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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 100 – July 3, 2011

Woo-hoo!!! Now, that calls for a celebration, don't you think so? I don't know about you, but I personally am excited about this!
And speaking about celebrations, today has definitely been a day of rejoicing. My day started early with my early morning employment. After that, Yours Truly decided to take a much deserved nap and….. WAS LATE FOR OUR SUNDAY MORNING CALL! Don't frown at me though; it was just a few minutes. The good thing is that when I finally got on the speaking device, everyone on the call was still there! It was kind of embarrassing, but not too bad, hehe. The call, as always, was amazing; the energy was high and the questions were expansive.


After that it was "get to work" time. I was in a race against the clock to have everything ready for Mr. Grasshopper's celebration of the anniversary of his arrival into the hologram (not before a few minutes of blissful meditation next to a very antsy Grasshopper). So, with a little bit of pushing and shoving, Mr. Grasshopper and YoursTruly cut to the chase. We got busy cleaning, tidying up and hanging decorations (my favorite part of it all). The Hopper Boy was jumping out of his skin with joy. The thought of having so many humans gathered together in his honor was way too delicious, he could not stand still!
Then, our guests started trickling in. First it was Mrs. Yum and Mr. Lizard. Mrs. Yum had prepared one of the main nutrition pieces, which turned out absolutely amazing. She also gifted Mr. G with one of her amazing sweet nutrition items. YUM! Who else was here? Let's see, LadyLust who, by the way, organized a very naughty game and had everyone playing for a long time; Diva, Ms. Bite; Young Mr. Rugby, whom I had not seen in a very long time; the Manager, the Sensible One, Mr. and Mrs. Galen, Cousin Love, Mr. and Mrs. Pretty, Mr. Driven, GroomBoy and GroomGirl, Ms. Samba, young Ms. Princess, Mr. SoftWords, Lord 1… whew! Do I need to say more? As you may very well imagine, this channel spent the whole day on her toes. Everyone had an amazing time. It is always a great time when you gather with friends and blood relations for the purpose of celebrating. And even better when the nutrition is superb, which it was! Mr. G got many very nice presents, so he was happy. Me? By the end of the journey I was in no shape or form to make any sense or do anything productive, but I what I did have was a great sense of accomplishment, just by seeing the look on Mr. G's face. Tripod and Freckles felt exactly the same way; they were both spread over the walking surface like if under the effects of the sleepy medicine!
Earlier in the day, I received a call from a very, very dear friend. I like to think of her as Ms LOA herself. We met a couple of years ago when, along with The Boys, I was participating in a cyber-forum where The Boys would answer questions from participants. Ms LOA got wind of the forum and started following the message from The Boys. She then forwarded the message to her cyber megagroup online. There are people that even when you have not had a live visual of their physical manifestation, you just know there is a bond somewhere in there. That's how I felt with Ms LOA from the get go. A couple of years later we met in the physical on the occasion of a Celebration of the Life of The Voice in the city that never sleeps, and that just confirmed the bond. Well, I hadn't spoken to her for a long time, but she happened to attend the Spanish conference two journeys ago. She indicated that she enjoyed the conference thoroughly and found a lot of synchronicities that clearly told her that the Universe was listening to her (isn't it amazing when you hear of such things? It just raises your vibration even higher). We also spoke about alignment. She was surprised that there were not more people on the conference and we came to the conclusion that it was all related to alignment. I so enjoyed my conversation with her!
Let me know if this ink color works better for you.
Now that we've reached another milestone, I think it's a good excuse for me to express, one more time, my appreciation of you. Talking to you every day gives me a whole new perspective on my own life and that, my dear friend, is priceless! (Hehehe, did that sound corny or what? I couldn't resist!!!). Thank you for your comments and cybermessages. I just looove the interaction. It just makes this whole project so much more fun!!!
See you on 101!!!


Patricia Designs said...

Uh! que lindo day 100 Graciela, eres lo maximo. Estuviste maravillosa en la conferencia del Sabado y el Domingo. Gracias por todo.

siempre viva said...

Hurray for the celebrations! I enjoyed every single part of your day, I had fun with the decorations as well, the food, the people, the hugs, the laughter,the game!!!! and the conferences, in spanish, in english... you were late by the way LOL...the call with Ms.LOA I love her too because she introduced me to you...What a 100 day yepiiiiii!!!! here we go for more.... It's a joy channel, it is a complete joy being here with you!

Monina said...

La Conferencia fue... uy me hacen falta palabras.
¡¡Y aunque tarde celebro este cumple no de años sino de días y de horas y minutos y segundos!!
Celebro que estés en mi vida MI AMADO CANAL