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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 223 - November 7, 2012

I bet you'be been wondering where this channel has been! Right? Right! Well, one thing is for sure, and that is that you have been in this channel's thinking apparatus all this time.  What happens is that, as usual, we manifest what we desire, and I have been manifesting left and right. So much so, that YoursTruly hardly has time to stop and smell the roses!  Seriously!

But enough about Moi.  The recent events in the corner of the world where Yours Truly resides have gotten my thinking cells going.  All this fuss about electing who will run this country got me really curious about this LOA stuff.  How does that work?  how come that people are so aligned to complete opposites and inevitably only one can "win"?  Well, since this is way too much calisthenics for a simple mind such as mine, I decided to call in the big guns and ask for some clarity. And clarity is what I got! The answer, as it turns out, is very simple.  We get what we are aligned to and the greater alignment is what manifests.  If you just look at the results of the day before this one, you will see that there was great alignment with both teams. They were very close, but at the end of the day, the winner is the country. There are no losers and there is no injustice.  The LOA always works and it is always in perfect alignment with what we want. In this case, with what the country as a whole, and the world in general, is looking for.  The results of the choosing will take us to the next platform. And if the results had been the opposite, that would have been the case too. That's what makes it so difficult for some to understand.

If you ask me, I think all of this is very exciting!

On another note, YoursTruly has manifested many gainful activities and now she is as busy as ever! No complaints here, because the Washingtons are starting to come in and that brings the much-wanted relief that this channel has been working on manifesting.  WooHoo! This means that soon I will be able to bring The Boys to your corner of the hologram!!! Seriously, don't laugh.  Life is GOOD! So good that it is flowing by like a flash.

The Palace is getting a facelift!  Well, a mini-facelift.  (All this means is that I'm actually getting up from my sitting surface to tidy up and clean! hehehe).  Uncle Toing and Miss Dainty will be paying us a visit for the day when we say "Thanks!", and so this channel and certain Grasshopper are busy getting the palace ready for such important guests.  Oh! but guess what?  I haven't even told you the best part of it!  MS DIVA WILL BE GRACING US WITH HER PRESENCE AS WELL!!! This came to me as a very wonderful surprise. As it turns out, Mr Buff was able to exchange some of his measuring units with her to get the ticket!!!  HURRAY FOR MR. BUFF!!!!

so as you can see, this channel's life is really, really good! Nothing to complain about!!!
Even my hawks and butterflies are back. Not a day goes by without this channel posing her viewing apparatus on a butterfly or a hawk.... or both!  Hmmm!  Life is soooo goood!

Anyway, thanks for sticking around.  Will talk soon!