am not related by blood; I was grateful of all the people that teach me something every day. I thanked the Universe for you too, because with your interest and your thoughts you contribute to the vibration of this blog. After I came back in I had so much energy that I started emptying another magic square. One less cube to empty!!! Hurray for the disappearing cubes! I then got busy with work and many other domestic chores. Busy, busy and very productive day.

My butterflies came to me this morning as I was meditating. I was sitting on a chair and three of them started flying around a nearby tree. Then they got closer and closer until they stood on the chair next to me. Two yellow and one black. Gorgeous creatures.

My eye curtains are coming down even against my will, so that's my cue! In response to your question, we forget the lessons because we planned this game so well, so fantastically well, that we forget it is only a hologram! Isn't that amazing?

Sweet dreams to you too!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 54 – May 16, 2011

Sometimes I sit here in front of Old Faithful, dactyls on the letter pad, trying to think of the first sentence for the day's post. Today is one of those times. I have been sitting here staring at the electronic display with the little prompt going "on-off-on-off," trying to decide how to start. So there you go, I have started. Now there's no stopping me!

Oh, before anything else you MUST know this. This morning, as the artificial rain that I had set up was bathing the vegetation in the backyard, I sat in front of the window, with Tripod and Freckles faithfully at my side, and prepared to enjoy the show. Oh, what a show that was! You will not believe it but a whole family of red friends of the feathery kind came down to play in the H2O. I mean, I can try to describe it in the most poetic and brilliant way possible and my words will not even get close to the amazing display of color and activity taking place right there, in front of my very eyes. They were joined by a few butterflies that would delicately stand on drops of water on the leaves, and a few rodents of the fluffy tail kind, running around as if they were playing hide and seek. What a privilege to be able to witness nature at play. Seriously! My two faithful companions were not very pleased with me as they wanted to join in the games. I had to hold them back just for a little bit, I felt the selfish need to quietly enjoy this moment. It was a feast for the eyes. I'm not kidding!

After that amazing show I took off to run quite a few errands. At a particular moment I was driving down a road with beautifully manicured lawns. I was admiring this particular lawn, looking at an amazing flower bed with flowers of all sorts of shapes and colors when I saw this shadow on top of the flowers. I looked up and what did I find flying up there? A gorgeous hawk! Beautiful!!! From where I was he seemed to be of a very light color, but I'm not sure if it seemed that way because of the sun shining behind him. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!! I started laughing out loud. I couldn't help it (neither did I want to)! This is one way that the Universe communicates with me. Signs and symbols. Just for me and I love it. You have yours, may be similar or completely different, but there are signs and symbols in your life that only you can give meaning to.

After that amazing experience I picked up Diva and shared the midday meal with her. We had a great time. She is also a very insightful person and conversations with her are usually very interesting. Diva lives life to the fullest and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is also a very spiritual person. I love talking to her because she may miss things that are obvious to everybody but when it comes to knowing where a person is coming from or the deeper meaning of any event, I tell you, she's the person you want to talk to. So all of this goes to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed my meal with her. After returning her to the dungeon I came back to the palace and continued putting words from one language into a different one. Fun! I love working. It helps with my feeling of abundance. Oh, how abundant I am! I would be even more efficient if I didn't try to clean my palace, wash garments, straighten up the cooking room, bathe the vegetation and do my work, all at the same time. You get the picture. One thing is for sure, I have so much being the way I am!

OH!!!! I ALMOST FORGOT TO TELL YOU THIS!!! How could I??? Well, yesterday at some point I thought about Mr. Whiskers (oops, sorry, the very last day at the previous palace I was told it was MISS Whiskers. My apologies.). I wasn't thinking anything special, just remembering her big green eyes and her big old paws on top of the Batmobile! Well, last night her cousins came by to see me! Isn't that cute? Last night I went out to help Diva with some bags and as I stepped closer to the Red Bullet, the two of them came pretty close to me and just stood there looking at me. They were the cutest things in the world. I talked to them and they meowed back. Polite little things! There you go! Another message from the Universe!

Tonight as I am writing to you Diva is learning a new dish. GO DIVA!!! You know what that means for me right? One more free night a week!!! Yeeee-haw!!! I was about to dial the Author when I realized she may not appreciate my call. It's a little bit late where she resides.

Later this week I will be in the City of Jazz for 5 days. I am going for a holowork conference. It should be fun and I know I will meet a lot of interesting people. It will also be all work. But hey, everything happens for a reason, and this came up for me because I need to be there, so I will make the most out of it. Don't worry, I will bring Old Faithfull's portable version (by the way, 'she' has a name, her name is Chuchi – pronounced choochee) and will keep you posted on my adventures.

Had a few conversations with Mrs. Yum. We talk a lot about the law of attraction and how we see it at work. We also laughed a lot. Laughing at oneself is a very good and very healthy thing to do. Keeps you young(er).

Mr. G is visiting his parent that is not me. He called me earlier this evening. He was so bored that he decided to read the He hadn't read it in long time and was very pleased to know that he is mentioned in it every single day.

Very well, this wasn't so bad, was it? Especially if you consider that I didn't even know how to start talking to you tonight!

Are you having a blast? Are you enjoying this experience? I really, truly hope you are. Every day I learn more about how to let go and allow myself to enjoy more. I find that the more I decide to be happy, the deeper my happiness feels. Discovering these feelings and emotions is what this is all about!

Now it's time to retrieve to my nest and confer with the fluffy. It's been nice talking to you.

Until soon!

Day 53 – May 15, 2011

Hello World! I've been trying to post today's conversation for quite some time now. So I may end up posting two tomorrow!

