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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 164 - October 22, 2011

This day was definitely packed with activity.  First of all, I woke up at the ungodly hour to do some work over the talking device.  After that was done it was time to take a quick rain session and dart off to take a very sleepy Grasshopper to Mr. Buff's house.  Having done that, I continued my journey to a home-away-from-home for a morning of learning with Speakeasy, and that's where it all started...  

You know, I am geographically-challenged.  I believe that I came to this hologram with a pretty messed up compass.  Now, being the responsible being that I am, I made sure that I had specific directions on how to get to the event location. Only I chose the wrong location. So I got there, parked the Red Bullet and rushed inside only to find out that was not the right place! (Stop rolling your eyes...)  There I go, now I was going to be late, I thought.  Thanks to the Universe that completely loves and adores me, I got there and things were not completely setup, so there was time enough for me to help out some. You see? Being one of the organizers it was embarrassing being late!

The instruction was entertaining and very useful and after that was done I proceeded to a trading post to acquire a present for my dear friend who was tying the knot.  I was so proud of myself when I found the perfect gift at a reasonable amount of Washingtons!  I was very proud of my transaction!

Then I geared my direction towards Mr. Buff's lair, where I found a smiling Ms. ChubbyCheeks! OMG  You would absolutely loooove that little one! So connected with who she really is! And she can sense the presence of The Boys.  It's funny, whenever YoursTruly is around little ones, I feel that The Boys are so much more present. They kind of 'linger' around, having fun with beings that still remember being powerful creators! And the little ones sense their presence. The experience is absolutely delicious!
Thank you Mr. Buff for allowing me to share her image here!  I normally won't share images of real beings, but she is so adorable that I wanted you to see whoI was talking about!!!
Grandma Dynamite and PrettyEyes were there as well. Mr. G apparently had a great time sharing the morning hours with them!

After that, we came to the palace.  YoursTruly was going to take a few moments to slumber, but I did the wrong thing.... I sat in front of SuperOldFaithful (remember, this is OldFaithful's grandma...) and realized there were many things that "needed" to be done, so I did them.  

After that, Mr. G and I went out for nutrition and for him to buy a head cover. We then stopped at Ms Bite's nest to drop off some squares for her move and then it was back to the palace for YoursTruly to finish some work.  It was all good!

Oh!  I almost forgot!!!  Did I tell you that two days ago my butterfly came in the mail?  It DID!!!  Mrs. SingSoul from California sent me this gorgeous white butterfly that is now flying in my living room!  And speaking about my little winged friends, they have been coming around to greet me every day.  Just this morning, as I was coming out of the event, there was a gorgeous little friend standing right on top of the Red Bullet... inside a large parking room!

Anyway my dear, I am so glad that you are reading me.  I hope you enjoy your day just as I plan to enjoy mine.

Ta-da for now!

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