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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 179 - December 13, 2011

Today would have been the anniversary of JB's arrival to the hologram, so in his memory, I sat down in meditation in the very early morning hours, trying to see if I could "catch a drift" of the essence of who he was when he played with us in the hologram. Just for fun.  I didn't catch any drifts but what I did catch was the nicest and longest nap!  So long it was that I was supposed to run some errands and that went down the way side... hehehe  No complaints here as the extra z's were much welcomed by YoursTruly!

The rest of the day was magical.  Well. In all reality, ever since The Boys came into my life experience, my whole life has become magical!!!  First I had a session of the telephonic kind with someone who had the most pristine vibration. It was absolutely lovely! All channeling is beautiful and I believe that each session that The Boys have is unique, but some feel lighter than others, and this one in particular, felt like feathers! After that it was time to pick up Mr. G and enjoy the pleasure of his company. Sometimes he likes to probe YoursTruly by telling m things that Grinch may say about me. I'm not going to lie, sometimes he succeeds in his efforts! Today was one of those days. My vibration stumbled a little, but I took a short break to take a couple of deep breaths and before I knew it I was laughing again with him!  We stopped by for a very brief encounter with Mrs. Yum and then it was time to fly back to the Palace as another session was soon to happen.

And that session did happen and the feeling that I got on my "side of the fence" was beautiful.  It is fascinating to see how the the people who are attracted to this message just "pop up", it seems from out of nowhere. Like magic! And how when they do, it feels so natural. It feels like they have been here forever. And that is the feeling that I got when meeting this particular new friend; like if we had been friends forever. The interaction with The Boys was very interesting as this particular being came in with many great experiences.  I could feel the incredible amount of love that The Boys were shining on him and how they took each and every one of his very interesting and complex questions and softened them and brought them to pure simplicity. To the most simple denominator: love.  I love it when at the end of a channeling session I open my viewing apparatus and see a glowing face. The face of someone who for a few moments was in touch with who he or she really is and who remembered what life is supposed to be all about. That is the face of pure joy and love. YEE-HAW FOR THE BOYS!

In between all these wonderful activities I had a few communications with Diva, who is full of new energy! Ready to take on the world! You must know that Ms Diva has the ability to channel and she had not pursued it for a long time as she was busy pursuing other more holographic-oriented dreams. Well, she's got new energy in her and is now again interested in her channeling.  It is so refreshing to see her discover the voice of her BigMe!  I can't help but think: "She's already way ahead of the game!  I wish I had started consciously channeling at her age! Imagine where I would be by now?" But I know that things happen the way they happen because that is exactly the experience that we are supposed to live, and that they will not happen to us until we come into complete and perfect alignment with them. Whether we like what we experience or not, we have come into alignment with the expansion that the particular experience is providing us with.  This is just beautiful. Pure gold, if you ask me!

Ms Freckles keeps banging the side structures of the palace with her out-of-this-world device to prevent her from scratching her hearing apparatus. She looks so cute!  Like an alien furry friend! I am happy to report that she is on her way to a full recovery and that makes this channel very happy.  For the past few days it seems like my time in the palace has been greatly spent in preparing her slimming-down nutrition.  It's working!  I'm wondering if I shouldn't follow her steps! Let me think about it. No. Not really.

I must go now.  The cooking room is demanding my attention before I crash the nest this evening.  Thank you Universe for the amazing responses that you shower me with every single day!!!!!  Thanks to YOU for riding this ride with me and for making it even more enjoyable....

Until soon!

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