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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 20 – April 9, 2011

Today has been a very good day. I finally got some much needed sleep and woke up refreshed and ready to rumble! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

The day started with the Manager and the Sensible One going with me to the Palace-to-be to check it out and talk about the paint color. When we got there, the Lords were not there, so we had an opportunity to chat. It was much welcomed by me since I don't get to spend a lot of time with them. The house, you asked? They liked it! Duh! Of COURSE they were going to like it! The Manager was fixated on the fact that the dwelling is not completely empty right now, but we know it will be as of next week. Life is GOOOOD. To my dismay, I heard Lord 2 say that they want to change the red doors!!!!! OMG I felt like fainting! Inside I was screaming "DON'T!!!! NOT THE RED DOORS!!!", but don't worry, I remembered my manners, and just said: "If you are changing it because you want to, that's fine, but I must tell you that I love these red doors. So don't do it for me." Do you think that was polite enough? I was ready to beg if I needed to but thought I would creep them out.

Then we had a nice meal together. We hadn't done that in a while. We talked about many things and, of course, more about the house. They both think it is a very good idea. They liked the Lords too. After that, the Sensible One dropped us off and took off to do his thing. We had a great session with the Producer, who came full of brilliant ideas. Today was the last session to be held at this Palace! I can hardly believe it!

Today during our session a question was asked about why, when you listen to the message and think you've got it, when you are going downstream, appreciating and looking for that better-feeling thought, contrast slams you on the face and you can't seem to get over it. The question in particular was about money (surprised?). The answer was awesome. First they said that contrast is giving us the opportunity to use the skills we have learned. Then they said, you can't get your millions if you feel like a beggar (something like that). In other words, we first need to come into alignment with riches in order to experience wealth (financial in this case). So to go further into the subject the said that our beliefs about money have a lot to do with it. If you were brought up being told that it is bad to wish for financial abundance because that is superficial. If your belief is that wealthy people are bad or superficial. That they don't deserve their riches, then you are not in alignment with wealth. Then the trick is in changing our beliefs about money and wealth. First of all, they say that money is a side effect of abundance, so not to worry to much about money. Secondly, they said we can start softening our perception of money and actually seeing ourselves in the place that we want to be. When you see someone who has what you wish you had, admire it, smile big knowing that yours is on its way. Isn't this great? I have heard it many times from The Boys, explained in many different ways, but today's message hit a different cord in me. Lovely! Aaaaaaaah!

After the session we quickly went to get… guess. Yep! You guessed right! ICE CREAM! And when we got back the Sensible One was waiting for us, sitting inside the Batmobile. Very, very still, very quiet, watching for Whiskers. Now, that's a good story. Whiskers is a huge feline that doesn't have a home but loves to sleep on top and under our wheels. You must know that if there is something that the Sensible One cares for more than his own life, it's his wheels. He is very sensitive about having creatures crawling all over his viewing window and spotless bod. Whiskers on his end just loooooves the Batmobile, and every time he sees the sleek silhouette parked outside the Palace, he finds a way to climb on top of it and leave his lovely footprints all over it!!! hehehe. Needless to say, the Sensible One has a hard time relaxing every time he's here.
We visited for a little longer and then it was time for them to leave. So I got to packing. Yes, you read right, PACKING. Finally, you must be thinking! I realize that I shouldn't have recycled all those neighborhood papers because I quickly ran out of paper to wrap. So I took a break, came to Old Faithful, spoke to the Author for a little bit and then to Mrs. Convert. After that, I also spoke to LadyLust over the phone and decided to go ahead and talk to you now, instead of waiting until the late hours of the evening to do so.
Tomorrow morning is our sacred Sunday Morning call with GorgeousDownUnder and the Sunday Gang. Can hardly wait! Hope you join us one of these days!!

By the way, I have been asked numerous times when will I be blogging in my native language. Bear with me. One step at a time. J

Well, that's all for today. I hope you are enjoying your weekend, wherever you are in the world. I am enjoying your company so much!

OMG!!!  I had to come back and edit this posting.  Did you read my post from a couple of days ago?  I had gone on a spiral because I realized I didn't have work scheduled.  I just realized tat the answer came today during the session. LOUD AND CLEAR!!

