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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 6 – March 26, 2011

Hello and welcome to Day 6! Did you think that tonight I was going to be late again? Almost. Saved by 4 minutes!

Today was magical. Woke up early (for a Saturday), meditated and got everything ready for the Spanish teleseminar. We started on time and it was a-ma-zing! I listened to the recording afterwards and realize that some very amazing questions were asked during the 90 minutes of the teleseminar. As usual, The Boys gave some mind-blowing responses! Amazing! I enjoyed listening to the answers tremendously! Some of the questions had to do with the earth being alive and having awareness; others dealt with whether the energy that we call God is perfect or not; others yet with alignment and enjoyment of the moment even when reality may not show us what we want. Amazing questions, and the answers, as usual, were simple, straight and to the point. That is one thing that I love about The Boys, their answers are always so easy to digest. They leave no room for misinterpretation. Their choice of words is the simplest and their responses are extremely clear. I love, love, LOVE my Boys.

After the teleseminar, I responded to some messages and then it was time for the Grasshopper and I to go to the Persian Estates. Idem and the Shah are amazing hosts; they prepared a delicious meal in honor of LeMatisse. Grasshopper had a blast playing with Frenchie and Princess Jasmine. The food was amazing and wine was flowing like water. We had a lovely, lovely time. When we got home, Tripod was eagerly awaiting us. I love the way he greets me every time I walk in the front door. It doesn't matter if I've been gone for the whole day or for 5 minutes. He jumps like a kangaroo and runs around with so much excitement! See? I told the Grasshopper, you could learn something from him! Hehehe. I took a very long nap and both the Grasshopper and I decided it was too late to catch a movie so I came to Old Faithful to talk to you. As I was doing that, Skype came on and GorgeousDownUnder started a conversation. I love talking to that girl so much! She is just a beautiful being and life is smiling at her, finally!!! It's been decided. I will visit the land of Down Under next year!

Well my friend, it is time for me to spend some quality time with my pillow. I must get up early tomorrow to meet GorgeousDownUnder and the Sunday Gang for our regular Sunday call. Sweet dreams, wherever you are!

Day 5 – March 25, 2011

It's already past midnight, so I did not write on the 25th per se. I promise, I tried to make it home like a good Cinderella before midnight, but the party at the House Whisperer's house was so much fun I just had to stay "just a little bit longer."
I used to think of my life as "difficult," but now that I have changed so much, I look back at my life and I realize that it has always been actually pretty happy. I have had periods when I have decided to focus in the lack or in the negative, but today I realize that even then, during times like that, those were moments of amazing growth. And why am I telling you this? I don't know. I just felt you needed to know that.
Morning with Mr. Grasshopper. Teenage boys can be a challenging joy sometimes. More so when they are the ones who are angry at the alarm clock in the morning. But he's a cool guy, after a nice shower and a moment to collect his thoughts; he came back to center and was the old loving Grasshopper we love so much. Thank God! Part of our spiritual growth is coming into alignment with who we are and understanding we are the creators of our own reality. I understand that well. I am also understanding how it is that time and space come into play here. They allow us to assimilate the concepts and understand them (time) but one thing that comes clear when I observe the Grasshopper for example, is that our perception of time is also very clear in the aging of our bodies and the maturing of our brains. We even allowed for this to happen! We decided that we would give ourselves time to understand and align with the concept of being the magnificent creator! That's amazing. This all comes about because coming back from the party, Grasshopper and I had a conversation about self image and how much weight other people's opinions have on some people. Hope I didn't lose you there…
Going back to this morning, my class went beautifully. Amazing group of people with a great interest for learning. Ahhh! Feels so good! We worked through lunch and the class was dismissed early. Can I tell you how tired I was by the time we finished? I stayed behind with Mrs. Yum and we talked for a little bit, then after picking up the Grasshopper, I got home and crashed in bed. I was GONE for a couple of hours. Then it was off to the House Whisperer's house to a dinner in honor of LeMatisse and his family. Mr. and Mrs. Tiny were there. It is always a great pleasure seeing them. An interesting character was also there, sitting right across from me at the table. He shall be remembered as IL Padrino. He seemed to be scrutinizing everything I said. Hm, strange.
The evening went by quickly with lovely people and excellent food. Now it is time to sleep as tomorrow morning we will hold our Spanish Teleseminar with the Boys (by the way, they have been ac-tive today!). I love the weekends because I get to dedicate more time to The Boys. On Sunday morning we also have our weekly radio show with GorgeousDownUnder and the Sunday Morning Gang. These calls are so charged with positive energy that magical things happen during the call. Las Sunday was an example when the Boys called on someone who had not raised her hand to ask a question that she actually had and gave her details that were not mentioned by her but were in the back of her mind. I love those morning calls because, since I (the Channel) am half asleep for the call, I allow for The Boys to flow with so much more liberty!
Haven't talked to the Author in a few days. Feeling withdrawals!
It's been very nice talking to you. Thank you for listening. Until soon!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 4 – March 24, 2011

