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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 99 – July 2, 2011

Another amazing day in the neighborhood!! I started my day really early with work-related activities and then…. The Spanish teleseminar. It was awesome. We had plenty of people on the call and the questions (and answers from The Boys) were amazing. I remember some of the concepts discussed during the call. A lot was said about letting go and about how everything that happens in our life experience is a reflection of what we are holding in our vibration. Love, health, money… it was just amazing. At the end of the almost 2 hours of channeling I felt energized and full of life. So much so that I got a lot of things accomplished during the day.

The rest of the day was spent preparing for Mr. Grasshopper's celebration of tomorrow. He is so excited it's contagious! Reflecting about his life today, the words of The Boys came back to me. This morning someone asked about children testing their wings, and the Boys said we must trust that our children have their own guiding system. That they are God just like we are and that they are creating in their own reality. I thought of how powerful these words are. How much truth they convey. As a mother, I look at the Grasshopper and want to make sure that I help him avoid mistakes, smooth the way and make everything perfect for him, but then I must remember that he has to live his own experience and that actually, he is much more equipped to do so than what I may think. He is an amazing creator as much or more than me. Very interesting. Many other things were discussed, including why our moon is where it is and how it affects our planet and our bodies. It was amazing. Really amazing.

The Author is excited about her book and her enthusiasm is contagious! I can't help but feel excited about her success!

Today I will give you a break on your reading assignment, hehe. In all honesty, there's not too much to report. Tomorrow I bet I will have tons of information to share with you. It will be a day of family and friends!

I am so grateful for the fact that you decided to travel to the hologram at the same time as me!!! I really am.

Tah-dah (thank you for correcting my spelling!) for now!

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