Day 19 – April 8, 2011

I like Fridays. They are full of promise. The promise that this Friday has made to me is that I WILL get a lot of packing done this weekend. I'm actually excited about it! I am following the advice of many well-intentioned friends and looking at this as a fun thing to do. My course had my thoughts and energy occupied, and now that we are finished with the class, I can focus more on my next most important task at hand. Oh, how beautiful! Just another example of how time passes and our perception of it. I used to be able to take on many important tasks at the same time, and now I just seem to be able to focus on no more than a couple of tasks at a time. It's OK. I'm not complaining. I like this! I always wanted to have the ability to focus on something until I finished it before moving on to the next. But I'm sure that before manifesting in this physical life I had the intention of enjoying the ride to the fullest, and that meant having my plate full… of opportunities to enjoy!!! Hehe
This morning was a blur with the Grasshopper. Neither one of us was alert enough to get the other one in gear. He barely made it to school. Actually, he may have gotten a "you are late" card today. I continued my drive with Carol and James, the three of us sang "You've got a Friend" together. Oh, Baby! We sounded good!
Today was the completion of the course I was teaching. There's great joy in seeing your students feel like they are walking away with a treasure of knowledge in their hands. This time they did and of course, I walked away with a feeling of fulfillment. I got home feeling numb. Last night again, I stayed up super late reviewing my materials. Last night as I was feeling very proud of myself because I knew I was going to finish reviewing my materials for class at a decent time, Mr. Grasshopper approached me with a monumental request. He needed help in organizing his project. This is no ordinary project. He had been researching and collecting information on it for months and now it was time to put it together. What he conveniently forgot to report was that he knew all week that he needed to bring it to school today (got to love that Grasshopper!). Anyway, I did help him out and then finished reviewing my work, which made it for another very late night; so by the time I made it to the Palace today, I was in no shape or form to hold a conversation or make any decisions. So I did what I know, I sat outside and meditated for a good 20 minutes. Freckles and Tripod settled down right next to me on the grass and meditated along! Then I went inside and literally crashed on my nest. Oh, that nap felt GOOD! It was a 3 hour nap, you must know. I woke up refreshed and renewed. Tripod and Freckles took that opportunity to catch a few z's with me too.
Diva came back home with delicious leftovers for me, so that made my evening even better! There's no doubt, the Universe absolutely adores me! I was hungry but did not want to cook and did not want to order in. So the Universe said to me: we are at Your Feet!
Oh! I almost forgot! Thank you for your comments (feel free to read all the comments at the bottom of each post). In answer to your question about expansion…. remember that time and space are only perceptions that we come here to enjoy!!! As we grow, we also expand! That's a great question.
Tomorrow we are having our monthly meetup! YAY!!! This one will be the last group session at this Palace, so it should be fun. I am really looking forward to it. Remember, SER call on Sunday! Hope to hear you there! lol
Well my friend. Today you may notice that my writing is choppier than other days. I guess my brain is still a little foggy. I hope you are smiling. Talk to you tomorrow?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 18 – April 7, 2011

