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Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 190 - January 23, 2012

Today I am celebrating!!!  Diva has completed 25 trips around the sun!!!!  HURRAY FOR DIVA!  And just to prove that the universe adores me, guess what happened?  About 3 weeks ago I sent Diva a package with things that would remind her of the palace and would bring some warmth to her tickler.  As the days went by and she wasn't saying anything, I kept asking subtle questions at first and then frankly inquiring about the mailman. NOTHING.  I'm not going to lie. I felt disappointed and wrote a letter to the package-mailing-system requesting a refund of my insurance.  I had put so much positive emotion in filling out that magic square with things she liked it seemed almost unfair that the universe would play such a dirty trick on YoursTruly.  Well, today I got a call from Diva telling me that the package had arrived today, on the anniversary of her arrival into the hologram, but that's only part of the story.  When she looked at the address, the name of the street was completely wrong! I was about 10 blocks off!  Now tell me this, who, in the city that never sleeps, is going to go around looking for a person called Diva (not literally, no) and happen to walk into the restaurant right under Diva's lair.  Tell me, is this the universe at work or what?  the universe knew just how much I wanted to her to have those items and as soon as I let go and said "OK, I get it. It's not going to happen on my terms.", in came the package. A-MAZING! You can close your mouth now.

I was talking to another being over the talking device the other day, trying to convey to this being just how much magic there is in our daily lives. She insisted: "Of course, if you insist on seeing things like that, of course everybody's life is magical."  HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!  YESSSSS!!!!   THAT'S IT!  EVERYBODY'S LIFE IS MAGICAL!  We just refuse to see it because we believe that is something for children. It is a thing of the past. It is a dreamer's fantasy. But in all reality, if you choose to the magic in your life, your life will more and more resemble a fairy tale. Me, personally, I loooove fairy tales! hehe

Well, life has been busy around here. Busy and fun. Finished a teaching session last week and this week is full of laboring assignments with yourbenchmen. Thank you Universe!!!!!  I loved the vacation period and I'm ready to make some washingtons!

What else? What else? Hm... I don't know.  I already told you that Picasso SouthoftheBorder is tying the knot. I also told you that theSpanish blog is a hit, and so much fun to write!  I was hesitant to start writing the blog in both languages because I did not want one blog to be a translation of the other, and they aren't. For some reason, different things come to mind as I am writing.  Oooh! Do you think that maybe "the voices in my head" give everyone what they are seeking?  I believe that they do! I loooove those voices!

Gottago.  Mr. G is demanding attention and to be honest, this channel's lovely anatomy is exhausted after a full and productive day.

I love having your company. Thank you for reading!

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