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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 193 - February 2, 2012

Even though the eye curtains are weighing heavily this evening, I had to come here and talk to you about miracles.  Do you believe in them?  I DO! Seriously.  I'm going to tell you a real-life, riveting story, and if you don't believe in miracles when I finish, I'll throw in the towel.

You may remember that a few weeks ago Mr. G had been to see a certain Bonehealer who indicated he needed an intervention of the surgical kind.  This channel had no reason to doubt his studious recommendation, however, something inside kept "pulling me back."  So I decided I would ask for a second opinion.  The particular BoneDoc that I wanted to see was not available for a few months and we finally got an appointment with another well-known Medicine Man.  Today was such appointment.  Everything pointed to surgery.  Mr. G kept telling me "I'm not going to have it," and the very physically-focused part of me kept arguing that it was necessary due to the nature of his injury (a piece of calcium-rich tissue separated completely).  Well, to make a long story short, today we were told that the intervention is not recommended, at least not for the time being, and that he may be able to avoid it completely. In these past few weeks, Mr. G, Ms. Bite and YoursTruly have been playing with energy and happy thoughts about his injury, and even though the problem is still there, the pain is gone and the status of his problem has improved enough to delay intervention. This, my friend, has 'MIRACLE' written all over it!  I'm convinced and Mr. Grasshopper is thoroughly enjoying the opportunities to tell me how much closer than me he is to source! hehehe ... funny.

A lot of good things are happening. The energy moves in funny ways sometimes. For instance, this channel has not been getting many gainful engagements lately, however, today I received a communication indicating that my    hourly rate has increased (GREAT! That means abundance is building, right?). I also have an encounter of the business kind tomorrow, and I may receive an offer for gainful employment.  The nice thing about all this is that my attitude is: "if this channel is going to flow easier with this option: welcome! and if not, nothing has been lost!" I think that's a pretty comfortable place to be in!

Anyway dear friend, I must stop the chattering and go catch some z's.

Catcha later!

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