I have always liked the late hours of the evening. For some reason, it seems to be during those hours that I get my rush of energy and inspiration. Last night was one of those. We came back late from Mr. Grasshopper's interview and it was at that time that I sat down to talk to you. After that, I decided to "take a look" at my materials for the class today and, being the perfectionist that I am in what's related to my classes, I decided the materials were inadequate and started working on them. To make a long story short, Yours Truly went to bed at 3 am, eagerly awaiting the sound of the alarm clock at 6 am. NOT! (you know the story between me and my alarm clock. Not much love there.).
Amazingly enough, I did get a chance to put in 15 minutes of meditation and made sure that Mr. G and I had breakfast and left the house on time. This morning again the ride with him was insightful. He said something pretty deep to me. We were talking about positive thinking, even when you don't like the person or the circumstances, and he said: "Some people think that if you look for the positive in everybody, you are weak. And they think that because they don't know that the more you love, the stronger you become." Ladies and Gentlemen, let's hear it for Mr. Grasshopper!
Class today was wonderful. As always. I looove my students. This group is very, very nice. By the time I got home I was tired, but very happy. I helped the Grasshopper with some homework, then I cooked a delicious and very simple dinner, and then I started working on the materials for the last day of this training course.
Today I started focusing on the negative. I started feeling the "lack" of things. It all started because somebody asked me something about my schedule and I realized I did not have any work days scheduled for… for… ever? I suddenly felt like if someone had pulled the rug from under my feet. But why now? It has been like this for a few months. There are weeks when I have plenty of work and weeks when I have none. Well, for a moment there I felt vulnerable. I forgot my god-self and focused on the reality of "what is." I even questioned how come I am a channel for this amazing energy and this beautiful message, and I still have to struggle. Wasn't I supposed to be chilling by now? I forgot that the Universe IS at my feet and that all I have to do is give it full control while I get good at having fun. I still think that I (the physical, mental me) am the doer when in fact all I do is delay the response from the Universe. All in all I have come a looooooong way from where I was when I started with this channeling deal. I can declare, right here and right now, that I am a much relaxed and happier person thanks to this spiritual transformation. But, like The Boys love saying, we are all a work in progress. We are always growing and expanding, so I too go through my not-so-comfy contrasts that make shake. But after all of this I realize that I HAVE BEEN chilling all this time; that I have been enjoying and growing all this time. It is only that today, for a moment, I chose to focus on "lack." Oh, how powerful thoughts are. I'm not kidding you. Today in a matter of minutes, I went from joy and appreciation to having almost palpitations of how dark the future felt all of a sudden.
The good thing is that by now I am used to keep an eye on my emotions and the minute I realized I was sliding down the path of self-pity and worry, I took a deep breath and literally looked for something that felt better. So what did I do? I politely left the group I was conversing with and focus on another group that was holding what seemed to be a much lighter conversation. At least much lighter for me! I realized that by answering more questions and getting deeper into the subject, I was just going to go further down the spiral. No need for that. Better stay happy. I am very happy to report that I feel completely renewed now. I took just a few minutes to meditate while the bird was in the cooking box and like magic, it brought my vibration back up. I tell you! It's better than anything you may have tried. I don't think I've said it enough: meditation is the key to happiness. Period.
My butterfly showed up bright and early this morning as I was walking towards the building where I am teaching. It was of a yellowish-green color. Bright and happy. It just fluttered around me, flaunting her beauty, and then took off to brighten somebody else's day.
Well friend. Thank you again for staying with me. I read all of your messages. I enjoy and appreciate them tremendously.
It is exciting to think that you are reading these words in many different countries all around the world. Big cities, small towns. At home or at work. Thank you for giving me some of your time!
Sweet dreams! Ta-da for now!
PS I came back to edit the font color on this. Just for you my dear friend!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 17 – April 6, 2011

Hello my dear, super dear friend! Aaaaahhhhhh! Life is good. I have had one of the most exhausting, but also rewarding, days in the last few weeks.

This morning I did not meditate at 3 am, but I did so at 5 am (I believe the non-physical is ok with the time change..). Mr. Grasshopper and I left the Palace with plenty of time to stop for a coffee concoction. Yummy! We talked a lot about how much we have enjoyed living in this Palace. We spoke about the things we have learned and lived during the past 2 + years and discovered that we have grown tremendously since we moved here! We love this place. It provided us with a very harmonious environment to live in. Many private and group sessions with The Boys have taken place here. A lot of magic has transpired here!

Something was brought up to my attention today. And it was something really important. When my washer decided to take a break, I called it a contrast, and you, dear Reader, called it an opportunity to take a break and do something else. You know what? I like your perception much more than I like mine! I think I will adopt it. You also mention that I forgot the flowers in our exercise (have you tried it?). Here it goes… the cloud is your desire, the ground is where or who it will happen to, the rain are the affirmations and the flowers are the things in your life that are already signs that your desire is on its way to you. Thank you for the reminder!

After dropping Mr. Grasshopper off this morning I came back and worked on my presentations. Again, super distracted, thinking about a thousand things at the same time. I put in a couple of laundry loads in the meantime. Then I got an unexpected visit from LadyLust. We hadn't had an opportunity to talk in a long time and she actually stayed for a few minutes (she's always running somewhere). It was nice to catch up with her. Then it was time to go with Diva and eye some new wheels for her. Now THAT was fun!

After that, I took a couple of my students to visit a big hospital. Now, was that a trip! I was not prepared for the tour and walked like 5 miles on high heels! LOL!!! I must say I was very impressed by the tour of the facilities. It is an amazing center. But the spiritual side of me couldn't stop thinking about disease in the bigger scope of things. The Law of Attraction is amazing, the bigger you build the building, the more patients that get sick (if you build it they will come! Hehe). It never fails. You bring the attention of people to the causes of disease and more and more people get sick! Now, I have nothing against technology and the advancement of science. I believe it is another sign that we are always evolving, but it really just baffles me when I realize that the bigger the hospital, the more sick people there will be. But that's just me! I work very closely with that field and I am fascinated by science. But ever since I started channeling I have been able to go beyond the point where science stops and scientists scratch their heads. Of course, the few that I have spoken to about my beliefs think I'm on some interesting drugs. If they only knew!