Hello again, my faithful reader! I hope you are sitting down because what I have to tell you today is going to knock your socks off of your feet! It's been quite a day! I'll try not to write too much so not to bore you, but I have to tell you e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that has been going on in my neck of the woods. The most relevant piece of information and the one I should report at once is that as of today, the Artist will no longer be referred to as such. From now on, you will recognize her persona as the Diva.

First things first, and to follow what now seems to be a tradition between us, let me tell you about the morning with Mr. Grasshopper: Uneventful. He had his oatmeal concoction, packed his lunch and took off with the Diva so I could get to my class on time. And I did. This morning, Luz Casal joined me in song with "No me importa nada." Oh, what a song! Brought back wonderful memories of the Great Tenochtitlan, and a party with the Converts. Fun, fun, FUN memories. The music suddenly stopped (like in the cartoons when something goes wrong). I realized I had lost my bank card! Called, reported it, took a deep breath and told the Universe "that's no way of surprising me!" Oh, I almost forgot, I did have an awesome meditation this morning. Amazing. And Tripod came and meditated with me.

The class, you asked? Oh it went great. The Students are amazing and we are all having a wonderful time. It is such a pleasure to teach people who actually want to learn! Mrs. Yum's presence in the class makes it even more fun. Towards the end of the day I noticed many messages in the Device. All from the Manager. First message: "received response from xyz publisher. Call me." I thought that was pretty good and started to get excited. Next message: "You need to call me." A little pushy I thought. Then the deal-breaker: "something happened. You need to call." That was all I needed. I called and found out that this morning, as the Diva was happily driving the Piñata down the freeway; she managed to end up up-close and personal between two other vehicles. When I spoke to her, she sounded so happy and excited… I started feeling the chills going up my legs and down again… "Here come the Boys!" I knew then that she was OK and that this was a good thing, even if we couldn't see on the surface. When I drove up to the Palace I realized that now more than ever I needed to trust the Universe. The Piñata looked badly bruised. It got its nickname when the Diva started using its services. You do the math. The Manager and the Sensible One had picked up Mr. Grasshopper and everyone was safe at the Palace. Wow, I thought, this team really works! You may wonder why we think this was a blessing in disguise. I was wondering about that too and so we requested The Boys' presence. They put it in plain and simple terms: first, it didn't hurt and second, the piñata will be getting a much needed mani-pedi plus some Botox to smooth out the age lines while they are at it. Everybody ends happy.

But it didn't end there. As I was walking around the Palace minding my own business, I noticed the Diva out in the front with a beautiful stray wolf look-a-like. I came out to see him and talk to him. He looked mistreated but was very friendly. I called the number in his collar. No response. Dr. Softspeech came out and was trying to help me assess the situation. While we decided what to do, we brought him inside. Tripod was so excited at first, but I could tell he was very worried. He knew that if it came down to defending his territory, he would be no match for this beautiful contender, three times his size and at least 3 years younger. We were busy falling in love with him when his true owner came and took him. I think I gave him the evil eye. Sorry, I couldn't help it. But don't you think that's amazing? Maybe it's just me, but to have so many out-of-the-ordinary things happen to you in one day must mean something. It does to me at least, and I know that this is a sign that the Universe IS listening; that the Universe IS responding to my every command, and that the Universe IS at MY FEET!

Now I must finish preparing for tomorrow. It was great talking to you. Thank you for sticking around! Ta-da for now!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 3 – March 23, 2011

