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Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 1 - March 21st. 2011

I figured today would be as good a day as any other to start writing my 365-day journey.

During these past  3 years as a channel I have been asked many times what my life is like. I am a private person (sort of), so I don't say much. And people are respectful, so they don't ask much.  I realize some people have created a mental image of me that resembles very little to the real me. hehehe

So, I have this gift.  Three years ago I was desperate to get out of the rut I was in and stumbled across the Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks and meditation.  And in doing so, I actually achieved what so many spend their whole lives searching for:  enlightment! Seriously!  Some even retrieve to Tibet!  One day I was meditating and my head started moving; I started spelling words with my nose and beautiful messages started coming out. I was told I would spread the message all over the world and three years later, this message is being heard in over 20 countries around the world.  I've written a beautiful book: The Universe at Your Feet and traveled half-way around the world spreading this amazing message.

But who am I.  What do I do when I am not "connected"? What do I do when I am not channeling?  My life has changed tremendously indeed. My outlook on life is amazing compared to the way I used to see life back then. However, I live a regular life. I pay bills (often late). I drink on ocassion. I smoke when I'm surrounded by good friends and wine. I dance and sing. Oh, yes. I almost forgot. I also work.

And today was no exception.  I woke up cursing the alarm clock. Meditated for about 10 minutes. Yawned, stretched, and jumped out of bed. I realized we barely had time to drop off who from now on will be known as  Mr. Grasshopper at school and make it to work at a decent time. So the rat race was on! 

I prepared the oatmeal concoction for Mr. Grasshopper. He's determined to lose weight and look good for high school. As water was heating for my morning coffee, I ran back to my room, emptied half of my closet trying to find an outfit that made me look good, young, thin and professional. I realized that I didn't have one, so I settled for the old black slacks and very-cute polka-dot shirt (courtesy of the Author in Florida).  After the Grasshopper and I had a short argument about who was going to feed our three-legged faithful companion, I gulped down my delicious cup of coffee, gave the Artist (who, by the way, was still in bed knowing she had to be at work in about one hour) a few last minute instructions and... off we went!

I love my morning rides with the Grasshopper. He is so insightful!We always have meaningful conversations. Like, what I'm going to cook for dinner that evening. Just kidding, he really is a cool kid.

I choose not to listen to the news because they depress me. So I listenned to Elton John all the way into work. Was I in a good mood when I got there!  The morning went by quickly. Spent some time talking to my Sassy oriental friend and had some fun speaking Spanish for some people.  I exchanged a few emails with The Manager about a couple of book proposals we have just submitted. Did an awesome mess with a new software I'm supposed to be learning and ate an amazing vietnamese sandwich.  The day went by smoothly and before I knew it, it was time to go home.

I had decided today was a good day to start talking to you.  So after taking Mr. Grasshopper to his after-school classes, I hurried home and started building this blog. 

Now it's time to feed some people around here and then off to meditation and a good-night sleep.
Ta-da! See you tomorrow.


circe said...

it's a relief to see that, even with "extra help" from "E", you go through life almost like everyone else.
I'ts funny to see how you react to things.
And it's cozy to see your very core humanity!!!

Pete said...

Love it ... DaHempSTR!!!!!