After my 5 high-heel-miles, I drove to the other side of town for a meeting at Mr. G-Hopper's new school (for the fall). It was registration night and the process took a good 3 hours. We got back home just a few minutes before I started writing this blog. I can tell you this: my back hurts from walking with high heels and from driving for 40 minutes each way, my feet are throbbing from the high heels, but my heart is singing loud and clear. All in all, this has been a beautiful day.

Ms Butterfly showed up on my windshield today. As I got on the car to drive somewhere (I can't remember, for the life of me), I turned on the radio (Elton singing "Monkey Suit") and as I looked up, Ms Butterfly of the Day was standing right there, wings spread and all, kind of looking at me and wondering how she got on the glass! She was a monarch again. Gorgeous creature!

Very well, my word count is telling me to cut it short, so I'm going to leave you for now. I hope you are smiling. I sure AM!

Day 16 – April 5, 2011

I almost didn't make it! But I'm here. I sense this posting will not be long, but who knows? I've sensed many others were going to be short and they turned out to be pretty darn long. Bear with me.

How are you? I hope your day was fantabulous, just like mine. To begin, Mr. Grasshopper was not with me, he was with Mr. Grinch this morning and I didn't have to show up anywhere, so I got to sleep until my pretty eyes decided they had had enough! Isn't that a luxury? One I don't get to enjoy often, but that I absolutely adore! I love sleeping late. I just looove it!. I can stay up pretty late at night, but love waking up late as well. A friend told me it was a sign of immaturity, I guess she was right! I choose to be super immature.

This is how my day went: woke up at 3:00 am for my early morning meditation. By the way, let me assure you, I don't set the alarm for this, I just suddenly wake up (wide awake), look at the time, and invariably it is between 2:45 and 3:30 am. Hehehe. So I did my meditation. Today it was sweet. I don't know how to explain it. I could sense The Boys kind of holding me in a very sweet way. Lovely, just amazingly lovely. Then I went back to sleep and woke up, like I said, when my eyes opened naturally. I was disappointed to see it wasn't as late as I would've liked it to be, but I felt just fine. I did another 5-10 min. of meditation and came to say hello to Old Faithful. I noticed there was an avalanche of emails that had come in through the night. Exciting! Well, no. Most of them came from companies trying to get me to buy something from them. Cyber junk mail. Then I worked for a long time on different projects. My ADD was at its finest, so I had a hard time focusing on single things to work on.

After a while Diva called. She needed me to bring some papers to her. As I was driving over there, the Author called me with some great news about her book. She's a pretty good Astrologer and she explained to me that Mercury is in retrograde and that is why things seem kind of sluggish. I think Mercury is on to something. It's been following me very closely lately! I just can't find the energy to do everything I want to do!!!! OK Boys, OK. I know, I just need to get in the "zone"! The good news is that by the time I move, Mercury will no longer be in retrograde. Alleluia!

After that it was lunch with the Canadian Brain. We had a great time and she provided me with a lot of information for my upcoming class. She's a good friend, and a very smart one!

My butterfly came by today with all of her friends. When I came back from lunch I sat outside to meditate under the sun and a flurry of butterflies danced all around me. They were yellow and light green. Beautiful! They always make me smile!

When I picked up Grasshopper from school I got great news. Freckles is moving in with us! Hum. I'm not sure that Tripod is appreciative of this, but he'll get used to it. Freckles is just too big for his comfort! I then picked up Mrs. Yum from work, she was not very happy. She had just realized that the Pea (the focus of her romantic interest) is focused somewhere else. It is all growth. I know someone better is flowing her way. It always works that way. When who you want is not interested, it is because there is somebody better for you and he's approaching fast! I have the feeling she will soon be telling us another love story. I definitely hope I will be doing the same!

Tomorrow I will spend the day preparing for class (at least that's my intention) and then a meeting in the evening at Mr. Grasshopper's new school. Oh, by the way. I have to tell you this. Mr. Grasshopper is convinced that this blog will turn into a movie, and he's already chosen the car he will be driving in it!!! LOL I've enjoyed listening to him like you have no idea! Do you remember when you used to allow yourself to dream like that? Now I make it a point to do it. Like today, when Grasshopper mentioned about his car in the movie, I totally went down that pathway with him. We laughed so much! That absolutely brought my resistance to ground level! Another wonderful excuse to lift my vibration. Another amazing opportunity to be happy and in the now.

