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Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 221 - October 12, 2012

Life is such an amazing thing, isn't it?  Lately Mr. Grasshopper and YoursTruly have been holding many interesting verbal interactions regarding this very same subject.   Just the fact that we are here, learning about "who we are" by paying attention to our ancestors without realizing that we may very well be one of them!  Recycled beings, are we? The gall of me to even think about it!  Well, no, we truly ARE recycled beings. At least this channel knows she is, and happy to be so, if I may add.  Once we understand this, then everything else starts making so much sense!!!!

On another note, life around the Palace continues to be interesting and exciting. Many, many things are happening that make Yours Truly extremely happy.  On the work front, things are running smoothly. Running? No, they are not running, they are FLOWING, and that, that feels very very good.  this channel has not found many segments of 60 minutes for herself, but on the other hand, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.

I am extremely happy to report to you that the biblos is also flowing!  The Boys have been so generous with their inspiration!

Diva has had a few tete-a-tete with fate lately. As it happens, twice in the week that preceded this one she has been devoid of her personal belongings and just to top it all up, a few moons ago she forgot the unlocker from her nest and had to spend the dark hours sleeping outisde her door. Not a good thing in the City that Never Sleeps! I know, I know what you're thinking. But you know what? This really got my gray matter going.  I remembered that before she left the nest, I had a word exchange with her encouraging her to be mindful of her belongings and not to forget important things (this hen knows her chicks!). As you may imagine, at that time our lovely Diva gave YoursTruly a big smile and a hug and immediately dismissed what she had just been told. So all of this came as a blessing in disguise, I know for a fact that from now on, Diva The Adventurous will also be called Diva The Careful One!

Just another quick thing before Part II of our conversation with the Enlightened One.  You will be happy to know that The Manager has slayed her Calculus Dragon! She aced the testing instrument!!! YAY FOR THE MANAGER!!!!

OK, OK, OK.... be patient!  He's coming!

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, the moment that you have all been waiting for........  (drums please)
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you 


Can you tell us a little bit of how you came to cross paths with Yours Truly and The Boys?
Absolutely!  This was a wonderful co-creation by us – you, me and The Boys!
It was a few years ago early on in your channelling and around the time when the awareness of me online was building.
I happened to come across a website that you had created and was ‘magically’ <wink> drawn to it.  At the time you described yourself as an Abraham channel and that year I had been bumping into various Abraham channels, including a friend who I later introduced you to and became a mutual friend of ours.
I was fascinated by your site and resonated with it and sent you an email.  I believe you replied quite quickly, and me too, and we spoke later that day or the next day and we resonated very much.
We stayed in touch, talking regularly and exchanging ideas, and we talked about working on projects together.
I loved our interactions as we taught from a similar energetic 'place' and with a similar spirit.  When we would talk we would affirm what we were both, in our own ways, sharing with the world.
Over the years we have stayed in touch and have had so many wonderful interactions.  I also remember that early on when we interacted you made me an honorary member of your family and an honorary Mexican, both of which are an absolute privilege and I am touched by your lovely gesture!

It has been an absolute delight and pleasure in knowing you and all that you share!  I am also honoured to be here and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for asking me for this interview!

Last but not least, Hemal, would you  give us a glimpse of your daily life? Could you tell us what Hemal likes to do when he is not in the “spotlight”?
You mean when I am not "working"? :) lol
I tend to be at the gym on mornings, I like nature, connecting and interacting with people that I am close to and currently I'm spending quite a bit of time preparing for a live event we have in Australia in November (
There are various groups and pages on Facebook so sometimes I may share some of my content there, though many of them have admins who tend to enjoy sharing my content also.
Generally at the moment there is quite a bit of work, including for the live event, so that has been keeping me busy.  At times I also enjoy the quieter moments with people I am close to, quiet time to study, reflect, but pretty much to spend with those near and dear.

Do you get it why it is that Yours Truly has adopted Hemal as part of the clan?  And not only that, between you and I (don't tell Hemal), but this channel has had the privilege of sharing communications (and recipes) with Mum, so I have voluntarily adopted myself into the Radia clan. Bindi and all!

Oh! Oh! Oh!  i almost forgot to tell you. The Boys, Mrs Yum and Yours Truly are working on an amazing project!!!  It is of the shedding weight kind!!!! I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for visiting me today. Talk to you soon?