UPDATE: I was not able to post it last night, so I am posting this today (May 16)

Today I did one of my favorite things in the whole wide world: spend the day with blood relations of the closest kind. Let me tell you about it. First, my day started with the Sunday Morning Gang. There were 20 people on the call and I believe this has been the largest group we've had so far. As always, the questions are amazing and The Boys were excited to play with us. Very much fun if you ask me!

I had a picture conference with Mr. and Mrs. Convert. I was excited about this call because I wanted to show them the Palace, so I took them on a tour of the dwelling. And guess what? They LOVED it! Talking to them is so refreshing! They updated me on the clan's news. Apparently the CreativeOne has found a romantic interest! Woo-hoo!!! Didn't I just tell you that love is in the air? I'm next! I'm next!!!! Hehehe

Then we went to Ms Pretty's house to celebrate the anniversary of her arrival to the hologram. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pretty's relations. I really, really liked them! LadyLust was there, looking hot and enjoying the company of Bumblebee, who is growing like there's no tomorrow! It was fun. Mr. Grasshopper was looking pretty good with his new garments.

On our way back Mr. Grasshopper and I had the opportunity to have one of our deep conversations. We got on the subject of children of dismarried parents (yes, I just made that word up…). A few years ago, Mr. Grasshopper chose to live with the parent that is not me. At the time it was painful but I was already channeling and that helped me tremendously. My heart wanted to fight and try to retain him, but The Boys helped me let go, and I did. Just a year and a half later he asked to come back to the Palace. I pointed out the fact that our relationship now is even better than the one we had before he left. We had to go through the contrast of that separation to grow and appreciate our relationship even more. Those events gave me the opportunity to confirm how the Universe responds to us all the time. Back when I felt a victim of the Grinch and was trying to retain Mr. G at all cost, things were painful and dark. Then I let go; then I even started appreciating my life the way it was. I loved the time spent with Mr. Grasshopper, but I also appreciated the freedom I had to do the things I like doing. I had time to write my book, meditate, see friends, and so on. And it was only then, when I learned to appreciate and my resistance dropped to the ground, that what I wanted the most came running back to me. Isn't that amazing? We spend our lives asking the Universe and taking the pulse. 'I've asked, but it's not here yet," we say. And if we only turned the other cheek, look for what we do have, focus on our happiness, THEN everything will come rushing in. Going back to Mr. G. As you probably can tell by now, our relationship is very good. Much, much better than it was back then.

Then we picked up Diva and something for dinner. Came back home, watched some picture box, and now it's time to talk to you before I call it a night.

I hope your weekend was beautiful. Thank you for all your comments. If you haven't done so, click on "comments" below each posting to read what people are saying.

Much love and light to you for this week.

Ta-da for now!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 52 – May 14, 2011

Today was a powerful day. Very powerful in many different ways. Let me think where I should begin. Hmm! Simple! Why not start from the beginning, right? Duh!
Yesterday I mentioned that today was going to be a day for The Boys and it certainly was. It started with a Spanish teleconference. We had many people present and the questions and answers were amazing. That platform is amazing, people get to join from many countries around the world and ask their questions directly to The Boys. That makes it super special. In the meantime, people are able to chat with each other. People really enjoy the experience. After that we took Diva to her place of gainful employment and Mr. Grasshopper and YoursTruly took off to the merchandise trading posts to get him so pretty sharp-looking rags for his end-of-learning house-ceremony. We had so much fun looking for the right thing! He walked out of there feeling pretty good, I must say.

Then we picked up the Manager and came to the Palace to get everything ready for our monthly meeting. We had a lot of people this time and it was a very interesting meeting! Seven new people came today, which made it for a very interesting and interactive session. One of the new people, Mr. Hades, was determined to prove The Boys wrong and "expose the truth." Hehehe It turned out to be very interesting, because The Boys of course handled it perfectly. When I channel, I am conscious and aware, but I am not completely "there" if that makes sense to you. So when the first shot was fired I "woke up." My first instinct was to "defend and fire back." It's a good thing that I have learned to let go and let The Boys handle the situation because they, of course, have the perfect answers. This is not the first time that the Boys have been "challenged", but it is the first time that other people present get infuriated and an argument starts. I tell you! You should've been there! You see, with The Boys there is no convincing. That vibration is not present in them. When you ask a question they give you the answer, just the way it is. Full of love and compassion (that is why I say it IS a good thing that I have learned to step completely aside! If I had been the one responding, my answer may not have been so loving…), but the last thing that they do is try to convince anyone that what they are saying is the truth. Anyway, an argument started. One of the ladies, Ms. SweetCurls, felt insulted by Hades' behavior and made sure to express it out loud. Ladies and gentlemen, the distance between hate and love takes a very short step to cover it; after the meeting, Ms SweetCurls and Hades walked away together to go somewhere and share an afternoon tea together. That was amazing! Everyone was talking about it afterwards. One of the questions asked by Ms SweetCurls during the session was who had attracted Hades into the meeting. After seeing them walk away, the answer became clear to all present. Hehehe. Then, after everyone was gone, Mrs. Yum expressed interest in one of my blood relations. Cupid was definitely active today!
When Mr. Grasshopper learned about both love stories he got all excited and expressed wishing he had been there to witness it.
Tomorrow will be another amazing day. We will start it with the Sunday Morning Gang and then go to Ms. Pretty's for her belated anniversary celebration. Another great opportunity to spend time with family!
Thank you so much for your comments. So full of love! Your messages for Mr. G have been relayed and he seemed very pleased. Thank you! I am happy to hear that you are able to understand my words. You see? Love has no boundaries and is not language-specific!
Sweet dreams to you! Until tomorrow!