I've been staring at this screen for a few minutes now, trying to figure out where to start (my ADD at its finest…). It's difficult to concentrate when Mr. Tripod is staring at me wanting to play. OMG, does he need a haircut or what?
My morning meditation did not happen today. I was sooooo sleepy; I woke up around 3:15 am, and went right back to sleep. I'm not going to lie, it felt really, really good. So good it felt that when the alarm went off two and a half hours later, I did not curse the alarm clock! Completely unnatural in me!
The morning routine with Mr. Grasshopper was slightly different today since he rode to school with Mr. Grinch. So I had a few more minutes to get ready. An overwhelming feeling of generosity overcame me and I bypassed the 'who's-going-to-feed-the-Tripod' argument. I did it myself! Had my delicious coffee, talked to the Manager. Kissed the Artist good-bye and off to work I went! The Boys have been pointing me in the right direction again today. I definitely feel the love!
This morning again I felt like singing all the way into work. Aretha's R-E-S-P-E-C-T in a duet with Yours-Truly never sounded better. Hehehe. Good thing my windows were up! Just think of that for a second. Imagine what kind of mood singing this song gets you into. By the time I got to work and reached my office I felt like I was floating with joy.
The Sassy Asian was there today and we talked about fashion, incense, meditation and food. Anything but work! The work day went by smoothly. It was busy! I exchanged a few e-mails with the Irish Intuitive about our Journal. Ex-Ci-Ting! I also had a few conversations with the House Whisperer, Mrs. Yum and LadyLust (yes, she loves to be called that!). By the time I left work I was tired, hungry and having hallucinations of my bed calling me by name and saying "come to me!" "Come to me!" But I didn't. To make a long story short: after I left work, I picked up Mr. Grasshopper, went home, fed the Tripod, worked on the Grasshopper's assignment, worked on my assignment, had dinner, worked a little bit more, talked to you (now) and very soon off to meditation and bed!
The Manager wanted to have a session this evening but heard my tired voice and decided to postpone until tomorrow.
Well, I think that's all the energy that this Channel has for this evening. Thank you for staying with me.
See you all tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 2 – March 22nd, 2011

Day 2! I re-read what I wrote yesterday and then I thought to myself: what an ambitious project you have gotten yourself into, Channel! 365 days of writing. What I cannot promise is that my entries will be all the same length!
This morning started pretty much like any other: Wake up at 3 am, sit up in bed and meditate, go back to sleep. Wake up to the sound of the alarm and cursing the alarm clock one more time; sit up and meditate, stumble out of bed and wake Mr. Grasshopper up.
This day felt really good, right from the very beginning. The Boys have been around all day shedding tons of light into my day. You see, one of the perks of being connected to Source is that you get these snippets of wisdom when you need them the most. It is not like if suddenly the skies open and a finger-looking cloud points in the direction I should be going as a thunder-sounding voice commands me: "This way." It is just inspiration – and god knows I need it! – Pure and simple inspiration that guides me towards the path of least resistance. It is also a confirmation that The Boys are always around. Now, don't get all excited about 'them' being guys or girls. They really are neither. I say "they" because it is a collective energy, so it wouldn't be right to call them "it" or "he" or "she". I call them "boys" because, for me, the word itself gives me a feeling of fun, adventurous and exciting, but it is clear to me that they are not "gender-specific."
I've been productive today. After the mandatory argument with The Grasshopper about how many calories I am "making him" eat, feeding the Tripod and rushing out the door to drive him to school, we had our great morning conversation. This morning we talked about our dreams and what we want to achieve. He wonders when the heck I'm going to be financially abundant so that we can take that long-promised trip to Italy. I'm not going to lie, I sometimes wonder too! He asked why I haven't made it happen. This, of course, brought on the conversation about The Boys and how they guide us to let things happen, rather than trying to force them into manifestation. There's no convincing him. He believes I've given them plenty of time and it is time for me to take matters into my own hands. If he only knew how many times I've thought that way and how it has back-fired (big time) on me! Which then led us to talk about inspired action (see how it all ties together?), and how when we relax, chill down and let our spirit flow, we are inspired to take specific actions that will lead us closer to the manifestation of our dreams. All of this in a 10-minute ride to school. Didn't I tell you? He is so insightful!
Came back home to find the Artist looking beautiful and ready to leave. Aaah! That meant I was going to have the house all to myself today, all day. Wait a second! Did that mean that I had to actually clean the house? I started not liking the idea, so in order to make that feeling go away, I sat down in front of old faithful and proceeded to respond to the avalanche of e-mails that had come in during the night. Not before making my daily call to the Manager, though. Oh, how I love her! Always making sure that I'm OK. Always watching after me! Maybe I should rename her and call her "Guardian", what do you think?
I was surprised, and so excited, to see how many hits this blog had during the night. And from so many faraway places! As I was expeditiously responding to e-mails, I received a call from overseas. It was the Nutritionist. I hadn't heard from her in a while. She and the Ladydoc called to share good news with me. That just brought my vibration even higher! I was so excited for them! I shared some difficult times with them back in the day and now the Universe seems to be bringing them back everything they have wished for. I love it when I see that good things happen to good people. During the whole conversation I kept feeling the chills running up and down my legs. The Boys again! After I hung up the phone I was so happy I couldn't focus on what I was doing. So I did laundry!
I know in the back of my mind that I need to prepare for this week's classes, but my ADD is hitting strongly today and I just can't get to that. Hehehe. I sit in front of the computer and all I want to do is browse the internet and check out Facebook. Focus, Channel, focus. As I did that and started working on my class, I got a call from the Author. Those conversations are so juicy and fun, that I had to stop and enjoy this. I love her words of advice and her perspective. She can be so much fun! So light and fluffy and yet so smart and realistic. She loved the blog! Back to work. But not for long.
Then I got an email from the Irish Intuitive. We are co-authoring a beautiful journal about changing your life in 3 weeks. The cover design is BEAUTIFUL. This is also a very exciting adventure. I can't believe it! I've published one (super amazing) book in two languages, and now I am co-authoring this beautiful journal with an amazing person. I am also in the process of writing my second book and have started this new journey with you. Isn't life just amazing? No wonder Mr. Grasshopper is so confused about not having the funds to take that vacation to Italy! Stay with me. I'm sure it's going to get better!
Waiting to hear news from the House Whisperer. Nothing yet.
The knot I felt in my stomach last week is gone and it has been replaced by this exciting new feeling of joy and hope. Meditation is definitely the best of all medicines.
Later on in the day it was time to make myself pretty and go meet the Book Dealer for a drink. That went really well. Came back home to find the Grasshopper waiting for me to help him type a very long paper, "because I'm such a fast typist." Right.
And that's all I have to say right now! See you all tomorrow! Sweet dreams!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 1 - March 21st. 2011

