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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 211 - July 29, 2012

Today is the anniversary of Mr. Handsome's landing on the hologram!  yes!  It's been 32 trips around the star of our solar system since the very first day he manifested in this particular anatomy.  Isn't it just great to know that we have manifested our own energy into this gorgeous-looking vessels?  i think it is!

Well, let me tell you about this past period of a few days.  It's been busy!  to begin, I had an appointment with an organization and it was sooo long that I almost fell asleep.  I saw The Boys working their magic all over the place.

Then, Uncle Toing had a procedure of the surgical kind and was close to leaving the physical in the process. Even though I know very well the whole thing about life and death, the idea of not being able to enjoy his physical presence anymore got YoursTruly's adrenaline going!  Well, I learned something HUGE from this.  The evening after his adventure, once he was ok and life was going back to "normal", I was shown the procedure in detail.  I knew it was not what we call a "dream" because The Boys were very much guiding me through the process. So this is what I learned:  even though as Uncle Toing was being the subject of the surgical procedure I was alert and busy going about my day, BigMe was there, right there with him!  I know! It sounds weird, doesn't it? But the fact of the matter is that it is true.  We are so incredibly powerful that we can be in many places at the same time, even if we are not consciously aware of this...  It has happened before when people have talked to me without YoursTruly being physically (or mentally) there. A-mazing if you ask me.  Now when I hear the Boys say that we have access to all the wisdom and knowledge that there is, I am beginning to understand the magnitude of those words, and THAT is huge!

Well, staying true to my promise, this channel has already scheduled somebody pretty awesome to visit this written communication on the 20th day of August. Guess who?  Well no other than Ms Perenna Fleming herself!  Isn't this just an amazing treat?  I'll tell you a little bit about this being, but just a little bit, because we will learn even more when she comes over for a visit with you and I.  Here goes it:

Perenna is a gifted channel that works with people of all walks of life who want to change the world by changing themselves (caught your attention, didn't I?).  Founder of the radio show "Coffee with Spirits: the Mel and Duth Show", co-creator of "The Channel's Channel" radio show - yes, YoursTruly has been a guest at such prestigious radio show, Perenna gives voice to a group of entities called the Gathering of Teachers.

I know I caught your interest, so make sure not to miss our conversation on Aug. 20!

On to other things, I am expecting the arrival (any second now) of Ms. Music herself! This amazing being is traveling all the way from the Great Tenochtitlan on her way to the country that neighbors this one on topof the map. (hahaha!  get those neurons fired up!). So needless to say, I am excited about her visit and she is excited about being in the company of The Boys.  It promises to be a nice evening!

Tomorrow and the rest of this period of 5 days, this lovely channel has gainful activities every day. Does that make me smile?  Absolutely!

I know you are smiling. I hope your week transpires love and harmony.  Did the health meditation help you? I sure hope it did!  Do it every day. Doctor's orders. hehe.


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