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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 101 – July 4, 2011

101… this number feels like it should belong in a course of some sort, don't you think so? Something like "Channeling 101." Yes I know, it's a random thought, but it's kind of fun to think in these terms. At least for me! Hehehe.
Today was a VERY relaxing day. It started with a phone call – one hour before the ungodly hour when I have employment activities – to ask if OK for me to start an hour later. Can you picture that? I am definitely not a morning person. Actually, that was the time that I used to go to bed, not get up. Well, I froze. I'm so funny. I felt like a dear in the headlights. What was I thinking? I was not obligated to do anything, but I felt like giving a reason why and couldn't find any in my foggy mind. So I politely said no, and tried to go back to sleep without any luck. After 30 minutes, I got up, called them and started working. He,he the Universe has a very special way of letting you know that when something doesn't feel right it's because it isn't right for you. That went without any problems, and when the time to stop came by, I decided to take a much deserved nap.
Well, the nap turned more into a full-fledged sleep, as it lasted for 6 hours. Yummmy! That felt sooooo good! When I finally decided to leave the nest and the fluffy, I felt rejuvenated. But I was still moving at a very slow pace, so I went into the cooking room, made myself something for nutrition and then spread my adorable anatomy all over the long sitting surface in the visiting room and watched the moving-picture box for a while. Everything happens for a reason. You'll see why. Last night, Mr. Grasshopper and YoursTruly were flipping channels when we stopped on this one program talking about cosmos. I decided to record it and went on to watch something more fun. I was not about to have an argument with Mr. G on the preference of the viewing subject. Well, this morni-, sorry, this afternoon I went back to view it and it was a very interesting subject. Looking for the 4th dimension. Even before I heard the first full sentence, I felt the chills up and down my legs and arms. That was my cue. Channel, I told myself, stay still and pay attention, this is about to get really, really good. And it did. Everything that was said in that show has been explained by The Boys through me. Of course not in such scientific terms, but the concept, the essence of it all, has been explained by The Boys over and over again. Scientists are trying to prove that there is a 4th dimension. That there is more than what our eyes and senses can perceive. And what have The Boys been telling us? That there is so much more out there. That we will discover many more things right in front of us. That we are made of the same stuff of everything that surrounds us, that the more we look, the more we will find. That's it. I made my case. It was a fun synchronicity, one of the many that one experiences more and more as you become one with You.
After that I had a long conversation with Mrs. Yum over the talking device. You must know something about her. Mrs. Yum has the ability of making you laugh…a lot. We spoke about energy and about how, when someone reads your fortune, that person is reading your energy and drawing from that. We all have access to source energy, and source energy is within us, all of us. And so, if you allow enough, you can sense the energy of all. J
Then Diva, Mr. G and YoursTruly went out to have some brown beverages of the kind that you get in the fancy disposable cup. That was great! We really enjoyed it. Mr. G is definitely going into a new stage in his life. He has dubbed himself The Magnet.
Today I did not see any butterflies or hawks, but what I did see was a group of cardinals, drinking from my magic fountain! Yay for nature!!!! That was such a sight!
Back in the Palace I decided to ring the Converts. I love talking to them. This week is the last week that Mrs. Convert will be laboring at her gainful employment. She has been there for over 20 trips around the sun and I knew she was probably feeling mixed emotions about it. And she is. So we talked about it and how it is a bittersweet experience. I just know she will be enjoying her new life so much! Then Mr. Convert talked to me about an experience he had with SisterSister. SisterSister is a member of a religious association and Mr. Convert decided to "bring her to the water"; so he touched subjects that seemed to have touched a chord within SisterSister because the conversation ended quickly, she expressed not liking what she heard, and left the room. This got me thinking how even those who we admire because of their faith and their depth of thought, can only go so deep. Religions are limited and don't provide us with all the answers. Although they do provide some good ones, don't frown now. I have learned to see the value in all of them but I also se very clearly where their limitations lie.
Now the eye curtains are feeling heavier by the moment. Thank you for talking to me. Thank you for listening. And, guess what? I love you too!!!!!
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Until tomorrow!!!



siempre viva said...

Funny! We use that expression, like for when people come to visit for the first time we said "I am doing San Francisco 101 with this friends" we know what it means.
Love when science show us some cool images of what we can just sort of imagine about all of this "out of this dimension" stuff.
BTW yesterday, I watched a documentary at the movie theater called "Happy" I highly recommended it!

Patricia Designs said...

Happy 101 Channel, today I am working on resolving a little contrast with my daughter and turning the other cheek.

Thanks I will try to get watch the movie "Cosmos...4th dimension". I watched an old movie "Patch Adams" about alopatic healers working in nosocomium, very good.