I figured today would be as good a day as any other to start writing my 365-day journey.

During these past  3 years as a channel I have been asked many times what my life is like. I am a private person (sort of), so I don't say much. And people are respectful, so they don't ask much.  I realize some people have created a mental image of me that resembles very little to the real me. hehehe

So, I have this gift.  Three years ago I was desperate to get out of the rut I was in and stumbled across the Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks and meditation.  And in doing so, I actually achieved what so many spend their whole lives searching for:  enlightment! Seriously!  Some even retrieve to Tibet!  One day I was meditating and my head started moving; I started spelling words with my nose and beautiful messages started coming out. I was told I would spread the message all over the world and three years later, this message is being heard in over 20 countries around the world.  I've written a beautiful book: The Universe at Your Feet and traveled half-way around the world spreading this amazing message.

But who am I.  What do I do when I am not "connected"? What do I do when I am not channeling?  My life has changed tremendously indeed. My outlook on life is amazing compared to the way I used to see life back then. However, I live a regular life. I pay bills (often late). I drink on ocassion. I smoke when I'm surrounded by good friends and wine. I dance and sing. Oh, yes. I almost forgot. I also work.

And today was no exception.  I woke up cursing the alarm clock. Meditated for about 10 minutes. Yawned, stretched, and jumped out of bed. I realized we barely had time to drop off who from now on will be known as  Mr. Grasshopper at school and make it to work at a decent time. So the rat race was on! 

I prepared the oatmeal concoction for Mr. Grasshopper. He's determined to lose weight and look good for high school. As water was heating for my morning coffee, I ran back to my room, emptied half of my closet trying to find an outfit that made me look good, young, thin and professional. I realized that I didn't have one, so I settled for the old black slacks and very-cute polka-dot shirt (courtesy of the Author in Florida).  After the Grasshopper and I had a short argument about who was going to feed our three-legged faithful companion, I gulped down my delicious cup of coffee, gave the Artist (who, by the way, was still in bed knowing she had to be at work in about one hour) a few last minute instructions and... off we went!

I love my morning rides with the Grasshopper. He is so insightful!We always have meaningful conversations. Like, what I'm going to cook for dinner that evening. Just kidding, he really is a cool kid.

I choose not to listen to the news because they depress me. So I listenned to Elton John all the way into work. Was I in a good mood when I got there!  The morning went by quickly. Spent some time talking to my Sassy oriental friend and had some fun speaking Spanish for some people.  I exchanged a few emails with The Manager about a couple of book proposals we have just submitted. Did an awesome mess with a new software I'm supposed to be learning and ate an amazing vietnamese sandwich.  The day went by smoothly and before I knew it, it was time to go home.

I had decided today was a good day to start talking to you.  So after taking Mr. Grasshopper to his after-school classes, I hurried home and started building this blog. 

Now it's time to feed some people around here and then off to meditation and a good-night sleep.
Ta-da! See you tomorrow.