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Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 132 - August 11, 2011

Have you ever stopped to wonder when did life changed course from where you thought it was going? Well, let me tell you: you are definitely not alone.  Just this morning, as I was sitting in the lawroom, waiting for YourBenchman to show up, I had one of those flashes of I-don't-know-what.  He he.  I was sitting there, looking around at all the activity going on around me. Humans coming and going, dressed in their best war suits, trying to out-do each other in an unspoken competition, when I realized that a few months ago I would've never dreamed I would be here.  This was definitely not in my plans.  I mean, not at all!  Last trip around the sun, when I left my gainful employment, my thoughts were focused 100% in The Boys.  I thought I was taking a leap into the arms of Spirit and letting the Boys carry me away.

Let me tell you how that all started.  I had not been all that happy at my place of gainful employment, however, happy enough to remain there until the Universe opened a new door for me.  Well, the thing about being willing to let the universe surprise you is that IT DOES!  One day as I was sitting at my labor table I had this moment of clarity. I felt like I was being carried by a wave that I was not going to be able to stop and the thoughts that kept coming to my mind were thoughts of leaving that place of labor behind.  I ignored the thoughts for a little bit, but the thought would resurface when I least expected and every day they were more and they were stronger.  Until one day I have to say that I was almost led by the hand.  I was working away and then I just felt the urge to pick up the phone, call my upyoubyone and request a face-to-face.  And so we did, we met and I informed her of my decision.  I was leaving my gainful activities.  As I walked out of her box I felt a wonderful feeling of relief; that same feeling was replaced with a profound feeling of fear that same evening! (thankfully, just for a few minutes!).  Anyway, why was I telling you all this?  Oh! Yes!  Now I remember! Because I thought the I was being led to do something extraordinary with The Boys and as it turned out, I am doing a lot of extraordinary things with my personal life.  Now, don't get me wrong. I am doing AMAZING things with The Boys. Just the fact that I channel is already amazing.  But what I meant to say is that I did not picture myself doing this type of activity by now.  I'm just saying...

I'm not complaining, because these activities bring their own set of satisfactions and I am enjoying the ride tremendously. But do you see what I mean by letting the Universe surprise me?  Wheeze!  Am I surprised or what?  Now more than ever I am open and excited, or rather, I am in expectation to see what else the Universe is bringing to me.  Life is sooooooooo darn good!

this 7-day period is coming to a close and I must confess to you that I am not looking forward to the next 7-day period.  Diva is taking off to her new adventure!  Yes!  Isn't that amazing?  I am so excited and happy for her and at the same time, the very human side of me, is holding her breath. Don't worry, I don't hold it for too long.

Well, my dear friend, it's time to hit the nest.  I hope you had not been missing me too much!

Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and appreciate YOU!

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