After that it was a meeting with the professional association. Good attendance and a nice group of people. Now I am tired. Very!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 15 – April 4, 2011

Amazing how times flies! We are already on day 15!!! Today I am writing early because my day is about to get really busy.

This morning was a joy with Mr. Grasshopper. Everything went smoothly until Grinch came by to take him to school and announced a change of plans for this evening. Grasshopper did not appreciate having to spend the night in the suburbs tonight. I know that once he's there he will have a good time. It's just coming into alignment with the idea of it! The good thing is that I get to keep Freckles a few more days! Yee-haw!!!

Well, yesterday I reported to you that I had some contrast with the washing machine. I thought that was uncomfortable but bearable. Well, the Universe, who absolutely adores me, had something bigger and better in mind for me. There's no doubt in my mind that the Universe is about to bring me some huge and wonderful manifestation because today I have encountered the type of contrast that makes everything else look small and insignificant. I won't go into detail, but believe me when I say that there is absolutely nothing I can do about this contrast and it's going to take all the forces of the Universe to ease me out of this one! I have discovered that the more "attuned" I am with my Inner Being, the more I dance with Spirit and the forces of the Universe, the bigger, stronger and scarier the contrast becomes, but the faster and smoother it goes away. What's funny is that somehow, even though this one is a biggie, I feel strangely calm and collected. Had this happened before I started channeling, I would have been crying by now and would've probably called all my friends and relatives in search of answers or suggestions. This time I've only spoken to the Manager, who completely refused to go upstream with me, so I was left alone with my own thoughts. I had two choices: I could focus on the problem and try to somehow find a solution (not really an option this time), or I could get out of the way. Being that there is nothing I can do about it, I decided to let the Universe take care of it and I'm going to get out of the way. So to let my vibration flow, I decided to go get some ice-cream. Nothing better to float my boat.

Oh, in answer to your question about how I let the manifestation of the house happen. Well, I thought about it. I did not add much detail because thinking about what I wanted and knowing what was available within my means, was making me very anxious. So I just turned the other cheek and went about my life focusing on the things that I loved and enjoyed. I literally put the issue aside while I got busy living. I hope this answered your question, if not, feel free to ask more!!! By the way, I absolutely LOVE reading your comments! All of them!! You are all so wonderful and every time I find a comment I feel like if you are walking right next to me along this path, which makes it even more enjoyable. For those of you who have not seen the comments yet, at the bottom of each post there is link to the comments. Feel free to read and to comment at will!

This morning my plans have changed many times. First I was supposed to visit Ms Tiny. We were scheduled to have a conversation with the Shaman, but something unexpected happened and she had to cancel. Then I was supposed to visit Lady Greenthumb, but then the WasherDoc called that he could make it earlier to come diagnose the ailing machine, so I decided to stay put and wait. After a hefty check, my washer has been restored to health and now we will all enjoy the feeling of clean, fresh clothes and towels!! Yippee! Amazing how much I am appreciating being able to do laundry (imagine that!).

All of this; all this contrast is telling me that the relief is going to be tremendous, and I'm really looking forward to it. I feel the chills running up and down my legs. I know The Boys are having a blast with this. It feels uncomfortable to me at this moment, but I know that the Universe will bring the answer in ways that I cannot even imagine. I'll just wait and see. Will keep you posted on this.

On another note… Merlin had shared with me an exercise that he does as a tool to get closer to the manifestation of his desires and wanted to know if The Boys had any comments about it. Did they! I sat down in meditation and then let them come through. As I did that, I did the exercise. The response from The Boys was so strong and uplifting that it told me that this exercise was inspired by Source. The next morning, during the Sunday Morning Call with GorgeousDownUnder, The Boys shared the exercise with the group. Today is Monday and I have already received 3 emails from people saying how much they loved the exercise. So I was wondering if you would like for me to share it with you. Come on, you have nothing to lose! Ready or not, here it comes.

