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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 5 – March 25, 2011

It's already past midnight, so I did not write on the 25th per se. I promise, I tried to make it home like a good Cinderella before midnight, but the party at the House Whisperer's house was so much fun I just had to stay "just a little bit longer."
I used to think of my life as "difficult," but now that I have changed so much, I look back at my life and I realize that it has always been actually pretty happy. I have had periods when I have decided to focus in the lack or in the negative, but today I realize that even then, during times like that, those were moments of amazing growth. And why am I telling you this? I don't know. I just felt you needed to know that.
Morning with Mr. Grasshopper. Teenage boys can be a challenging joy sometimes. More so when they are the ones who are angry at the alarm clock in the morning. But he's a cool guy, after a nice shower and a moment to collect his thoughts; he came back to center and was the old loving Grasshopper we love so much. Thank God! Part of our spiritual growth is coming into alignment with who we are and understanding we are the creators of our own reality. I understand that well. I am also understanding how it is that time and space come into play here. They allow us to assimilate the concepts and understand them (time) but one thing that comes clear when I observe the Grasshopper for example, is that our perception of time is also very clear in the aging of our bodies and the maturing of our brains. We even allowed for this to happen! We decided that we would give ourselves time to understand and align with the concept of being the magnificent creator! That's amazing. This all comes about because coming back from the party, Grasshopper and I had a conversation about self image and how much weight other people's opinions have on some people. Hope I didn't lose you there…
Going back to this morning, my class went beautifully. Amazing group of people with a great interest for learning. Ahhh! Feels so good! We worked through lunch and the class was dismissed early. Can I tell you how tired I was by the time we finished? I stayed behind with Mrs. Yum and we talked for a little bit, then after picking up the Grasshopper, I got home and crashed in bed. I was GONE for a couple of hours. Then it was off to the House Whisperer's house to a dinner in honor of LeMatisse and his family. Mr. and Mrs. Tiny were there. It is always a great pleasure seeing them. An interesting character was also there, sitting right across from me at the table. He shall be remembered as IL Padrino. He seemed to be scrutinizing everything I said. Hm, strange.
The evening went by quickly with lovely people and excellent food. Now it is time to sleep as tomorrow morning we will hold our Spanish Teleseminar with the Boys (by the way, they have been ac-tive today!). I love the weekends because I get to dedicate more time to The Boys. On Sunday morning we also have our weekly radio show with GorgeousDownUnder and the Sunday Morning Gang. These calls are so charged with positive energy that magical things happen during the call. Las Sunday was an example when the Boys called on someone who had not raised her hand to ask a question that she actually had and gave her details that were not mentioned by her but were in the back of her mind. I love those morning calls because, since I (the Channel) am half asleep for the call, I allow for The Boys to flow with so much more liberty!
Haven't talked to the Author in a few days. Feeling withdrawals!
It's been very nice talking to you. Thank you for listening. Until soon!

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