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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 152 - September 22, 2011

Seriously universe?  Is that how we're going to play now?

Yeah, you are probably wondering "why the harsh remarks, channel?"  Well, this is what is going on.  This evening I planned on preparing a very beautiful newsletter.  So after I finished my worldly duties, I proceeded to meditate for a little bit and then got busy creating an amazing newsletter.  I should have known to stop when OldFaithful was not cooperating.  But I insisted on moving forward and fired up LittleOldFaithful to work on it.  i found a beautiful template that portrays the season that begins tomorrow. Oh, life is beautiful.  A beautiful message about time and joy came forward and so I typed it diligently with the aid of the letterboard.  Working on this little one is a little bit of a challenge because the viewing surface is small so you have to keep moving things left, right, up, down, around... I even embedded the gorgeous moving picture about The Universe at Your Feet!  Tried to send once.  Nothing.  Tried to send twice... the template turns upside down...(I promise, I had never seen that before). So to make my very long and frustrating story short, I was able to send it.  What was my surprise when I opened my copy and it was missing the very essence of the document:  THE MESSAGE! And not only that, it was also missing the moving picture! So, after having spent over 45 60-second intervals in creating an amazing piece, all that I created was some advertising document!  Breathe, channel, breathe! 

Whew! That felt good!  I needed to vent and you are the perfect shoulder! Thank you for listening!!! See? All the channeling in the world could not prevent me from blowing my top tonight! hehe  But guess what, this very second, as I type these words, I am already feeling a million times better! Bravo for relief!!!  By the way, if you want to receive my oldletter, visit and fill out the form on the casa page (Home).

I am excited. Today I received a request to bring The Boys to a live event in the Great Tenochtitlan!  yay!!!  We are planning for late November. Should be nice!  Apparently there is a large group of beings who have been following The Boys' and would like a live face-to-face.  This is sooo exciting!!!! So stay tuned. this promises to be a lot of fun!

I am also excited about my upcoming trip to the Great Tenochtitlan with Mrs. Studious.  It promises to be a busy but very rewarding trip!!!

Oh! Remind me to tell you about the amazing experience of yesterday during our evening show on Universal Energy Radio!  I would tell you now but Mr. G is in the talking mood and I just can't resist the invitation!!!

By the way, before I leave you,  The Boys have specifically asked me to tell you that you should stop crying because they adore you!

Ciao Baby!

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