Take a sheet of paper and draw a cloud at the top of the page. There, inside the cloud, you will write what your desire is. Then… on the bottom of the page, draw the ground and write who or what will be the recipient of that desire. For instance, you can write "romance" on the cloud and then write your name on the ground. Then, instead of rain you will write the affirmations that will bring that desire into manifestation (i.e. "I am open to romance" "I am a magnet for love" "I am coming to alignment with my idea of the perfect partner" "The universe is listening to me all the time", etc.). As I am typing this I am thinking what would I write as my rain if I wrote "Romance" as my desire, and I think my rain would be a shower of HIM, HIM, HIM. Lol. Try it out and then let us know how it worked for you.

The Enlightened One has been busy at work! We is helping me set up a page for my book in English (The Universe at Your Feet) and one also for the Spanish book (El Universo a Tus Pies). He is such a wealth of information. I am so fortunate to have him around. You know something? We have never met in the physical, but we relate to each other like brother and sister (him being my much younger brother, of course!). There was a time when we were working together on a project and we spoke on the phone all the time. We became very close and stay close even though sometimes we may not speak for weeks at a time.

GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! I had to interrupt my story to tell you this!!!! I just spoke to the Member of the Chamber! (By the way, his name will change later) THE HOUSE IS MINE!!!! Aren't you excited? I am jumping out of my skin with excitement!!!! I am so happy. Everything is falling into place. And not only it is mine, but they are letting me lease it at a lower rent price. Isn't that amazing? This is just another confirmation that the Universe is watching, it is listening to our every dream and desire! I am sooooo grateful!!!!! I must go for another ice-cream!

Yesterday I heard from the Irish Intuitive. Our Journal is so beautiful! She sent me a proof (not sure that's how you call it), and it is just beautiful! I just know that so many people are going to benefit from using it!!! FABULOUS!!!! Wait till you see it. You're going to love it. I'm not kidding you!

I'm so happy and I love talking to you! I never thought writing a blog would be so much fun. It's easier than writing on my journal because I know that I am actually talking to someone. In this case, to a lot of people! Today I looked and realized that this blog is being followed by people in very remote and faraway places (as well as very close by!). So to you, to each one of you, thank you for listening.

See you tomorrow! J

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 14 – April 3, 2011

Hello there! I hope your Sunday was at least half as nice as mine was. You may wonder how can I say it was nice when I was supposed to be packing and sweating all day. Well, you guessed right, I didn't. I got busy doing other stuff and ended up not packing. J
This posting may be short as there's not a lot to report. I started my day with my favorite thing to do: CHANNELING! The Sunday morning call with GorgeousDownUnder and the SER Sunday Morning Crowd is the highlight of my week. Seriously. Try to call in one of these days. Pure bliss. Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! As DaHempster would say. The questions are always amazing, because each question comes from a completely different perspective, and the answers from The Boys always bring my understanding to the next level. It is co-creation at its finest. When you start your day at such a high frequency of vibration, everything else seems to fall into place. Even when interesting contrast shows up, like my washing machine breaking down in the middle of the wash. (With wet clothes in it and all!) Aaaahhhhhh!
After the call we went to Mrs. Yum's home for a delicious late lunch. I enjoy her company so much! We laughed a lot and even took a nap while Mr. Grasshopper and the Lizard were watching TV. Now THAT's relaxing, isn't it? She had heard a conversation last night that spoke about how much evil there is out there in our world and how much at risk our children are. I reminded her that it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. To me, statements like those come from a very limited perspective. If you know you are vulnerable, then you are. But if you know that you are powerful. That you are made from the same stuff that the universe is made of and that nothing is impossible to you, then you ARE powerful and nobody can create in your reality, unless you allow it. By thinking of our children as unlimited beings; as powerful creators, we are already giving them a better perspective of themselves. Because your words will always match the emotion behind your thoughts. You cannot encourage your child to do something that you do not believe that he or she is capable of doing and expect to be convincing about it. So, by knowing that your child is a powerful creator and that he or she has chosen this reality with the same power that you chose yours, you are already putting them in a place on empowerment, and so your words will match your feelings.
On the ride back The Grasshopper and I had a nice conversation (are you surprised?) about relationships between parents and children. He's pretty smart. We came back to the Palace to find the Diva gone. We made ourselves some super delicious and light dinner and are getting ready to wrap up for the evening. But not before saying hello to you.
So, to make a long story short, today was a nice-and-lazy day!!! Just my kind of Sunday!
You have no idea how much I am appreciating all your comments and e-mails. The energy around this blog is building up nicely and it really encourages me to keep up with it!
See you tomorrow!