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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 106 - July 11, 2011

work (check)
Nosocomium class (check)
Success (check)
rest (uncheck)

so guess what I am doing tonight.....  going to confer with the fluffy as soon as I finish typing this and as fast as I can run to the sleeping chamber. 
Let's start from the beginning.  Remember I told you how some days I feel a little overwhelmed with everything that 'needs to be done'? Well, this morning was one of those.  My wake up noise-maker did not make a sound at the time I asked it to pull me out of slumber and needless to say that when I opened the eye curtains it was already way past the hour I had said I would be up.  It was funny though.  Imagine this, there I am all comfy in my nest, I slowly open the viewing organs and wonder "What day is it today?" I'm not kidding you, it took me a few 60-second intervals to realize it was The Day I had such important things to do. hehe  on days like this I wish I had a camera recording my reactions. Wait. Maybe not.  Scratch that thought. It was not a good one.

Anyway, after putting not a small amount of pressure on Diva, we finally got out the door - the red door, that is, and off we went.  I started complaining out loud when the voices in my head stopped me. Cold. It was funny. All my complaints sounded like this:  "wah, whah, whah, whah..."  Seriously. I had to stop! That is not me. That is going against everything that my Inner Self is bringing me towards to.  I looooooove being a channel!  I looove having that guidance and being able to listen to it! And you know what?  you can hear your guidance too!  You can listen to your inner being guiding you and telling you which way to go!  Isn't this amazing?

There are many things to report. I just remembered something.  Yesterday as I was channeling during the Sunday Morning Call, our dear friend, the Inspired One, told us that she has finally been able to voice channel!  HURRAY FOR  THE INSPIRED ONE!!! You see, when I channel I turn my thoughts off (hope this makes sense to you. It does to me!), and I don't remember things right away.  Most of the time, memories of the conversation start trickling in as time goes by. Some never do. I have people write to me and say "The Boys told me this or that"  and I have no recollection of it.  I like it this way. I feel my channel flows more freely like this. I know, it's my perception only. I know.

The class at the nosocomium was amazing.  Mr. Brilliant did what he does best: being Brilliant, and his presentation captured everybody's attention.  I on my part had a lot of fun and the group was very receptive. Fun, fun FUN.

Mrs. Yum is in rare form.  She is GLOWING!  Everything is going perfectly well for her. Don't you just love hearing that?  She is happy, she is confident, she is excited and the doors of opportunity are wide open right in front of her. Just hearing her talk makes you want to jump with excitement!

Tonight I attended a reunion of one of the ProfessionalPeopleGroups that I belong to. I had an epiphany.  As I was sitting there, talking to the BookSeller, the Serbian Queen and  LadyDeutch, I suddenly had this vision of me, this memory, of about 10 trips around the sun ago, I was sitting in the room where the same group of people was gathered. Only then I was interacting with a different group of humans.  I remember that I looked at this group (the one I was with last night) and thought: "Those people are amazing. I wonder what someone must do in order to reach that place," and that's when it dawned on me. That's when I realized: "I am here;"
 I realized I was at the place that I so admired 10 trips ago and I didn't even feel the road to get there!  I honestly cannot say that I have been working to get here because I haven't. I have just been enjoying what I do and keeping my alignment with it. That has attracted the people that have been a match to that who in turn have propelled me there. I am here!  Isn't that amazing?  It doesn't feel like I thought it was going to feel, but just knowing that I am where I wished to be 10 years ago is an amazing revelation.  One more time, this was another example of how amazingly powerful I am (you too, don't get jealous...hehe).  How I attracted this amazing manifestation by letting go of the reigns.  I wished it 10 years ago and let it go right then and there. And now it is here. I am living it.  YEE-HAW FOR DREAMS!!!!!

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